Muhammad Alshareef – Taraweeh Truffles Day 1 You Can Cry Too

Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © The video discusses the use of the verse "by the glory of man" in the Quran to encourage people to understand what is being said in the Quran. The video then transitions to a series called Tuttle we truffles where people take truffles from what is being recited in the Quran and encourage them to follow guidance. The video encourages viewers to share the video and receive a benefit from the series.
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That's right. We're back for this Ramadan. And so to start off the whole series, I'm going to take a verse from sorts of Bukhara that's actually related to the whole concept of what we're doing in Tarot truffles. And before I tell you the verse, I want to tell you a story about this area, but before I do, let's recite the area Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran we're in

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this drew Dooley identify says

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I was stuck bone oh my god, I mean a gut feeling.

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Now, when I was 11 years old, and I was still learning how to read Quran and I began memorizing, I was actually memorizing the entire Quran and I was on page three in the Quran memorizing this idea. It's a story of Adam alayhis salaam, with the angels and how Allah subhanaw taala commanded the angels to prostrate to Adam, at that point, at 11 years old, I had one of the most amazing experiences in my life. I read this verse, And I understood what it meant. Now imagine this, I'm 11 years old. And I was so excited. I was on cloud nine. I was like, I understand what this means. And I kind of like you know, you're 11 years old, you want to show off to your friends, you want to tell

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them I know what this means. So I grabbed some guy who was sitting beside me another student, and I wanted to tell them, Hey, I know what this verse means. But right before telling him that I knew what the verse meant. I wanted to intensify the joy. I wanted him to not know what it meant, so that I could tell them well, you know what this verse means so and so right? Remember, I was 11 years old. So I go to my friend who doesn't know Arabic, and I'm like, Hey, do you know what this verse means? And he looks down at the verse and he says to himself, poor now he said, melodica doo doo. He was like the angels Sajida Iblees. He's like, the verses talking about the angels prostrating to

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prostrating to add them and everybody didn't accept it, they please. And I was like, You know what, you're right. So my moment of glory and showing my friend that I knew what this verse meant, was lost, but the point remains, and that is the euphoria of understanding what is being said in the Quran. As you go for a title we, as you're listening to the Quran being recited, many people are standing there in prayer, and they don't know what the Imam is saying, in the Quran that's being recited. There'll be days when the Imam will cry, there will be daraz, where everybody's bawling and tearing, and you might be one of the people that is just standing there saying, Man, I wish I could

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understand what's being said, because then I could cry too. There was an old man in our community and African American man who once came to me in the hallway, it was in an Islamic school back in the day, and he came to me and he said, I want you to translate everything that the Imam saying and salah, so I said to myself, you want me to translate everything that the Imam says, and this brother, he was an old African American man, he actually had paper and pen with him. He wanted me to translate it right then and there. So before I was about to tell him that you know what, I can't translate that this is going to take like a couple of days to translate. He started crying. And from

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behind his tears, he said to me, that we're Muslim too. And if we understood the Arabic we would cry, just like you guys cry. And so you have to understand that the Quran was revealed, Lea, who is it so that the verses would be contemplated and be thought upon? And another idea this is inserted in the savaris ad to ALLAH SubhanA data says, if Allah to the Barone and Quran, won't they contemplate the Quran? So the purpose of us coming into this Ramadan and the Quran being recited is not for us to just stand there listening and not understanding, but in fact spending the time learning what is it that Allah subhanaw taala is speaking about in these verses that are being

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recited? And to that end, we started this series called Tuttle we truffles where we take little truffles from what's being recited in the Quran during the tunnel we each night in Ramadan, and then we presented in this video so that you can understand with me some of the verses that Allah subhanaw taala speaks about. This is season three of tarawih truffles. We've done it in the past

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Ask. Now this year we've got something special for you something that I call Tuttle with truffles, the League of prophets edition. What I've done in the selection of the ayat is that throughout the month of Ramadan in each day in each jersey, each part of the Quran, I'm going to take a verse that speaks about the prophets where Allah subhanaw taala speaks about their stories or their character and encourages us to copy them and emulate them and follow their guidance. In this season of Tarawera truffles. We're going to focus on those verses that speak about the prophets Allah whom was salam. Inshallah, I hope you benefit a lot from this entire season. We're going to have a lot of fun

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and learn many things and enjoy commenting and discussing the verses of the Quran but I need some help from you. All I ask is you put in the effort to help share these videos, so you might benefit but in sha Allah Tada if you press the share button or you press the like button or you comment or you tell your friends about it, or maybe some family members of yours, share that video with them. All I ask is that you help in the sharing process and inshallah to Allah our hair and our benefit can go very far and wide throughout this amazing month of Ramadan. So that's it for today in sha Allah to Allah tell your friends about it today we truffles season three is on League of prophets

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tell them about it and we'll see you tomorrow inshallah Tata, As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Academy.

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