Ammar Alshukry – Allahs Beautiful Names #03 Ask Allah For The Impossible

Ammar Alshukry
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alkylene the most perfect, you know, that friend that always insists on paying for everything. Why is that quality of there's one that stands out the most al Karim is the name of Allah. That's truly one that we thank him for. If you were to ask any Arabic speaker what the word kitty means, and they'll tell you off the cuff, it means generous, but it actually means more than generosity. I once had a person asked me, how is the Quran generous? So what do you mean? He said, Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in the hula, Quran, Kareem. That is a generous Quran in surah raka as a Kareem here, does it mean generous? It means perfect. It is a perfect Quran, Allah Subhana Allah being al Karim means

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that he is a Lord of perfect attributes column is the perfection of an attribute and that is why any attribute that is considered an attribute of perfection is called a column and so truthfulness is a column. Courage is Karim. Generosity is a carob loyalty is a Karim. Allah calls himself al Karim and Accra yeah you will in Santa Monica beggar Karim. Allah says, Oh human being what has deluded you regarding your lord the perfect or Allah subhana diocese. Ikura whare Bukal, Accra read and your Lord is the most perfect so both of these are two names of Allah Subhana Allah and Allah subhanaw taala calls the Quran Kareem like we've seen and Allah subhanaw taala also calls God and can you

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sort of equate Allah subhanaw taala says we're in a hula Cole rasool and Karim. That is the speech of a perfect messenger. And so how did this word become dominated by generosity? Because the Arabs looked at which attribute makes a person seem perfect, and they found it to be generosity if someone is generous, it covers all sorts of other defects the mama Shabbat, he said in one of his famous poems, he says what either cathodic you can feel Bala was some raka a Cornell AH HA HA HA HA HA HA Kulu, Avi, new hottie Kumar, clean a Soho, and if your mistakes are many amongst the folk, and you wish to conceal them in a cloak, that can seal them with generosity as hence every fault, as I said,

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is concealed by benevolence. And though we've established that it is speaking about more than generosity, and is actually speaking about the perfection of attributes, this word caught up, this name is still appropriate to talk about Allah subhana data's generosity because we're gonna have other names where we can explore other manifestations of ALLAH SubhanA danas perfection. So number one, Al Karim is the one who loves to give. There are many people who will give out of obligation they might host you for dinner if you show up in their town or grant you an evening or two or three of hospitality, but it's not the thing that they love the most. They would much rather keep their

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money in their pocket, for example, but then there are people who love to give. And if you know one of those people, I want you to share this video with them because these people, nothing makes them happier than to pretend to go and wash their hands at the end of dinner with their friends only to sneakily go and pay for everybody's meal. They don't do this out of showing off or out of any sense of obligation or burden. It truly makes them happy to spend on others. Number two will Karim is the one who bestows and then praises ALLAH SubhanA data praise is new in the Quran, and he calls him now Ahmed Abdullah excellent servant, Allah subhanaw taala praises Ibrahim and calls him a word and he

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calls him Hadebe. Someone who is very forbearing compassionate, ALLAH SubhanA. Allah praises Miriam and he calls her Silvia truthful, the question then becomes who made no like that, who made Ibrahim like that and who may marry him like that? Allah subhana wa Tada. But that is a beautiful manifestation of His generosity, that he gives you the attributes that are praiseworthy. And then he praises you for having that reminds me, of a teacher who teaches a student everything that they know, and then praises them for being a good student. That's the complete opposite of a teacher who teaches a student everything that they know, but then never gives the student credit for learning.

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They simply want all of the glory to themselves. They want all of the credit for themselves. So a beautiful manifestation of generosity is to be generous with your praise, and with your compliments. Number three lKt is the one who does not reject and asker the province the lady said them told us that ALLAH SubhanA data is Hayyan Karin, that Allah Hadith and Timothy, the hadith of cinema, that Allah is shy and generous, he's too shy, that if one of us raise our hands to ask him that he allows for those hands to go back empty and dejected. I'll carry number four is the one who gives more than what they are asked Allah subhana data gives without asking, firstly, as the saying goes, imagine,

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if you only woke up today with what you had asked Allah subhana data for yesterday. The reality is, is that the majority of daily blessings that we experienced, we never asked them why Subhana data for ALLAH SubhanA data simply bestows on us because of who he is. So what do you expect that Allah is going to do with you when you actually ask him? So what is the major takeaway that I want you to know from this name is to be generous, and guess who were the most generous people out of everybody? Who are the people who are most generous? I'll give you one guess. And you're not going to get it

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You might say it was Harbor, you might say an OC, you might say in Hazard you might say, but the people who are most generous were

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the family of the profitable bison out of date. And how could they not be when they learned directly from Rasulullah cellulitis. And there's a beautiful story that Emanuel was at. He mentioned in Luma DNA in his chapter on the criticism of stinginess, that and hasn't and then Hussein and Abdullah their cousin, the Son of God, maybe thought it, they were traveling on the way to hajj and they stopped by a Bedouin tent. And when they stopped by the Bedouin tent, they asked if there was any food, and there was only the lady of the tent, she was there, her husband had left. And she said, there's there's nothing that we have other than a single sheep. And so they slaughtered the sheep.

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And they told her, we are a group of people from Quraysh. If you ever make your way to Medina, we'd love to be able to thank you for it. And so eventually, over time, she goes through some sort of hardship her and her husband, and they make their way to Medina. And so this woman is walking down the streets of Medina, however long this time period is at she's carrying manure, she's carrying manure that she is trading with, and it has said recognizes her. And he says to her, are you so and so? And she says, Yes. He said, Do you remember the time when three people had come by? And she said, is that you? And he said yes. And he said to her wait right here, and then he sent for 1000

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sheep to be purchased for her and gifted her with 1000 dinars. I then he said to her, now go to my brother go to what he said, and tell them what I did. And so then, and he said, Sister, what did my brother do? She said, Your brother gave me 1000 sheep and 1000 dinars. And he said, Then said, Okay, wait for me right here. And then he went, and he matched with 1000 sheep and 1000 dinars. And then he sent her to Abdullah Abdullah center, how much did it has an accent appreciate you, as you said, with 2000 sheep and 2000 dinars, this lady is beyond herself with regards to what the generosity of the shoulder, and then he says their way right here.

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And then he matches both of them with 2000 sheep and 2000 dinars. And then he says to her low but that TB lead up to Huma, if you had started with me, I would have made it hard for them. And I leave you with this eye cream as the one who looks for avenues to manifest their generosity. I have a friend of mine who was one of the most hospitable people I know mashallah latika. He was a single guy living in a two bedroom apartment in a very expensive city. And once I stayed at his house, because he insisted, of course, and I asked him, Why do you have a second bedroom? You live alone. He simply said to me, for the guests. That is an example of someone who loves to give and you know,

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the Arabs they used to consider. The highest level of generosity was actually hospitality, because there's a lot of vulnerability involved obviously in hosting guests. The province of Eliasson tells us in Hadith as reported by Muslim, that when you prepare the broth, add water to it, and give it as a present to your neighbors, you're gonna prepare the broth anyway, just add a little bit of water and give it to your neighbors. Generosity isn't just with money. It's with your time, your compliments, your advice, your presence, your smiles, your knowledge. Let us all aim to be more kitty. So let's inspire each other. Comment with one way that you can be generous today.

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