Praying Behind a Fast Imam

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The Imam is leading the prayer. And he's kind of fast, or the moon is kind of slow. He's praying or the slow motion he likes to his side very slowly because sometimes a slow mo more follower receives the Imam is very fast and vice versa. So let's put it this way. Then the Eman went for Roku and the person is still reciting. If it is an idea to finish finish it up because you still have up to three years as minimum for the inventory site or otherwise you'd be really too fast. Okay, but to say I gotta finish the whole surah No, because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam I said enamel, enamel you 10 maybe why do we appoint an Imam to lead the prayer to either Kabbalah for Capital One in the mix

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that be follow him when he makes a little cool, follow him when he rises up from a core follow him. And that would lead us to another very important concept which is what if the enamel is too fast it can barely resort in Fatiha especially in the silent prayer. He mentioned the word average person can do that, in fact, then the part of the map. It was not just what Raka snuck I mean, erase the imagination with us. I just say Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen very average facilitation everybody's trying to recite and he's a real cool, you try to catch him on Roku and he's really like racing with us there are some people like that, in this case, you are permitted

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to skip the Gema and pray on your own. There is another hook which is if the person is too slow, and he missed two ropes

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to look still convictive books are open which means a pillar of openness such as standing and reading about no such as rakura open such as sujood then he misses the Gema and he pays on his own. But if it is only one rock, like I was excited, so at effect you have an earlier slide is what it was called a low summit. Then the man said the lower I said it's only cover of short is limited well I knew that I was going to say Allah and the man Rosa from Morocco and he said semi Allah holy man hamidah What am I supposed to do is my prayer invalid No. Go for ruku even though the Imam is already in the standing position, and it was not your error, go for ruku says of hanabi Alavi at

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least once then rise up, it will be only you will depart the Shama if you missed two consecutive rock like you miss the Roku and you also missed one such depth. In this case, you are on your own