Zakir Naik – Mention Scientific Facts which are Mentioned in the Quran which Science has not yet Discovered it

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of the Quran in science and technology, citing examples such as the use of wbs in space and the discovery of life beyond Earth. They also mention the use of the Quran in medicine and how it has improved the understanding of life after death. The speaker concludes by discussing the potential for science to prove everything, even if it is scientifically sound.
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Good evening again everyone. It was amazing to see how much science that the Glorious Quran contain after your talk. But in most of the examples from the Quran, which you gave, it is very difficult to comprehend what the Quran tells before actually the science discovers or invents that particular phenomenon. For example, you said in the honey, there is healing of humanity in the Quran. And you mentioned it as it's about if a person is maybe say poisoned with a plan, the honey of the plan should be taken. So what is the use, say of almighty Holy Scripture talking about things which are only able to comprehend after the real invention is made by science? So can you tell me now

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something from the Quran, which will be invented by science later, or yet to be invented? Rather, so good question that I've mentioned many things about science indirectly seeing all this fall discovered earlier. And if Quran says something and after science has discovered towards us, can you tell me something with time has been discovered? rather that the reason the Arabs who advanced in the field of astronomy, why because they read the Quran, the Quran has a lot of information on astronomy. So when they read the Quran, they try and do more investigation, they do more research. And that's how they come to know Quran is a telegraphic message to the book of science only on one

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In medicine, one subject only requires volumes. So if that way, the Quran is this Quran, most of the human beings they don't like to read, oh, such a big book. So if God Almighty wrote in detail, then even a big building,

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they will require 1000s of buildings to contain the mystery of the Quran. Quran is telegraphic message. So in telegraphic message, many of the Muslims, they read the Quran and the myriad of answers in science.

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That is the reason we find if you go back into history,

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the Muslims advanced in science and technology. But you pose the question forget about the past. What about today? Or what I've mentioned, has been discovered earlier, but many of them were discovered by Muslims, some by non Muslim, some by Europeans. What about things which China hasn't discovered? Fine. First, I'll tell you those things, which trans has an established but yet there are high chances which Quran is justified and I believe in it, for example, Quran says, In Surah Surah, chapter number 42, verse number 29. That is Allah subhana wa Taala, who has created the creatures in heaven than the Earth and has placed creatures in them. The Quran says, There is life

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besides this earth. Today science has improved there is life besides his Earth, scientists say there are high possibilities that life will be there besides this earth, so the sending rockets, spaceships, Moon mass, Quran says,

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I believe in it. Science may discover it tomorrow. After five years after 10 years after 100 years. Quran says I believe in it.

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Today, there are many hypotheses,

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how the world will end

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it says that the sun will become big and the world will end the mountains will fall down. The mountains will become smooth the ocean redevelop the wall will enter into black hole many hypotheses. Many of these hypotheses not all the match with the Quran.

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Quran says in Surah gamma chapter number 75 verse number eight and nine that the sun and the moon they will join together. The sun will be buried in darkness. If it's chapter number 81 was a one two and three. It says that the stars will fall down and lose their luster. The mountain will fall down to utter ruin notion.

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It's mentioned in

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chapter number 82 was the one in two and three again notion rustle up the stars will fall down. Similar to many of the hypothesis. But Quran says I believe in it or on further faith in Frey ambia chapter number 21 was the 104 we have created deflation, we will destroy it and create a new creation.

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Science has been discovered that yet Quran speaks about life after death. Science has improved that yet. Quran speaks about heaven and *. Science has improved upon that. Quran speaks about jinn to the psychology say extraterrestrial power. Now some people who get possessed which in

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Quran speaks about that. Quran speaks the first man on the earth with Adam peace be upon him science has improved that high possibility science will prove. Now you may ask me that better that can you get such a good talk on science and technology but 100% solid proof. You believe in life after that. You believe in jinn you believe in heaven and *.

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Your doctor isn't as unscientific as No brother.

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I believe

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that it is scientific. Suppose what

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With the Quran as mentioned 80% has proved to be 100% correct? I spoke about astronomy, about geology watercycle, oceanography, botany, biology zoology. So, just hypothetically 80% what the Quran is mentioned suppose, has been proved to be 100% correct, the remaining 20% is ambiguous, neither right neither wrong not even point 1% of that 20% which is ambiguous has been proved to be wrong, there is not a single verse of the Quran, which can be proved false by established signs hypothesis. So, my logic says when it t percent is 100% correct and the remaining 20% is ambiguous, but not even point 1% of that 20% is proved wrong. So, my logic says that even that 20% inshallah

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will be correct, if not today, tomorrow, after 50 years after 100 years after 1000 years Allah Allah God knows, they will prove their life after that, they will prove their religion they will prove that in * there is proof that is heaven and so on and so forth. I can give another lecture on things besides as improved or inshallah will prove hope

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