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AI: Summary © The history and predictions of Islam, including the holy grail and the future, are discussed. The holy grail has predictions of the future, including the future of the world and the predictions of the arrival of gods. The importance of giving permission for others to do things and showing mercy is emphasized. The recent struggles of Islam, including the loss of blind individuals and failure of peace talks, are also discussed. The importance of fasting for forgiveness and the pot of food is also mentioned.
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We live in a shakedown rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala COVID Mursaleen Sadie. Now Muhammad Ali he also has remained my beloved brothers and sisters said Mr de como Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen always we will begin with the praise and the thanks of Allah and Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah will testify that is not worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala we send our love that our greetings and salutations to beloved Debbie Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and his pure family whose companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time, Allah subhanaw taala blessed us to be amongst them I mean, I mean well hamdulillah and hanging out with you keeping warm that was part of the reward everyone for coming to the masjid and sacrificing and make mashallah that's a wonderful symbol of about Iman Alhamdulillah

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the series inshallah on the Quran, we hope to conclude today or perhaps in the next week, where we look to elaborate and to confirm in our hearts This is not to give Dawa to the outsiders, but it's for each and every one of us to confirm that this is the word of the Creator of the universe, that this is the most, this is the greatest miracle of ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. And to find in yourself an idea or a verse that sticks with you that ever when we have a doubt, too, we're unsure something in the series must remind you that this is from the the miracles of Allah subhanho wa taala. And we see that a definition of a miracle. And what I hope you to keep in mind that as we go through the seat

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the series

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is a miracle is something which cannot be replicated. It is something that technology, or the greatest scientists, or the richest billionaires in the world, they cannot reproduce. And if it could not come and if it could not be replicated, or it could not happen naturally, then where does it come from? It is supernatural. And of course from our perspective, it is from the Lord of the abdomen. We spoke about how the Quran is a literal literature a masterpiece from a perspective of literature, that it's the first book in the Arabic language. In fact, the word Quran from which Quran derived from the word Quran means a city and many cities, the beginning of the civilization

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the founding of that civilization is a constitution or a book some kind of writing material that underpins that civilization. The Arabs, or the at least the people of Arabia did not have a book until the Quran came. And so we say this book is the first book in the Arabic language, an entire civilization is built on it. Great, amazing book, a book that influenced this language unlike any other language, yet they claim that the author of it never himself wrote a book in his life span Allah. We then spoke about a few weeks ago, the scientific miracles that Allah mentions in the Quran, from space to the embryo in the fetus in the in the mother's womb, to what happens deep in

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the ocean, what happens deep in the ground, at a time when people believe the world was flat. When people believed that diseases were all supernatural, Allah subhanaw taala makes very, very clear, scientific miracles that was only discovered in the last few decades or the last few centuries. We then spoke last week about the prophecies, very clear predictions that Allah had given promises that Allah had made. And Allah says in the Quran, if you have ever any doubt that this book is from Allah, you will find many contradictions in it, you will find many mistakes in it. How is it possible that everything Allah had described in the Quran has come to pass, and some of them I've

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mentioned, if you look at the prophecies of the Quran, all of them have come true, except the ones relating to clamor

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Subhan Allah meaning also for us from a time perspective, if all the prophecies in the predictions have come through, the only thing that's left is for us now to see the major signs the coming of Qiyamah and those those items Allah grants prediction. Today, we're going to do a discussion

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on looking at how it's not possible that the my visa Salam could be the author of the Quran. So, as I mentioned, for those who don't believe that the Quran is a miracle sought from the Lord of the Allah mean, it's not a revelation from the creator of the universe, the alternative they say, they claim that Muhammad, peace be upon him, wrote the Quran himself. And so we will look at certain ayat, which proves categorically this could not be from the NABI sunnah. No way that to be Salam would have written the Quran. We leave our Eman in him as an aside just factually as an independent observer. When you look at the Quran, and you look at the Navi Salaam and inshallah we'll talk about

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those miracles. Allah subhanaw taala says, so to uncovered Rama Quintette looming cobbly him in Qatar

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Up. Allah says in the Quran, you know Muhammad could not read anything before this revelation. So it is confirmed in the Quran that you never read a book before this. What are the Hutu via Munich and you never wrote anything? In fact in the Treaty of Abia sidenote Yep, when an abuser Salam entered into an agreement with the Kurdish after many years of fighting 10 years of war, the Croatia and then a visa Salam entered a peace treaty. And the peace treaty began. In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful the Most kind, this is an agreement we will have between the Kurdish and Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. The Quran said we don't accept this terms. We don't accept you as

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Rasul Allah say this is between the Quran and Muhammad the son of a biller. So say Daddy was the one who was writing say daddy could rewrite say that he was writing the code he was the scribe. So then I recently said to say Nalli Okay, no problem remove Rasulullah remove it the Quran wanted they remove it to say now this is no no no, I'm not gonna do that I can scratch out Rasulullah so then I be so sad I'm sad to say nearly show me waiters Rasulullah meaning he couldn't read. He said point out where is the word Rasul Allah, I will scratch it out. Now. Subhanallah such a simple thing, that maybe Salam, Allah had not given him the ability have taught him the ability to read why soulless

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either La La La tabel Movietone so that they can be no suspicion about where this Quran comes from. A man who is known and his people know this liquidation, you with the enemies knew that the beasts of Salem doesn't have the ability to read or write how is he producing a book that will revolutionize the world.

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Also, if you look at the Quran, if you look at any scripture, that is man made, the author of that scripture becomes the central figure of that scripture. If you were to read the Quran, you would find that the reason Salam is not the central figure of the Quran, Nabi Musa is mentioned 130 times by name, Nabi Musa is mentioned the most. If ever, there was a central figure it would be in Abu Musab Islam 130 times, it'd be Isa Jesus Christ as mentioned 25 times by name, and over 100 times if you take his other titles, the Messiah, the Son of Matey, if you add all those together, that'd be ISA is mentioned over 100 times. Now you brought him over 70 times Meriam, the mother of maybe Issa,

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the only lady mentioned by name in the Quran is mentioned more in the Quran and the Bible Subhan Allah, who most people don't know that Mary is mentioned by name more in the Quran than in the entire Bible. She is mentioned 34 times and an entire chapter surah Maryam is named after Khadija isn't mentioned in the Quran by name. Aisha isn't mentioned by name in the Quran. Amina the mother of the Beast slums are mentioned by name in the Quran. Some people who had no relevance really to the to the Navi Salam. And this was before he made any Jews in Makkah, when he signed to get the support of the Arabs, it would have been easy for him to mention the names of the Arab heroes. Why

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are you mentioning foreigners? Jews and Christians panela they are mentioned the Quran then maybe some of them. He's only mentioned five times by name four times by the name Muhammad and one time but the name of Muhammad Han Allah. Why? Why would he write a book and praise and promote other people besides himself?

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You find in the Quran, the humanity of the NABI Salam, there'll be synonymous of human while he never committed a sin. Like any human being there were certain human it is a human things that Allah had to rectify like other Ambia Allah subhanaw taala intervened and rectified. And one of the most famous examples of this is Surah abba, abba Soweto. Allah Allah says the Navi the Prophet frowned and he was frustrated and he turned away. So why is going to be some frowning and turning away and Jaya hula man when the blind Sahabi came to him. So some context we all know the story, then Abby Salaam is in very senior serious negotiations with the big shots of the Kurdish. There'll be some So

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imagine this, that Elisa Salam is having a meeting, whether the CEO is the big guys of the Kurdish and they are listening for the first time they are listening to the message. And he seems like he's making progress. And while he's talking to them, it's a hobby.

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MK two blind Sahabi comes and he looks with an IV Salam. And he disrupts the meeting

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to ask a question, coming and asking for advice. And while this blind Sahabi comes and disturbs the meeting, the other quarter Croatia is meeting with the big shots. They said whatever you saying, Oh Mohamed salah. What you saying sounds good. But are you really going to tell us that me? And this blind men are the same? You want me and him to stand shoulder by shoulder in the masjid? No, no, no thanks. But no thanks, you keep your Islam and so they got up and they left and then I'll be something so naturally he felt a little frustrated. He felt demoralized. I was just making progress with this. So he did I didn't didn't say anything to the sahabi he just found he was frustrated.

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Allah said it's not appropriate. I was just gonna say you frown and you turned away when the blind man came to you? You did not give him your attention as we he thinks himself without need. As for the Big Shot the one who thinks that he is powerful. For Antara who Tada. You give them your full attention. Allah says going to be Salam you

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should not have cared about those who far, no matter how much money they have power that they're all worthless in the sight of Allah, but the sahabi, bigger, disabled, poor, because he has a sincere heart. Allah says it is more befitting that you give your attention to him, Amanda? Yes. But as for he will come running to you, well, who are you? And he has he has fear of Allah for untanned Huhtala for him, you are distracted for him, you put him to one side. Allah says no, this is not appropriate. Subhanallah Why wouldn't it be so Salam put this in the Quran? Why would there be someone put this in the Quran

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in another higher when the when ethics and whereas would be the case, we're going to be set up to go in battle. And all the men were required to to participate. Those who did not come to the battle. Many of them are either the if you if you didn't attend the battle, so when enemies would come back from the war, everyone who was absent must come and give a reason. Why won't you they and many some Sahaba had illegitimate excuse. I couldn't find a camel to take me Why was ill or disabled, something like that and this excuse as for the monastics and everybody knew who the monastics were, they came and they made a very flimsy excuse. And then I'll be somebody who is accepted and said no

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problem I'm going to offer you even though he knew they were lying, he knew they were lying. And so then when affix would come and they would make the excuses and then IBM says okay, fine, I'll make a state file for you and Allah may Allah forgive you. So Allah system is Allah Who Anka Allah system is. I have mercy on you. Oh, Muhammad Lima. I didn't tell him. Why did you give them permission? Hatter? Yottabyte. And Annika Lilina Sadako water element. Kathy bean. Why did you give them? Why did you let them go free? Why did you give them a leeway? First you had to see who was telling the truth and who's lying. But obviously Sufism Islam, Allah have mercy on you. You should have been

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harder with him. You just gave him a free pass. So Subhanallah again, Allah thinks that to be Salam, you were too merciful in that situation. We should have been a little should have been little harsher with them again, why would he himself write this in the Quran? To say that my Lord reprimanded me? Yeah. In another is Subhanallah in the Battle of butter. It's not in the slides. After the Battle of butter, there'll be some two prisoners of war. For the first time we're prisoner. What do we do with these prisoners of war? We never had a battle before. So now we have people that were captured, they surrendered themselves. What should we do? We don't know. No Sharia

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advice. So then at least salaam consultancy now Bucha, we can say normal. So it normally said no sweetener, almost style. Remove the heads, make it an example. So they never ever have come and fight with us again. make an example out of them. They did all this to us, abused us, tortured us kicked us out of maca. They deserve to be executed. So we could say these are still our family members, still our brothers or cousins. Perhaps if we show them mercy, they will be inclined to Islam. So they don't know they're going to come back and fight us next year. Again, if we let them go. So eventually, Islam we know he took the side of the praise both of them, he said, Oh, I'm gonna

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do like Navin who will make dua these people must be destroyed and you owe Abubaker you are like never Isa, making dua for for the people. So there'll be some decided to take the side of Satan Abubaker and said, We will rather show mercy, we will sell them back and ransom them back and give them away. And Allah subhanaw taala became a you know, this is in the Quran where Allah says that if it had not been that Allah's mercy upon you, you would have punished you for this decision that you've made. In the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah says that you had to, you had to first take and punish these people before you let them go and say no, I'm gonna comes the next day. And he sees

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Abubaker animism, crying, they're crying, they are in tears. They are hysterical. And Saint Ahmed says, Why are you to cry, I also want to cry with you don't leave me out. I want to be with you crying. And so then the next one says Allah revealed that he was not happy with the decision we made. Your decision was right. Again, why would there be Salam do this? Why would you do this?

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On the other side, sometimes it'd be Sonam also, like any human being, and Subhanallah, we talk about losing our composure. If ever there was a time look at this example, in the Battle of Ohio.

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And as a normal had mentioned, these people are going to come back and fight this battle neighborhood occurred. A year after that the same people came back to fight. That's why they come out of Allah, the wisdom of Allah always prevails. And so in the Battle of Hood, while the lobby Salam is talking to them before the battle, and during the battle, we know things became bad for the Muslims, the Quraysh came so close that one of them hits him in the face with a sword. They struck them in the face with a sword, you know, and when he's you know, he's always in his face he's bleeding you can imagine that never used to sell some seeds out of his frustration to the kurush How

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will Allah ever forgive a people who hits the face of a prophet? How can Allah Subhanallah we would say if you even say a bad word people draw pictures of going to be salaam we become so upset. Imagine someone hits the the some of the sword in the face. We said how can Allah Allah forgive you for the sin?

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Liquid Allah responds, Allah says and Lisa lemon Amity shape, you have no right to say this. Oh Muhammad Salam, you have no right to say who am

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Want to punish and who am going to forgive? Oh we are to bother him if he if I should forgive them oh you as the by whom? Why punish them for in Nome volume and then it's my decision but they are they've committed a sin as Paula also side note for all of us how many times should we say Jehan Jana to

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Allah so there are people with you

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Allah seemed to going to be some of the hit to the face you don't they speak about who's going to get my punishment who's going to get my Rama who's gonna go to Jana Lisa coming I'm gonna say you have no prerogative in this regard.

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With I forgive with I punish that belongs to Allah, all the policies and the reason that was not appropriate Subhanallah again, the point of this, in that moment, if ever than the salam could have, you know, Allah subhanaw taala is reprimand him. One of the saddest moments in the Sierra of the NABI salaam was, of course the death of Abu Dhabi. Abu Talib, his uncle raised him who protected him who was the closest person to him like a parent, Abu Dhabi. It was mom and dad together for going to be Salam. And of course, unfortunately I Batali passed away on disbelief. He passed away an unbeliever and even after he died a kafir I mean on his deathbed than me some says to Abu Talib,

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just to kill him. I just say one word, just one word. And I promise you on the Day of karma, when everyone is running away from from everyone else, when people when I will run away from Fatima, I will stand with you and I will stand between you and the adult of Allah. Just say La Ilaha illa Allah and he was about to say La Ilaha illa Allah when his friend Abuja, how's it? Are you going to leave your forefathers your traditions, your customs saputara Lipset I stay on my religion of my forefathers and he died, unfortunately, a non Muslim. So then at the salam said, basically I'm going to continue to make dua for Abu Dhabi. I will continue making dua for him even though I know he died

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as a non Muslim. So Allah says in Nicoletta team, and we're like in ultima Yasha, who studied in other IOSYS It is not befitting for NRB. To make dua, or being a Muslim is not befitting for an ABI and a believer to make dua for a non Muslim who's died and it's clear he died on disbelief. You cannot make dua anymore. And you owe Muhammad. You don't have the right to give Hidayat and we want it's not your choice. Yes, you love this man so much, but the matter belongs to Allah. Again. Why within reason and put this in the Quran, to even tell himself stop making dua. You don't have the right of Mohammed salam to do this. And it shows you again, the difference between the rob the Lord

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and the slave even though that slave is the greatest of slaves, but it's still subservient to the law of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Allah hola Stetsons and as promised, Allah threatens than me so Salam, Allah says, While Oh taco water Allah in a bottle of coffee that if Muhammad would make up any sayings for things if you were to add anything of his own desire, that has not been who Billy I mean, I will grab him by his right hand to Mother kata now, who minal watin and I will cut off his jugular vein firming coming out in anhydrous. And none of you can defend him against me. Look at this ion of video hot I have to pound on the Quran. Allah says is going to be Salam. No one has the right to add subtract from the Quran. Sometimes the enemy Salam felt so despondent, he felt like yeah, Allah where am I going wrong? Then

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Allah had to intervene in another way to comfort him, man to be an intermediate material because imagine, oh, Muhammad Salam, you're not crazy. These were things you hear is not your imagination. This is from Allah. Ma dakara Bukola marcada and surah Taha, when the novices who felt like yeah Allah where am I going? Yeah, Allah you must have left me yet Allah. I'm a failure. Allah says ma a darker yellow doesn't go on anyway. I haven't gone anywhere and I don't need you. I'm going to show you don't you worry you doing what is what I'm saying you are supposed to do. Now all these is behind Allah. If you were to ask, why would they not be Salam have fabricated the Quran? What did he

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get out of it? In fact, before Islam before he became an Aggie, he was at the best situation in his life. He had the love of Hadiya. He had wealthier children. He was a favorite amongst his people. The minute he became an a beam, everything from an outward perspective became difficult. He lost his status from his people. He lost his wealth. Eventually, he's asked to leave Makkah, he's gone to war. His life became so much more difficult after becoming an OB. And never did he get anything in return. In fact, as we know, the NABI Salam was offered. Please, The Kure said, Stop preaching Islam. If you want to be a king, we'll make you the King. If you want money, we'll gather all the

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money and give it to you. If you have women, we will tell any woman you want any of our lives, our daughters, you point her out, she will be yours. So he was offered money, kingship, power, women, everything that you would say, a false prophet would want. What did he say? Even if you gave me the sun in my one hand and the moon in the other hand, who is going to defend me against Allah?

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Hi, Kate can maybe you can do what you want to in the dunya but eventually I'm a stand up to Allah subhanaw taala I can't hide any of this.

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So Subhanallah it is very clear from these ayat and these narrations, that there is no doubt that this book was not written by the Navi Salam. And if we can gather all the ideas and all the myths, things that we have discussed so far, and inshallah we'll conclude perhaps next week, we need to ask ourselves, How is it possible that this Quran

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originated from a man who could not read or write a Quran that speaks about things of the past in the future, a Quran that speaks about miracles, prophecies, scientific Miracles that Change the World, and the man who claims was claimed to have written it gets no financial gain or monetary benefit from it. So where did it come from? Waited if ever a book deserved to be called a revelation from the Lord of the universe, then there is no book that matches the Quran. We have more to discuss, but inshallah we'll leave it for another. Another time. Our time is up just a few announcements insha Allah as we know, tomorrow is the day of Ashura. It is the 10th of Muharram And

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subhanAllah Genovesa. We know from the Sunnah, that it was funneled for the Muslims to force on Assura before Ramadan became compulsory, the first fasting to become compulsory was the day of Ashura. Sahaba mentioned that there was no day which then we saw him was more particular and more serious about fasting other than Ramadan, then Assura even the small children were encouraged to fast and they would be you know, the minds were taken off the hunger by toys, and so everybody, everybody inshallah should try to fast tomorrow at least, and then we know that to be Salam mentioned that will ever fast I hope that we will fast the day of assured of the 10th of Muharram

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that all your sins of the last year the last 12 months will be forgiven in the lab, so everyone should make an effort to fast on the day of Ashura tomorrow and also the added bonus is if you fast the day before any today if you have asked today my likes it from you, but if you haven't fast today they no problem for us on Sunday. Tomorrow, definitely fast tomorrow. If you can only fast one day the fast tomorrow but if you can pass tomorrow and Sunday and it happens also that Sunday's I will Mahara March so if you can march and force hamdulillah and you can get your these treats and stuff for the kids but you can have that for Iftar for Bucha time and then we are looking for those to all

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of you to participate bring your kids and in those who are can contribute as well to what a good time on this Muharram on this Assura to contribute a pot of food with the contribute apostle for the kids Alexei from you. I mean Zack located was that Allah Cena Muhammad Well, that is Islam, Sunni and hemlibra Bill Alameen as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh