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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the current political and economic crisis in China, including ethnic rivalry, the loss of culture and identity, and the rise of hipster activity. The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting land and farmers, as well as the need for a lawsuit against those who claim to have owned wealth. The rise of capitalism is affecting people's lives, leading to extreme prices and wage inflation, and the upcoming conflict with Han Chinese causing unrest and unrest in society. The crisis is a recipe for disaster, and educating people on its impact on children is crucial to prevent future crises.
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James Monroe him I mean, that was Ramallah should have been more serene signum hominoid early he was

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a beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Islamic law

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or placement Allah subhana wa tada and Allah will be a witness that man has the right to be worshipped besides Allah. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless us and have mercy upon us and entire oma Mohammed Salah Salem and all the oppressed people of this dunya May Allah make it easy for all of us to love forgive our sins and we ask Allah to send our greetings love and salutations to beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, to his pious and pure family to his companions and all those who follow you soon until the end of time. We also Lost Planet Allah to bless the oma Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to grant us mercy for our shortcomings. For those who are going through difficulty

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May Allah ease the hardships for those who are being oppressed, may Allah elevate them, Allah guide our leaders, guide our youth, heal our sick, forgive our sins, and May Allah grant us to be in the company of our beloved Nabi Mohammad Salam in the day of amin, Al Hamdulillah.

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Last week, we began the series on the situation of Islam in China. And we're doing a bit of a series and we'll take a bit of detours take a week or two for us to get through the series. And we know that what were the you know, you should know what is currently happening in China in a certain region in China, the western most part of China is the worst case of ethnic, genocide, cultural genocide are not people, they are people being killed, of course, but to eliminate a culture and identity religion. since World War Two and before this is done with monstrous efficiency, it's done on a scale that is mind boggling. Cannot you can't believe that something like this exists. Before

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we before we get the we need to get the context of this. And we begin with the AI as we began last week, when we see the operation, we see the hardships happening throughout the world, it's easy for us to ask, always Allah, with Allah, all these things are happening. Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Palestine, Burma, China, and the list gets more and more and more with Allah and Allah responds and he says, never ever think that Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do. Don't think Allah By the way, of what the criminals were the big ones on the international stage, the ones you see on CNN are the criminals in the township or in the gangs. Also don't think I know I know we have what they do.

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He only delays them gives them respect, until a day when the eyes will stay in harder when they will be in shock on the day of karma. And they will release one side to the next, glancing not knowing what to do, and their hearts will be empty of any hope. Allah says to the wrongdoers Your time will come, your time will come He only gives an extension to return when the time is up. That's it. And we seek protection for our own operation. For the people that we harm in our personal capacities. Allah forgive us, none of us wants to be oppressed, none of us wants our rights to be taken. But worse than that worse than being the oppressed is to be the oppressor. So we spoke about China and

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we see this massive country 1.4 billion in a big percentage of the world's population lives the the third biggest country, the second largest economy in the world. And we In summary, we see that Muslims make up about 1% of the people of China 1% of its population is Muslim. And most of the Muslim Chinese, we sit there are called the we Muslims, we ah, we write the way Muslims and they've been named for very, very long from the time basically of the Sahaba, or just after the Sahaba. They've been the And by and large, they have been part and parcel of Chinese society. So there are different types of Muslims in China. We're going to talk we spoke mostly last week, about the we

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Muslims, which are the majority, and we're going to speak about the Uighur Muslims, which are the ones that are really going through a hard time. And we said when we spoke about the majority, we Muslims,

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they were part of China. And it's a good example of a community that for us to learn from we can learn a lot from them in how they became part and parcel of Chinese society. today. You go to Europe, and you're a Muslim. And if you're not a Caucasian, white Muslim, then it's where you really from, you're still seen as a foreigner. Yes, you still seen as a foreigner, if you go to America or Europe, even if your forefathers your grandparents were born, do you still not ethnic, ethnic American, although Native American is a different discussion altogether? Whereas Suhana like in Cape Town, no one asks you go back to where you came from. Like you said, love to go back to district

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six. That's where I came from, allow me to go back. But otherwise, we have and this is a unique phenomenon to find a minority becoming part and parcel of the society. It's a it's a thing that many, many Muslim minority is trying to do the Chinese

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Muslims achieve that. And they rose to prominence through society. But over the last 70 years or so, religion, by and large has been under threat in China. Why? Because there was a communist revolution. And I'm going to take a side note here and a detour on this discussion. Because while we do the research, so many things for us to learn,

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for you, if not, I don't know how much you enjoy history, you might some of you enjoy it. Some of you don't enjoy it. But this is relevant to us. Let's look at China in the last 100 years, what's been happening in China the last 100 years. So we see 1911 108 years ago, the Emperor of China was overthrown. So 100 years ago, the world was very different. You had colonial powers, you had kings monarchs. And basically there's a wave of revolutions going around the world, people overthrowing the rulers. Why? Because the way of the old system was an elite group dominated, controlled the wrist majority. In fact, if you think for the last 200 years or so, a certain group of people a

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certain ethnicity, a tiny minority in the Western Hemisphere, ruled the entire world. Maybe 5% of the world's population dominates the entire world. This is really the status quo, how it was, and how things went. And it was complete exploitation. We know it very well in South Africa, we should know it, minority group exploiting, dominating, controlling the wealth resources, the power of an entire population. And so the Chinese people were going, you know, being oppressed 90%, living in poverty, they rose up and they overthrew the Emperor. And so from 1911, China formed a new government, we call them the Nationalist government, if you want the key KMT, they were the

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Nationalist government, they will basically democratic, a new elected government, no more Emperor, normal King, the people rule. At the same time, there was a movement going through the world, called the Communist Revolution.

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Again, for you, for many of us, now, it may seem out of date, it's amazing how quickly ideas come and go. Some of if you live 3040 years ago, communism was sort of, to some people, the religion of the world, it was the way forward today, no one even speaks about it anymore. How easily things that our priorities disappear over the face of the earth. And that's why we believe back to something like Islam, Islam remains relevant throughout the ages, very few ideologies. Keep and you know, it's consistent with the test of time, our kids, my kids, perhaps won't even know about politics, gone, it was such a big issue. It's something like Islam, one of the evidences of the greatness of this

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religion is that it is consistent, it remains the test of time. So this in a world that in a bygone world, but so long ago, there was a movement towards communism, and what is this about? I want you to expand your brains a little bit, you need to understand

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there are two

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systems of how to run an economy. There's a capitalist system, and a communistic socialist system, what are these two systems? What do they call for the capitalist system, basically, and is any economist in the audience math to you, this is now a very, you know, very, very crude. The capitalist system is about free markets, that people decide what I want to buy and what I want to sell. It's like monopoly. And it is all about Get rich and get rich, as best as you can. It's about myself, my own well being, if I can win, and everybody loses, that's fine. The property the money, the land, belongs to individuals exclusively, you know, the government doesn't own anything, people

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own it. And what that the government has very little influence in a pure capitalistic society, the government really has very little influence that if the market in a in a completely capitalistic society, if the market wants drugs, then there's a buyer and the seller, we should let the market do its thing. That's how a capitalistic system works. And of course, as a result,

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when capitalism is left, unchecked, you will have a an elite minority or 1% 5% that owns all the land. They exploit all the people 90% lives in poverty, and 10% lives like gods. That's what happens with capitalism, unchecked, and that's how the world will wait. So a counter measure, a counterbalance emerged called communism. We said, all the land, all the wealth must belong to the state. The government controls everything. We privatized not just the mines, we privatized shoprite we can pay every company belongs to the government. Every farm belongs to the government, and we will distribute the wealth equally. Everyone will get there. If you have 10 kids and you need a 14

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people, even if you are a doctor, you're a lawyer. If you have no kids, you only get a certain statement. People are equal.

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There is no class anymore. There is no rich or poor will equal.

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The government will decide what is best the government will, will be will say, we have a million people, we need a million loaves of bread. So we'll only produce so much so many loaves of bread. That's it. This is communism. And this arose as a response to capitalism. And what do you think? What do you think Islamic philosophy? What sounds more just of the two systems? What do you think Islam would be in favor of the Navy? So Salama Zia? Would he be promoting capitalism or communism? You can kind of mention you don't have you can answer. It's not yet the democracy. What do you think?

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People say communism, communism, surprisingly, Islam is more on the side of capitalism than communism. Why? Because Allah says, And Allah has permitted trade, free trade, and he has forbidden interest, forbidden interest, meaning the free markets is allowed more important, you know, move specifically, Allah says that, that you can you Oh, you believe, do not destroy your property, your personal wealth amongst yourselves in falsehood, except by local business in a mutual consent. So Allah subhanaw taala is saying that business is allowed. People are allowed to get rich people are allowed to own property, but there are restrictions. There is going to be rules, things you can't

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do. Yeah, you went overseas when you got called for sort of yo Majumdar COMM And remember Allah and after that go and engage in business transactions in facts when Scotland says it is sooner to do business off the Joomla because that's not in fact, it's a command from a law firm. So one scholar with you would do immediately after Juma he would buy something unless this is Baraka in your trade off the Juma Allah says, you put your business aside, you come to Juma immediately after engage in business and obtain the benefits. Few more is but this hadith is an amazing piece of Solomon Abu Dawood, when I heard this, it was quite shocking.

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At a time when now in a free market economy, in a capitalist society, if we produce a million people, million loaves of bread, if there's a shortage of breed, or a surplus of demand, the price fluctuates in breed becomes more expensive. That's why the uncles here will tell you when we grew up breed was a few cents, and now it just gets more and how, because this is what one of the effects of capitalism in a communist society, we produce the same amount, it's enough and there's no exist and there's no in a perfect communist society, they won't be shortages, and they won't be exist, there's no wastage. So naturally, when capitalism is allowed to go, unchecked, prices will fluctuate. And so

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at the time, in time, that

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the free market things became expensive, and there's a harbor complaint, the out of pseudo law, fix certain prices, put a ceiling that you know, certain items can become more and look at the responsive and he says, Allah is the one who determines the prices, who withholds or gives lavishly to some he gives us some heuristics and what Allah provides, and I hope that when I meet him, none of you will have a claim against me for any injustice with regard to property or blood. So the Prophet basic is also lamp did not did not restrict the free market, he did not interject, he allowed the market to maintain the prices will be determined, based on free market. If this brother

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wants to sell his car for a million Rand, even though it's worth five 5000. It's up to him. If someone wants to buy it, let them buy it. Yes, Allah commands you have what is haraam? So in reality, Islam, Islam is not pure capitalism, but it leans more to capitalism with restrictions than communism, China,

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China now has a situation where you have a massive imbalance, you have 90 plus percent of the people starving farmers and an elite group ruling this massive country. Naturally, this is the perfect ingredient for revolution. So once the government was overthrown, the Communist Party began. And they preach this doctrine that the wealth must be taken from everyone and given to the state and everyone will live equally. There was internal civil war between the different factions, long history in that and basically World War Two came about initially the Communist Party was about to be destroyed. They were on the verge of being annihilated, they didn't take really root in China, and

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the nationalists were winning. Then World War Two came, Japan, Japan invades China. And after the end of World War Two, Japan, obviously they got, unfortunately, the two of two nuclear bombs were dropped on them. And so they pulled out of the war. When they leave China. The Communist Party rises up and the communist party wins and they take over China. Side note something that you didn't know maybe I didn't know this. So you have two parties the cap the the Nationalist Party, which is normal capital.

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And the Communist Party, the communists wins. So the Nationals leave, they deplete and they retreated to Taiwan. Taiwan's real name is the Republic of China. That's the official name. And China is the People's Republic of China. The one is communist. The one is normal, free capitalism, free democracy. Both is China, solid country basically on its own. So now that the communists are in power,

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for the last 70 years, this has been the policies, this is what China has been like for the last 70 years. Firstly, land that is owned privately must be seized expropriation of land without compensation. We have we had this.

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This is what the party called for. And so you had peasants working on farms, I think about it. This is why I mentioned this because it's relevant to us today. You had farmers that were told by the government take the land from the farmer, it's us. And in the process, many 1000s hundreds of 1000s of land owners were killed, properties confiscated farmers grab. Now, it must also be said, and this is something for us to think about. This is a response to years, centuries of oppression and one operation. When it gets too long, the police people will stand up, and they will meet backwards, both is hard on both is evil, but as a result of oppression. Now we need to think in our country,

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how long can we continue with the current system before the masses rise up and take things without asking? How long before the rule of law can maintain the status quo, it's a ticking time bomb that needs to be fixed. And so the peasants claim the land from the farmers. And you have now people are farming the own land, off to the off to the peasants claim the farms, the government now moves forward to further communism and says, everyone, no one, even the farmers, even the peasant farmers, so you so this big farm would belong to one landlord. Now 100 people own this farm. Great, then the next step, each one of you cannot own this, this form, it must be given to the government in terms

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of a commune. So this form now belongs to the government. Everything you produce belongs to the government, we will take 90% of it. And we'll keep you can keep a certain portion, the farmers went back to where they started. But now instead of going to one landlord, it goes to the state. And the state, in theory should distribute this equally.

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The Communist Party then does something which today is regarded as the biggest loss of life in the history of mankind. The Great Leap Forward. The Communist Party is leader Mao Zedong, it's important to know his name is one of the big personalities of the last 100 years. He's the guy that basically founded communism in China. He's the chairman Chairman Mao, he declared and he says, Look, 90% of our people are still farmers, we want to shift China, from a farming country to an industrial car, we want to be like Russia and America. And so because the land belongs to the government, all the farms, all the land belongs to the government. They said from today 1958, half the farmers will

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leave the farms and they will produce manufacturing goods, people had no idea how to produce manufacturing goods, first of all, from the land into factories, producing steel. For five years, this policy goes on for years. As a result, such a catastrophe. That famine hits China, because now people are not farming, they can't feed the population. 50 million people die of starvation. This is the biggest loss of life in the in human history in terms of a failed economic policy, the Great Leap Forward. So the Great Leap Forward, in fact, was a great leap backwards. So they tried to shift a massive contract China to say overnight, we're going to change the situation where you are not

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going to be farmers. Today, you're going to be manufacturers, you're going to be horrible people. And of course you can't do that. As a result. You can't feed your population. 50 million people died from starvation. Because of this bad policy, the chairman has to take a backseat and he slowly starts to lose his power to respond to this. It's all about power. It's all about control. He initiate something called the Cultural Revolution. Again, why this is important. Cultural Revolution is we, the Communist Party now comes out and says it's not only economic power, we want to change we don't want to change the capitalist economy. We want to change capitalist thinking or old thinking,

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religion, culture, habits, or anything which goes against our evolution must be abolished. Now against the minute we will be in 1966 some old brothers or sisters might know this, but this is where religion became basically outlawed mosques, churches, temples torn down. Why? Because it's part of the old world. We want to introduce a new a new religion.

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Basically, the religion of the state, you all you worship is the state, all you have you believe is the state. So today if you ask Chinese, what is your religion, your religion is really the government, the state, your your clothing, your expression, your culture is all about the state before they eat. So spotted the straining with a with a kill the Muslims of Islam, before they eat, they need to decide certain communist songs like you will decide Bismillah because this is how you need to praise the government what you have when you in school, the first thing they will ask you like ask the tell the kids watch these videos, what is the most important thing? Who are you we are

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Chinese, that's the most important thing. And what do we love the most the state before everything else comes the state. So they took this revolution, cultural revolution, to impose communism on the mind. This destroyed as we said, religion, he destroyed arts, he destroyed history. And so this continues, after the death of the chairman. Things sort of change inside China. And gradually, new policies, new reforms come in, it opens up. And China Of course becomes as we know, over the last 30 years trajectory became a superpower in terms of economically changing many of these policies to a more moderate form of communism. Now, why is this important? Why am I giving you this history

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lesson? Because we in South Africa have the same recipe for that disaster.

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And SubhanAllah. If you look at all the revolutions that happened in the past 100 years, many revolutions very few were as bloodless as clean as our revolution. Many people lost their lives, rahimullah many people, Muslims even. And we should be thankful to Allah, that we didn't see blood on the streets, millions of deaths. Allah had granted us to go from an oppressed people to remove our oppressor with relative peace, while hamdulillah Don't forget that we are now 20 years on is a miracle compared to the rest of the world. With all its problems and all these issues, we need to give sugar to Allah that He did not bring a revolution like that to our streets. But of course, we

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need to be aware that the inequality that gave rise to these appreciate these revolutions is still in play our country, we have 1% 5% 10% controlling the economic wealth of 90% is a recipe for disaster. And the people that push these things forward in the past, even if you look at the Middle East, the Arab Spring, young people, students. Now we said a week ago, two weeks ago, we in South Africa, we've got a massive, disillusioned and educated, angry young population, half our people are young people, and they're angry, and they're frustrated.

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What is going to have what are we going to do about this? It's a time bomb waiting to explode. For us. I know many of you feel here. You're working people like me, and I had a rough weeks planula we feel like we are the oppressed people, right? We are the patients and we need to overthrow the landlord's not really Subhanallah we are in the fortunate. We are of the Fortune we have the top percent. We don't feel that way. But we are we are in that fortunate percentage. What do you do? collectively, we have to fix this country. Collectively, we need to fix this country before a catastrophe happens. If you have some heinola house over your head, your kids go to school, you can

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feed yourself, then you and I are rich, except that accepted that you and I are ritual hamdulillah give sugar to Allah. But think beyond your own social circles. Because if we don't pull people out of poverty, our kids might not experience what we have our kids we live in a very, very different situation.

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back to China, back to China. This is the backdrop of what's been happening in China over the last 100 years.

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But things are way worse in a region called Jin Jang way worse.

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If you look at the map of China, the western most frontiers right at the end of China is this region called this province called the province of Xinjiang. This is the western province of China. Okay. This province, has historically been a country on its own. It was a country not part of China. It's a Muslim was a Muslim country. The people that don't speak Chinese, they ethnic background is more Turkic, meaning Central Asian. Many of you watch a guru, right some of you watch the series, right? That is basically Turkic people. But from Turkey, but Turkic the people of the Turkic origins, Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, that they are one culture one society they're not Chinese, as

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we see they are Muslim and for for more than one and a half, 1000 years, but he's one

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1000 years, they have been Muslim, practicing Islam, even the language of Arabic, but the letters are Arabic, we still write in Arabic script. 200 years ago, China invaded this country and claimed it to itself. And since then this country has tried its best to become independent of China to become a, it's it wants to break away from China to be independent. And of course, this is not China will not allow this.

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So the country is called today he stood minister, this is what its name, it says it's got a flag of its own. This is actually look at the flags one less, it's an Islamic flag, right. But China is holding on to this region firmly, and it's now imposing some stringent measures to curb the people in the wild. Why is China so interested in this region? because number one, it's the biggest province in China, land wise. It is, you know, in fact, if you look at the name jinjiang is the new frontier, China Oasis as part of our country, but it's naming Chinese It's the new frontier, meaning it's a new province that they've conquered. And they are so keen on this area. Because it is

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overflowing with natural resources. 25%, you know, wherever you find oil is problems, right? Unfortunately, wherever this oil is problem problems, 25% of China's oil is in this land, half of its coal in this land. It is also they've big plans, China has big plans of sending out a massive pipeline, massive railways all the way from the east, to the west, from China all the way to Europe, it needs to go through the region. So this region must be under control. Only problem is the people living there are not really Chinese. How do we get rid of these people? This is the issue. And so

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once the communists took over this area, there was a period where they got independence, where the Communist Party took this area over, there was only a small percentage of non

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nother people living there called the Uighur people. They're called the wiggers. We say that they are Muslim, they have their own language. They're not Chinese, they make up they made up 90 plus percent of that area. So the first way China was going to resolve this problem is they sent an influx of Han Chinese in the they pay people go and set up business in an area will pay for your business will pay for your farm. to such an extent this is colonial colonialism on a on steroids. Within 50 years, from the Chinese the weakest being 90% of the population, they've dropped down to 45%. Overall, they still they but more and more immigrants of the hands are coming in new cities are

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being built overnight, farms, mines, everything, but it's being given to the Han Chinese. So you have now this massive immigration that you feel it in the blue cup and a much smaller scale. People coming in the culture changing the demographics changing. And if this is allowed, if this is pushed by the government, can you understand how quickly this changes how quickly the society changes? Also, of course, China's government is giving all this wealth to the new Han Chinese coming to, to this region. So the Muslim people, the weaker people are being treated as second class citizens in their own land in their own historical region. They're not benefiting from the resources. They're

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being marginalized. They're made to feel inferior. As a result. There's been unrest. So a few years ago, unfortunately, there were some terrorist attacks, Muslims protesting rioting, and they will did this for 200 people died. And so China has come back with harsh crackdown. China has now come back to really put this area in place. What has it done in the last two years? This stuff sounds unbelievable. It sounds like something out of a book of science fiction what's happening but this is a deal you can use to educate yourself on this last two years, they've set up the most sophisticated surveillance system in the world. No place on Earth has more cameras than the citizen. One third of

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the people in the anao police officers or government

00:29:18 --> 00:29:31

personnel every week a person had to go submit the DNA submit facial recognition every 100 meters or so there's a checkpoint every single one of them had to install certain

00:29:32 --> 00:29:36

apps on the phone that monitors the the the the the the messages.

00:29:37 --> 00:29:47

The government even sent over a million Han Chinese to go into people's houses live in the and monitor what they're doing. Right.

00:29:48 --> 00:29:53

That's not was things became even worse. We've been shut down for masajid.

00:29:55 --> 00:30:00

Making Salah forcing Ramadan is illegal. The month of Ramadan people have

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Forced to eat publicly to prove why and why you're doing this. It's a way of stopping extremists thinking. It's extreme, to make SATA to recite Quran to own a copy of the Quran that is not stamped by the Chinese government is a crime is illegal. The translation they do is what they they promote something communism's beards are illegal. They're more stricter than some other when it comes to beards, right? If you have beards, you can be locked up. Not not hijab is not outlawed. women that have skirts that are longer than the knees are cut in public.

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One to go even further. This is not solving the problem, they still are getting a little bit so they need to do a mess re engineering, this is brainwashing. on a huge scale. They've taken basically 10% of the population over 1 million Uyghurs locked him up in what they call that he vocational training like little colleges.

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And they are forced no no crime, no sentence. You are locked up the and you are taught what are you taught? You taught to eat pork, you're taught to recite the you can't speak your language you need to speak Mandarin. You can't know your old culture. Your religion is backwards. It's a disease accusing you of this disease. All you need to know is you're a servant of the state. You need to be liberated from extremist thoughts.

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The saddest part of this once the parents are locked up what happens to the kids? The kids are dumped in orphanages. There are videos of hundreds of 1000s of small Muslim children being forced into orphanages for the purpose of not learning the religion so they will not know anything of Islam. This is a plan and look this didn't it happened two years ago, but these facilities have been built for the last five years, meaning the plan was in place. How are we going to remove shoot of killing the people remove Islam completely. We lock the adults up we brainwash the kids, and no one is allowed to leave. So even those who want to leave not allowed to leave your password is taken

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If you come the every single movement is being tracked.

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People ask for what what what is extremist what is extreme. What gets you locked up in these places. One guy said I just said, the bus mela when I baited someone died. And I said Bismillah This was extremism locked up.

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People are being just having Muslim sounding names or being locked up. This is Islam culture on the verge of extinction in this region by a very, very sophisticated, powerful government.

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What said is that China is also opening this lander for tourism. So you and I can go to this area. And the routes you take a few tourist videos on YouTube, when you go in the like like the buka basically,

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the doors of the Uighur people not allowed to be locked, tourists can enter and you can videotape them like animals in a zoo. And they sit there and if you ask them our situation, they forced to say everything is fine. Behind the fake smile, because everything is monitored. Everything is recorded. This sounds out of out of this world, but it's happening.

00:33:24 --> 00:34:00

So what does the world say about this? The world has been silent, largely because we didn't know about this. But now things are coming out. And people are now responding learning and educating and cheering people are talking about nuts the first step last week interestingly 22 European 22 countries many of them European, Canada, Japan, Australia, they signed a letter they wrote the letter 22 countries from the ambassador's wrote a letter to the United Nations Human Rights Watch. There's a council the United Nations which looked for human rights as it was happening in China is the worst human rights abuse since the Nazis is the worst The only the Nazis have outdone them in

00:34:00 --> 00:34:02

terms of human rights as China showed up killing people.

00:34:03 --> 00:34:47

22 people 22 countries signed this they sent it. Two days later 37 countries signed a rebuttal letter. They don't these 37 countries, we come in China's remarkable achievement in the field of human rights by adhering to the people centered developmental philosophy and protecting and promoting human rights through development. We also appreciate China's contribution to the international human rights, these 37 countries you know who they were Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Algeria, Somalia, Russia, and lots of African countries, many, many countries who are on the Chinese payroll, and some countries who don't care about human rights to begin with. have signed this

00:34:47 --> 00:34:54

document to China says look at the UN. You brought 22 countries we'll bring you 37 it says what we doing is fine.

00:34:55 --> 00:34:56

We're here to build

00:34:58 --> 00:34:59

what do we do about this?

00:35:00 --> 00:35:27

What can we do? We'll talk about that next week in sha Allah. For now we make dua, Allah subhana wa tada forgive our inaction. May Allah forgive us another, you know, hold us to be accountable for things we can't control May Allah make it easy for those who are going through hardship. May Allah grant that we that is an honest return to this Dean. Allah protect those who are placed wherever they are, whatever religion whatever color, they are mela, you know, help the police and remove the oppressor.

00:35:28 --> 00:36:11

We have a few announcements hamdulillah we have a Dr. mamani professor at the Kamakura University in Makkah, Professor, female doctor, female professor. She's here on holiday but she'd like to give back and so she's teaching a ladies only class on tafsir the purpose of life. She had two sessions was well attended excellently a lot of people raved about it. She will have another session yes in the masjid from 11 to the word basically on Tuesday and Thursday 11 to the word inshallah for the sisters, only my teens at the masjid then of course, it's Hutch period. So coming up so corbon for those of you'd like to average sheep slaughtered and we can do that for you. But at the back, we'll

00:36:11 --> 00:36:48

take orders. And if you need the phone number you can ask me then the Hodge course as well. As we said if you want to have a copy of the high schools 150 you get a memory stick. If you don't want to buy the memory stick then it will be given to you free of charge and just the music you're buying. basically give us your name and number and we'll WhatsApp all the details to you. Then, with condolences we send out to our two the shebeen family on T. Amina Sabine passed away yesterday. Her husband uncle almost Aberdeen was one of the cheapy chairman of of Burano Masjid, our oldest we need of the masjid Allah make it easy for him and his family and Allah grant Auntie Amina hi place in

00:36:48 --> 00:37:10

Jana, and forgiveness and then lastly, on a happier note, we say Islamic debate on his 21st birthday. Allah bless him with a long life and Allah grant him to listen so much is an emergency there's so much work the behind the scenes in the office collects the money as well. But luckily Baraka and his future Allah Spanner keep him safe, and Grantham success in his studies cycle he couldn't sit down

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