Mufti Menk – This is WHY you are tested by ALLAH

Mufti Menk
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A man comes to the messenger Salaam, he says, I trust Allah completely on messenger. Now Should I tie my camel and trust Allah? Or should I let my camel loosens trust Allah, the process, Allah knows that whatever is gonna happen to that camel is still gonna happen anyway because it's written, right? He says, kill her from matava kilala tie it, then say, I lay my trust in Allah.

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Although the professor Salam knew for a fact that nothing can ever happen to this camel, except what Allah has written for it, he knew that it did not negate the fact that you go to take that precaution Subhana Allah

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to understand things. Now let me continue a little bit further. You tried whatever you could you did whatever you could and you laid your trust in Allah you made your art you did your Quran, you did your tilava you you cried at the time of the Hadoop you you did whatever you could you became a good person you repented to Allah because my brothers and sisters repentance brings about a lot of Baraka and blessings. If the Quran has spoken about one act of worship, that brings about almost anything and everything from the mercy of Allah, it is indeed definitely got to do with instead of are seeking the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But now

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that you've done everything there, if my brothers and sisters, calamity strikes,

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understand, Allah has said, we will test you with so many things, and calamity will strike. And a lot of things will happen to you that you did not want to happen to you. Because life is a test. When I speak to little children, and even some of the youth and adults about life being a test, they say how can you prove to me that Allah created us to test us? Well, I always say there's a simple response to that. Nothing that's happening is happening according to your liking. Allah, everything that comes is according to the liking of Allah, who you are, is not even according to what you wanted. It's what Allah wanted. So when an examiner is asking you questions, you don't have a role

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to play in preparing those questions. It's from him, you have no say in anything from that, you know, this is a test. Because if it was not a test, Allah would have given me everything I wanted how I wanted, he would have asked me before I was born to say, hang on, just choose where do you want to go? You know, go here or there. And where would you like to be? You know, Subhanallah he never did that. Because he knows it's a test. We're only sending you for whatever reason he wants to test us. I may never understand fully. Why exactly. He wants to test us. But I know he wants to give us Jenna

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and he wants us to go back to him. And when we meet Him we will know everything by the will of Allah we do we know for a fact sophisticated human beings also pass away, the most intelligent from amongst us also pass away. The top doctors from amongst us have gone Subhan Allah, may Allah grant us ease. So if calamity still strikes, you need to know that was a test from Allah, you need to pass the test. Don't ever question the decree of Allah. Thank Allah, let it be a means of drawing you closer to Allah through all your data and staying away from sin and engaging in is still far still

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become a better person and you need to know

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only follows the darkest hours of the night. You've lost your job, you don't know where the next morsel is going to come from. It's okay. You're not the first person that that is happening to and you're not going to be the last person that that is happening to you need to adjust your life. You need to make sure you've prepared for a rainy day. And at the same time, if push comes to shove, Allah will grant you to your best Allah will open your doors. I've met a lot of people who've said we've adjusted our lifestyle Alhamdulillah good news to you, my brother, my sister, it is nothing to be embarrassed about when you need to sell your motor vehicle. You might need to sell your house in

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order to live in rented accommodation for a while. If you are too embarrassed to do that you are the one who's going to struggle. But if it's come to that very sadly, from a human perspective, there is sadness. But from a spiritual religious perspective, there is excitement if Allah wanted this from me Alhamdulillah

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