Maqra’ – Special Hadith Reading

Akram Nadwi


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The speaker discusses how people need to know more about their parents' experiences and how they can influence their own experiences. They give examples of how people can become their parents' teachers and encourage their children to bring their parents' experiences to their own attention. The speaker emphasizes the importance of bringing experiences to one's own attention and bringing experiences to one's own experiences to influence their own experiences.

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In a salon sometimes we you know, arrange makara nakara means reading of the books of howdy in a small one a book one big one because what happens is when you study in the classroom, you'll notice study all the hot if you study somehow this in detail, but people need to know more and more. So in Matera, one a book or two books, you read the whole in one hour reading, you can hear it and also you can get a jaza to your connection become the teacher you know and also from that teacher to the person or listen to you narrate the whole book from teacher and the teacher, nurse from his teacher forbid to going back to the parcel or listen to you become part of a chain, where the first one is

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the parcel our lesson on how to become last person to what is better than being in a chain where the process and all pious people to become part of their family. And then you teach your students and read through you. So this what we make it to you giving you a sense of a new family, not your family, not only your father or your mother, your genealogy, your religion, your family also is currently February, you pick up part of the family of Hari Muslim, a Buddha would tell me the NSA our hanifa Malik Shafi abou Casa de commodified oh and the prophets Allah Allah Allison connected Jennifer to some time we are to ensure that one of the mockery is happening on the first of March

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where we are going to read three books of the Hadees one of the new era

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in the books which are very very high not in the world, one of the top one is Mr. fulgens is more one is another very very high for other people and in the past people used to pray will go long long distance in order to get a jazza or reading or just in order for for the teachers and notice come to your own place somebody will come teacher will come and we'll be there reading happen and you could easily a jazza and some of these Jews and maybe one other Jews or inshallah we are thinking and some poetry or something which is also very high so that the mufflers can encourage you when things like that happen which is good really because then you start feeling some suffered you know family ages

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and so many cases passed from through your ear come to your mind and I really think it oranger this does a mokra more and more inshallah para one hour something like that. Yeah, so that you know the first must make effort to come and also bring your family children because you know when they're here they also get each other that is not becomes high to bring anybody any any people Mashallah