An Evil-Ugly World

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  • Killing Around The World
  • Evil Happenings Around The World
  • Consequence of Turning Away From Allah
  • Harms Befalling Good People
  • Injustice Also An Evidence of Allah
  • A Muslim Does Not Cause Harm
  • Islam Brings Peace
  • May Allah Keep Us Safe
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The past struggles in South Africa have resulted in the loss of jobs, struggles with relationships, and struggles with people's lives. The Chinese government argues that breaking the link between religion and culture is a planned strategy to empower young people and empower the children of the world. The importance of hardship and the pandemic's consequences on people's lives is also highlighted. The speaker emphasizes the need for individuals to act with their behavior and show their true worth, and offers guidance on how to overcome difficult situations and create peace.

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We live in shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala I should have been more discerning. Sadie now Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain and beloved brothers As salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen Always forever we begin with the praise the thanks of Allah subhanaw taala and shadow Allah Allahu Allah we testify that he is not worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love our greetings and salutations so beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam based on his pure family to his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us to always be on the Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in this life and in his companionship in genital filler, dos, Amin. Meanwhile, hamdulillah What a sad week SubhanAllah. And

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all around local International, there is no news other than bad news. And the world that we live in seems to become such a dark and ugly place. And you think about our kids, you know, living in this world, we are scared to send our kids to school, we're scared to let them even, you know, travel we are scared to

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they're not safe. Even at home, we're not safe at home, you know, we are scared Subhanallah to go to work and the world that we live in. Now Subhan Allah, it makes you think way is sometimes some people ask ways Allah subhanaw taala what is the future for all of us? Doesn't matter which way you look. People thought if I leave South Africa, I might find greener pastures, there doesn't seem to be greener pastures anywhere else in the world, some parts of the world,

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racism, Islamophobia, other parts of the world, you have civil war, you have disease, our part of the world is part of that we have our own issues, crime. And one of the big

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things, unfortunately, things that will occur as we get closer to piano is the cheapening of life and blood.

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The most sacred thing of the Allah subhanaw taala is in son, the most sacred creature

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is that of a person of a human being.

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And the reason sometimes it is worse to hurt a person or to shed the blood of a person than to just demolish the Kaaba brick by brick. You wouldn't see anyone do that. But life has become cheap. And then resources by He in Whose Hand is my soul. But Allah, I time will surely come and assist the Sahaba a crazy time will occur way, people in which the there'll be so much killing, that the one who does the killing the shooter will not know why he's doing it. If you asked him, Why did you kill these people? I wasn't asking why did you kill someone? So what's the reason you did it? Did they do something wrong? You wouldn't have an answer. And the one who was murdered the one who was killed,

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if they will.

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As Allah says in the Quran, what you will know that this will elect when the small child is going to be asked at them in Quizlet. I was gonna ask the small child, a small boy, my small girl, what crime did you do that deserve that you should be murdered. And the child was I don't know your Allah. I just woke up went to school and spamela I died. I have no idea. And so the time will come when the killer won't know why he kills. And the one who was killed does not know why he was killed. And this is as we get closer to Kiama. Now as we learn about the signs of Kiama, and how difficult things will become, it's not for us to be fatalistic, and sit around and say, Well, if that's how the world

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is gonna go, I might as well just keep to myself, and hope that he doesn't touch me. But eventually the tsunami is coming. That's not how we how we operate. We go against the grain. We try and make the world a better place, even if it's on the verge of darkness. And that hadith, which you've mentioned so many times that dispels the notion of being fatalistic, that hadith of the plant, where if you know, the angel had blown the trumpet and Qiyamah was falling, Yama is coming, and you have a plant in your hand. The province is plant that plant now you know, that plant won't ever become a tree. There's no time left, but you do it. We don't do things for the results. The seed the good

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deeds that we do, the result of Allah subhanaw taala. And so

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what is important for us to know is the world is ugly. Yes, the world is a bad place. Yes, and it's gonna get worse. Yes, that means means we need to work harder, and do our part even better.

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So as we mentioned, this week has been difficult. We have our crimes here in South Africa, our sister Shireen and many other people. They named Subhan Allah you know, it becomes like a revolving door that have been kidnapped, abducted we all make dua that they return home safely, and Allah grant them to be returned home safely and Allah make it easy for the families that Allah grant to be returned safely without being harmed in any form.

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We find that people, if you read the local newspaper people murdered for their shoes, cell phones, get

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instance shooting, and people caught in the crossfire Subhanallah

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you find and we all know the mass shooting that happened in America, there were two action. There was one in the store. And then one in the school that happens. Pamela mela make it easy for those parents. Well, let make it easy for those parents at least the consolation

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for a person who has lost a child. We know for anyone who's lost a child, there is no greater test that Allah puts on a person other than losing a child, Mama, protect us from that test. And the only consolation that we feel like we mentioned when he lost all his children, was that we know that those children are in Jannah. We know that they are spayed from uglies. They saw the worst of this world. But that's it. They're not only going to see Jana, they're only going to see Jana. And also I don't know if anyone has noticed almost gone under the radar. on BBC Oh, it's everyone should take the time to read this. A lot of documents were leaked around what is happening to the Uyghurs in in

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and to see what is happening to a Muslim brothers and sisters, people as young girls as young as 15. being incarcerated, Granny is as old as 80 being incarcerated for what and the terrorism, a man SubhanAllah 16 years as a terrorist. Why? Because he grew his beard, because he has a beard 16 years as a terrorist, another man in jail why? Because as a child, he spoke to his grandmother about Islam decades ago.

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It's mind boggling. How can this be?

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It's unbelievable that this is happening in the 21st century, but it's happening. And it is clear from his documents, that it is a planned strategy that as the Chinese government said, we need to break the link with a religion with a culture where the history where the language, they can't have Muslim names. We will imprison the parents and let the kids grow up in orphanages so that a generation will come where Islam is completely lost. This is the this is the thinking panela how terrible it is. How ugly what kind of human beings are these Shayateen CLT

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women being forced to marry Han Chinese men because so that they end they find a man arrested because he's an extremist. Why why is he extremist? He doesn't smoke weed, drink alcohol that makes you extreme in that country.

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decades in jail for that it's not like you think I'm talking fairytales. Go to BBC. You'll see the article on the end reader spent 10 minutes to at least we say we care about the plight of the people in the world the Muslims, at least spend the time to read up about it. Allah make it easy for them Allah Subhan Allah grant victory. Allah Subhana Allah says the horrid when you see the world ugly, bad is ya Allah what is going on here Allah, some of us right into ya allah ways the master of Allah Allah's mercy which Allah says, Allah says in the Quran, facade will bury that corruption, evil,

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crime, oppression, has appeared on the land and on the sea. Be Monica sabot, aiding us because of what people have done, not because what Allah has done, Allah just because of the actions of people that we live in the world we live in. And Allah says, Louis Cohoon, Baden la vie Amarula alone, we are joined, and Allah says He allows the people to taste unique, doesn't mean you eat everything. It's a taste. Allah says what you see happening in the world is a taste of the consequences of the way we live our lives. It's not the full consequences. In other ayah, Allah says, if he were to really let us be without His mercy, they will not remain a single living creature and not him

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punishing, if he just left us to our own devices. When the evil we do to one another, the evil we do to the environment, the evil we do to the animals will result that we will become extinct by now we should have been extinct by now. And so Allah says that they may taste a little bit of the sinful ways, so that they may return to Allah so that they may come back. Now one might say does this mean that Subhanallah the one who is a victim, it's a consequence of his sin, you are being punished because of your sins? No. Like we mentioned in the Battle of boyhood,

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when overall, things go wrong, and Allah's assistance is removed, the calamity falls on everybody. The innocent, even though at least Salam he didn't do anything wrong in the backlog of it, but he got struck twice in the face. Sahaba Musab Ibrahim I didn't do anything but he died at the battlefield.

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So when the calamity falls, and we see what's happening globally, on the big scale, it tells you something is wrong on the small scale, and unfortunately, good people will suffer the consequences. And this is a very important thing for anyone going through difficulty. So there's many of us here some of you are going through very difficult positions in your life melodic and easy. Some of you are struggling with your marriage with your children, finances, sickness, death, whatever it is, and some of you are going through good times.

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Good milestones, maybe you're about to get married, maybe a new child, maybe a promotion or Hamdulillah. Allah reminds you that the changes of life, the seasons of life, these are just steps on the road to Allah. These are just questions on the exam paper. Don't feel too good about the good times in your life. It wasn't because of you, Allah subhanaw taala is testing you, how are you going to treat my blessings? And for those who are going through difficulty, it is a test for you as well. How will you see how will you respond to me when I don't give it all your way? When I take things away from you? Am I still going to be your Allah? Am I still going to be Allahu Akbar? Are you still

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going to worship me? And so Allah says, especially the taste of hardship, the taste of hardship, anyone that's going through hardship, Allah says, the prophecies, the greatest rewards, comes with those who have been tested the most.

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Those who are going through hardship know that it is ALLAH asking a question, to elevate you, if you answer correctly, when Allah loves the people, he teach them and Whoever accepts that is you wherever says, Ya Allah, this is you testing me, I can't run away from it. You have put this on me. There's nothing I can do, but I accept it. Then he wins Allah's pleasure. And whoever is discontent when he earns Allah's displeasure, and in other Hadith and instances when Allah wills good for his slave, when Allah wants good for all of us, he hastens whatever wrongs that we've done, we will have an account with Allah that needs to be swayed. Right? No one is sinless. No one else can say I

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didn't look at haram. I didn't cheat somebody, I didn't sweat somebody, we all have an account of Allah to be screwed up. And so the Prophet says, if Allah loves you, He hastens that your account gets screwed up in the dunya, he makes life a little bit difficult. And Subhan. Allah gives us great feeling, especially on the pandemic, that so many people when they died during COVID was really difficult. They had a prolonged sickness on the ventilator. And then Alhamdulillah we hope that at that point, when Allah took them, they were sinless, they will clean, no more suffering, has now this only reward. So if Allah loves somebody, he makes it that you suffer in the dunya. And when

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Allah wills we slave ill when Allah does not want to put his when Allah withhold His mercy from you, then he withhold, then he does not have any punishment for you on the dunya. And all your sins come tumbling upon you on the Day of the Day of karma. That is why the worst of the worst, the few rounds of this world, they live in palaces, the Philippines of this world, they have everything they have Janna on Earth, so that Allah can take a full account of them on the Day of PM. So Allah subhanaw taala can give them the full brunt of the punishment on the day of karma. And so for anyone when you look at this sick ugly world,

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it is an evidence that the Eastern Allah Subhanallah

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as an Imam, you get this question a lot. How can you believe in a merciful Allah when the world is so messed up? If I was in charge, I would have done things better. Allah subhanaw taala says who Allah Subhan Allah Hafiz and Amelia emerald volleyball. Allah says do not ever think that Allah is unaware of what is going on. Allah is unaware of the actions of the evildoers in this world in a free room, I only delay them also not only give them a respite, Leominster show feed of Assad On the Day when they will look in harder when they will be in complete terror.

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The fact that people that the tyrants and the murderers and rapists many of them die a very peaceful life is an indication something in your heart tells you it can't end like that.

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People like this conscious get away with it, Masha, Allah, no problem. They've killed millions of people. They've heard so many means one person is enough. You've murdered one person, you've deprive one person of a child of a father, and you're not even accountable for anything and then you die and harass it's over No, something in your humanity says there must be a day of reckoning. And that is what was promised is the chapter doesn't India, there is a day of account.

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And so as a Muslim, how do we respond to this world? We need to be optimistic even in the face of a very ugly world. We remain optimistic, and we try to make it better. And what is also very beautiful

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is that when people are not connected to Allah, you see things going wrong. And when people are connected to Allah, these problems will disappear in a beautiful Hadith and it's going to come later but I'm going to mention it now that the Robinsons are loved of the schools in the time of January the year. What we see happening is elements of Jehovah, not as bad as Jehovah. I mean still, you will see a crazy person going in and shooting children. But you won't find a father killing his own child beating her alive. That is still have hamdullah we haven't reached that level yet. Right? You don't find fathers beating the tooth is alive. This is what was happening with I'm going to be so

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solemn with people killed one another for under you know SubhanAllah 100 years ago. My great great grandfather for your geekiness tonight

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Kill any member of your family. And this continues. This was Jackie Leah than at least from came in a time like that. And we know that beautiful Hadith we spoke to one of the chieftains it about embracing Islam. And eventually, you know, the idea is is that, you know, I came to meet the NABI salaam, and I looked at his room, and he was nothing in our house room, basically, he didn't have anything except a ceramics and in the bay flow of sand. And so when I came into the house, the decency to actually sit down, sit on the mat, and the Prophet said on the floor, and so the Prophet says to Addy, like, I can see that you are interested in Islam. You know, this makes sense to you

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the religion of Islam, but then you look at the state of the Muslims, you look at how weak we are, how powerful the enemies are. So you're thinking to yourself, how can they be wrong? And how can these guys be right? And then Therapeutics is a beautiful thing. And he says, Just wait very soon, when Islam becomes established, you would see the ladies will walk from Yemen to Makkah, without even without any fear, not that they won't be harmed, they won't even be, they won't even be scared of being.

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That when Islam the point of this hadith and giving, when Islam is established, haram disappears from society, the fear disappears, you have complete security and tranquility. Because if someone has the fear of Allah, the consciousness of Allah, He will not have it in him to harm a single person.

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You will not have it in him that if he collects zakah, for example, and there's a mountain of dates, and he's hungry to take one single day, the sanctity of everything comes in his heart. That is what Islam brings you. And so when you see the world upside down, asked what went wrong, Islam is not in, it's not prevalent anymore. And if Islam becomes his estimate, when Islam becomes established, you will find that there is no fear that one person will harm another. In fact, in a hadith, and this is not personal to all of us.

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The prophet is a Muslim. You all ask, we all ask ourselves, Am I a Muslim? Am I a true Muslim, a Muslim is one from whom his tongue and his hand the people are safe from

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not only the again, not only that, he doesn't harm people verbally or physically, but people feel safe that he will never do it. Now there are some people, they don't hurt you, if you see it. You scared if I just go to his office, he's gonna say something. But there are some people who feel absolutely comfortable in the company, you feel like I can speak to you about anything, and you're not going to betray my secrets. You're not going to take advantage of me. I can do business with you close, I can give you my bank account details. And I don't feel any fear. That is a Muslim. As the Sahaba said, in the past, when they would do business, even if they meet the man for the first time,

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the fact that he was a Muslim, we knew we could trust him.

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Immensely. Look, can I borrow so much money, I'll give it back to you tomorrow. The fact that he was a Muslim, I saw him in the masjid I knew at Hamdulillah that he's Imani Stockwell will necessitate that he will not cause any harm. Now, I put this back on all of us. If people fear you,

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if your family, your children, your parents, your employees, your employee, wherever your customers, they fear doing business with you, they fear interacting with you, because you might harm them. There is something wrong with you Islam.

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A Muslim is someone that people feel safe, that you won't verbally harm them, or physically harm them. And the more in the provinces. And the more common is the one who people trust their lives and they walk a step above that, maybe that they even trust you. They come to you when they need something.

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Then you are the guy who said look, I'm gonna go away, keep my money, I can't find anyone better than you. That is the movement that is a believer that I have. I need advice. I have a secret to confine him. I look for who is the best person, that person is the moment I aspire to be that person. When you have the world that is so ugly, were you scared. In every corner, you're paranoid, in every room, a classroom wherever it is, you'll be the person that people feel safe around you bring a sense of security, a sense of comfort, in this ugly world, be the light that lamp that people feel I need to come to. And then I'll be some says to you is this is to me, a man will

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continue to be sound his religion will be good, so long as he does not shed blood, which Allah has forbidden, so long as he doesn't hurt people. Obviously, you don't come and shake and you will not hurt anyone. Alhamdulillah this is a good thing for you under FPM you might not have a lot of projects, a lot of sacado charity, but you can say to Allah Allah, he's not a single person here, who has a claim against me. Not a single person can raise their hand. This man hooked me promises you can be a person like that. Then your Islam is good, you are safe. And the prophets have said whatever meets Allah this is the Hadith whoever meets Allah without ever committing Sheikh no ever

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shedding the blood of someone else. He will definitely in touch

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even if he committed sin as vanilla, even if he had some sins, whatever it is, if that is your, your testimony in the Kiama ya Allah I never come with a cheat with you. And there's no one that can say I should the Brotherhood them, then in sha Allah the promises you will Indigena you will definitely agenda.

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And so there'll be some instances. And if you live, as we mentioned Hadith if you live long enough, when Islam is established, you will find peace and security. And so we need to be a community so as individuals but as a community as well. We need to be a refuge in times of crisis, that hamdullah we saw for example, in Durban, with the floods of Allah make it easy for the people of Durban they've been through a lot of difficulty. The Muslim community stepped up and even though the calamity we felt them as well, the calamity the rain hit them, as well, their businesses, their shops, but when the time came to give refuge in times of difficulty, they were first in line. As a listen for all of

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us, can Allah Allah also puts tests so that we can show our Mithila to them, but to Allah subhanaw taala show our true worth as meaning. And so we should be the people that are that bring peace and security. You know, someone mentioned to me, you know, I'm doing some building work. And as Kai said to me in the past, is a non Muslim. Is it in the past? If we ever did business with a slumps? We were happy. They were good people. Now today, I don't know anymore. Now we try to avoid them. What happens Pamela, people felt even non Muslims who didn't respect our religion, they felt that you guys are honest people. You guys are trustworthy people. We need to get back to that. We need to get

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back to that. Let's talk about what happened, what went wrong. We need to get back to that someone needs to look at because you're a Muslim. I want to do business with you. I want to interact with you I want to be your friend because I know you won't harm me you won't bring any harm.

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To end off Subhan Allah as bad as the world is. And as difficult as it is Allah test some with hardship and others Allah subhanaw taala gives reprieve. And for those of you who are not going through the different now we see what difficulties some people are going through. There are people in China sitting in concentration camps, they haven't seen their kids for more than five, six years. They don't know where their kids are. Both father and mother arrested.

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People like that people like the Muslims in Palestine, the Muslims in Kashmir malegra Make it easy. The people who just lost their children, the People's loved ones they don't know where they are.

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Now we put our our problems into context.

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Now we put our if the biggest problem is the petrol price, yes, it is a big problem. But if that is the biggest problem or life or the holidays, we're not going to get to go on with a promotion, we didn't get to Hannula if that is the biggest problem at hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. Then maybe some says the one among you, who wakes up feeling safe in his property, in his body in his health, and he has food for the day. Then it says if though Allah has given you all that you need in the world, if you feel safe, that no one is coming to shoot you and harm you. You feel safe, that you're healthy, that you have a roof over your head and you have enough enough food you know whether you know what

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meal you're gonna have tonight still, you know that this there's something in the fridge for tonight, hungry, that Allah has made you a king

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and we don't give enough sugar to Allah subhanaw taala so we ask Allah to forgive our gratefulness. Allah increases in goodness. Grant us here Allah in this ugly world that we be people that you are proud of. And may we be a sense of security and safety for the people good. So hardship and Allah make easy for those who are going through hardship and difficulty. Allah crunchy fire to the sick Mala remove the hardship of those who are going through difficulty mela replace those who are lost return them home. Allah grant ease and comfort for those who have lost their loved ones. Amin Amin Al Hamdulillah just a one announcement. We know that this Hajj season is coming up I think in a

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month's time and so

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but most people not only Salam is offering a quote unquote a button program with animals is slaughtered obviously and distributed the meat and all of that the price is 3200 it includes the entire process. The meat can be distributed for yourself who delivered to your house Alhamdulillah

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and inshallah for those of you who are keen you can speak with italic Pinilla and or you can message me as well as UCLA Hi shukran so much Salah Sedna, Muhammad Ali Sambisa, mousseline, and Pamela without me