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You agreed, purify you Well, the glue round and where you live. Look at all the good you have to give. Give a little love.

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There's a hand somewhere hold on mouth to feed fee. There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need, give our time give, give, give ourselves no loss each and every hidden fee

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to the thick of xhaka. Now, many of you will say we know about Zika we've heard it before we read it in the books. But let me tell you something. It's something which is the third pillar of Islam. Over 50 hours of the Quran speak about this topic is a topic which affects many of us if not all of us to discuss this and some of the details of Zakat I have with me Sheikh Mohammed Salah salaam aleikum, Wa Alaikum Salaam wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Thank you, Jimmy. Exactly. Fisher for being with us. Thank you check. In previous episodes, we spoke about the definition of Zika, where it comes from, we spoke about the importance

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of xikar to every single person. We also spoke about how it can affect society and get rid of poverty if it's used properly. Now, we discussed the issue of nisab last time, and we're going to start with this could just give you a recap of this word nisab which is at the core of zurka smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabi him Stouffer. So you didn't know Mohammadi mana and he also could be he or Manuela All Praise to Allah alone with Hasan and will seek His help whomsoever Allah guides is a truly guarded one. And whosoever align us astray, no one can show him guidance, may the peace and blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

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As we discussed in the previous episodes, that for the car to be compulsory on some bodies worth of position, certain conditions have to be met. One of them is an SOP, that one's position, which is beyond his basic needs, should reach or attain certain amount, which the Shara a lot of mighty determine, for each category of wealth, for cash for gold and silver, for livestock, for

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various things, they have then isab, which is in another word, it's the minimum threshold.

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If somebody possessed this amount, for one entire year, lunar year, and it was beyond his basic needs, his housing, his closing the tuitions, for the school for his kids,

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the rent for his facilities, his medical insurance for innocence or whatever is needed, and that varies from an individual to another, and accordingly from time to another, because in the past, what would be considered as fancy things sometimes with other people, it is basic needs. Nowadays, people perhaps cannot live without your condition. And in the past, they have never heard about fence. So it varies from an individual to another and from a society to another. So any sob is a minimum threshold, which a person maintains on a particular position of wealth for an entire year, beyond his basic needs. If this is the case, whether he's investing in it or not, then this occur is

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compulsory on it. Excellent, great. Now that's a very clear clarification for us. Something that we're here in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala tells us in many places about Zika, and gold and silver, these are the two commodities that were always spoke about. With this. Of course, now we live in a modern age, we also have paper money to what's the nisab of gold and silver ship and of currency or people money.

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As you just mentioned, gold and silver is just one of the categories of worth. Because we'll be talking about livestock, plants, fruits and visitations.

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We'll be talking about

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for instance, the produce.

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We'll be talking about treasures, which may be fished out. That too is a catapult. We'll learn the details about each of those categories. For the commodity of gold and silver.

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Particularly as you said, it is mentioned in the Quran when Allah Subhana Allah said, for those who hold up gold and silver and they do not spend it in the cause of Allah, meaning they do not pay the music on it, then announced to them a severe torment and abuse alone Mahalia Salah mercy

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incarnate laka, me at Durham, we're halali

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if you possess 200

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because the currency in the past was either gold or silver, so, the silver will express about it by there, the Durham coins of pure silver

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fee have come settled by him. So, if you have 200 days of silver, and that is beyond your basic needs, and you possess for one entire lunar year,

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then there's a

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God on it is five.

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So, in a very simple and swift calculation, that is one quarter of one 10th one quarter one 10th or in another word, we say 2.5%. So, if somebody happen to have 199 and have the for an entire year,

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more than his basic needs, is not socketable he does not owe a penny he may be entitled to receive the care from those who have to pay from the rich is considered an average person or maybe even poor then the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is a well a solid cache and you own nothing had a akuna letter A Sharona dinar on the dinar is the golden coin, the gold coins in the past were known as the dinar and obviously the gold is much more expensive than silver. So, if you possess 20 dinar of gold for one entire lunar here that is an a swap and it is more than you basically so do not calculate your house your car your rent, none of that, more than you basically this is some money which is sitting

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either in your savings account or some people buried under their beds or some people invest it in various fields. So if you have the 20 dinar

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then in this case, when you're passed you as a care what kind of the care and what is carried on it, the Prophet sallallahu slmc for either kurta laka will help

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fulfill her needs fully enough. So, if you maintain it for one complete lunar year, then the second view on it is I have dinar there is once again 2.5%. So in case of golden silver as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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the new slot for gold 200

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the nisab for I'm sorry, then ISAF for silver is 200 and then a PSA for gold is 20 D Now, we don't have Durham's no dinar nowadays, so, can we translate that into English plain English gram

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approximately the nisab of gold will be 590 the nisab of silver the 200 would be equivalent to 595 gram of silver

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and then you saw of gold will be approximately 85 grams of gold 24 karat. So, if somebody possessed 85 gram of gold or more

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then he must pay the care if he maintains that for one completely same if he was just he or she 595 grams of silver for one entire lunar year then the amount is equitable and obviously anything above that is acceptable as well. So how do we translate further or translate them to modern currency? Can we equate it to modern comm absolutely, very simple. You log on, you check today's value of gold because it fluctuates. And you hear gold has gone up gold has gone down or or so you check out the price for

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gold on the day, which he owes his account.

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one gram of gold for innocence worth that much money times 85 gram so we say it is approximately $3,350 approximately. So that is an assault. And we will apply that by analogy to what we deal with in our today's world.

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don't deal with gold and silver, or at least most of us will deal with our paper money and currencies, which we deal with today is basically a paper money. So anyone who possessed that much money beyond his basic needs in a savings account, or an investment or chicken account or in trade, then he owes there's a cap on it, which is 2.5%, or Robo losch, which is basically nothing. You notice and all of that, and mushara delicious later is a lot of mighty, the most wise way before any modern civilizations considered the conditions of the poor, even though still the poor is really oppressed, even in the most advanced societies. Why? Because when you go to the store, you still

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have to pay sales tax, right? Yeah, ritual for you pay for it. But there's a care keeps in mind that only the rich will get to pay, and the poor would receive his rights in title for it. But the tax does not really differentiate between rich and poor. Because most taxes, people pay it, whether you are a millionaire, or you're a poor union, this is a term that I made it up, if you're extremely poor, and you go to the store, you shop around, you still have to pay sales, tax, and customs, and many, many taxes, state tax and federal tax and all of that, well as the data is very specific, it targets those who are rich, and it does not target them to strip them of their wealth. Now, rather,

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the amount is very, very low. And it is maintained on a yearly basis. So if, for instance, somebody, somebody whose business went down, and it dipped below the knees up, then we start over once he sums up, then it's not again, we don't say, well, in the beginning of Ramadan, you have $4,000 extra more than you need. So basically, that is an assault. But you know, in the month of Muharram,

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or in the lobby, I will be sending this person went through surgery and he had to pay all his money. But Allah Subhana Allah bless them once again. And he picked up pick it up and Roger Orin Shabana, so he said you still have to pay there's a calf from Ramadan, no,

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we will recount over. From the moment that you possessed, then a song, just a flick of a equitable system. As you can see, I'm taking notes as the shake is speaking, I hope you're doing the same. We've got a time for break. So go and get your pens on your pads. And join us back in a couple of minutes to set on why they come to life market.

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You agreed, purify you well.

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Back to the Prophet.

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Join Sheikh Ahmad in the program back to the Prophet, wherein he teaches us practical lessons from the prophets life, and how this can help us to overcome our challenges in the present. We talk about the life example of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, seeking guidance for ourselves. In the early days after the revelation of the Holy Koran. The Muslims were greatly persecuted so much, though, that quite a few Muslims had to leave Arabia and migrate to Africa to live among African Christian people who follow the gospel of Christ.

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Back to the prophet in Ramadan on Hooda. tv.

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There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need. Time give out, well give Allah give us a set I'm wanting

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to welcome back to the thick of Zika check just before the break there, you gave a very good understanding to us on the nisab what it is to ask you then you went into some explanation about gold and silver. And then I asked you the question about currency and you you told me very clearly that we look at the day that we're going to pay as a car. We go on the web and we have a look at how much what is worth either gold and silver and then we we convert that into currency. Now I've got a question for you. The clever ones in the audience's Okay, then we'll say which one the gold or the silver? What do we base? What's the standard that we translate into currency issue? If I turn around

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and I asked you the same question, I want you to give me an educational guess in the light of our study.

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Let me make it easier for you. What is

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The purpose of Zika one of the main purposes or aims of the care is supporting the poor and assisting them giving them the right. So the answer will stem from this aim, which is whichever is more beneficial for the poor, whichever of the two is more beneficial for the poor.

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How would that work,

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it will work as follows.

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If the new sub of silver, according today's rate is cheaper than then you saw of gold, the 595 grams of silver, the total is cheaper than the 85 gram of

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gold, then in this case, we will go with the silver. If it is the other way around, we'll go with the cheaper one.

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And normally speaking,

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silver is cheaper than gold. So that's why what will be considered in the new sub, whether in trade of goods, whether in cash or paper money, or wherever we'll be then you saw of silver, because this is what's best and more beneficial for the poor, which is a professional. Okay, now we've come to another question, which actually links Now, the question of combination of combining. If it's two and a half percent, like you said, some may say cannot just combine the golden silver, it's not easy. Well,

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as much as we are aiming towards benefiting the poor and giving them the right, the Sharia is

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very wise as one does not burden or hurt the average people so if somebody had

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195 or 99 they're one

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of silver.

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Then on the other hand, he has also 19 dinar of gold, we'll say if we combine them that will make up the nisab or morosini know if it is gold, and silver and he possesses both, each category by itself, if it reaches the minimum threshold, it counts then it is acceptable. If it doesn't, we do not combine the two currencies together in order to make it zakat. So basically, once again, the Sharia is taken care of from the real rich person, not the one who's living hand to mouth and he happened to have just below the den you saw that he's exempt he doesn't have to pay in a second to the clicker Okay. Then Then the question would come, what if somebody possessed for example, jewelry for

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example, say are women as you know, they possess possess quite a lot of jewelry, unfortunately, sometimes they need but they have jewelry. Now, some jewelry for example, has precious stones in it has pearls in it diamonds and rubies and so forth. How does this equate them because this is different types of materials or different types of metals in one item. Well, this subject in fact, in the understanding of the carat is known as the kettle Holly, Holly is adornment, the jewelry mainly for women obviously. So, they have agreed, Muslim jurists have agreed that there is no as a CAD you own precious stones,

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Diamond or anything like that is exempt from Zika if it is used as means of adornment only,

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but if somebody is trading environment, then if his trade or merchandise, attainder is up, then it is a cat. But if a woman is wearing a diamond ring, the Domine itself the stone itself is not as

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soon way the gold and the silver and will mate whether it is acceptable or not, I mean the case compulsive on them or not if they reach the nisab by themselves for in addition to other positions, such as cash or investment, then we'll determine whether it's the cattle or not, but damned of precious stones is not as equitable. And now we can move to another area which is what about the actual gold or silver that a woman may wear and holy

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whatever the word for adornment

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the scholars have two different opinions in this regard as a matter of fact three, but the most famous only two and we aim in this program at presenting the most famous opinions and the most right. So in the in this case or this example, will present these two cases and

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We will give the opinion which we believe in the light of the evidence is more right and sound algen who

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the vast majority of the scholars, Imam Shafi, Ahmed Romani. They hold the view that that women's jewelry

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is not as a caterpillar.

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No matter how much it reaches, even if it is doubled, then it's up. Why? Because they consider the holy or the jewelry is like the clothes. Sometimes you are very valuable. Joba Marshall welcome is or outfit or suit, whatever. So don't say because it's expensive. You have to pay zakat on it. So as men like to wear nice stuff, women to like to wear the jewelry. So based on that they say it is not Zakat, and we don't even consider then it's up in that as long as she wears them as means of adornment. But if a woman buys the goal, and she saves him, she says this is my saving for the future. Or she keeps buying gold and she saves him for her daughter's wedding. Then this money is

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not holy. This is some sort of trade Malou Niamey or investment it is it is an investment. It grows in the value increases, if you How long you been married now. Now you're going to test me in

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just a moment. Okay. Just go back and look at the bill. How much you paid for your wife's jewelry on your body versus today. It's not only doubled or tripled several times. So when a woman by his gold or a man and he saves that gold, there it must be socketable there is a cap on it once it attains an assault.

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But if a woman is wearing gold, or silver as means of jewelry and adornment for herself or her husband, then according to El djem, who the vast majority, it is not a cannibal she does not owe any Zika audit in mo hanifa and Edna hasn't a lot hurry. May Allah have mercy on them are of the view and Emma hanifa is very very famous in the in dismiss Allah because he backs up his opinion was several proofs. So the Hadith said that even if a woman is wearing that gold for adornment, she must pay zakat on it once her positions of gold jewelry stained and so, then you saw once again is how much for gold because 85 gram of gold and four silver 595 grams of self. This on what he has the

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following references number one, he said I had is this narrated by armory Misha from his father from his grandfather, he said, once a woman came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to women, and they were wearing gold bracelets. They were kind of fit. So in the video Salalah Selim addressed the two women and said

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to him, Bernie, au said we are kumala Julio malkia Sal Rahman Now, how do you like a lot we give you bridgeless of fire on the Day of Judgment. You said? Would you like that oh messenger of Allah. He said then fed the healthcare the lady if he adea coma,

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then you must pay there's a catch you on what you're wearing? The gold business. This is one Hadith that

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Abu hanifa May Allah had mentioned him relied on as nerve in tears it as well narrated that. She said once I entered, and my end upon the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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And we were wearing gold bracelets for call Elena. And he said to us, at all to you and he's a character who the paid has occurred you on that? They said no. So now we are Salalah Alayhi Salam said And at the heart of any au so we are common law, who is your attorney? Not a DA is a character who aren't you afraid that Allah will give you business of fire on the Day of Judgment, for not things occur on your goal restless you must pay this occur on that somebody would say we already have references. So why did the scholars differ then? This is a question that comes to mind straight away that some people may say, especially when we say the vast majority we say Malik or chef more

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than others and others out of the view that there is no cicada on women's jewelry. So why Abu hanifa is taking this stand by himself along with the

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it has me a learner Swindon.

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As a matter of fact

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There's one more look at those hedis

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differently, they consider these references are either weak or they have a different interpretation. It is not what appears as Abu hanifa understood and others that you must pay the care on that.

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You asked me now which opinion Shall we go with? A Jew who is right?

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Because our isharo the Allahu taala on how Allah had her nice, too often, they were orphans and they were wearing some jewelry, and she did not pay the account on that. And also as met the daughter of Abubakar Isha sister. She bought jewelry and gold business for her daughters. And they say that it was worth $50,000 home or whatever and she did not pay zakat on that that means the family of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were aware that it was not acceptable for the golden for jewelry for women, even though Abu hanifa also narrated or use the reference that are isharo the Allahu taala now Allah once was wearing

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silver rings, and also lolani Cinema said in the hottest cold, fatter, hot, I have asked him he said, What is this? She said, Santa to hoonah at ASEAN Wanaka Rasul Allah, I made these silver rings to adore myself for you on the center of Allah. So, Allah says, I've said to a dean as a character who do you pay zakat on that? She said, No, or whatever Allah was, he said, who has booked him in or not? And this is a very serious warning. Well, if you do not receive any punishment on the Day of Judgment, except the punishment for not paying Zakat on these silver rings, it would be very sufficient.

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So yeah, Neela Olam, phenol, le Ashley, Ashley Adams, a karate laka. So these are three references, at least in our hanifa counted on.

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I personally believe it is safer. And it is better for the pool that women should pay there's a cap on their jewelry and gold and silver position. If it attains, then it's up. And that's annually, every lunar year.

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The interesting part Jimmy, which will really make you smile is that you're not the one who has to pay for your wife. Yeah, that that that there's making me smile and muscle. So if a woman possesses the nisab of golden silver, according to Abu hanifa even has and what I say it is the more right view that she should pay as a car on debt. If the husband is too nice, he can assist her or he can pay the car because he initially bought the gold in the first place. So what it is her duty to pay this occur

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on her gold or silver position or any other position that attains than just like a hedge against your memory give us more valuable information on this important topic of Zika Remember, we're here to explain this to you so you understand this topic and you start implementing it until next time I live with a Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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you agreed purify you well the glue round and where you live. Okay. Oh good. You have to give a little love your

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hand somewhere Hold on.

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There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need give a time give Ah well, Kabbalah give ourselves no loss each and every hidden D