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Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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The conversation covers various issues related to pubic hair, including underarm hair, plucking, shaving, and cleaning. The importance of shaving, plucking, and removing pubic hair is emphasized, particularly for male and female individuals. The use of "harvest" in religion is emphasized, and shaving is preferred for removing hair, particularly for women. The segment also touches on the topic of intimate relationships between the husband and his wife, and the need for women to maintain clean and safe body hair. The segment ends with a brief discussion about a coda.

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Winner of him

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and from Grenada alameen wa salatu salam honestly the most serene one and he was a speech mine

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was Malema Inferno one foreigners in Ireland Turner was in chanukkah wa Medina Medina Illa antenna

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about, especially for the sisters and brothers and elders. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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hope everybody's having a blessed day Ramadan, last one or two days of the best month of Ramadan and Mubarak and Chava. Make to archibus panel data that he forgives our sins and accepts our a bother worship or fasting.

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And, you know, make us you know, give us success in this world and the hereafter and right for salvation in the hereafter for this month of Ramadan in this mental Ramadan Show.

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I'm going to carry on

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discussing and talking about what I've been talking about for the past few days, as you know, that's started the topic of rational male support, which means 10 things which are from the fifth block, which are from the nature from the things which are the subnets, and the ways of all the profits on our two levels. Furthermore, it can ruin our profits. And it's about purity. It's about staying roomy and remaining clean and pure. It's about you know, bahara, purity, cleanliness being clean.

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And we covered eight of these 10 things, and I'm going to go straight away to the ninth one, I don't want to recap everything I would have said because time is very short.

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So remember yesterday,

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the item number seven, which I talked about, which was removing under on hair, the hair, which in the hadith of our beloved messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it's mentioned that,

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you know,

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underarm hair, it's mentioned that it's one of the things which is from the 10 things of surprise.

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I mentioned that in the headings, he says not fully do not mean to pluck, pluck the underarm hair, and the Hikmah wisdom behind this is that because sweat gathers under the arm, and it creates a bad odor bad smell. And because of that, it's very important that we shave or remove or pluck the heading says trucking, so plucking is more recommended, it's recommended that, you know, we pluck that hair rather than shave it but if somebody has been shaving it all the time, then it's become difficult, but first time then they can pluck it, because it makes the hair he keeps it fine and soft and makes it

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makes the area softer as well and delays the regrowth of the hair. So therefore, it's better but remember, whenever this removing of hair has been mentioned, then you can use anything in any way shape or form whether shaving with cream with with plucking, regardless, the objective and purpose goal is to remove it the message is not necessary. However, certain methods due to certain reasons, certain benefits, they have been preferred, as we will know in the next issue. So yesterday I talked about this, the net for removing of underarm hair we've done it we've come to number nine, nine and 1010 was the 10th thing of Cipolla is about

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cleaning one's self when going to release one to one when going to relieve yourself when going to the bathroom when going to the toilet when one person renews himself, then clean himself is stingy. This is the one the last one in the Hadith he says in the coastal militia talk about but before going into that was number nine, the Hadith, the words of the Hadith, our beloved messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam says when he says

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10 things

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and he mentioned that these are the 10 things and then he comes to item number nine on

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the shading of pubic hair. This is very important.

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here here's the word hello. The word hello. In Arabic means shaving. You know I think people know this as well that when you when you go for home or when you go for Hajj, you say do you do or do you do HELOC

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is to cut to trim our father. We also say personal prayer because it's shortened

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You know, when when we shorten our prayers when a person goes on a safari, or when a person goes on a travel, when a person is traveling, then we shorten the prayers. This is a means to shorten. And it also means to cut because when you cut, you shorten the thing, the object when you cut your hair, when you do have the hair, you're shooting it, you're decreasing the size. So similarly, cost of prayer is to shorten costume means to shorten. Because for a cowboy her was was made short into to have her pray or

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sorry, mother does not pitcher so

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often means to shorten. And Helen means to shave the head, these words are helpful anti shaving of the pubic hair.

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This is also one of the champions of federa. Very important on a pubic what is pubic hair mean? This is very important. That's why I'm going to mention this inshallah, clearly,

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it means the hair, which is for a male and female on the private pass area on the private parts area surrounding the private part. And Shannon mentioned exactly what but you know, the edge at the moment, the areas surrounding the private parts,

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the front private parts, as well as the real private parts,

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not just the front parts, even the rear area, it's very important. Some of our brothers and sisters don't know this is a very important and very great to emphasize. And it's simply to leave it for more than 40 days and shaven for unremoved, which I will talk about. So

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the honey says shaving of the pubic hair, the word earner means that removing hair which surrounds the private part, the front private parts, as well as the rear and the back private,

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male, as well as female, it's very important. This should be shaved and completely removed.

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Underneath with hair grows around the private part of pubic hair, the so called pubic hair.

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And the Sigma wisdom of course, is completely logical, completely understandable What the heck man wisdom behind this is because it's an area where from, you know, where a person goes in nice himself goes to the toilet. And very likely that some, some, some impurity would, if there's a lot of hair that

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then some of the an adjuster will be, you know,

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will pollute the hair, and make it stick into the head.

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Some of our non Muslims, you know, they don't, you know, shave and remove the pubic hair, you know, completely and hygienic. And then they say that, you know, we're very clean externally. they portray themselves to be very clean, but

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this is very important, especially the rear area. And this is why many of them have stated that, especially in the rear area, it's very likely that if you have a lot of hair, they're grown. And then even if you use things to clean yourself, even if you use water, okay, the chances are very low things water. But even if you use water, there's a chance and there's a still a slight risk there but some type of impurity and adjust it from the back private cause would get stuck into the hair. And if you don't use water, like non Muslims, don't, they have hair and then they don't use water. And, you know, you know what the results will be. So therefore it's very important. Removing of

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pubic pubic hair completely cleaning that areas real area completely, you know, it's not just the front area, some people think it's just pubic hair and it's just the front area, the forefront area as well as the rear area, very important

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for males as well as female, male as well as females both

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Okay, so that's that's the first thing here. So this would help with honor has been mentioned. Okay. And I said that there's some different different varieties and other shades of of our beloved messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he uses the word dad and dad from the word in Arabic, didn't matter. The word dad means to use a razor.

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You see, this head is the one who shall know recited in front of you narrated by the the officer of the wall who died, narrated by Muslim and many of the scholars of Hadith that Sharon Minal cetera, champions from Petra associati be shortening of the moustache and you know

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Last year, the lengthening of the beard and all the rest of the things. But sometimes somebody says five things are from cetera and only five have been mentioned. So in that Hadith, it says, Dad, which means leaving the shave, shave

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instead of honesty pubic hair, say meaning. But because of this, or Emma have stated that as we read yesterday, that net for eBay about underarm hair, it's better to pluck it remember any way shape or form you remove it completely permissible and no problem whatsoever. However, there are certain methods more recommended there are more better they are preferred, they are given preference. Similarly here, they said that shaving would be preferred because dad has been used shaving, shaving, rather than plucking

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for waxing, or using creams. But they say that this, if somebody cannot shave, the no problem that can use creams, they can use EMA cream can use, you know, waxing of the area, they can do whatever they want, I mean, you can't pluck it, it's going to be very painful, but vaccines okay.

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And rather, the owner has stated that the using of shape the shape and shading area is recommended for men, for males for females is better to not say that because it will make the area rough, it will make the hair growth sick, too. It's not good for the husband. And therefore

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they can choose the status that this for a female she should not shave. Rather she should cut the hair now plucking, meaning waxing

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recommended but remember, there are rules for that you can't use the services of another woman because that part is our you know something which has to be covered and concede. And she could have shaved yourself. And also, I mean, this is a whole long detailed topic the circular out of a woman that a woman What can she expose in front of Muslims, non Muslims, fellow Muslim

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women and non Muslim women This is a very detailed topic. There's not a time and place for it, but some other time inshallah. So

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yeah, so as I was saying that, for sisters, it's recommended that they don't shave it. And this is very important

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for men, and this shows the importance of, you know, some some sisters to think that you know, it's not a problem they keep the hair and even body hair. You know, there's a hadith of our beloved messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he says that when one of you goes he says he addresses the husband that when one of you goes to a journey and travels then make sure that before coming back, inform your spouses, and inform your wives and your family at home, that you are coming back and inform them before you enter the house. Go in the masjid, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and have dinner with telephones that tend to what they used to do is to come into

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the Medina to maneuver and is to go into the masjid and camped there for a while and send messages to all the houses that are there will come back from their battle or from the journey from the expedition. So the wives and everybody they know that a discount so they have time to prepare themselves, they can cook for their husbands, they can clean themselves. But nowadays, some people think that it's part of tacos, you know, staying just, you know, unclean or stinking. Okay, they think no mistake clean, but not adorning themselves not dressing themselves. They think oh, we are very pious and this is piety and this is taco SR This is not the taco is that you completely adorn

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yourself because this is a relationship between the husband and the wife. If you're not going to do that, then your husband's going His eyes are going to wander other places. If you know then then they start complaining or issues he's looking at this system he's looking at that system so why don't you adorn yourself as long as there's no restrictions in Islam for a wife she should completely adorn herself she should I mean, this is a very detailed topic but she she can dress she can wear you know all sorts of types of clothes she wants for there she wants to in front of us but there's nothing wrong whatsoever.

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I don't want to go into too much details of this topic because you know, everybody listens to us on the radio but it's it's a long and lengthy topic and shall and I am compiling the sort of book with you know, concerning relationship between the husband and the wife and more specific to you know, the intimate type of relationship and these issues inshallah will be discussed in detail but she should understand that she should clean herself. If the husband wants that she removes her body hair that she must you know, she should not wander around for weeks and weeks with her foot you know, legs and arms and everything this body Yeah, if a husband wants five sons and husband probably dude

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that wants his wife to have it and Okay, that's that's another case but

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Normally, you know she should choose this stopwatch if that means that you won't have that much time to worship Allah unnecessary burden then no problem anymore or to either fall at home for her performance Shahab Baka dojo the holiday agenda I mean a Bobby shirt a woman who prays five times Allah keeps him first in the month of Ramadan obey her husband she will enter Jenna paradise whichever do she wishes and she desires so this is this is the code this is piety don't yourself put nice fragrance on when when you're at home sisters are filthy at home when the husband's around but when it's time to go to a you know wedding or to or to go to a party then the I don't know what's

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the use now to adorn yourself it's really for the for the husband not for anybody else.

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So if you're not going to do that and this is this is this is important this is why people have problems that the husband he goes around everywhere else shopping and his eyes wander everywhere else sustained unclean mix the eyes wander you know this the same and they say absence makes the heart grow fonder of course but if staying unclean makes the eyes of the husband wonder I mean it's not it's not supposed to do that of course but you have to try your best as well to remain clean and pure and

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what what he has been attracted with outside you should be providing that at home

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then if he still is one His eyes are wandering then you should shoot him

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anyway so

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we haven't got much time so this is

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the heading says that a woman should and the man should move the remove the pubic hair it's very important around so this I was talking about the general body hair but here we are talking about just the private parts the pubic hair is very important helpful and it started early removing shaving cleaning off I said for males is better to use a shaver for females especially to works and you know it's everything is permitted. There's nothing wrong whatsoever.

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And I mentioned the wisdom behind this as well. Okay and

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as I mentioned the wisdom behind it as well.

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And you can use that anything you can you can use creams and you can use everything else as I mentioned.

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And yeah so as I said for women it's better to wax and this has been mentioned you know many onomah have stated this because they say that it stays and keeps the area soft which is recommended. And the area the area where does this area start from starts from under the navel under the belly button

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Some have said is stated that not exactly from the navel. But you know after after the if you go below the navel there's a line like if if a person was to sit down you know the pod which goes inside the crease then the line from there onwards

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all the way for for a man all the way to his genital area and then around it not under sighs and then below it and all the way going to the rear area right to the top of the rear area. Similarly for a female same place it starts from above the genital area and around the genital area and below going all the way back and you know ending to the top of the ridge area all of this must be kept clean it's very important this is hygiene you know this is what Islam teaches us purity remember that there's nothing to be shy about this because Islam Islam you know we don't learn to be shy about it it's very important

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and so this this is the areas which must be

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removed you know cleaned

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now here one thing before I go into the last one, or if not I'm not too sure if I'm going to do it today but because I need to read the goal as well I wasn't even going to come today because there's something which I need to attend but any two goals so inshallah

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final part of this discussion on this pubic hair

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is that

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not just pubic hair but remember mentioned many things, the 10 things of cetera but about cutting of the mustache shortening of the mustache about with regards to

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cutting of the nails and with regards to the previous one, the shaving and removing of underarm hair and with regard to this particular item, pubic hair with regards to these four things,

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cutting up the nails, removing of underarm hair, removing of pubic hair, and cutting of the moustache shooting of the mustache. The owner has stated that and this is from the Huggies as well, that it is Mr. habit is recommended that at least once in a week.

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These things should be cut. It should be carried out. What at least recommended is once a week. Best Day is Juma. The best day is June one, which is Friday. And if not, if you can't do it every week, then every two weeks 15 days is recommended. It's also committed but all and I agree this is from the Hadith to leave it more than 40 days. It is sinful it is Nakuru, Karim, which is disliked to the level and degree of prohibition Nakuru, a free which is prohibitively disliked. If a person needs it without an excuse, then that person will be sinful. There's a hadith of our messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said you do an undisciplined medical the law 100 read that law catalana

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam really was a man of authority when I came up with an at a naturopathic forum in Irvine la Latin

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that our messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he fixed the time for us, because we shall be in the cutting of the moustache and in the cutting of the nails and in the removing of underarm hair, and in the shaving of the pubic hair, he fixed the time for us that an extra room in our brain elated that we do not leave it for more than 40 nights. So therefore leaving it for more than 40 nights if a person does not remove the pubic hair and under arm hair and nails and mustache leaves for more than 4940 days, then that person will be sinful. So this is not right. best best is recommended is it's once a week and if more than at least you know after two weeks inshallah so this

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is and with this inshallah, time of thought is also here. This was the aspect with regards to ensure a more

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pubic hair. We have one more thing left from the fedora which is stingier, which shall what I'm going to talk about tomorrow, not today and show

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I'm going to end with this Java Apollo coda was a Communist Manifesto Pharaoh was 100 innocent