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AI: Summary © The title of Islam is the title of the title of Islam, and it is the title of the title of Islam. The importance of knowing the name of the person who owns the property and their actions in determining one's success and success in life is emphasized. The holy month is also emphasized, as it is a means to achieve happiness and loyalty to the gods. Everyone should acknowledge and fulfill the holy month's commands, and the importance of not overcoming opposition to Islam and fulfilling its fullest potential is emphasized.
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To Muslim on Yohannes Takotsubo Kumala. The halacha come in FCN Wahida wahala Permin Huzzah. Jaha Oba Thurman humare German cathedral when he says

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are many older Inaho Rasul Allah who forgot the first supposin are Lima and Morocco for inositol Hadith Kitab Allah azza wa jal head the head you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was shot on Imodium to her desert in midair.

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Bada bada bada. Now,

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from the names that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned is concerning himself. Olivia. Allah in the Quran is the name of Allah and Melek the king. It is mentioned six times in the Quran in three forms. The first of them is a medic that Allah azza wa jal is the king. The second is Al Malik that Allah is the Owner. And the third is Al Malik. That Allah is the old powerful sovereign from the very beginning of the Quran in surah Al Fatiha it is one of the first names of Allah azza wa jal that we're told about that Allah azza wa jal is a medic. And then six times throughout the Quran in its various forms, it is mentioned this name of Allah Azza lagenda. The last of them being in surah Taha

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shall, in the 28th Jews of the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala in Surah Al Fatiha describes himself and he says that he is Madi, Kiyomi Deen, the Owner of the Day of Judgment or in the other Quran, the weeding Maliki Yomi deen the king of the Day of Judgment. And that is because on yarmulke, Yama Allah azza wa jal will be the owner of the day and the kingdom that day. Those two names of Allah azza wa jal are very closely related. But there is a difference between the two. The difference between the owner and the King, the owner is the one who possesses and the king is the one who judges and rules and his commands are enacted. No one can oppose his command Subhana wa, tada. A

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owner a possessor can own something, but they're not necessarily the king. You may own a property, but you rent out that property to someone else. So you own the possession. But its day to day running, you give that to someone else. We often see it in governments, when the king is the king of the country or the queen of the country, but then they give its day to day running to someone else. That's very common. But on your piano, Allah azza wa jal will be the magic of the day he will own it. There will be no other king, no one else to oppose the will of Allah subhana wa Tada and he will be the medic, the king of the day, his command alone, his judgment alone, his rule alone on your own

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piano. It is from the names of Allah subhana wa Tada. From the meanings of these names that Allah azza wa jal, Milliken and Malik the kingdom the owner, is therefore, that that which Allah azza wa jal wills and commands in this universe is universal will, it must happen, there is no kingdom beyond the kingdom of Allah, no sovereignty beyond the sovereignty of Allah azza wa jal, there is not a place that you can escape to, except that ALLAH is its king. Allah is its own, there is no way that you can hide no place that you can go to no other person that you can seek refuge in, that has power above the power of Allah azza wa jal and that is why Allah subhanaw taala when he speaks to

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the disbelievers in the Quran, he says to them, auditor Levine Azzam to mean dune Illa la Yummly Konami Allah Ratan Sama, what you will see to them those that you claim are gods besides Allah, they own nothing, not even a green in the heavens or in the earth. Whereas on the other hand, Allah azza wa jal describes himself and he says, Concerning himself, subhana wa Tada, Bulli la Houma medical mogul, say, Oh Allah, you are the one who owns all things. You are the owner of all kingdom, tucked in moon Chemin de SHA, you give kingdom to whomsoever you will. What tends your unwelcoming mentor SHA and you strip away kingdom and powerful whomsoever you will want to resume into SHA you empower

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whomsoever you will, what to the lumentum Sha, and you humiliate whomsoever you will be ethical, higher, or goodness is in your hands of Allah, in the Kerala coalition cordial, you have power over all things. And that is why from the meanings of these names of Allah, that he is Milliken and Malik the kingdom, the owner,

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is that there is no true kingdom except the kingdom of Allah. And there is no true king, except ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Each and every single one of us is a king in our own right. We own things, we possess things, you have the ability to do certain things and choose not to do certain things. You own your body and your limbs, your eyesight, your hearing that's yours, you choose how to use them, or how not to use them. A man is a king in his home. He personally be a king in that business empire. And then you have kings of kingdoms and lands and countries. But all of that is beneath the kingdom of Allah azza wa jal. All of that is beneath the kingdom of Allah subhana wa Tada. If Allah

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willed, He could take away our vision and our eyesight. If Allah wills he could take away our hearing. If Allah wills he could take away our wealth for our children or our health. And if Allah wills and when he wills Subhana wa Tada

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He will take away our life. And Allah azza wa jal takes as he pleases and gives us He pleases Subhana wa Tada. No one can oppose his will. No one can oppose the kingdom of Allah subhana wa Tada. And that is why throughout history, there were mighty civilizations mighty empires and kingdoms that once existed today. They're no longer sin. Kings are deposed all the time. People rebel against them all the time. For Tara and Allah Who medical Huck. So exalted be Allah as he says in surah Taha the one true King subhanho wa taala, in the hadith of Abdullah, the Allah one inside al Bukhari, he said that a Jewish man came to the Prophet salallahu Allah he was sending them one day and he said to

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him, oh Muhammad, in Allah UMC Koh Sama, Awatea, Allah Akbar what Urbina Allah Akbar was shutaura Allah azza wa jal Allah, Allah, Allah Akbar, familia Kulu and then medic for the HCA rasool Allah he's some Allahu Allah he will say Sallam had turned but Noah genome from Makara wa mapa de Rolla, haka Padre, the Jewish man came and he said to the Prophet, sallAllahu alayhi wa salam, O Muhammad, on the Day of Judgment, Allah will grasp the heavens on a finger, and all of the Earth's on a finger, and all of the trees on a finger on all of the mountains on a finger and the rest of creation on a finger, and then he will say, I am the true king on this day. The Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam smiled when he heard this meaning, acknowledging the truthfulness of this man statement. And then he recited the verse, they have not given to Allah his due rights. Allah azza wa jal is the one true King Subhana wa Tada. Allah is the One who will decide and Allah azza wa jal is the one who determines as he pleases, subhana wa Tada. And that is right from the meanings of these names that Allah is and Milliken and Manik is the kingdom the owner, is the meaning that Allah azza wa jal alone is all powerful, because every other kingdom, every other power that a person has, it is due not only to themselves, but due to those factors are random. Because all of us are inherently

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weak. A person is a king, because the people accept him as the king. A person is a king because he has wealth person has a king because he has armies to support him first and as a king because of people's people that will come and aid him. But Allah azza wa jal shows us throughout history in the stories of the Quran, the soon as soon as those things are left over as soon as those things are removed a person's wealth, the person support a person's armies, those people are deposed. People revolt to rebel against the Kings all the time. History shows us this throughout the ages, but Allah azza wa jal his kingdom is not because of any external factors. Allah isn't a king because of the

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wealth that he possesses, or a king because he has armies and supporters. Allah azza wa jal is the king because he Subhana wa Tada, almighty and all powerful Allah has decreed to deliver Allah doesn't need anything or anyone. Everyone else's Kingdom is dependent upon themselves and others. But Allah has Kingdom is not dependent upon anyone. And that is why he is medically NAS. He is the king of all of humankind. And Allah's Will in this earth. On an in the next life in this life and in the next in the heavens and the earth is the only will that Allah that is enacted, what Allah commanded is done, and what Allah wills it must be done, and no one has the ability to oppose the

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Command of Allah subhana wa Tada. This name of Allah azza wa jal is from the weakest names by which we know I will create an overlord Subhana wa Tada because it gives to the believer, the sense of the Rebbe that he should have for Allah azza wa jal, Rohit of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada that the one that you worship is the one that is all powerful, the creator, the Lord, the Sustainer, the one who controls everything in the heavens and earth, and He is the one who is all powerful and almighty. So therefore when we worship Him, when we stand in prayer before him, when we raise our hands in the air before him when we prostrate on the ground before him Subhana wa Tada. We do some acknowledging

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that Allah is the one true King BarakAllahu li working for the Quran. He was sunnah when a fairly new year can be my female. Hickman acordo Cody ha That was the fifth Allah howdy, welcome. What is your minimum? What's the minimum equilibrium InfraStop Pharaoh in the hookah Farah?

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Aarthi but to deal with tepee in Walla Walla Illa, Allah li mean, we should do Allah Allah illallah wa the hula share the kind of

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get in. We should do another video now Mohammed Abdullah Rasulullah Mustafa Al Amin Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa Barik Allah you are either early he was often big marine and my bad. From therefore from the greatest lessons that we take from the names of Allah azza wa jal that he is and Milliken and Manik the kingdom the owner is that we devote all of our worship to Milan Subhana wa Tada. Allah azza wa jal tells us in surah Taha shara, who will Allah who led the La ilaha illa who are many

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He is Allah. None has the right to be worshipped except him, the one true King. And that is why the believer is the one who in this life every single day that they wake up, they acknowledge the pledge that they have made to Allah azza wa jal and the covenant that they have made with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. They recognize the purpose of the creation that Allah only greeted me and you for his worship alone. So every day, they renew that the heathen the Eman every day, or days of worship and obedience to Allah azza wa jal, every day they play the utmost to fulfill the commands of Allah and stay away from the prohibitions of Allah azza wa jal, and Allah subhanaw taala will reward those

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people who do so just as the kings of the dunya we want people for their loyalty and their service. Then Allah azza wa jal, who is the greatest of all kings, and the King of all kings, on your multi Yama, he will reward the believers for their loyalty and their service. Allah subhanaw taala tells us at the end of Surah, Amman, in the MENA region that you want to have, indeed the people of Taqwa the pious, those who live their lives according to taqwa, they will be in Gardens and Rivers, for your backyard you sit in the Maliki Moqtada. They will be in the assembly of truth upon the seat of truthfulness with the all powerful sovereign, they will be with Allah azza wa jal, that assembly of

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truth that position of truthfulness is because they acknowledge in this dunya that Allah is the one true King, that he is therefore deserving of all worship, that every other type of kingship and sovereignty is below the sovereignty of Allah azza wa jal so every day they dedicate themselves to Allah subhana wa Tada to acknowledge that Allah azza wa jal is your King means and necessitates that you worship Allah azza wa jal that you have emailed in Allah subhana wa Tada that you look at the halal and haram and you stick to those commands of Allah azza wa jal, that's the meaning of the word King, the one who is all powerful, and the one who controls everything in the heavens and earth,

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Allah azza wa jal will honor those people on normal piano, and they will be with a real powerful king subhanaw taala and he will honor them with the greatest of rewards in the eternal abode abode of Jana, we ask Allah azza wa jal in this specific day of Juma to make us from amongst those people, that Allah subhanaw taala gives us the ability to spend our lives in worship and submission to Him deliver Allah, that Allah azza wa jal mixes people of truthfulness, of intervene and in Eman and in worship and indeed an action that Allah subhanaw taala blesses us and shows His mercy and forgiveness upon us and that Allah azza wa jal forgives us for our sins and our shortcomings. That's

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Allah subhanaw taala that he makes our fears easy, and the first of our brothers and sisters across the world and that Allah azza wa jal shows His mercy and forgiveness upon our deceased and he kills the sick from amongst us and helps those who are going through hardship and difficulty Subhanallah because the phone was Salam o Allah mousseline Al hamdu, lillahi rabbil, Alameen.

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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar a Shabbat Illa Allah and shed one Szechwan Madame rasool Allah, Jana Sonett

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to karma to snap the karma

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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar.

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Hamdulillah minerd I mean off man the walking man in Kenya will mean the ear Turner and Buddha one year tennis dareen Indiano sera musta been shut off on Lavina anon tiny him Oh you didn't know barony muddle on clean mean

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and the Hadith Ohashi, would you we eat in harsh here

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now Siva tolsma. Now on Hermia to spawn in Noreen in hernia, Li Center home Bahram will need your body or lungs me know whether you believe me or would your holy woman even

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father I hold on and Eden EBD K for fully account what Enos

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K form of urine what Elan jiba the K philosophy but what none of the K for something inherent further in

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the last 30 Be more slinging in

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waterfall framework debo law

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me along and human Hamidah

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Morning Ali Kumar from a more cinematic Modern Law