Dawah Lessons from Surah Al Fatiha

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Dawah Lessons from Surah Al Fatiha

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The importance of sharing Islam's message with the world is emphasized, as it is crucial to ensure that people are aware of its importance and that they do not become afraid of others' actions. The speakers emphasize the need to be highly motivated to gain mercy and avoid becoming a sinner, to deliver mercy and avoid becoming a sinner, and to call people to Islam. They stress the importance of finding people to share their beliefs and desire for help in achieving their goals, being patient, praying for guidance, and being a success factor for achieving success. The importance of being a good example and ensuring that people are reminded of their success is also emphasized.

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Kareem was early he was happy, my dear brothers and sisters, welcome again to our new cities focus on Surah Fatiha in the last session of this series, which is so exciting especially this topic, sharing the message of Surah Fatiha or Tao lessons from Surah Fatiha is one of the very close topics to me. As I'm in the field of dialogue, it gives me real passion to engage in sudo to Fatiha and derive lessons which are beautiful. In this session inshallah we shall try and focus on the Dharma lessons that we can learn from Surah Fatiha Dawa it means an invitation or sharing the

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message of Islam with the people of the world meet Muslims or non Muslims and the lessons that we can actually derive from Surah Fatiha

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which are related with that our are numerous, but time would not allow us to focus on each and everything in detail. So we will try to you know share and focus on selective you know, details insha Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala he commanded in the Quran, to invite people to the way of your Lord, Allah Subhana hooter analysis Kuru Illa, civilian rockabilly. hikmah invite people to the view of your Lord with wisdom, when mo is what it has.

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And with good preachings, what Job did him build? Let's see here and discuss with them, argue with them and engage with them in the ways that are best and most gracious. So what we understand and realize is that our shaming the message of Islam as a whole is an obligation upon us, when we are talking in terms of suicidal thoughts. in focus, it is imperative upon us that we share the message, the beautiful message of Surah Fatiha with the people of the world. Now, let's begin very quickly with this beautiful sutra and try to focus and reflect on what the our lessons that we have in this beautiful and greatest sutra of the glorious Koran. Number one Allah subhanaw taala starts our

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honorable administrate Vanya regime Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful or Entirely Merciful and continuously merciful. Now, what is the lesson, lesson that we have in this, the

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ayah it means In the Name of Allah,

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the Entirely Merciful and the Especially Merciful. Now, always remember, we, as the Muslim Ummah need to share our message in this ayah within ourselves, within our homes, our family members, our society, neighborhood, and the people of the world, that the first day our lesson is, we should always begin with the name of Allah Bismillah begin In the name of Allah, because who is the one who created us and everything around us, Allah, so what beautiful, it would be that we begin things with the name of Allah, and especially when we actually begin our day. You know, when we move out from our homes, we say Bismillah tawakkol to Allah wa Harada illa Billah In the name of Allah, look how

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we begin our day, when you begin your day, With the name of Allah allow will be with you throughout the day. This is the Darwin lesson that we have that we need to begin things with the name of Allah subhana wa Taala. And how is that Allah will talk about it in the you know, the following Ayat of surah two in fact. So number one, we need to ensure that we have that link that connection

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That you know, relation with Allah subhanahu wa taala and in everything that we do so in everything that we do if we involve Bismillah, Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar, Masha Allah and all these, you know, do ours, then Indeed, Allah will be with us throughout our lives in sha Allah when Allah subhanho wa Taala he is with us, we don't have to worry about anything, literally anything. Right? That's the first thing number two, the last panel dialogue, you know, continues and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen we need to call people to Allah Who is the Lord of the alameen we need to tell people as Allah subhanho wa Taala commands us in the Quran in surah, Yusuf surah number 12 is number

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108. Allah subhana wa Jalla says, will say to them, and when a loss is on, it's kind of a command, right? We have to tell people about this message. So unless it's Holly he severely Uluru Illa, I call people to Allah to the part that I have come in so on the heels severely say this is my path. This is my way. And they're all in a law I call people to Allah. So we have to understand that sudo to refer to her It begins with an hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. It gives a direct Dawa lesson to us as Muslims, that we have to ensure that we invite people to Allah, Who is the Lord of the words, Allah is not the rub of the Muslims or the Arabs or for any particular community or nationality. He

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is the rub Book of Allah amin He is the Lord controller provider sustainer cherisher. You don't have the worlds so we have to call people to Allah Who is the Lord of the worlds and when we do that Allah subhana wa tada says, woman accendo told Amanda Elahi Why me lasagna home, what color in any minute muslimeen who is better in speech, Allah says, Who is better in see in speech than the one who calls look, calls people to Allah does righteous deeds and says I am among the, you know, Muslims. So the Dharma lesson that we have, you know, at the beginning of it is very powerful, and hamdulillah We are grateful, we praise Allah, Who is Allah who is the Lord of the world. So we as

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Muslims have to tell our own family members begin with them, our own, you know, neighborhood, our own friends, our own relatives, our own, you know of people who we meet the rest of the world, the whole of humanity, right? We have to tell them that there is no Allah, there is no rub, who is taking care of the entire thing except a law, the Lord of the woods. So this is another dour lesson that we gain from an hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen then we say a Rahmani Raheem. Now, as we discussed in the you know beginning session in the session of empowering our eemaan in Surah Fatiha we mentioned that the that Allah who is taking care of the Al amin who is controlling you know,

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providing and sustaining, he is a rock man and he is a Rahim he is Entirely Merciful and he is Especially Merciful. So we need to understand that we have to call people to Allah who is not just Radboud alameen. But he is also the Entirely Merciful and especially merciful and sapan Allah we see my brothers and sisters, many of us even Muslims who handler are living a depressed life, and especially the non Muslims because they don't have a lot. Remember, remember, if we don't have a lot in our equation in our spectrum, then we have no point of living happy. So we need to ensure that Allah subhanahu wa tada is always you know, are close to us and we have to be close to Allah

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subhanho wa Taala he is Entirely Merciful. He is especially merciful and this Rama, this Mercy of Allah is so huge, it's infinite. So we do not have to get into depression, this appointment, you know, lower down ourselves nothing. We have to be always happy and be

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Leave and hope and have that expectation from the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala as a lot of laryssa he says in the Quran, yeah a buddy of mine slaves and levina A surah, who Allah fusi him, those who have transgressed from the path from themselves, you know those who have gone away a lot of but there is a calling to those kinds of people who have gone away, not the avid, not the righteous, not the, you know, worshipers but those who have gone away, so nothing is

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your i varzi alladhina Astra for Allah I'm forcing him la doctrina to Mira Rahmatullah never, ever despair in the mercy of Allah. So we have to be highly hopeful, we have to be highly motivated in terms of gaining the mercy of Allah subhanho data and relate that mercy with the people of the world, Be kind, be merciful, be you know, humble with the people of the world. In order to gain mercy. We have to deliver mercy insha Allah, Allah Tada, and then we see our Rahmani Raheem, we are calling people to the mercy of Allah to introduce Allah, how merciful, he is intensely, extremely. There is no limit for the mercy of Allah. A person might be a sinner for 18 1900 in 200 years, it

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doesn't matter we'll light if you're sincere, trying to come back to Allah just turn to Allah. Allah says law to morality law, do not be ever hopeless in the mercy of Allah. And then a beautiful, you know, thing comes as a reminder, Maliki Yomi Deen, Master of the Day of Judgment, who is that? Allah? Roberta is, he is the one who is Allah, Who is Rob Bula alameen. So we are calling people to Allah, Who is the Lord of the worlds who is merciful, extremely merciful, Entirely Merciful, especially merciful? And who is what? The Master of the Day of Judgment Now it's important, endeavor to call people and tell them Look, man, look, brother, look, sister, one day you and me have to

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stand before Allah. This is a done deal. We have to stand before a lot. So I'm calling you right now in this very world, so that when you stand before Allah, at least I will be a witness over you. Yeah, Allah, I have conveyed the message of, you know, to my brother, who is living in more in my neighborhood, I have conveyed the message, who is my colleague, I have conveyed the message, who you are, yeah, Allah, who you are, I have conveyed the message. So you tell them and testify. Look, my brother, Look, my sister, testify before Allah because that day is going to come certainly. And Allah is the master of that day, no one will ever have the capacity to your capacity or the ability

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to stand before Allah, you know, in parallel to Allah, that is the date of Allah, He is the Master of the Day of Judgment. So there is no one and there is nothing that can save us except Maliki or Mateen. So tell people in our 10 people look, I am calling you to Allah, Who is the Lord of the worlds the way you are eating, the way you are living the way you are gaining the mercy the way you have affection, the way I love, all your things belong to Allah, you yourself are belong to Allah, and who is Malik you're meeting the accountability element. When we call people to Islam, we need to tell them that there is a Master of the Day of Judgment. No matter what you do in this world, you

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know, you you you might be set free or quit free, you know, doing things you know which are evil and and and wrong and bad, and you're not being punished. But don't forget, don't forget Maliki and within master of the DOJ, he is the one who is going to take you know our accountability for my yarmulke scholars are rotten Hydra euro woman Yama is called as a rotten chabrier whatever an atom suite of good that you did, will be recompensed on that day and whatever atoms rate of wrong bad evil that you do and I do will be paid back to us as a punishment. So now lick your meetin Master of the Day of Judgment. We're not calling people to someone who is you know, who is just remained in

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this role and in the Hereafter, there is no you know, presence or existence of that might have that tie to that Mighty No, he is a law he was a law. He is a line he will remain as a law moneykey Yeoman deep. That is deep

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Very powerful thing for us to invite people to call people to share that there is only and only a law who's going to be the Master of the Day of Judgment right? The next is is molecule medium iya cannot be good. This is a beautiful part of the you know the next time the board is economical what you can assign, but well let's let's focus you know from the Dow perspective, er cannot put you alone we worship now this is a mission statement. As I mentioned before, the mission statement of a Muslim is a yes or not good, what you're gonna say, You alone, we worship Allah, and you alone we seek for help. So you alone we worship Allah. Now, as we put this declaration, this manifestation of

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our belief, internally and externally, we need to understand that in Dawa, that is the invitation to people, invitation to Islam, you know, for the people, for the whole of humanity. In fact, we have to understand three words in our ikura. Comb, comb. So the camera is the first revelation, as we all know, a corrupt smear of big under the column, read in the name of your Lord. So a Daria our a one year old who calls people to Allah, he must read, he must gain knowledge, right? That's the first step. First level, then Kami Laila Illa, Allah, Allah, he must spend moments, special moments with Allah in prayer in night, he has to spend those moments with Allah in order to empower, enrich and

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strengthen his own belief, so that he may stand before anything, when he can stand before Allah in the night, especially in the last part of the night. So put me Laila Illa, Allah so ikura Oh, and the other home is home for under now that you have read or learned about Islam. Now that you have to understand and gain that momentum that that empowerment of the belief by praying and worshiping Allah, then you do what own for under Get up. And when people tell people that look, no matter who you worship, whether it's human, or or any part of the creation, the reality is, we call you from the worship of creation to the worship of created er cannot re worship only Allah. It's only him

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alone subhanho wa Taala that in call people to so we need to realize that this is how we we engage with people and do Dawa. Right. So iaca novel, then we have jacobina Stein, you alone we seek certain help. So the stay on it, the certainty that we expect from only Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah shows the methodology of how do we need to seek help you see, for all the things we need to rely on Allah and gain the help from Allah without which we can't proceed from the following thing which Allah talks about. So yet unnecessary pain. We seek your own or your help alone, in terms of certainty, conviction, dedication, and that determination. So Allah subhanaw taala shows us the

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methodology how to seek out Alesis was dyno be Sabri was Salah, seek the help of Allah, from what from patients and prayer was dyno with surgery was Salah, disagree with patience was Salah with prayer. So a die has to understand that he has to seek Allah's help in doing Dawa and calling people to Islam and this is not easy. People will ridicule people will not listen perhaps people will abuse you people perhaps you know just don't pay attention at all. You know as in the case of more or less salon 950 years, he was doing Dara day and night, openly and secretly with people they try to you know, close their ears, they try to you know, hide from the message of, of New Orleans Salaam. So we

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need to be prepared and seek the help of Allah through patience and prayer. This is another big lesson. We need to tell our own children, our own parents, our own siblings, our own family members, relatives, friends and everyone that look anytime when you need the help of Allah. You need to call out to Allah by being patient and you need to call out to Allah by pray, do things, pray and be patient, be patient and and pray. So these two things go together.

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And it empowers you. yaka Nesta and you alone we seek for help.

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And then we have a very powerful to either view we need to call people to at the end we have calling people not to ask not to, you know anybody not to any group, not to anything but to Surat and Mr. Kim Idina Surat Al Mustafa teen. So as we mentioned earlier, we are seeking the help of Allah.

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And the first help is in the nursery Ratan, Stephanie Guide us to the straight path. So we need to call out people to the straight path, what is the street that what is the street that the path of the Prophet the path of the companions, the path of those who were, you know, sila hain who was righteous people, the path of those who were, you know, good people who always got closer to Allah subhanaw taala, who sacrificed for the sake of Allah, who who were, you know, killed for the sake of Allah who were, who were, who were gone for the sake of Allah Who, who gave huge sacrifices for the sake of Allah, who did good works, kind works, you know, well being welfare for the whole of

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humanity, you know, sympathy, forgiveness and kindness, generosity, these are the things that we have to ensure that we are talking about a Minister Atal Muscatine, so Guide us to the straight path, the path which is defined by Allah subhanho wa Taala, the path which was described by Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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So he didn't know sirata must have been, who Allah Guide us to the straight path. Now, Allah subhanho wa Taala he defines what is the straight path serata levina Anam de la him. So Darwinism, again comes as we need to call people,

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to those as examples as ideals, upon whom Allah subhana wa Taala has shown his favor, right? As Allah subhanho wa Taala. He says, that among the people, you know, the best of the people are the Gambia, the prophets and the messengers, the city team, those who are truthful, the Shahada, those who were martyrs, and solid clean those who were righteous. So these are the four characteristics of the people or the categories of the people whom we have to follow sirata levina and unterlagen we do not call people to be destroyed, to be spoiled or to be lost. No, we want to call people to follow those who were successful. upon whom Allah Subhana Hua dialer showed mercy saver, bless blessings

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and he was pleased with them. Allah subhanho wa Taala he says in the Quran in Surah Surah Surah number two number 137 for in amanu be Miss Li ma montem be if they believe as you believe

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that Oh, then they are on the right path for into our low but if they turn away if they turn back for in Mr. Humphrey shape up, then they will be you know, divided and categorized into an into chaos into different groups, right? First AFC como la wahoo was Sonora Lim and Allah subhanaw taala is enough for you. And Allah subhanaw taala he is all hearing and he's all knowing. So the path that a lot talks about an untidy him upon those he has favored are those who were successful, who are pleased by Allah, we are calling people to follow those successful people in Dawa always gave good Give, give good examples, the examples of the prophets and the message that gives example of the of

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the truthful ones, the example of the of those who are martide the example of those who are righteous, the example of those who are successful, and, and pleased with Allah subhanho wa Taala. So our Dharma is to save people is to rescue people, is to give them that that success factor. You know, everybody wants to be successful in the world. But then how can a person be successful? You and me when we call people to Islam, we need to understand very clearly that we are calling out for their success and tell them when you do dour with them, tell them look, I'm going to be free once I deliver the message. That's it. My job

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I was done. But then I'm calling you to the path of success if you really want to be successful, that is the proposal that I have set out and Latina and I'm dialing, you know, Allah subhanaw taala he favored those people. So I'm calling you to just follow the path of those who were successful, who were, who were winners, you know, in the sight of Allah Almighty.

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The last thing that we need to call people to sit out the Latina Nan de la aqui real Mr. Dubey, la invalidly we do not have to call people to those who were arrogant, and those who were ignorant. So both these categories are the categories or the characteristics of the last people losers destroyed, people perish to nations. So we need to tell them like, Look, I'm calling you to Allah, you know, first of all, I am advising you to, to begin things with the name of Allah number one, number two, I'm calling you to Allah, not to myself to Allah, Who is the Lord of the words. Right? And who is the one who is Entirely Merciful, and especially merciful. And I'm calling you to remind you that

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Master of the Day of Judgment is there Maliki Yama, Dean, yaka, yaka Stein, it makes perfect sense for my Dharma to you, to tell you to worship Him alone, and to seek His help alone. When he is the law. He is the one who, with whom we began everything, his name, we began with everything, and he is the one who's the who is Allah, Who is the Lord of the words was the controller powerful, you know, can you know cherisher provide a Sustainer of everything with a Rahman and Rahim who is Maliki oma Dean, we are calling you my brothers and sisters, to worship Him alone and to seek His help alone. And then we are calling you to the right path to the straight path. And then we are telling you what

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that straight path is. That straight path is the path of the prophets, the messengers, those who are successful, a know in the same line, and then we are not calling you to be the losers like those were, the upon whom Allah's wrath came, we are not calling you to those people who weren't perished because of the anger of Allah because they were disobedient to Allah because they were arrogant to deny the commands of Allah, neither we have

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neither the path of those who have perished because of their ignorance, because of their lack of knowledge and because of their no initiative of the of exploring or exposing themselves to the truth. So we are calling people to the path of successful people, not the path of those are arrogant, neither those who are ignorant. So these are the dire lessons my brothers and sisters, that we can actually you know, learn from this beautiful in the greatest surah of Surah Fatiha let us commit to Allah that whenever we recite this beautiful surah we reflect upon it, we make sure that we take your from it, we ensure that we apply in our lives, we ensure that we you pronounce it

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in a way that is beautiful and correct. We ensure that we read it and recited with that empowerment of our belief. And we ensure that we take this message to the rest of the world was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh