Reflections #19 – if you support Allah, He will support you and plant firmly your feet

Muhammad Salah


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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back. Today we'll be pondering together over a new verse in a new chapter within a surah Lakoff, chapter number 46. And the following chapter is chapter number 47, which is Surah Mohammed made the greatest peace and Salutations be upon him. The seventh verse of surah Muhammad Salah Salem reads as in town so Allah Hi also homeboy who said bit Acorda Macomb which means indeed, if you support Allah, Allah will support you and will keep your feet hurt them.

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What does this mean? It seems like something needs to be explained obviously. Does Allah need support? Of course not.

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Allah says in the area in Athens roof accordion Asada hula verse number 40, chapter number nine sort of the Tober if you're not willing to support him, Mohamed Salah Salam, O Allah have already supported him and give him victory by himself. Without the need of any of you without the need of an entire army. is a horrible arena. Cafaro Thelonius Nene Illuma Fila, when we met cans are plugged into ssdna 10. And he was forced to live on migrate from Mecca, and will only to in the cave. The cave of Hera. And when I will walk was extremely worried and he said if anyone would look down they will find us. So he said, NASA has an in Aloha Nana. Don't be sad. Allah is with us. And if Allah is

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with us, then we are immune. We're fully secured. So the Almighty Allah is telling us that if you support the deen of Allah, if you commit yourself to abide to the guidance of the Quran and the guidance in the Sunnah of His Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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Then you become righteous believers you will become eligible for his victory.

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Despite the fact that you are much lesser in numbers, much weaker in forces, but you are strong in faith, you are powerful in belief. You are great in practice, then Allah will deliver his victory to you.

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The Almighty Allah says well, accordion Asada como la Hui bedded in what Entomb as Illa. Remember how the Almighty Allah gave you victory? Granted Jonas on the day of bed on the battle of bed, when you were very weak, when you were very vulnerable and you were very humiliated, your number was only 314 You only had two horses and your enemies were three times greater than you as far as number 950 well armed soldiers and Allah defeated them and he supported them and he made you defeat them and even take 70 of them as prisoners of war. What kind of victory is this one and Nasri laminated Allah? Allah confirms victory comes only from Allah. So if you are on Allah side, if you are

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practicing deliver, then Allah will grant you victory. In turn Sorolla, ha If you fulfill your duty towards the deen of Allah and you supported and you practice and you do not deviate right and left and you do not slip off the straight path, then indeed, Allah will support you, Allah will grant you victory Allah will make you successful, no matter how powerful your enemies are.

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The Almighty Allah mentioned also another very important idea.

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He said Why oh, my whole name is RJ but goon castrato before that he says la cadena sobre como long female Altoona. Kathira indeed Allah has given you victory in many battles. You remember on the day of oh nine is algebra castrato Compellent tuna Hancom che and Waldo kata Alec who are Bobby Morocco but sumo allayed to motivate in particularly on the battle of onine. The Muslim army will 12,000 soldiers, some of whom when they looked at the huge number of the Muslim army, they said by Allah we will never be defeated today. Look at our number. So they were defeated at first, and they all ran away from the battlefield with the exception of a handful of the companions. So whenever your Salah

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Selim started calling upon the special Sahaba of Al Ansari and those who attended with him the pledge of

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LOD via by Otto Ridwan, and when they returned with a few number of sincere companions, Allah Almighty made them overcome their enemies who was in unstuck. If so, what is the condition? In console Allah young circle? Are you a bit academical on the battle of qadisiya and major determining battle between Muslims and the Persians, in which the Persian depressions are utterly defeated and humiliated by Muslims? The commander of the Muslim army was sad interviewer cos, who's one of the 10 Heaven bound companions and his prophets on me, I mean, was Omicron Kappa he stopped the army before departing from Medina. And then he advised Saudi Arabia will cause the commander of chief of the

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Muslim army saying yes, I don't need to be deceived with what people say that since you are the uncle of Prophet Muhammad, you will be victorious. Allah Almighty gains victory to the righteous over the wicked. It is not by relationship. If you keep righteousness in the Muslim army and you maintain goodness, then another Almighty will give you victory over your enemies. But if we and our enemies or ally with respect of committing sins and disobeying the Almighty Allah, then victory simply will be granted to those who have more power, more war strategies, and so on. So remember brothers and sisters, this OMA will be victorious as long as they are committed to the deen of Allah

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in consola. High on circum Are you said bit academic and will keep you firm on the battlefield? was Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh