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Bismillah Alhamdulillah

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wa salatu salam, right, I should have been a medieval and would send him her mother was sort of nice. I'm not really you and only he was able to sell him this uneven cathedral theater, my brother, my brothers and sisters.

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The reason why Akita is important, the reason why the Creed is important is because the acceptance of deeds,

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the acceptance of deeds is based on the creed.

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So it's not just a matter of saying

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that one should do good deeds.

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It is. The question is, of course wants you to do good deeds, but the issue is, what is a good deed which will get as a reward from Allah subhanho wa.

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Right, what is a good DEED? DEED may be good, but with Allah, it may not have any reward

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and a deed

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may be good. And also it is rewarded by Allah subhanaw taala when we meet him on the day of judgment, so what is it that makes a deed?

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Something that will attract a reward when you meet Allah.

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Now, the simplest way to understand this is, if I tell you that,

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say you are a sales guy, right? So you know how to sell things? And if I tell you, if you ask me, How can I

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sell Apple products and get paid by Apple?

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I'm a great sales guy, how can I sell Apple products and get paid back? What is the answer? The answer is get employed by Apple,

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go work for Apple.

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How can I sell Tesla cars

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and get a commission on that?

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Get employed by Tesla or one of the Tesla dealers?

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Right? It's simple, it doesn't require great

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intelligence to answer this question, how do you get

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paid to do the work of somebody is by working for that person.

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Similarly, how do you get rewarded by Allah?

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By believing Allah believing in Allah

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and by

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working for Allah.

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So what is the Aqeedah? The acleda is your and my appointment letter.

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The akiza is what proves that I am a Muslim.

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who is a Muslim? The one who believes in the Aqeedah of Muslims. What is the Aqeedah Muslims? The Akita or Muslims is what Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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and also an Allah brought and taught us

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anything other than that is not the Aqeedah of Islam.

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That is why when we die when our eyes close, the first questions that we will be asked in our groups will not be questions about good deeds.

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They will be questions about who are you?

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Do you belong here or not? Are you one of the within quotes employees? Or are you an outsider?

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They are not employees of Allah, we are His flock we are His creatures.

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But by employees I mean somebody who has

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accepted the work of

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the deen of Allah subhanaw taala and is and accepts Allah subhanaw taala.

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So the first question of the grave is what first question is Mandra Baku is Europe.

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They're not asking them one monkey and I hear two angels are not asking you and they will not ask you and me. Did you pray? That is a second level question.

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They will not ask did you give charity where you go to your parents? Did you raise your children properly? No.

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First question they will ask his Monroe book who is Europe? Is Robbie Allah?

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Medina. What is your religion? What is your Dean?

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Dean is rob my deen is Islam.

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Allah is Mara. My deen is Islam mana view who is gonna be

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in another version. What do you say about the man who sent among you?

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We say Nabina Muhammad

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Rasul Rasulullah

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sallallahu ala you only he was Abu Salah dubby is Muhammad Sallallahu ala he was ALLAH and he's the Rasul of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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And then they will say what how do you know this?

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And we will say because I read the Quran

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these are the questions and in sha Allah We ask Allah subhanaw taala for his help in answering these questions correctly and properly. If we do that, then our issue in the cover in the grave is settled inshallah and the one who's who answers the questions of the grave correctly, inshallah this person will

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be forgiven by Allah subhanaw taala. And this person will be given the nine shells.

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Now you say what about the good deeds, because we have been talking about good is good deeds are what will give us more reward and what will give us the result and what will give us

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greater benefit in John.

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Good deeds don't get you into Jannah it is the correct belief that gets you into John. Without the correct belief, if you have all the good deeds in the world, they will not get you to Jannah and you will still be in the Hellfire because you are not your nothing to the luck. Another good way of understanding that it's advisable thing if I

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paint my own house and then I go to my neighbor and say pay me for this my neighbor Rosie, you're crazy. Why would I pay?

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Did you paint my house

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if you are looking for payment, if you are looking for a word from somebody you should have you shouldn't be employed by that person you should be at you should have been working for that person.

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And this is the position of the Arcada. And that is why the Aqeedah is so critically important.

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And it's so critically important to believe in the correct thing. And the correct thing is only and only what Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam brought us that is clean, it is clear it is simple to understand. There are no complications. You don't need to be a philosopher you don't need to be a PhD. You don't need to be an alum, you don't need to be a movie you don't need to be you just need to have intelligence, normal intelligence Akhil valid

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a mature person and other person with the character intelligence and you believe the right thing inshallah this is good for us.

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So now we come to the third part, we talked about Aqeedah ops, sorry to hear that oh he the unity of the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala Tao hidoe Rubia the unity and the belief that Allah subhanho wa Taala is our love, he's our Creator, maintain our protectors.

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To whom is our return? And now we come to the third one which is thou read USMA was the father in law he tireless maintaining the unity of Allah subhanaw taala has named that attribute.

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Now unless rather than a

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Lilla Hill, a smile Oh snap. Let's write that as everybody laylaz values love other will be asked, Allah said that the names of a smile of Allah, the names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala they are beautiful and call him by those names.

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So the belief in Allah subhanaw taala also includes in believing in His beautiful names and lofty attributes without any change, and without using our imperfect minds and intelligence to try to so called explain them or understand them.

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right these are names and attributes which are maintained mentioned in Allah subhana wa beleskey that Quran Allah Karim and which have been affirmed by and mentioned by killaby his soul, his messenger, Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Now, the important thing in this is that

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we are we believe in the names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala, without asking how without saying Billa cave, right, without saying how

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we believe in the names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala without the Hadith Billa, the Hadith which is, without distorting the words and meanings, we don't change them with billet appeal, which is we don't deny any of those attributes as by with without Billa cave, which is said which we say Billa Keefe Billa Keef, which means Billa cave without asking how our thumb feel, which means to compare and resemble Allah subhanaw taala to his creation dialogue with himself and lays over above his creation.

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Please understand this thing it is haram.

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It completely negates your akiza to say that you can call Allah by any name you like. You cannot call a lover any name you like you cannot even call

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On Me by any name or any name you like you call me by my name, or you call me by a name or title, which I approve of for myself.

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If you call me by some name of your own invention, obviously I will not answer you. And depending on what you use, I might be very angry with you for calling me by such a name.

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Even though you may be thinking that you are doing me a great honor by addressing me in that name, or address me by that name. It doesn't matter what you feel. The question is, you're talking about me, addressing me. So what you feel doesn't matter what I feel matters because it's about me. So with regard to Allah subhanaw taala, if somebody says you can call Allah and in any name you like, this is gross ignorance. And this is this negates our Aqeedah

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so we believe in Allah subhanaw taala as names and attributes Billa Hadith without distorting, changing, cutting, chopping, changing them below that deal, without denying any of those attributes or names Billa Akif, without Billa cave without asking how, for example, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah says to muster Allah Allah, Allah is on his ash, we don't say, how is he on his or she's sitting there lying down? Standing? What what does it mean? We don't ask this question. We know Allah is on his arch Where is Allah? Allah is on his ash.

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Allah is not everywhere. This is another big fitrah of the ADA. Allah is not everywhere Allah is not in this tree or in that in those birds which are chirping.

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Allah is on his journey.

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But he was the how in what way and what is the state? This is not something that we

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answer or we should even try to talk about it and then Billa some fields, Michelle, there is no method of Allah, there is no comparison or there is no

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resembling Allah subhanaw taala to anything in creation. And as I said, It is haram to say that you can call Allah Allah Who by any name that you like,

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have warned us and he said well Allah in a smile who's not further or who behalf was the rule Lavina EULA head on fee as MA he said he would zone I'm icon loon Allah says the most beautiful names belong to Allah subhanaw taala. And by names it means names and attributes. So call on Him by those names by them, but shun and discard such men or such people who use profanity in the names of Allah subhanaw taala. For what they do, they will soon be punished.

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Allah promised his punishment and warned us not to use

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to not to be disrespectful about his

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glorious names and attributes.

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If somebody says, for example, that you can call instead of saying Hola, you can say Bahama or you can say Shiva, or you can say Jesus, or you can say XYZ. Or you can say something. This is haram. This is to disrespect Allah subhanho data. And Allah subhanaw taala promised his punishment for that. So whoever says that will make Dawa and it's too far and ask Allah to forgive them for saying something hopefully that was said with if you said that, I'm hoping that you said it in ignorance. But if you said it deliberately with belief, then please, you know, make us the file and Dawa and get back into Islam because this kind of statement, spoken with knowledge completely negates the

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fifth and takes you out of Islam.

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If somebody says Allah, saying Allah or saying brahma or saying Shiva or saying Krishna or Vishnu or Rama or whatever, I don't mean anything disrespectful about whoever the Hindus worship, they will come towards you who they like, and just saying that that is that and those are not Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Allah is Allah Jalla Jalla who there is nothing comparable to Allah subhanho wa Taala holo Allahu Ahad Allahu Samad la Mirrlees Willem unit Willem, you know,

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there is nothing compared to Allah subhanho That you cannot compare Allah subhanaw taala to any deities that are worshipped by anybody else, whoever it might be, whether it is the Greeks or the Romans or the Hindus or the Christians or the or the Parsis or the you know, whoever

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they are all welcome to worship whatever they want. We are not forcing anybody.

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What we are saying is, we do not worship what you worship

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and we will not give those names

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To the one we worship, and the one we worship is Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Referring to Allah subhanaw taala only as he referred to himself, this is the second aspect of Taurus of a spouse Eva, which involves referring to Allah only by the names and attributes that he referred himself with and by and not giving Him our own names and our own

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descriptions. For example, Allah subhanaw taala

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even though Allah says Allah gets angry,

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because of certain actions, the number one of them is shift is to join partners with Him. You cannot call us Rhonda Andrade right the angry one saying that well you see because Allah gets angry. Now this is this is to do this is haram, because this is not something that Allah subhanaw taala said this is not a name that Allah gave himself and it is not a name that Rasul Allah Azza, Selim addressed Allah subhanaw taala by and therefore, we, who are finite, are not in any position to describe or define the infinite, Who is Allah subhanaw taala all we can do and all we are allowed to do is to use the same names that he used for himself geladeira

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now Allah subhanaw taala names are not words,

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to let's understand these also write the names of Avanos Rantala. And not to be thought of simply as Arabic words with some meaning, which can be substituted by words of any other language, irrespective of whether those words refer to things that people worship apart from Allah or not. That is another big mistake. That's sometimes many of the, the word people who are giving Dawa in their desire to become acceptable by everybody. They say no, it doesn't matter you can you can you can say it really means this. For example, Allah Svara does alcoholic calories creator right so you can say Brahma is creator of the Hindus you can say creator or you can say you can say no, I'm not

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talking about something which anybody worships. So you can say you know, Allah subhanaw, Taala is human you can refer to Allah subhanho wa taala. By the name of some machine which creates right as a 3d printer for example, I can say Allah in 3d printed out with

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Allah is Allah Allah is alcoholic.

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Using that alcoholic as a simply a word in the Arabic language, this is against the appearance of the we see as well as the light that

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the Arabic meaning of the word has nothing to do with it. The names of Allah subhanaw taala are unique to him and not shared by anybody.

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So we basic principle we call Allah and we call upon Allah by the names that he likes, not by the names that we like.

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Now maintaining the unity of third parties maintaining the unity of Allah subhanaw taala his name also means that Allah's Ronald L has names in the definite form with the cannot be given to His creation, unless they are prefixed by the word ABD. So for example, Allah

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is the name of Allah subhanaw taala person name of Allah subhanaw taala. So you cannot say I love Allah so much so much that I will name my son Allah. No. You can name your son Abdullah.

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Allah's name is Armand. So you can say you can't say well, I will name my son, Rohan. You cannot. It is haram in Islam. You have to say Abdul Rahman.

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This is a very common mistake that people who don't speak Arabic they make the name that Julian Rahman or the name the general Abdul Rahman, but they call them Rahman

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right in other words, I'ma drop them on by Aedra This is haram please.

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It is prohibited if you do that with knowledge to shut you out of Islam. If you do that without knowledge, then it's a display of gross ignorance. So please stop doing that Abdul Rahman most beautiful in the two names that Allah subhanaw taala loves are Abdullah and Abdul Rahman by all means please name your children these but call them by the full name

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nobody calls the giant Allah they call them beloved with ramen is a very common mistake. So please don't do that.

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Many of the Divine Names the names of Allah's rhondella in the indefinite form without the like Rove and Rahim and so on are allowed because Allah used some of these in the indefinite form for muscle laser, a solar array and those around that mentioned Rasul Allah and he said and over

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He. So therefore, it is permitted to use things like Rove and Rahim and so forth, but with the arrival of our Rahim Arzak

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R Rahman r Rahim I mean all of these with the

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different forms and in the in the in the definite form they refer only to Allah subhanaw taala they cannot be substituted by something that you cannot use an English translation or some other translation or the translation and say that when you see it means the same thing no we are here we are not talking about what it means. We are talking about the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala what it means, for example, my name who YAHWAH it means helper, somebody who helps, so, if you stand somewhere and say help or come here, you think I'm gonna go, I don't know who you're calling, I have no idea. You know, but you see your name means my name may mean anything. My name is YAHWAH.

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Right? I don't care what it means. That is my name. If you want me to answer you, you have to call me by my name.

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You can't you can't call me by the meaning of my name.

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I'm saying this only to explain Allah subhanaw taala is beyond any examples. The treating Allah Samaritan has names with other with the utmost respect is the essence of Imam

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Allah's right that is it. For example, that over Rahim, Allah Subhana Allah said la caja kumara solo Manan fusi come as easily i li ma islet ma I need to hurry as soon as they come believe me Nina row for Rahim he did not say a row for a row for him, and also has come to you from among yourselves to whom anything with burdens you anything which gives you any difficulty. He is grieved by it. He is full of concern for you and full of compassion and full of mercy. He is full of

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full of compassion is Rove and full of mercy. So names in the indefinite form like Rahman Rahim are allowed, but not in that definitely you can see our rope and our hip.

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So always precede the name with abt even with

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a Hovind name it is better to say Abdullah Rove and Abdul Rahim. So, this is this is 100 permitted Now this word amped up means live. So this again can be applied only to Allah subhanho wa Taala meaning

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the word slave is applied to us with respect to Allah subhanaw taala right. And it cannot be applied with respect to anybody else. For example, people that give these names, Abdul Rasul, or Willem rasool Allah Abdul Nabi Ghulam Nabi, Abdul Hussain, the Golem Hussain. All of these names are forbidden, because we are the bad we are the bad we are the abs of Allah only. Right? We are not the have

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a bad of anyone other than Allah. similarly names like sha sha Allah, Johanna Zilla, he, these were more titles. And these were titles of different Muslim kings that they used to use. All of these are haram right? Allah subhanaw taala dislikes and hates names like this names like shahada and so on and sha Allah, king of the world. Can you imagine that one miserable human being was going to die?

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Who wakes up every morning and goes to the toilet? He has a name called King of the world. What what garbage is this? I mean really seriously, this is something if if you got named if you were named like this by your parents, may Allah bless them, change your name. Change your name, don't go don't go around in the world with a name like Chaga and sha Allah and whatnot. Right? Now delay and jab anon Zona titles, these are not names and the kings are over. So those titles are also over what you know really means is, one must understand who we are, we are. We are miserable creatures. We live on a piece on The universe called the earth it's only that Allah subhanaw taala has honored us

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by giving his giving us his color and by giving us language by enabling us to do repeat and to speak his his words by giving us the beautiful

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presence of his his his beautiful Nabi sallallahu alayhi salam in our lives. This is the honor that Allah has given us otherwise we are not capable and we are not deserving of anything.

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So let us not elevate ourselves. So giving these names, calling yourself at this level of anyone other than Allah is haram. It is Bri with it and giving yourself a name, which is fitting only for Allah subhanaw taala

00:25:01--> 00:25:09

is also are giving titles to people which are only fitting dollars one that is also haram and private.

00:25:10--> 00:25:27

Now there are three words or three of the names of Allah subhanaw taala for which using the the abd the prefix or AB is obligatory It is fun. If you don't do that, then you are committing a major sin and it is haram. And these three names of Allah, Rama and I had

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to you with Allah, you must use Abdullah if you're naming a person you say Abdullah Abdul Rahman Abdullah had to use

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these three names of Allah as the names of any human being without using the the prefix of abd slave off is something which is haram and private

00:25:55--> 00:26:07

and to use them without a shake and therefore it is sure to call somebody simply I had or Rama or brother I had a brother

00:26:08--> 00:26:10

I had by all of this is

00:26:11--> 00:26:42

it is very common in especially in people who speak what to do. Especially as I mentioned with Rafa please change this changes and if your name is Abdul Rahman and you never use it or start using it now and tell people whoever calls you or used to call you by that name, tell them please stop calling me by that name. Just call me Abdul Rahman. Right. It is privated and it is something that a Muslim was never do. It is obligatory, it is fun to say Abdul Rahman Abdullah ahead and Abdullah.

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Now we look at Inshallah, we talked about the debate, and we now look at shirk, in these three aspects of our heat. And the first one we first are a part of story we talked about was Dahveed fuel yet, although he's really bad, at the heat of ibadah, the heat of the,

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of the day to shape the latest is ILA, he's, he's the one worthy of worship. And so therefore, now, let us look at the schicke fee a bada or Schilke fee,

00:27:16--> 00:27:28

or Lawhead. And this happens when actions of worship, all actions that amount to worship are directed at anyone other than Allah subhanaw taala.

00:27:29--> 00:28:19

Now she'll call Akbar, major Sheikh is when an act of worship is directed at other than Allah subhanaw taala this represents the most obvious form of idolatry, which messengers was specifically sent by Allah subhanaw taala to call mankind away from so worshiping any kind of idol, referring to anything as God of this God of that this is haram. This is mentorship, its shell called Akbar and negates if you do that with belief. If you actually believe that, then you are no longer Muslim. Unless there Walcott bathra equally Umatilla Solon, and mandala was a tiny Buddhahood surely we have sent to every nation and messenger saying, Worship Allah and leave the false gods leave.

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Allah said he has sent a messenger to every people everywhere.

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So now what are acts of worship, for example, going to a dog going into the grave of somebody about whom you believe good things with the intention of seeking favors, asking the occupant to make dua for you, or any such thing is major open shake, and it negates Islam. Right, it completely integrates Islam it cancels out Islam. So don't do that. Now, you will notice that I did not use the word sense as it didn't say go to the doctor said this is another major problem with with

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speaking about Islam and Islamic concepts in English, people use this word saying there is no saint in Islam. Please understand this. sainthood is something which is best taught. Not simply given best stored meat beans from above,

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bestowed on an individual by the Pope. When Mother Teresa died, she was Mother Teresa. And then after a few years, the Pope decided to give her the title of set. So now she's called set the teaser. So sainthood is a Christian theological concept where the pope for various reasons. And usually the reason is that this person's grave is there and people go and they they do various things there. They worship at the grave and they worship the person in the grave. And they do all of that stuff. And then they say they claim that miracles have happened because of that worship, and if enough miracles have happened. So this book is so good.

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Well, st first has to go through this exam examination process. They have to prove that they are saints. And then sainthood is given in Islam. We don't have all of this. There are no saints in Islam. So please don't even use the word saint.

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We have our great scholars, we have our great leaders.

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We have the Sabbath.

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We have the prophets, Allah Himself.

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What do we do about all of this?

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We make dua for them.

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We try to live our lives like they live their lives. We like we try to emulate them. We try to we try to be like them.

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That's it.

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We don't go to their graves and say Ya rasool Allah, Ya fallen, been fallen.

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Please help me please do this for me. Please do that for me.

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And we'd also don't say, I'm not asking you but you make dua to Allah for me, all of this is major ship, please, subduing making the love of a grave, or of a person is major ship and negate Islam.

00:31:12--> 00:31:25

whether this person is your so called imam or your chef or your guru, or whatever you want to call them, if you go around and run them, as an act of worship, you have negated your Islam you're out of Islam, if you go around a grave,

00:31:27--> 00:31:28

no matter whose grave is it,

00:31:29--> 00:31:30

whose grave it is.

00:31:32--> 00:31:42

In the case of the grammar of Islam, you cannot go around it because of the construction but if if you could have done that, that is major shift. And you if you do that with the grave of anybody, anybody

00:31:44--> 00:32:02

it is major. Similarly bowing or making any gesture of respect to A Nishan an alarm or picture, or any article, or any grave is major shake and takes you out of Islam.

00:32:04--> 00:32:06

Right all of these are

00:32:07--> 00:32:28

originally Christian concepts that came into Islam, and they negate Islam, all of these amounts to idol worship idolatry, and they take us and negate Islam. Please stay far away from this we will continue with this inshallah. The next class was Allah Allah will carry while he was a member of the government