Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari – Marriage – Deen Vs Culture Part 4

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the benefits of peace and contentment in a man's life, including physical wealth and happiness. He also emphasizes the importance of praying and practicing Islam, as it can positively impact one's life. The average age of individuals living in retirement homes is discussed, and the importance of avoiding falling behind is emphasized. The speaker also discusses the importance of marriage in Islam, stating that it is not a normal act and is not related to religion. The speaker emphasizes the need for individuals to become aware of rules and regulations in their communities and the importance of Islam being a "people's culture."
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The most beautiful religion, the most peaceful religion you find inner peace within yourself. You'll be away from all the depressions and all the distractions of the world that doesn't mean that you won't go through any trials and tribulations of course you would. That's part of being a human being. Even the messengers of Allah peace be upon them all of them they went through more trials and tribulations than us. But there'll be some other type of inner peace that you will gain that you cannot get there in any money. You could have the best job and the best car but you won't get that peace arena arena arena knifes the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Lisa loreena and

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Catherine, autumn, Rena, and real richness. being wealthy is not with a lot of objects and items and wealth, you know, physical wealth in number Lavina when enough's real richness, and being wealthy is the arena, the wealth of the heart, the richness of the heart, you could have a lot in terms of

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materialistic things, but if you don't have that peace and contentment of the heart, then there's no no benefit. And there are people that are mega rich, no peace whatsoever, they don't have time to eat, we sometimes eat you know, better food than them and relax. There are people who, you know, have been, you know, just a few things to make ends meet but the type of sleep they go through. The multimillionaire can have that kind of stuff. He's taking tablets, he has he's using his millions to to take medication to sleep because he's got so much pressure on his head. And this person is just got a house on rent and a small job there and he sleeps and snores like you know, never gonna wake

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up. wakes up 10 o'clock. That's what you want. That's what relaxation is in this world.

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That's that's the real peace. We have a simple life. You know where you you can pray your prayers and, and you have a small house. It doesn't matter who wants the mansion is 670 years of life. You want to spend all day and night set for 70 years of life. The next life is eternal. How many years 600 years 600 million years eternity, you're going to be there. The messenger sallallahu anusim said Mr. leetonia could be called rebbeca ecovia wireman a heretic will be called rebbeca ecovia work for you this life as long for as long as you're going to live here and work for your next life for as long as you can live there. Look at the comparison 70 years now it is average 6065 ask the doctor

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few doctors medical experts so what's the average now is about 60 if you over 30 you're going downhill I've said it a few times as long as you're going up like a log flume you know you know the log from boat 2930 now it's going down and that's going to take a leap and when you become 31 you don't become 31 you actually 29 you going back 2920 820-710-9876 54320 you get gone 60 years and it goes like this

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you know people will talk about Millennium coming Do you remember some of you man email messages coming you know there's somebody

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people like to get fascinated about these kind of things. You know that's another topic you know our communities they love you know to thrive on you know like simple Oba Gina was named coming out from it and you know sending text messages and some YouTube videos a woman's turned to lizard or Ebola. I mean most of it's all hoax anyway. Seriously, we need to work doesn't make for us. Our Islam is so strong that it will you know you can actually find 10 origins with hundreds of names of allies not gonna change anything for me. That's how it emerged should be. Quran says Allah DNA the Toyota Aileen hooser. To me mana minor, your Eman is increased by the recitation of the Quran not by seeing

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what was given and Obuchi.

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Don't get too fascinated about these things you know these things Okay, I'm gonna reserve is not gonna make a difference too. Because tomorrow a Hindu might compensate or turn around in the

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Jews on this could happen. Anything could you know, like, you can allow you can just figure Anyway, you know, it's like one brother See, I can see a lot on the cloud. I said I can see Chevron as well. If you look at it this way.

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Yeah, if you looked at it that way you could actually live by it. So don't get too fascinated about these things. Real for us. Islam is Quran and Sunnah line is no blood, blood messengers and a lower incidence statements and practicing them. We are punctual in our prayers, they will make a difference to us. So the first point to bring back

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that we become active Muslims. We make sure that Islam is not cultural. We're more Islamic than being you know, practicing in our culture. Islam comes before over and above our own cultures. It's we we practice Islam in a total way in a total manner. And we enter into Islam completely, totally, as you know is there is no separation of church and state in Islam. This is the beauty of Islam. There is no Islam is everywhere, at your workplace marriages at home

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You know you're walking on the road, or even driving a car, there are rules of Islam. Even when you drive a car when you when you take a bus,

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you're a Muslim, you are a Muslim, when you are home, you're a Muslim. When you when you are working in a factory, you're a Muslim, where you went, if you're at the school or college, or university campus, you're a Muslim, you're a father, you're a Muslim. When you're, you know, mother, you're a Muslim, when you're a son or a daughter, you're a Muslim, outside, inside, when you're driving a car, you're on the London Underground tube network, wherever you are, you have to realize that I am a Muslim. Islam doesn't stop once you come out of the masjid. Even at home, even when you're driving a car, you're a Muslim. Okay, so we need to really realize this, and we need to enter Islam totally,

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completely. Now, in terms of marriage, you know, this is us thinking this guy's going and talking about marriage. What's happening? Listen, this this topic is all about marriage. You know?

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What do you think things I really like this machine was beautiful love hearts and all sorts of stuff. Though the brothers here probably I don't know,

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ancestors as well, maybe I don't come to find some potential spouses or what but

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marriage I mean, there are certain things in marriage. You know, I, as I said, I gave a talk and I had made certain notes of that some some things that we have in you know, I just want to talk about just three, four points

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about marriage and divorce.

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The first point,

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which is related to what I was just talking about this, what I just talked about right now was an introduction really. Now, this first point regarding marriage is connected to the introduction. It follows on from the introduction, which is that is in Islam, marriage is considered to be an act of a bird.

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It's an act of a bird. It's an act of worshiping Allah,

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we have to realize marriage is not a normal, mundane worldly act. It's not like you know, I mean, everything really becomes a bird if you do the right intention anyway, even driving a car can be an act of a burden. But there are differences you know, you know, if historically there's there's two types of actions, some things are act of a burden in of themselves, fee that you have enough car, you know, you have you that in of itself, like Salah itself, it's an act of a burden,

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fasting itself, act of a bird, Zakat,

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in itself is an act of obedience. And yet there are two types of actions that a human being does.

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A Muslim does, some things are a bird, in of themselves, by nature, direct acts of a bird.

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And there are others. Other activities that we do, that can be potentially acts of a bird, but they are not directly or they're not designed specifically exclusively, as I burdah but with your good intention, Allah will make it into an active agbada so everything else in the world drinking you know, drinking is right now. Water, I make intention. I'm drinking this water because this is the bounty and gift a NEMA from Allah, I would thank Allah the energy you know and I will get in Sharla speak more and inshallah I will benefit you benefit in a lot of waters. And so with that intention,

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Gauri would hamdulillah

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it's an activity but

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in a celerity, whoo Suki, Rama, Murthy, the letter of the item in everything we do, everything we do is for Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is this is the nature of Islam. So everything you do in this world, potentially even going and studying at the University, even taking a degree in law and medicine. Medicine is a very good area to take a degree in. I mean, the Mr. Michel fear of the law has to say an element element calculated here when we're done. Muslim is used to give a lot of importance to medicine, and whatever degrees everything can potentially become an act of a bird. Right? With the right intention, but there are two types of things some things they needed good

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intention to be made an act of ABA, they're not exclusively designed like this, drinking of water, or driving a car or doing something while you're eating, drinking, things like that. But there are other activities which are specifically exclusively designed as act of a bird. Like for example, I just said some examples like Salah, Zakat, Hajj, Umrah, Torah, we emulate the herds Allah, things like that.

Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam gives a talk on the importance of Marriage in Islam and the cultural influence that need to be squashed.

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