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AI: Summary © The Kaaba is a clothing cover used during the time of Islam, with the first person to wear it being praised as the first person to do it. The cover was used during the time of the flight of Islam, and the second person was the first person to wear it during the time of the flight. The cover was draped on the ninth day of the month of the will, and the Kaaba was covered with mini cloth and the Kandy-atorica was draped on the ninth day of the month of the will.
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Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Praise be to Allah we praise Him and we seek His help. Whomsoever Allah guides is a truly guided one and over Allah needs to say man can show him guidance. My dear viewers, welcome to another episode in the series of history of Hajj. In today's episode, we're going to tackle a very interesting thing which is the Kiswa of the Kaaba, or the cloth of the Kaaba, the draping of the Kaaba. It is known that once a year, Muslims nowadays particularly the custodians of the Haram and case a they change the cloth of the Kaaba once a year particularly on the ninth day of the month of Dhul Hijjah when people when the Pilgrims depart from

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Mecca and they go to Mount alpha to spend the day of RFI there. So there is a list traffic much less traffic in Mecca, and they seize this opportunity to change the draping of the cab or case what will cab besides that they also get to

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wash the cab twice a year, once during the month of Shaban and the other time is during the month of April hedger normally the wash it from inside with the water of zamzam and the paint it with the very expensive and precious perfume made of pure rude, and so on. So what is the story behind the draping of the cab? And who is the very first person to drape or cover the cab with a cloth history and say that the very first person to do it was King tuba, who's the king of him er from Yemen. That was approximately 220 years before the migration Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu ala Salah it has been rated in the Hadith that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him now and set B to ba Maliki Hey Mia. He

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said you should never curse to back the king of Heminger. Let us go to ban for a now but Aslam. He has been informed through the revelation that King to buy the king of hunger in Yemen have accepted Islam and this hadith is collected by Imam Muhammad in his Muslim.

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It is known that to ba was the very first person to drape the Kaaba and cover it with a cloth from Yemen for very precious fabric. And afterward. The leaders the Princess The Kings, one after another whenever they want you to do good in order to be honored. They would cover the cover and drape it that is simply stemming from what Allah Almighty said in Surah Al Hajj, chapter number 22, verse number 32, the Ricoh ma you have him shall

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law he fell in new tab

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which means that whoever honors and respects the symbols of Allah. This is the outcome of the piety of their hearts, sha Allah, such as Aqaba, such as the monastic whoever respects them and honor them, this is a sign of the piety of his other hearts. So people throughout history have honored and respected the Kaaba, even before the mission of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam was revealed and before his birth, simply because the people have recognized that Al Kava is based Allah and Allah Almighty stated in the Quran, what I hear Batyr he commanded Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salam to purify his house. So accordingly, they to be honored. They did whatever it takes in order to

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make the Kaaba look good. I look great. Then during the time of Kasai, a killer app and also even a killer brothers and sisters, is the fourth great great grandfather of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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follow the idol kava Ill refer that kiss What will kava Yeah, and he before that, whenever somebody wanted to do good, he would cover the Kaaba and rabid but during coseismic lab, he decided we shall not wait for people in order to do that whenever they have a chance. Rather we shall raise fund so that we cover the cab on regular basis with a new and clean cloth until they came a person by the name Abu Robbia in Al Mori era, and Marcus will meet who was a very wealthy person

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And he proposed to Quraysh the main tribe in Makkah. That what about if I'd raised the Aqaba one year, and you're all together chip in and raise fund in order to drape it the other year, so used to cover the Kaaba with the Kiswa every other year, and the whole travel crash. We'll do it on the other year. It is worth mentioning here two brothers and sisters, the very first woman to drape the Kaaba and cover it entirely by herself out of her own position was Nutella bent to BAP No, Tyler was the wife of Abdul Muttalib the prophets grandfather, she's the mother of El abbess in the mortality. May Allah give us with him Prophet Muhammad's Uncle, she had lost her bears and she made a vow that

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if she were to find them, she would cover the entire cab by her she would cover the entire cab by herself.

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Before Islam, the Meccans used to cover the Kaaba on the day of Ashura. Because according to the generation of Aisha Radi Allahu anha, people have honored this day and used to do special worship on the 10th of Muharram. And when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam migrated to Medina, he found his use to use observed fasting on the 10th of Muharram, to commemorate the remembrance of saving Prophet Moses, and is a light is from the Pharaoh and his horse, while the Pharaoh and his army were drowned. So the Metcons used to commemorate this day by covering the Kaaba with the new cloth on the day. Then later on, and until today, it is covered now on the day of an AHA

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or on the Day of Arafah.

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So, do you do that on the month of the ledger, they take advantage when people are out for you know, the pilgrimage on the mountain of Arafah. Some people are under the impression that when they see the custodians of the Haram and Aqaba folding, the draping and the curtains of the Kaaba, higher, like you know, to almost two thirds of it, from top to bottom. They claim that the Kaaba is in a state of harm. And that is not true that Kaaba is an object which is lifeless, it does not perform haram. Only the believers, the human beings who can perform. Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam didn't have a chance to do anything with regards to the draping of the Kaaba until the

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conquest of Mecca. It was already covered with mini cloth, and they will get in very heavy on top of it. And one day whenever there was a woman who was lighting incense, in front of the Kaaba, in order to bring good fragrance, accidentally, she set fire on the cloth of the Kaaba. So, when he got burned the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam ordered the caliber to be covered after him

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AbuBakr So, the then Amara Mahatama Abubaker so the the purchase the cover of the caliber from the Yemeni fabric, then Almarhum hubbub and off money now fan and the college after they started important the fabrics to cover the Kaaba from Egypt because of the verifying fabrics from Egypt. Especially it was known as the Egyptian cup it was made of pure white and it was kind of thin, then,

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Oh madam hardtop may Allah be pleased with him. During his field Alpha wrote to his governor in Egypt,

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in order to bring and also manufacture the Kiswa of the Kaaba in Egypt used to be manufactured in in a city which is known as for you, then later on, and during the Mamluks. And during the the different rulers and the Ottoman Empire. They built an empire building in order to be in charge of manufacturing the Kiswa of the Kaaba in a neighborhood in greater Cairo, which was known as El haram fish that remained until the year 1962. This is when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia started manufacturing the Kiswa of the Kaaba on their own. And basically they stopped important because we're of the caliber from any other country

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during the year 751

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And there was a Yemeni king who offered to close and drape the Kaaba on his own. But the Mamluks, who was in charge of Egypt, very offended, and the US to consider this an honor that no one have the right to compete with them in its regard. It led to actually arrest and disking and bringing him to Egypt. This is just to show you how important it was for Muslims throughout the history of Islam, the matter of, you know, clothing, the caliber with the finest fabric. Now the Aqaba is draped annually on the ninth day of the month of the will hedger, as I said that they have had, and it cost approximately 4.5 million US dollar, Yanni approximately 17 million rial in order to drape the Kaaba

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and the cover of the Kaaba is approximately 658 square meters and it is made of

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670 kilograms of silk. The embroidery and the stitches contain 150 kilogram of gold. The factory of

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kidsworld caliber is located in Mecca and is visited by 10s of 1000s of visitors every year. And you can see how the Quranic verses and phrases of praising Allah such as La Ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, yeah, how are you and so on, is actually stitched throughout the Kiswa of the cab again brothers and sisters, every year when they take off the old Kiswa of the cab, it is cut into small pieces, and it is distributed amongst Muslim organizations, some kings and dignitary persons and they put on the new cover of the cab.

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One of the reasons why the fold the cover of the cab up from the bottom during Hajj, because there had been some attempts from people to cut pieces of the cover to keep it with them as a source of blessing. It is worth mentioning here brothers, we do not seek the blessings from anything from any creation, rather, the source of the blessing is Allah the Almighty. So even if you have a piece of the cloth of the Kaaba, it's such an honor that one day used to be

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the cloth of the caliber, but it does not protect against any harm. No does it bring in a benefit May Allah guide us to at his best. And until next episode, I leave you all in the care of Allah. Apolo Kohli had our staff for all it walakum wa Salaamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh