Muhammad Salah – Gardens Of The Pious #291 Jul 31st 2017

Muhammad Salah
AI: Summary © The host discusses the importance of showing up in public and forgiveness in public. They emphasize the importance of forgiveness and showing up in public. They also discuss the importance of forgiveness and showing up in public. The host emphasizes showing up in public and mentions a guest who was invited to the house by the Prophet sall campaigns. They discuss the importance of forgiveness and showing up in public. They also mention guests who were invited to the house by the Prophet sall campaigns. The host discusses the importance of forgiveness and showing up in public. They mention guests who were invited to the house by the Prophet sall campaigns. The host also discusses the importance of forgiveness and showing up in public.
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allah God is the greatest

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glory to Him. He

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has to be against his best religion to allah God is the greatest, the one and only glory to Him on a quest to be the best and give his best religion.

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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala anNabi he must have heard about my dear viewers welcome to another edition of our program Guardians of the pious and today's episode is number 346. In the series of explaining the Abu Salah Hain

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in sha Allah so today we will begin studying chapter number one or two, which deals with what to say.

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Or the response to an invitation extended to a man observing, fasting. So in case that you've been invited to attend a meal, a feast hour Lima, an invitation while you're fasting, what should you do and what should you say? It will be discussed in the chapter in sha Allah? This is the first episode in the chapter.

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The first hadith is a sound Hadith collected by Imam Muslim may Allah have mercy on him and the narrator of the hadith is a great companion Abu Hurayrah. May Allah be pleased with him, and every hotel authority Allahu Anhu call Carla Rasulullah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam either dery Hadoken Fallujah, in Kennesaw Eman failure or Sol. We're in CanAm of Tehran fairly upon

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in this hadith the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said whenever any of you is invited to a meal, he should accept the invitation. If he is observing fasting, he should make dua supplicate for the betterment of the host. And if he is not fasting, he should eat. This is a prophetic etiquette concerning accepting the invitation In another Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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explain the importance of accepting the invitation if you're invited, especially if you're invited by Lenny when somebody extends his invitation to you directly and he says brother or sister or so and so I'm having our Lena I'm having dinner and it will honor me

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to have you present among us. So if he invites you by the name, then attending such invitation is where it's a must.

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It's a must, whether it is our pika walima over dinner engagement graduation ceremony, as long as no haram will be involved and you are invited by the name then you must accept the invitation unless if you happen to be out of town or you have a previous commitment and You committed yourself to be in another place at the same time. Otherwise, if you're not booked during this time and you have been invited specially and by the name by any mean sending a letter and message SMS

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asking somebody to convey their message to you. So, you have been acknowledged that you are invited and you are available then accepting the invitation is a must well she Hi know that I have been invited before and these guys they have a mixed gathering and there are a lot of violations which I tried myself last time to avoid and it was unavoidable. So I know for sure that they will have a band music and dancing and all of that then accepting such invitation is haram. You should not actually go there because you know that you will be involved in these violations if you cannot stop it, then do not be with them while at r1 Island is Mirada. Now we're talking about the first type of

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invitations, halal invitation. What do you mean are people nice people nice gathering,

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inviting you for dinner for food.

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But there is a problem. What is it? I happen to be fasting

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I was fast in the sixth day. So sure Well, what I normally fast on Mondays and Thursdays, or today is the third day of the three wide days every month. Or Or, well, now, if you will not talking about mandatory fasting, and this is a voluntary fasting, we want to learn whether it is permissible for a person who's first in a voluntary fasting to break his fast or not. And whether he is required to make it up or not. It has been narrated to incident incidents happened in the house of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam once he got up, and he asked our Isha all the Allah, Allah for food, and she said, we have not. So he said, Never mind in his life. And he resumed fasting.

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The fact of the matter that as long as the person didn't do anything of the violation of fasting, he didn't eat, he didn't drink, he didn't have to have sexual relations with his or her spouse. And, you know, they got up in the morning at noon, and there is no food or they decided to fast. It is permissible, because this is not a word fasting, a mandatory fasting. So the person may started even midday, but the swab or the word will be in proportion with the time that he has observed in fasting from the moment that he intended, not from dawn, okay, because he only intended to fast by now, provided they haven't done anything of the violation of fasting since the morning they did the E

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they didn't drink, they didn't have any sexual relations. In the other incident, the prophets Allah Salam actually got up with the intention of fasting voluntary fasting, for odia Elohim haisa, you know, a type of food which is made of dates and that cheese. So, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam broke his fast, because it was voluntary fasting, before sunset and he ate. So, that means it is permissible, if the person who was fasting a voluntary fast, then he decided halfway to eat or to drink, it is permissible, is he required to make up this day which he missed? No, he is not required, but if he does it, it becomes better lead to build three Lu Amala calm, if the person has

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started doing something good. He should either continue it, finish it up, or at least make it up some other time. But it is not mandatory, though. It is only recommended. So these are very important, aka number one. What happens if you get up and there is no food? Or you decided to fast have day? If you just figure that today is the day of Arafah Oh, it is a 10th of Muharram. And he didn't know it's fasting is highly appreciated by Allah there is a great word for it.

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He didn't eat you didn't you didn't do anything since dawn. Can I fast now? Yes, it is permissible. On the other hand, you got up with the intention of fasting Monday, Thursday or any voluntary fasting, then you found yourself extremely hungry, or

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you've been invited to our Lima or to a feast. Is it permissible to bake your fast it is permissible? Why? Because it is nephila voluntary. You have the choice. The third, how do I have to make it up? No, it is not mandatory, but it is recommended. So if the person didn't make it up, he's not blameworthy. He was voluntary in the first place. So these are cam we'll put it as introduction to studying the Hadith that we have right now. beforehand. The prophets Allah Allah Allah has sent a message AB if you have been invited to attend food, and inviting people to attend our EMR or food or to eat with you is a prophetic son. Rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi salam recommended that because

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it brings people together.

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It brings our house together. It makes them more united and more loving. Sharing is caring. The prophets Allah Allah Allah Salah meseta heard who the Habu exchange gifts it shall develop and create love between you. And he said Salah on SLM assayed lead Accra, Nigel, Elijah Rottie, Hashi and what aka false any chef if you have been given any gift, even if it is something insignificant, a little bit of food, even if it is the hooves or the feet

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of the sheep, which many people do not eat. Vast majority of people think it is disgusting to eat such food. But there are some people who eat it. Okay? Believe it or not, there are some people who go to the butcher shop to buy only the bones and the bones are sold. And they're not cheap. Why? To make broth soup out of that, they boil the bones in may have some debris of meat around the joints or around the bones they left over. So they boil that in order to create soup so they can drink it or soak some bread in it and eat it. Because they cannot afford the meat itself. A lot of people actually do that a lot of people do not eat meat all year round. Only when people give them a gift.

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What about people who go to the Chicken Chop, and they get Subhanallah the bones of the chicken they get the heads they get the feet, which people normally throw away. And this is what they cook for their kids. So the prophets Allah Allah this dilemma said, if one is gifted anything, even if it is something as little as the feet of the sheep, do not perceive it as insignificant. Do not think it is despicable. Rather appreciate it. appreciate any gift that is given to you, when somebody invites you. That means he cares about you. He loves you, but this is how much they can afford. We have learned previously, if you're invited and the food is something you like aidid then say Bismillah

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and say Alhamdulillah by the end and then the host, what if it is something that you cannot eat it when in this case,

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do not criticize it. Do not blame it. Many times. When I happen to travel here and there and visit different cultures, some people will actually fix their favorite food. Once after the room our prayer, one of the families in the United States invited me for lunch. And I happily accepted. And they kept talking about what they prepared for lunch. And when I said it was something that I never ever heard of before. So they said this is our like, you know, favorite food and we could only on that day, I tried to eat it but I couldn't develop any taste to it.

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So I kept on eating pickles, olives, and and bread. So the host not set on my eating from the CTFs add in and my plate. I said I'm not familiar with it. No, no, no, you gotta try it. I did try. Don't push, you know. So you don't hurt the feeling of the host and also the host should have an understanding that you do not push. Maybe they are not familiar with it. Okay, a handler they came in, they accepted their invitation. They can eat anything. They can drink water, they can drink juice, they can eat some fruits, understand, or salad that's perfectly fine. You don't know what are the conditions of the host, and also the conditions of the guest. So if you're invited, you got to

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accept the invitation. Sometimes the invitation is you know, somebody gives us a get some information. It says brothers and sisters, everybody pleased tomorrow between melody Venetia, I'm having the pika for my son or my daughter. Let's go down to an AMA general invitation. So it is highly recommended for all the audience to attend. But if you didn't attend, you're not blameworthy. Because he didn't say, share Salah please, I want you to attend the peak of my son or daughter, my walima on the date. Now when he invites you by the name and specifies you with the data, then it's a must. And when you attend nice compliment. Thank you so much. And here is the situation if actually,

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you got up this morning and you're fasting.

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If it is a mandatory fasting, resume on fasting, what did the Prophet sallallahu Sena said, in a Doria how to configure the encounter. So even when you're Sol, so even if you're fasting, respond to the invitation, Go show up show yourself and what am I gonna do? I'm not eating. I'm not even eating dessert or fruits because I'm fasting. He said so if you're fasting, he can make dua for the host. So he invites you and you show up that shows courtesy. You really care. And then when he says Why aren't you eating while I'm fasting today? You know, today is the last day of the month of Shawwal and I only fasted for five days. So I gotta continue today.

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Oh, no problem, can I have some for you to go? Oh, I appreciate that. It's a matter of showing courtesy and complementing one another in a nice way he cared about me. And he invited me, even though I'm fasting and showed up. What if it is one of those days, which I have an alternative to First Monday, Thursday, or the three days of every month,

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and he has prepared or she had prepared a nice feast for your honor. And then he said, I'm fasting,

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the person is disappointed. And his wife is very upset, because she's been working hard, you know, some of the food they cook overnight. You know, it takes them six, seven hours, like if they're cooking Haleem, or the Harry or any of this kind of food, and they are making this specially for you. So in this case, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam give you the judgment based on your best judgment, you have an access to decide the solution based on your best judgment. He said, sallAllahu Sallam if you're not fasting, eat, eat. And if you're fasting, it will be sufficient to make dua. Does it mean that you don't have to bake your face all the time? Well, it depends. I mean, if the

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host and his family encountered, you know, some hard labor in order to prepare the meal, and now they're very upset, they're disappointed because you're not eating. If you think that will break his heart and will disappoint him, break your fast, you're not blameworthy, break your fast and eat and you won't be rewarded for that. You don't have to make up this missed fasting because it was voluntary in the first place. But it is recommended to fast another day to make it up if you want to, you will be rewarded for that it is simply recommended.

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When the Prophet sallallahu selama says put in can also him and fill your soul if based on your best judgment. You're so close, like blood brothers, cousins in lows. So you are you are used to visit in each other all the time. And now, you know, if you say I'm fasting, it won't hurt they're feeling oh, okay, no problem. I'll continue fasting. May Allah bless you include us in your DUA in this case, he resumed fasting. Then he said follow Solly or Salah here does it mean that prayer or praying for Rockcastle Torah cause our Salah refers to the linguistic definition the lexical meaning of Salah, which is a DUA to make dua to supplicate for the betterment of the host. May Allah bless

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you may Allah bless your family, if it is a child boric FMO who are shakaar Kalwa Hebrew Avella should roseacre This obligation you say to somebody whenever they receive a new baby

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will Lima for wedding Baraka Hola, hola, como Baraka, la como Gemma obey in a coma for your height, you invoke baraka for the host and his family.

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When somebody looks at the Hadith, the first glance and he looks at all well, if you're fasting, you make dua for the horse. And if you're not fasting, eat, does it mean that if you eat that is sufficient, you don't have to make dua. Of course not. But he specifically mentioned making dua he had because it's Susie's and it comforts the host by making dua as look out and be able to eat because I'm fasting but here I'm making dua for you. Also, if you end up eating or if you're not fasting and you eat it is recommended to make dua for the host. Based on the occasion. I've mentioned to supplications in the case of the applicant in the case of the walima in the case of

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inviting somebody been invited for dinner, Beatrice or whatever. up I'm Allahumma apana was sokola home and Sakana May Allah feed and give the drink to the person who gave us the food and the drink. Cola for Anna Kamala bra of Tara and Docomo saw a mood and you pray for the host and his family for the betterment of the host and his family. In both conditions, whether he ended up eating and drinking or you resume fasting, both conditions it is recommended to omega since the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Whenever somebody does you a favor, reward them. If you cannot afford to reward them, then just say Jessa como lo Hira, the term Jessa Kamala Hieron is the greatest

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compensation it is an invocation. May Allah reward you with what is good. You pray for the betterment of

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that person

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higher on is in the anonymous so Allah Almighty choose what higher reaches the person whom you have prayed for. So we have learned from this hadith, what happens if you're invited and you happen to be fasting? And what the options what are the options which you have in this condition based on your best judgment, whether the host would really be offended, feel sad and upset or disappointed, or it is perfectly okay with them. So use your best judgment.

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The following chapter, chapter number 103. So in the previous chapter, we had only one Hadith in the chapter one or three. It is Babel, Mallya call Humann, Duryea Illa, Amin furtopia, who are Euro

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They shatter these with what should the person say to the host if an uninvited person act companion him to the invitation? What does it mean?

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Somebody invited you for our Lima RP, dinner and this is not a public invitation. It is by name. He invited you only so you brought your own brother your own friend, your own neighbor you attended the prayer and why you live in the machine a friend met you Where are you heading for? I said I'm going to you know have dinner with one of the brothers who are going to join us. Do you have the right to invite others to an invitation which you have been invited to or to attend? This what we will get to learn in sha Allah in the following Hadith Hadith number 738. The rated of all miss road l Bedri. Are the Allah Juan and he's a different companion. Then Abdullah Edna Massoud, I believe we

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discussed his biography before and this is a highly sound Hadith agreed upon its authenticity. Anonymous rude at very Radi Allahu Anhu con da Raju loon. N Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a little Iman Sana who LA who? Harness a hamsa

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13 Yahoo module phelim Bella well Berber Colin Vu Salallahu Alaihe Salam in a heather Viviana for in CIT and then Allah who were in she taught Raja Khan Bel Air then hula Who ya rasool Allah Mata Falcon ally, very lovely, a ticket. Wonderful Hadith, Abu Mossad, Al Badri and the word Bedri indicates that he attended the Battle of bed he was one of the 314 people whom Allah is pleased with, because if attended the Battle of bed and Warren honor, he said, once a man the third some food, especially for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and invited him along with four others, Han is a hamsa he was the fifth of five guests for in addition to the Prophet sallallahu sallam,

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on the way a man and companion the Prophet sallallahu sallam, then when he arrived at the door of the host, the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said to the host, seeking His permission, when this person has followed us.

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You may allow him If you lie, but if you don't like he simply will return. He said O Messenger of Allah would definitely allow him to

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you mean that this is not rude?

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You know,

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if you can, if you bring somebody with you to an invitation in the first place, this is rude without getting a permission. Secondly, what if the host said no. Would it be simply okay to tell the guy who followed you or your friend? No, you're not allowed go home? Yes, that is perfectly fine. And clearly hola como Ruggiero? Four, zero. This is what the Quran teaches us. If you show up at somebody's house, in his front door,

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and so on. So here, you don't have to lie. You don't have to say, tell him that is not here. Why? Because you guys, you your wife and kids finally got together to have a meal. It's been a while you're working overnight, a night shift and now that is the only day that you have a chance to eat with your kids. And somebody showed up at this time. So if he walks in, he will disturb this family gathering. So

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Some people will just take it easy and say, Tell him he's not here. That's a lie. Plain lie. And it has severe consequences because you instill the concept of lying, and you make it, you make your child perceive it as it is okay in the mind of your child or children. What shall you do? Yes, he's here, but he's not available now. He will be available in an hour or two. Is that okay? perfectly okay.

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But that may hurt his feeling it shouldn't. Because Allah Almighty said, if you were told LG to return, go back. I'm not available now. The return.

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Having said So brothers and sisters 1400 years ago.

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People didn't have phones, neither landlines, no cell phones, they didn't have any means of communication. So the only way to visit somebody is to show up at his front door, and knock on the door or call upon him. If he's available. He will allow you and if he's not, maybe later, take a high comeback. There is no problem with that. What some people do nowadays, without any previous alarm, without any previous notice or permission, they just simply show up. Maybe it's lunchtime dinner time, midnight, hey, I came to check on you and visit with you. I thank you so much. But you know, I have a * of a commitment. Now. I'm taking my family to the doctor, or I was taking them

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out. Or we are actually invited to attend dinner somewhere. That's okay, we'll just hang around for half hour with you. This is silly. This is nonsense. This lack of etiquette. Can I say that again?

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Showing up at the door of somebody without any previous appointment, without any previous alarm or notice is not polite? Why? Why not? Why isn't it polite? Because nowadays, it's like very simple to give somebody a boss or to get a previous appointment, through the phone through the you know, any means of communication.

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You know, can I call right now? Or yes, please come out of okay. And then

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when the person is allowed to come, or when you have an appointment, there is a terrible habit where you say I'm coming to see you today when Today. Today. Today there is 24 hours a day, when exactly during the daytime, that is more than 12 hours when exactly afternoon. It's now six hours, when between afternoon until sunset until midnight, when being specific there is nothing wrong with that. Why? Because you know, I don't have to, you know, feel piled up just waiting for you to show up at any time that is convenient for you, which may not be convenient for me. So I may, you know, share. And I was praying in the ears of some of our brothers who go out to go to do Dawa, and they show up

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at the door or people without previous appointment, especially in the West. Where you know, it is it is almost impossible to show up at somebody's fun door without a previous appointment. It is the weekend, they have a commitment or they have guests and they say I just need half hour from your time. I'm sorry, I don't have time. Give me 15 minutes, I don't have time 10 minutes,

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you're gonna make some sense, you got to understand that people have commitments. If you think that your message is very valuable, you should respect it. You should respect the person whom you showed up at his one door without previous appointment. Some people argue saying well share if I call them and if I asked them to get an appointment to show up or to visit them they will decline so that's why we show up this is even an excuse or choose wars then your previous mistake. They sent Arabic Rosalynn Akbar who minutes exam is it because that they will give you a reason that I'm busy, I'm not gonna be available. So you escape seeking permission, and you just show up to confront them with

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the reality of your presence. No, this is not right. Brothers and sisters, I think we need to take a short break and Shala when we'll come back, we'll resume talking about the same beautiful Hadith so please stay tuned.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back. So from this hadith and also meaning I had especially of Surah a nor the chapter which is full of etiquette and

00:30:32 --> 00:30:49

indications, it teaches us for innocence and one of its verses yeah you had Latina man who, later who wrote on Irabu ut comm hottest new Su, what was a limo Isla Alia Valley compared to LA, LA LA come the cone.

00:30:51 --> 00:30:57

And this is a means or who you will believe you shall not enter houses which are not yours.

00:30:58 --> 00:31:53

Okay, before seeking permission and giving salam to its duelers that is better for you in order to take heed. So what it means this is number 27 of Surah knew that you and this is in the past when they didn't have phones, landlines and cell phones and social media and all of that. They only go to somebody's house the only way to visit somebody if there was no previous appointment is to show up and knock on the door or talk and say Salaam Alaikum. This is so and so I came to visit you may have come in. So they may say yeah, please come on in. And they open the door. And they may say we're busy now it shouldn't hurt your feelings and Kilala Comoros 040 If you were told to go back, go

00:31:53 --> 00:32:20

back, there is no hurt feeling. Maybe you have something at home, we cannot afford to host you right now. So it shouldn't hurt your feelings whatsoever. Then the SSN seeking the permission the prophets Allah Allah Allah selama said when should seek the permission tries, if he is permitted or otherwise go home return go back. That's why I've almost a luxury one of the great companions.

00:32:21 --> 00:32:35

May Allah be pleased with him once visited Mr. hotswap, when he was the Khalifa Amira mini in the leader of the faithful and the believers. So he said As salam ala que me or not many may come in.

00:32:36 --> 00:33:23

He didn't hear any reply. He repeated that twice than twice, three times. Then our Tom was busy with something then he said, I heard the sound of so and so have almost a luxury, allow him and invite him to come in. So they went to check on him and he's gone. So I'm I'm hottub, later on, called him and he said, what happened? You came and you just left. He said, Well, I sought permission three times and when no one permitted me so I left. He said and where did you get this a ticket from? He said, This is what the messenger of Allah peace be upon him said. They said, Well, you know, if you don't show a witness, if you don't bring a showerhead, that the prophets, Allah Salam said, so I

00:33:23 --> 00:33:41

will discipline you. So many of the Sahaba were ready to bear witness and the youngest form who was I will say the Kadri said, Yes, I bear witness. I have heard that from Rasulullah Salallahu Salam Yeah, man. This is what the Prophet SAW Selim was busy teaching the OMA all the etiquette.

00:33:43 --> 00:34:05

This era, he said it is it is very important to visit one another for the sake of Allah but it has a ticket. You don't show up at your convenience and you don't impose yourself because you're available. You have a free time. Now. There are a ticket it has to be considered and kept in mind. The condition of the host.

00:34:06 --> 00:34:48

Maybe the resting, maybe they're not ready to receive your right now. Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam before hosting somebody at House who's from out of town, he consulted Isha. We have a guest from out of town. She said we have no food at home. Only water Hafsa Sophia Zeinab, they all say the same. He said so what have you forgotten? It's been already three days. We have nothing at home but water. What did the Prophet Salah Salem do? He turned around and he said who would like to host our guest tonight. I will tell how showed up and said yes it will honor Me to host the guest of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and you know the story. The prophets Allah Lawson and didn't bring a guest from

00:34:48 --> 00:34:57

outside and took him home. And he's just surprised his family. Maybe they don't have anything to host the guests with and it would be really embarrassing.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:46

Do you guys remember when Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him was starving, and he was lying down in his street and out of hunger. Then he showed up before I will work to ask him a question pretending as if he needs to ask a question, hoping that a worker will pay attention to his desperate, starving condition, and you give him something to eat, then Omar, then when the Prophet salallahu Salam saw him in this condition, he said about her, follow me. Then he went home, he went were home to his own house, Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam took Abu Hurayrah back to his own house, the prophets house faster than a warrior I said, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is then he sought

00:35:46 --> 00:36:04

permission. He didn't surprise Isha or half so it was NSA a we have a guest. He sought permission first. I have somebody with me. I have a guest. It's my house. But the wife at home needs to know that you bring in somebody.

00:36:06 --> 00:36:50

So when he was permitted, he said about her come on in and he saw a bowl of milk said where did this come from? They say it's a gift. So and So brought it to us as a gift. I did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam invited up rara not only that, he asked him to invite Aloe sofa at the time they were about 70 to come and oat drink from that milk which was given to the Prophet SAW Selim as a gift and he was the last to drink out of this milk, peace be upon him. So from his lifestyle Salalah salaam we'll put the pieces together the hadith of Abu Hurayrah the Hadith so far Isha the Hadith, the hadith of Abu Masood al Bedri that we're studying right now the hadith of Abu Musa lashari, we learn

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the etiquette of the ZR as the era is such a great act of worship. Yes, it is an act of worship. When I invite somebody to my house, and this person is a good person is a righteous person, you will be rewarded for that. When I accept the invitation of a good person, a righteous person, and I eat and drink from his food and his drink. That's an act of worship and you will be rewarded for that. Not only that, in the sacred Hadith on the Day of Judgment, Allah the Almighty will call upon some people and you say * Mutasa within a fee, and motor jealousy in a fee. What are those who used to visit one another fee means for my sake,

00:37:35 --> 00:38:27

for my sake, what are those who used to set mortality scene they used to hang around together for my sake, why for my sake, I visit somebody for the sake of Allah, I buy a cake. And it cost a lot. And I take it to one of my friends, one of my brothers or one of my sisters, for the sake of Allah, I'll be rewarded for that. They use that they offer, the food that they offer. All of that these are all acts of soda car charity work, and you will be rewarded for that. Provided you follow this etiquette. You don't show up, even though you have an access to form people and say, I would like to visit you when are you available? Oh, wait a minute. Honey, we have a guest. When is it a good time

00:38:27 --> 00:39:13

to host them on all today? It's impossible. We have a very tight schedule. We have the private tutors coming to teach the kids who don't have a room or don't have this and this and consult your wife, consult your wife consult your spouse same if she wants to invite some friends at home. Because it doesn't really belong to you, nor does it only belong to her so that the kids would learn from both of you the etiquette of hosting or visiting somebody here in this particular Hadith. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam along with four people were invited for Prime food, dinner, launch a feast, this Sahabi had prepared. Somebody met with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and they keep

00:39:13 --> 00:39:16

talking to him. Now they become six of them.

00:39:17 --> 00:39:59

The man invited only five. Is it permissible for the guest to bring along with them? Others without seeking the permission of the host beforehand? No, it is not permissible. Our host is a generous man and he wouldn't mind. How do you know that? He only invited you because he wanted to talk to you in private about a private matter. How do you know that? Maybe he doesn't like this person. He would like this person to set the foot in his house for a reason or another. So consulting first, I'm inviting this person is it okay or not? And who is seeking permission? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam

00:40:00 --> 00:40:45

I mean, I'm gonna ask you, if Rasul Allah is Salah Salem is alive among us, and you invited him and when he's coming he brought some people. Would you dare to say no of course not. Welcome to the Prophet and all his companions and all his guests. They are my guests with pleasure. But rasool Allah is Allah salon is teaching us in Santa Ana moi Lim, he said, I'm just a teacher, he is teaching us discipline and US educating us, or otherwise, in other conditions. The Prophet salallahu Salam, such as in the case of jabber ibn Abdullah, on the Battle of the Trench shoe, they were digging and they were 1000 and jebaited. Abdullah saw how the Prophet SAW Selim was trying to stones

00:40:46 --> 00:40:55

around his stomach to suppress his hunger, and they slaughter the low goat enough for a couple of people, five, six maybe.

00:40:56 --> 00:41:43

And he said to the Prophet Salalah Salam, you can come along with a few of your companions, meaning Abu Bakr, Omar Osman Ali, the closest, but the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Yeah, hello 100 All the people of the 100 of the ditch that they will dig in and they were 1000 is a jabber is preparing a feast for us, because now he will be in a charge for feeding and he knows that jabber is his brother. And his wife is his sister, Jani, that he is inviting them to his house and he's going to present a miracle. Show them a miracle, and not to do a thorough that he will give precedence to himself to fill his stomach while there is another 1000 companion being starving. No, no, no, no,

00:41:43 --> 00:42:05

no. And you'll know the story. How Jevon was so embarrassed and his wife he said don't worry about it. By the way, he didn't surprise jabber and his wife. He said to jabber, go and tell your wife I'm bringing that many people yell solo say don't worry about it and and tell your wife not to touch the food until I come.

00:42:06 --> 00:42:54

Okay, and not to remove the the meat from the Burma from the pot which is on fire until I come. Then when he came he started serving the food by himself. So there was Baraka in it. He and the Prophet sallallahu sallam, when he arrived to the host house, he said, Well, I understand that we invited only us we have somebody who joined us, would you permit him to come in? Or shall he go back and there's no hurt feeling whatsoever? He said of course yeah, Rasul Allah, let him come in. Now he's teaching us even though any Muslim would be happy to invite the Prophet and all his guests and all his companions, but he is teaching us in Santa Ana Marlon, may this peace and blessings be upon

00:42:54 --> 00:43:18

Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, my dear brothers and sisters, have just come to the end of today's edition of your program. Guardians of the pious and this chapter also consisted of one Hadith only next time in sha Allah will begin with a new chapter chapter number 104. Until then, I leave you all in the care of Allah. wa salam, Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Allah will call it as the greatest

00:43:34 --> 00:44:07

glory to Him. He bought me Good Ole Miss to be the best and give his best in religion to allah God is the greatest the one and only going to him on any illness to be the best and give his religion to them. So why did they know that forgiving gold about an empire that was shipping cows fire and stones sending their best to the cheapest

00:44:08 --> 00:44:19

day ignore that forgiving go about * and bad guys. We're shipping cause fire ran stores. Selling the service wasn't cheap.

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