Abu Bakr Zoud – These are the 2 conditions and 3 pillars of every worship

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The three pillars of worship, including the love of Allah, fear of Allah, and hoping in Allah's reward, are metabo specific and essential. The importance of having hope and faith in Allah's mercy is highlighted, as well as the significance of having three pillars of worship, including the head, fee, and hope, in achieving a perfect worship. The speaker emphasizes the importance of having faith in Islam and the meaning behind the term "naughty eye" in the Bible, which refers to the lack of hope or faith in Islam.
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There are conditions for worship. And there are pillars for worship. Every single worship we do, there are two conditions for and there are three pillars for the two conditions, of course on a colossal metabo every worship you conduct, you must be sincere. You only want the reward from Allah and no one else and they must be metabo you must do that worship in accordance to the Sunnah of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So these are the conditions of worship. Then there's something else called the pillars of worship, and they are three. The first of them is the love of Allah. That's a pillar of worship every single worship you conduct, whether you pray, or fast or read Quran, or vicar, or still for any worship, you do these pillars. Without these pillars, the worship is gone. It is invalid. The first pillar is Mahabharata law, that you love Allah azza wa jal, you love to worship him. You are pleased with this. And you worship him willingly, not forcefully, willingly. And there is no limit to how much you love Allah azza wa jal. Your love for Allah should only increase and increase and increase

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everyday work on your love for Allah subhanho wa taala. That's the first pillar. The second pillar of every worship is the fear of Allah. You should feel that perhaps your worship and the good deed you did might be rejected. And there is a limit to the fear of Allah, there is a limit to it.

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If you fear Allah more than required, that would lead to hopelessness. You would lose hope in Allah, you will begin to lose hope in Allah's mercy and forgiveness.

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And then the third pillar is hope in Allah azza wa jal will be led. You must have hope in Allah whenever you're conducting any form of worship, hope, hope that this deed is accepted, and that Allah azza wa jal would reward you for it. Hope you must assume good of Allah azza wa jal when you conduct any type of worship, and also, Rajya ovilla hope in Allah there is a limit to it. If a person goes extreme in their hope, in Allah has social and hooked in Allah azza wa jal so much that he ignored and neglected the fear of Allah that would lead to callousness. And a person will not care about whether Allah rejected his deed or not, and he would not care about Allah's punishment,

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and the hellfire and a person will begin to commit sins and not care. So you see Subhanallah these are the three pillars of worship, loving Allah, fearing Allah, hoping in Allah.

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And from among the three, it is the love of Allah that has no limit. love Allah as much as you can increase, keep going every single day. But the fear of Allah there's a limit to it. If you go extreme in your fear of Allah azza wa jal you become a learning what happens, you lose hope, you will lose hope in Allah's mercy. And if you go extreme in your hope in Allah, and you just hope that Allah never feed him. That is dangerous as well. There is a limit because what happens you become careless, and you'll fall into sin and you will not care at all. When it really matters. Why Muhammad Allah, they said, the one who worships Allah only out of love

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and they neglect the fee and the hope in Allah. Such a person is indeed, ammonia is a hypocrite. And the one who worships Allah, only fearing him, doesn't worship Him out of love, and out of hope in his reward, and Paradise just worships Him because He feeds him. Such a person is a Harare. A hurry Jeet from among them, however, a deviated sect and a misguided sect and whoever worship Allah, hoping only out of hope, hoping in his reward and his paradise, any the one who worships Allah out of hope, so he doesn't see him doesn't love him, then such a person is a more legit such a person is a model ship. So in and this is another misguided deviated set. So whoever worships Allah with these

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three pillars, loving Allah fearing Allah, fear of Allah hope in Allah azza wa jal has completed and perfected his worship for Allah subhanho wa taala. And as an early metaphor, hammer home Allah they mentioned that this is like a bird with two wings, the head of the bird is loving the law. So love of Allah, that's the first thing in your heart and then the two wings, one of them is the fee of Allah and the other one is hope in Allah azza wa jal and this bird cannot fly, unless it has always three things the two wings and the head and so you to your perfect your worship cannot be complete cannot be for perfect, and it cannot be complete and it will not ascend.

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Allah azza wa jal unless it has these three pillars, the head, which is your love for Allah azza wa jal whenever you conduct a worship, and then the two wings and that is your fee of Allah azza wa jal and your annual hope in Allah subhanho wa Taala Island and these three melons the pillars of worship, are found in the very beginning of the Quran in the first three years of Solomon Fatiha Allah azza wa jal, he said, Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Alhamdulillah this implies the love of Allah, because Allah hummed is to praise Allah out of love. You see, praising Allah without love. That's called fernet. That's called Finet. You know, I might love a watch. So I praise a watch, I

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might praise a watch. If I praise a watch doesn't necessarily mean I love the watch. If I praise a watch, that's called the net, so the one who just praises Allah without loving him, that's the net. And hum is to praise Allah, out of love for Allah subhanho wa Taala So alhamdulillah he'll have been Alameen implies the love of Allah subhanahu Medina, which is the first pillar of worship, and then our manual Rahim. It implies hope in Allah azza wa jal because he's the most merciful, so we have hope in His mercy, and that he'll grant us His mercy in this life and in the hereafter. O'Malley Kiyomi Dean, this implies the fee of Allah assertion as you read nearly Kiyomi D, the Owner of the

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Day of Recompense you remember the day of judgment, and the horrors that happened on that day, and the people will be resurrected or fat and rotten, or learn bola people will be resurrected, barefooted naked, uncircumcised, poor boy, Matt poor, they don't own anything. And he shoveled the Allah Juana was so concerned about the men and women looking at each other. And the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the matter is greater than people looking at each other. So when you remember these meanings, as you read nearly Kiyomi Diem that leads to the fear of Allah azza wa jal. And so these are the three pillars of every worship. We worship Allah, out of love for Allah,

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and we worship Him. And we have fee of Allah azza wa jal that our deed might be rejected, and we worship Him having hope in Him Subhanahu wa Taala that he accept our deeds, and He grant us the Paradise because of our deeds and our efforts.

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