God’s Greatest Miracle, Part 5

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AI: Summary © The Arabic language is the highest language on earth and is considered to be the highest source of information in the world. The title "Pharaoh" is the only book in Arabic that is considered to be of great priority for modern writing. The Bible is not a complete source of truth and is not the main character in the story. The title provides insight into the benefits of learning the language and its potential for expansion in the future. The importance of reciting and learning about the language is also emphasized.
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Ramadan Amin wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain my beloved brothers and sisters Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah datamine always and it will begin with the praise of the thanks of Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah we testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala we send our love and greetings salutations to beloved Debbie Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam to his pious and pure family whose companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us to be amongst them Amin Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. After a bit of a break from my side,

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we continue in the inshallah to conclude on the series the miracles of the Quran. And we say that the reason for the series is not only to respond to

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those out there who disregard or disrespect the Quran Robins for us to be convinced and to be sure of the truthfulness of the Quran. And we said that Allah We mentioned that Allah did not send any Nabhi except that along with him, there was a sign there was a medical for him to show to his people. And for us the medical reasons someone says that he was given is this book other than a visa was given many medicals the major medical is the medical of the Quran. And if a non Muslim were to ask you, and this was the challenge that really I put forward for the series, if a non Muslim were to ask you, what evidence do you have that your religion is correct? What evidence can you present?

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We always say the Quran is our evidence. Well, what do you mean by that? What can you say about the Quran that makes it miraculous that gives me confidence, I can believe in it. And Inshallah, today we'll recap some of the points we've made and conclude in sha Allah, we mentioned that when you want to prove something is a miracle, you need to define what a miracle is a miracle is something which cannot be replicated, it cannot be scientifically reproduced, it cannot be naturally occurring, it is something that is extraordinary, it cannot be explained. And so if we remember we mentioned if we compare the Quran, to other books, not other religious books, just to any other book in the world,

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what makes the Quran stand out, you need to ask yourself, Do I know of any other book like that? Do I know of any author like that, and if you cannot find something similar to it, then you need to consider this book is beyond human production. We mentioned of the linguistic miracles, that the Quran is the only the oldest and the first book in the Arabic language, no book proceedings in Arabic. The whole Arab civilization is based on this book, we mentioned that it is the highest point of eloquence, that till today, till today, 1500 years later, if you go to any university in the world, Harvard Oxford, and you want to study Arabic as a language, nothing to do with Islam, I want

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to study Arabic part of your curriculum will be to study the Quran, because it is of the highest level of eloquence in the Arabic language, the Bible is not the most eloquent book in the English language. Similarly, other religious scriptures are not taken as books of literature. It's a book of guidance maybe, but this book is the highest and greatest book of eloquence, the Arabic language. And we said that what made this book so amazing, is unlike any other book in history, it caused the entire Arabic language to be crystallized Arabic is the only language on earth that is unchanging, no other book has done this, no other book has caused an entire language to become static in time,

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because of because of the Quran. We said that there is no errors, it was revealed over a period of time with this we know division, every single book, every single book on Earth, whether it is a scientific book, a dictionary and encyclopedia, a religious book, you have a new edition, a revised edition, because as time goes on, we update it, we improve it, this book has not been updated by one dot for 1500 years. And to this day, not a single error has been has been a is the in this book, we mentioned of the scientific miracles. And this is something which only our generation, in the last 100 years, many of these scientific miracles have come to light. Some of these scientific miracles

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are so clear, without extrapolation, the fact that Allah subhanaw taala says that he created the heavens with might and that he is expanding it continuously currently, it's expanding.

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In the last 100 years, Einstein Winship perhaps the greatest thing that we've discovered in the last 100 years was the fact that the universe is expanding. Edwin Hubble won a Nobel Prize for proving that the universe was expanding, proving that the universe is a big bang all of this Allah said very clearly 1005 were in Allahu Allah musio When we are continuously expanding the origins of life, how everything comes with from water, how the embryo is formed, how why the mountains how it causes stability in the ground, preventing earthquakes very, very concise, clear language. You will these words that Allah put in the Quran, in fact Allah subhanaw taala used words that at that time were

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controversial. With Allah says we're calling on FIFA to yes but when is when is when Allah says that the sun and the moon and everything the stars they are all in orbit they are moving nothing is static in space.

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By the time we're going to be Salam, the unit the people believe the Earth was standing still and the universe was moving. When air science developed, they said no the earth is moving and the sun is standing still. Allah says no, the sun, the moon, the stars, the earth, everything could be fine, nothing is behind. And when you look at what we know of the universe now, every single planet, every single star is in even the galaxies themselves are in orbits and the word Allah you is swimming, floating, perfect language, the word is so perfect that it fits in with our modern science. We mentioned also Subhanallah that the Quran made very, very clear prophecies and predictions,

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and not a single one of these predictions have been refuted to be incorrect. Allah subhanaw taala mentions the conquest of the Romans, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the conquest of Makkah without any fighting Subhan Allah, Allah says that you will come come occur without a single without fighting. Allah subhanaw taala mentions terribIe Brahim, you will build a car in the middle of nowhere and you will make a done and you will find that people will come to this place from every country on Earth. Subhanallah Nabil Brahim didn't see that the nobbies was solemn himself did not see it, we see it today. Every hours is on not only every country, they will come on every mode of

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transportation they will come by land C and E Subhan. Allah, exactly as Allah mentioned, everything has come as as Allah had decreed. Allah subhanaw taala says that this Quran will never ever be changed. No religion on earth. As I said, you need to compare one with the other. No other scripture on Earth, religious scripture is free of additions, changes subtractions no other religious scripture on Earth is free of dispute. The scholars the Allameh the priests were rabbis, they are gurus are debating Is this the Bible? Is this the Torah? Some says yes, some say no Should we add this should be subtracted or you go throughout the world to find different versions of the religious

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books. Every now and then it's updated and changed. Allah said in the time that the salam when he was one man alone, when he was being persecuted and his Sahaba were being killed Allah subhanaw taala says, this Quran will never be changed. We're in Allah who will have to do and Allah says and I am the one that is going to protect it. All the other scriptures Allah had decreed that the Torah and the NGO would disappear would be changed. But this one Allah said, I don't need the Ummah to protect it, it will forever be protected. Now you ask which other religion you can go to Brazil, you can go to China, you go to the North Pole, the South Pole, you have Salafi Sufis and Wahhabis and

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she has an acrimonious whatever it is, you ask them not ask me this, you ask them bring another Quran, everyone even though they disagree we disagree on even how to make make Salah we disagree on what they read, we disagree on everything. But no one has a second version of the Quran. The exact same Quran because there is no dispute and debate as to what is Quran. Allah predicted. Allah enforce and Allah doesn't make predictions he makes promises that this Quran will never ever be changed. Ask what are the religions book has this? We also mentioned very clearly that how is it possible

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that Nabil Salam is the author of this Quran? We mentioned, how is it possible that a person who never even wrote one sentence in his life produced the most profound book in the Arabic language and the greatest book in humanity and that he is not the main character he's not mentioned? Compared to other other Ambia in the Quran, his family isn't mentioned at all the the discussions and the and the, the message about the Quran refers to other characters Maria Maria is Salam is the only lady that is mentioned in the Quran, not the mother of Nabil Salah mo Khadija Wavin abbyson himself is reprimanded in certain places gently by Allah subhanaw taala Allah subhanaw taala corrected Genovesa

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Salam. So who is the author of him? Question mark? If it is not Allah, it is surely not Mohamed Salah Salem, then we who is the author? Where did the this book come from?

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The historical accounts that are mentioned in the Quran. What is amazing about the Quran and something we probably didn't talk in detail about other besides the future prophecies, the historical accounts, imagine, I want you to imagine you come upon a tribe that has been completely isolated from mankind, you come to a jungle with desert and you find this tribe, they've never they don't have cell phones, they've never interacted with any other civilization. And they will tell you very clearly about you know, our history, they will tell you and then the elephant baby came to your country this time and Nelson Mandela was there and this happened and that happened was how did you

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know? So no, we got revelation about this. And everything that is mentioned here, corroborate exactly what what we know of historical accounts. And the time we're going to be solemn, how many libraries were the zero? How many books where the zero the Bible was it translated into Arabic? No. Yet the accounts of the three previous nations Allah will say in the Quran, and you Oh Muhammad also you will not date when I swear

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Musa, you were not there when they were disputed, who will look after Maryam exactly as we know what we know 100% To be true from fact the Quran aligns and where we know the Bible made mistakes. We don't find that in the Quran and Allah.

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There are certain things in the Quran that are not yet or not in the Bible currently. For example, you will not find this a story of Noah be easily CERAM we know in the Quran, he blew life into a bird. You will not find this miracle in the Bible, and that Nabi Musa wa salam spoke as a baby, you won't find this in the Bible today. 100 years ago, a scripture a monk was in Egypt a monk was tomb was uncovered. And on his chest, he had a Bible. Now the Bible went through many revisions. This Bible that he had, there was a a, a

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gospel a surah, a chapter called the surah of Thomas Allah Allah who this person is the sub unit and in this gospel, you find Nabil easily Salam, Jesus blowing life into a bird and speaking as a baby.

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So how is it possible that some would say that Nabi Salam copied from the Bible and the in the in the Torah and the Injeel but number one, it wasn't translated. And number two, everything that is encoded in there is not copied in the Quran. A very simple answer very simple example we gave, you will not find in the Quran, that in the Surah of never use of the word Pharaoh is used for the king of Egypt. The word Pharaoh is not used only king, the king of Egypt, because the title Pharaoh only came much later. So how is it that we take what is correct, but we know what not to take. And this is behind Allah if you really wanted to do an analysis. Just read one narrative of the same surah

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the same story, the story of Noah the story of use of Joseph the story of Nabil Issa, even story of Nabil Issa and his conception verse in the Bible verses the Quran and you ask which one do you think is more from the creator of the universe, look at the language look at the style.

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So these miracles and these observations, as we see are for people Allah says, of understanding, and it is for people to think about, but you don't need a PhD. You don't need to be a scientist or linguist or an alum, even, to see for yourself what is right in front of you. Let us talk about certain simple evidences that are right in front of our eyes. We ask Is there any book like this, today, the Quran, undoubtably is the most revered and the most followed? Scripture in the world? That's the most believers. You know, today, how do you know who is the number one person in the world how many likes you get? How many likes you get right? How many fans you get? How many

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followers you get? The Quran has the most believers in the world and somebody who said that's not right, there are more Christians and Muslims, right? It's true. There are more Christians and Muslims correct. But they all have different Bibles. Different versions. So if you take the Catholic Bible, that's half the Christians and you take the Protestant Bible, that's another half of the Christians. You take the Ethiopian Orthodox Bible, the Coptic Bible, you split each group out according to the scripture, you'd find it's only a few, maybe 100 million, but 1.51 point 6 billion Muslims, all a subscribe and belief in this book. So the mere fact that this is the most belief,

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religious scripture in the world,

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that is the most followed religious scripture on Earth, makes it the number one book, thought the best seller. The second thing to wait to just for you to think about,

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we know with certainty, the only book on earth that is being recited at every single second every moment is the Quran. How do I know that? Somewhere in the world, the sun is sitting it's mercury. Yes. Somewhere in the world. The sun is rising. It is fudging some words the word somewhere it's all said. And somewhere in the world. Someone right now is making Salah and they're reciting Surah Fatiha.

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And what does Allah cool Surah Fatiha it's panela What does Allah call Surah Fatiha and the Quran? Allah calls the Saba Amma Thani. Allah says it revealed the Quran and the Sabarmati the Quran and the seven verses that are continuously being recited Allah cool sort of idea that in the Quran, the seven iron that will be recited nonstop, sort of it is the only book on Earth where right now you can you can be sure someone is reciting it and not only reciting it, reciting it from memory. They're reciting it from memory.

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How many books we are educated people. Many of you have went to university some of you have PhDs even we've met highly highly intelligent people. Have you met any single person on earth that has memorized a book cover to cover whether it be Shakespeare, whether it is biology, whether it is law, whether whatever it is? Have you ever met anybody that can quote you he can take you this book? Take this book, and I will and you can open any page and I can read it from memory word for word doc for doc. No, not in any language or in English or in French, not in Chinese. No person on earth. Can we find do we know of that has memorized a book cover to cover

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Have a unless you'd find a very, very unique group of people that are deep in science. How many people have asked how many people here are five that memorize the Quran some of you might raise your hands and never ask how many of you know of a Hafiz will have one in your family, all of you might raise your hands.

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So if this if this book is the only book on Earth that has been memorized, cover to cover by children as young as six years old, and people as old as 80 years old,

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the vast majority of them 90% of them don't understand a word of what they're reciting. And it's not a good thing. But the fact that you have memorized a book in a language you don't know verbatim, and you ask which which other group can replicate this panel, which are the book is like it, we say the medical is produce me a book Allah asked the challenge Allah says in surah baqarah produce something like it one surah like it, take one surah and make one Subhan Surah Fatiha 1 billion people has memorized the surah word for word, they recite it every single day. Many of them don't, unfortunately, even understand what they're reciting. But Allah says produce something like it call

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whoever you want to support you all the most all the men and all the gene and all the technology and AI and chat GBT bring everybody for inlanta for no one to follow. Allah says you can't do it and you will never be able to do it. Then. Then beware of Allah Subhanallah beware of the Jana.

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Every half that you see is a walking talking medical of Allah subhanaw taala

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the whole fourth and some of us I mean, Allah we know for five friends of ours, it's not like Masha, Allah, the fact that you've memorized the Quran, that they have a super memory that was the case they should memorize like any other book, they should memorize their biology textbooks. Let's find out we'll find out for that. Now shall we comes to Quran they can memorize, or the areas they can't even remember their wife's phone number.

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Reality we know for like that,

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because Allah says we've made the Quran easy to be remembered. It's a it's a promise from Allah. And,

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you know, for those who study Islamic Studies, if you were given a page of Quran to memorize with the words of ALLAH and you were given a Hadith from the enemies of Salah which is eloquent, that page of Quran is easy to memorize then even a hadith I'm going to be salaam even though the hadith is eloquent, versus a few lines of poetry, you know, sometimes you need to memorize a definition in Arabic. And you know, it's maybe something what is a what is followed what is wired up to definition whole night you start to struggle to memorize that one sentence. It's, we've all experienced that in our own language, is it the Quran? It just has a way of you repeat it enough times you'll memorize

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it. You listen to it, even a non Muslim there are non Muslims, non Muslims who have memorized the Quran by reading it enough times. No other book on earth has that. If you were to say okay, you Muslims love your Quran. Surely the Christians love the Bible. And the Jews love the Torah. Bring us your faith. Bring us your faith. You won't find anyone you won't find the pope, the pope Subhanallah so I've memorized the Bible. You know, we have five year old six years old that have memorized the Quran cover to cover. So Allah says, explain this.

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You and I read the Quran regularly we listen to the Quran, how many times out of nowhere you find yourself in tears for something that and this is something everyone has experienced. I don't think there's a single person here that has heard the Quran and that recitation is beautiful. It touches your heart something stirs you won't even know if someone asked you what is the ayah that is causing you to cry? I don't know. I just feel it in my heart.

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As this happened to you with any other language or there's any other other scripture is the anyone else on Earth that yours something which they don't understand and something stirs in the heart.

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Now, if you cannot replicate it, you cannot reproduce it, you cannot show something similar to it. Then where does it come from? How universal the Quran is Pinilla. We have already read the Quran and inshallah we hope that we read also in English with understanding the fact that when you were about to get married, you read the Quran, if they were ayat which were relevant to you, when you read it, after you have kids, the ayat are relevant to you. Every time place situation there is which are relevant. Subhanallah let's take this idea, the time of the 1400 years, people read this idea, and they probably didn't think too much about it. They're not extensive enough series on this idea what

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I said Dakka Dakka Luthra Allah says, And the male and the female are not the same.

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The Obama didn't think this is a big issue. today. We know this is an issue. But a boy and a girl is not the same lady said that.

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Allah says that in the Quran, things that we you know the relevance if you take any situation you have in politics or in your life or in society, you open the Quran you'll find and if that is relevant to you know, book has the Subhanallah and if you really want to measure the greatness of a book, look at the profound impact that he has done on civilization. You know, today if I were to

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ask all of you, let's let's, let's imagine the world 10 years from now, we would be the big superpowers, we might say America or China or Russia, when the Quran was being revealed. If you asked who were the great powers and what would be the next civilization, they would say the Romans, the Persians, Yemen, whatever. The Arabs that time, had nothing, no schools, no libraries, no books, nothing. Allah took revealed the Arabs a book, and in 23 years, it became the leading civilization on earth.

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Never in the history of mankind, as a people gone from so far back to so far forward. And you asked what changed in the

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literary, they got guidance from the summer, they got technology, they got revelation, that push them into the future. This is what happened. And then that civilization ruled the world for over 1000 years. Subhan Allah, the foundation of which is the Quran.

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If you want to see a miracle, look at the impact the Quran has done on civilization. And so we can go on and on and on. And subhanAllah as we said, this is for us to prove to have contentment and comfort in our hearts. So without a doubt, the Quran is a miracle. It needs that definition. But what might might one might ask, is it really the greatest miracle of Allah? Can you really compete with the be Musa opening the Eetzi? Can you really compete with wa salaam salaam with the miracle of Allah resurrecting the dead? That's? And the answer is very simple. How many people saw that at being open, maybe a few 100 people how many people saw Nobby ASA resurrecting the dead, maybe a few

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people. But today, six, 7 billion people on Earth can see and experience the miracle of the Quran for themselves. This is a miracle that every single person it's a it's a personal miracle Allah is giving you and me and every one of us.

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These are not to this is not entertainment. This is you have to believe you need to take the plunge. Allah is not going to reveal Himself directly to you, but he's going to put evidences before you to use the occult that he gave you. And every single person can no one can say yeah, Allah, You didn't give me a miracle. This is a miracle to every single person. And it is and if you want to judge which miracle was the greatest of Allah, the one that brought the most hearts to Allah, that is the greatest miracle and no other miracle of Allah brought the most hearts to Allah brought the most people to Jannah other than the Quran and so inshallah we conclude with certain blessings. How do we

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now take this for us at the very least, as the Allama mentioned, and not a single day should go by where you don't read something of the Quran, it's like your charger you know, without that your iman is diminished. Allah says yeah, you oneness or people Khadija, Mo either I've seen to you and your guidance and admonition mingle from your Lord was Schieffer. Lima used to do it, and a healing for your heart. This is good for your heart. This is what I sent you is a cure for all your sadness and all your problems and guidance, what am I doing what meaning and a mercy a Greek mercy Allah says this is a gift to every single person so for the world and I will do this for every single person.

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I've sent you a personal gift, so recite it and remember it.

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We know that let me Psalm says that the best of all people are the people who have learned the most of the Quran, and then teach it part of your life should either be a student of the Quran or a teacher of the Quran. There'll be some says, recite the Quran, since it will be an intercessor for you to its owner on the day of karma, and the copper, the one thing that will stand up and defend you and protect you and argue with you while you are going to argue against Allah subhanho wa Taala is the Quran. Allah as we know that hadith, the Quran will say I am the one that kept him busy. He recited me night and day and he cited me all the time he struggled. So yeah Allah I will stand in

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between you and the punishment.

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The eyeshadow the unseasonably some told us, the one who decides to Quran easily some of us mashallah we find it easy to recite the Quran, they will have the rank of angels that FTM all those who recited the Quran beautifully and skillfully, they will have the rank of melodica on the day of karma. And as the one who recited with difficulty, some of us were not so the log was not so good. And we struggle, they will have a WT where they will be greater than angels. They will be So either you're an angel, or you're higher than an angel. There'll be some says whoever recites just tin iron and tin iron, you know, what can I do this surah cuckoo bananas and cloudy would have been the last

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two sources of Quran to add this 14 Iron whoever decides to iron in turmoil at night. He will not be recorded as someone who neglected the Quran. So anyone who decides so how do I know y'all I've neglected the Quran at least reciting the Quran at night, and the one who recites 100 If I think this is about us, then you will be recorded as a devout pious person. And of course the one who recited 1000 ayat, then you will be recorded as one of those the best of the best.

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Allah says, determine and Zanna who like it is a book that we've revealed Mobarak Blissett Lee will that be through it so that you may ponder and think it will fix your life

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based on a problem that we are going

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Going through whatever problems you're going through situations, challenges fears. This book will be the book that answers all of them in a beautiful Hadith and we end up with these two Hadith that everyone says provisionally, Allah has a select group of people, the people of Allah, the people that belong to Allah of all of mankind. He chose a group of people who use will be his people who are these, they are the people of the Quran.

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The people of the Quran, the people who have the most Quran in them are the closest and dearest to Allah subhanaw taala and therefore inshallah we make dua that Allah grants us to be the people of Allah, that we truly have this miracle within our myths that we recited, ponder over it, we memorize it, we continuously read it, the more they abused and insulted the more will read and recite they burn one Quran will produce a million Horvath inshallah. This is how the Ummah has always responded. And we make dua that Allah grants us the ability to carry this Amana to carry this book Allah sent it to us as the OMA no Nabil after us gonna be after us. It is our job to carry this Quran and it

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will be great to even without us but was it will it'll make us great. May Allah grant us all the heat and Baraka Zack Allah heard it just a few announcements. The easy breakfast fundraiser inshallah our molar Gemma has been our tips

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have been Big Al's Radha I've been invited to Port Elizabeth and the breakfast inshallah in to assist them and that is on the ninth of September. I tend to to also the some, you know, usually you can support and take the wife out to take the kids out for breakfast and chocolate will be good. And then we'll make the offer my auntie or my grandmother, Sister Auntie Mistura, the mother of mushfiqur Waterman, maybe many of you know her. She had a major major heart attack is in hospital we ask Allah to grant her Shiva, Allah subhanaw taala grant the healing and make it easy for them. I mean, as I said, I want it