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The history and importance of Islam is discussed, including the persecution of Islamists and the use of protection measures. The speakers also touch on the importance of learning one's religion and staying in the Islamist zone. The transcript describes a situation where a woman named Joshi rhodiola recited a song as an excuse to convince people not to recite it, leading to a conflict between their cultures, leading to political crises and war risk.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, and welcome back to this year of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Last time when we talked, we talked about the persecution of the Sahaba della Han was made, including prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and what happened to them and we learned so many lessons in order for us to be able to persevere and withstand whatever pain that we endure in this life. So we can be resurrected with them in sha Allah and pat on that same path in sha Allah blinding me. Today we are going to talk about the first hegira for ever SR and Habesha. And of course when Allah subhanaw taala revealed the verse in Surah Tzu will lead in Aqsa novia, the dunya Hasina. What are the usja in nama your facade una agera, whom v sub indeed for those who practice

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benevolence for this life? And the scholars actually says husana in this meaning, it is Jen ninja Allah May Allah reward as Jenna I mean as mine and says, what do we law he was on the land of Allah subhanho wa Taala his massive is great in an indication that you can go away if you cannot establish that religion of Allah subhana wa Jalla, viola innama your facade Luna Jumeirah hisab indeed those who practice patience and perseverance, they will be granted genda without any punishment or accountability. And we previously talked about some of the patients and we said sobre el Matador was sobre la Matt Moore was a brand ambassador and quickly inshallah recapping where we left off last

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time, it would be patience upon what Allah Subhana Allah decreed upon you Divine Decree, whatever good or bad and also be patient and what allows upon Allah to Allah ordained upon you and meaning of the praying years UCM and he was a cow you had an hombre and all that stuff holding on to that either Illallah Muhammad Rasul Allah be happy with all its full rates and use with holding on your head up high and practicing your religion in sha Allah, best way possible, and a sub Anima Lu and staying away from that for prohibitions, and whatever Allah Subhana Allah forbid us to do, and Allah Subhana Allah has given us that example for us to hold on to it because we have to keep gentleman's

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Binoche as if that horse you have the carrot, you know they step over everything, and they go through whatever it takes in order for them to get to that and that we should have in sha Allah for us gender should be our ultimate goal and being with Prophet Mohammed Salah in Ghana, we our ultimate goal pleasing Allah subhana wa Jalla Viola before we meet him should be our ultimate goal. And that was the Sahaba della Animas name. And we mentioned to you that what the law says anything the calamities in this dunya what happens to them he says, I remember that it could have been worse and it could have been it's not in my ID that handlers I'm still a Muslim and allows the panel to

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Allah rewards me for it and abundance and I will get gender and so on and I remember losing Prophet Mohammed masala mean nothing was worse than that. Now when it comes to that migration, it was in the fifth year of the Salah.

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And the first one that migrated was mme not fun la de la nwaba and his wife Raja Raja, another daughter of Prophet Mohammed Salim Ali in salatu salam. Now we talked about this and even say this the Prophet Mohammed Salim the de ser that first people that migrated the first house or migrated for the sake of Allah, after Abraham and after lot, Ibrahim Alayhi Salam and lute alayhi salam. So you can imagine the honor of Earth might have not followed the law. And when he's my greeting with the Muslims for the first migration for the sake of Allah, because the persecution was a bit too severe, and they couldn't take it anymore, and Prophet Mohammed Salim after here diverse from the

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sort of the zone, that they are permitted to go ahead to give him the green light. So there were a few of them that migrated to Abba sr, which is a habit. And a prophet Mohammed Salim had given him the green light, he says that there is a Melek there's a king over there, learn with women who had no one would be oppressed in his job, meaning his protection, or his company. So they did and the first wanted to go away in darkness, they took the darkness as the cover. And as they did Quraysh Believe it or not, they still heard about it, and they were trying to stop them. But Allah subhanaw taala made it easy for them. And somehow two ships panela came close by and they got on it and they

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went on to a senior. The amazing thing about it when they went to UN habitat. When Christ wants to do this, they still wanted to go after them, amazingly enough, including those who migrated and the first one was Albuquerque.

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and when among the people that you knew was among the honorable society,

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what did he do? He says, You Abu Bakr my greeting, how come? He says the persecution is but you are antamina said, You are among the auto society, he says Nevertheless, he says NTV jewellery come back. He wanted to migrate. So what did he do? He says, NTV jewelry come and protect you. It's impossible for us as polish, not even honoring that people honorable society is amazing. So entity Do you employ protection, and that's what they used to do in an honor system. The Arabs used to say, if you are my job, you are my protection, nobody will touch you, because he respected that. So because of the gaming and what he did, he says he cure.

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And we talk about the persecution. And when MOBA crystal de pajama came in, he was protected. But now he was starting to recite the Quran. And they went back up to the man that is protected by Casa de la. And he says, you have to stop saying this, let us do not blaspheme our idols or gods so called for them with a small G, of course. So our book has to do with the law says we're lucky if that's your job. If that's the way you're going to put a condition in order for me not to practice my religion, in order for me to be under your protection, or rather to lie because you want, I give you back your job, your protection, you can have it I'm in the production of Allah subhanaw taala I

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don't want it if I cannot practice my religion, I don't want to production. So he did not lie to me. He said, I'm free, you're you're free, you're not held accountable if anybody else does to me. So indeed, people got onto electricity and they start harming him. So at that man walking vices, see what I told you, he says, Lau Allah He Lau Allah, I will not go back in your Jawad in order for me to be able to be safe and not practice my religion. In fact, his Sera, in other book, a little bit of HIPAA motto, we learn a few things. First thing, the first thing you have to have at the end of the day is your deen has to be number one, if you cannot practice your religion, at the end of the

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day, you've got nothing, we've got nothing, we're lucky madal, confirming them. There is nothing after this belief, nothing. So it doesn't matter how big of a house you have, how big of a car you have, how much you have in this Swiss bank account or a private yacht or private jet. Voila, he means nothing in the hereafter. So the first lesson we learned that you are allowed to migrate to, to worship Allah subhanaw taala. And of course, there are three levels of this we will talk about a little bit later in Sharla. When it comes to the 50 issues, when do you stay? When do you go and so on. But even then, I will because of the record straight for us. If you cannot preach practice what

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the last one I'll tell told you to leave here naughty. But we cannot go back to the people let's say in. It's not an Islamic country. So you have to leave it because not Islamic. There is a it's not it's a weaker opinion. But you can imagine now millions of people will have to migrate. It's not true. But the scholars say the first thing, you establish the pillars, if you can establish the verse and nusach and the rituals of Islam, you can stay in the Muslim country. If you cannot, then you have to go. At least you have to go to establish the pillars. And we both know that some so called Muslim countries, or what I will call them is mature Muslim, just so by so called Muslim

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countries by name. I'm not going to get into the politics of it. But I'm pretty sure we both know what I'm talking about that some of those called Muslim countries, a sister cannot wear the hijab Allahu Akbar, a brother cannot have a beard, so Hanalei, Effie, and if you bring in Jamaica and Vegeta, your name is on the list. I know there is a story Amanda was taken, because he looked like this poor slave of Allah in one country. That's all his sin. He looked like this. And apparently somebody reported.

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So they came in with the soldiers of course. Yes, sir. What are you doing man? This is the Muslim brother just spraying I am just getting my command and they say that well I do not have the memorial and tagged Abdullah. Allah Subhana.

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Allah Subhana Allah to Allah has not given a command. You cannot say Abdur Mahmoud tequila

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and again we say you're not and then you say you know I'm just following order man. So what are you gonna say when allows Why don't Allah hold you accountable for harming your brother and sisters for just establishing La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah. Apparently it's a crime nowadays to say la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, as it was for this habarana was mine. So don't feel so bad as an OT, but hold on hold on Charla. So now, our Casa de la Nova said that and accordingly, we hold on to it. If you can practice your religion in the West, Effie go back, Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Ashoka he lived on the campus, whatever is apparent. So number one is his UD number

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one it doesn't matter where you practice your religion, but the number

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But one issue here. And the most important lesson in this in this halaqaat in this episode is you religion. So make sure that whatever doesn't matter what you do at the end of the religion, Islam has to be number one on your list, fulfill it on law, number three lumen Allah, as you will see what he says, I give you back your jewel, and they go back and he says, Well, if they go back to it again and recite the Quran freely, I will. So we have to heed the message and the first lesson learned from this halaqa is to hold on to religion, because without it, we have a zero in the bank account, not in this lifetime, but in the hereafter. Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when that

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Muslims migrated to a senior, he was obviously intimidated in that way that some of his Muslims have gone. And now to show that he's, on the contrary, he is not intimidated, used to actually declare and worship Allah subhanaw taala john, on the contrary of the other Muslims that they used to do it in secrecy. So one day

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in Harlem, in a secret Masjid, in Ramadan, there was a big gathering, big gathering, even to calm the people of the of the hierarchy, the the leaders of their tribes, the Honorable society, so many people are in the cabinet at that time.

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And Prophet Mohammed Salim took advantage of that. he recited Surah nagement, Allah subhana wa tada revealed those beautiful words that uttered by Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and by the way, the practiced one of the things he has, do not listen, that is my brother.

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In law, Alonzo panatela reveals what they had in a covenant. The Covenant was do not listen to this Quran and take it as hearsay. Maybe you will be victorious. But Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam recited sort of management in front of everyone didn't care. Even then, it was the first time in a lot of people in place to hear for an ever in their life. When Prophet Mohammed Sicilian recited that Quran, they were mesmerized. Now what happened in the end of sort of nudge, there was essential.

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And I'm not gonna say so you don't have to prostrate. But when Providence hadn't finished that soda with the serger, he prostrated to Allah Subhana, Allah Viola and in front of everyone himself, he didn't care. And of course, everyone else followed him. SubhanAllah they followed him in the frustration, except one man.

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That one man was a very old man. He could not frustrate you know what he did? He grabbed a handful of dust and placed it on his own head. And he says, He says that he dilla and this is how I go on to prostrate to Allah. Why is it if you think about it, first, that the power of the words of olanzapine are Galahad effect, even emotionally he Quraysh those who used to worship the idols, those who don't even know Islam, those did not even know that the beauty of the man and the belief and our data and so on. They still were affected by the words of olanzapine Angela Viola. So here's a question for you. If you look at this, you can really touch your heart

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or the hearts are sealed. Fly to the Bruna Quran will not ponder and reflect. When do you really actually you give this goosebumps that Chairwoman Oh, this is what allows us this this is these words, you should use pumps. But even I don't have the molecule Sina Joshi rhodiola that your eyes tear. Do you feel any movement at all? Or do you only have these tears falling down when you hear this love song? reminding you of sister you know Susu that you wanted to marry but unfortunately her father this villain couldn't give you a hand in marriage. It is the only time you cry and when you hear a loud talking and you see it you hear the Quran but sort of cough and talking about Jenna talk

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about the Hellfire doesn't do anything for you nothing. So listen, even Quraysh moochie crush the bow down the frustrated to Allah subhanaw taala because they just heard sort of Dynegy from Prophet Mohammed Hassan.

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After this after this incident, we were blamed previously I mean, the a lot of people said How could you do that? We've taken a covenant you're not supposed to listen to the Quran and so on. You know what they did? They took the excuses. He says we were mesmerized and we only did this because he the added few things to look around. This is because they are the one that the glorified one in a shop at home little tada we're in the homeowner because he said this was a problem didn't say that. We only we stayed because Prophet Mohammed Salim did what he said that these were good gods and the intercession is required or requested lower. It's not true. But they were trying to say face they

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were trying to make excuses. And that's what happened. But hamdulillah now that

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His story got to be Muslims in a senior and they thought Qureshi became a Muslim, because he frustrated down to allow Suhana gela Viola. And under way, they actually learned the sad truth that it was only because of the, the beautiful recitation of Prophet Mohammed Salim. And the effect of the words of Allah subhanaw taala, and so on that had on them. And now some of them went back to a senior, and some of them came back to Mecca hiding in secrecy. And when the prosecution actually increased, Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam had actually given a green light to go back and migrate to and have a chat one more time. But as we mentioned, that the first one was 12 men and

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four women. And so then this time was actually a little more It was 83 men and nine or 10 women different than the ration going back to the senior this time is a lot bigger and they went would have the law, even though Qureshi tried to stop them, but Allah subhanaw taala by His grace and mercy, save them and they went back to ever senior. Now Quraysh want to go back and get them amazingly enough. They do not want to let them live amongst them. You don't want them to practice Islam, and even when they leave them alone, they still want to get them back to persecute them. So Pamela, the animosity was a strangely up to its highest level. Now the scent Imran and Astra de la

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nobody was not a Muslim then and Abdullah Abdullah br also a de la Nova they were both not Muslim yet. So they went straight after them, they went to a senior and they brought some gifts. So they took the gifts and the talk to the Metallica you know the the priests, the high priests that work under an Apache rhodiola and obviously it was not a Muslim then still and now they give them all these gifts and then they said you know what can we do to get them to go back and talk to an agenda tell them that these people they left the religion and the separated between the tribe they started a fitna they started this test between them and the the left their gods and they did not even follow

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your own Deen meaning Christianity. So they agreed with the Botanica they said okay, we'll cook it together. So they had a meeting with an agenda after that. So when the joshy heard their part, I'm gonna lost you understand he's a debt here, meaning is a very smart man. So he wanted to present this case, he says all King, these people left us and the left our religion and the cursed our gods. They didn't even practice your own religion. So can we have him back to take him back to our tribes and family and deal with them accordingly? So he, he was known to be affair King, so he said, Bring him to me.

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So the Muslims came to him.

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And he says, What's your story? Who was talking on behalf of Muslims was a Jaffa nebia nebuta.

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He talked about Islam. He says, Yeah, are you a medic, or king.

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We were people that used to worship that statues had nothing but a rock. And we used to kill one another. We used to use usury. And we used to do all the transgression acts, we used to cut the next of kin. We used to oppress one another, we used to steal from one another. We used to do all these bad things. And we used to live in darkness of the worshipping other than God Almighty. And this man called Mohammed Elisa Lam demon took us from the darkness to the light, from the slavery of the slaves of the people to that freedom and slave only for that allows apologia love Yoda, and to reach next of kin, and forgive those who oppress us reach for those who cut us off, give those who are

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privates and be good to that neighbor, and only worship one God.

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And we followed him, we believe that him and these people persecuted for that until we actually were forced to be driven out of our own homes. So an agenda when he heard this, he says no, you will not go back. You are in my production. He actually mentioned something, it's an embassy and meaning you are admin.

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I mean, here you will be here and that and peaceful means and he says, Well, you will be in my job, it will be in my protection. So America, you know, the priests the influence. The goal of this they were not very happy, because well he even if he's still that if he if you blow doesn't matter how hard I'm still gonna protect him. And now I'm gonna blast. You understand. He's a strong man. And he's also Mashallah very intellectual. This is I'll come back tomorrow, and I will plot a plot that they will not be able to get out of it. So Abdullah,

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even though he's not a Muslim that yet he says, Don't get them harmed. There's still some of them are actually some of our families. These were neighbors were family and friends still says no, I will come back tomorrow and I put them in trouble.

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So he came back again the following day.

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And he said to an

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Oh King, these people when the left our religion didn't even follow your religion, but they say something that is severe against rissalah Islam.

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So now he says bring him back to me.

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Amazingly, even though the king was not a Muslim yet,

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he says he has to be fair. So panela that's what he's known for. So we learned something here, actually, you know, when your child comes to you, complains about something. And there's they're crying because they're obviously the younger child usually cries, accusing the older child for hitting them or doing something. So what do you usually do if you're naughty? You bring your older child and smack them right away. Because you're not interested in justice, you're interested in being quiet. We learned something even brought Salamis to bring people in to discuss it. So when did you actually bring them forth? He says, What do you say? So again, he said he talked about sort of

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medium. So he told him we're lucky. Here's what we told what we're talking about it and here's what promiseland says, isn't the word of Allah, what kennametal min arola he's a spiritual Allah subhanaw taala he is from the alpha l batool. Maryam, so Allah here this is by Allah, He drew a line is the difference between you and him is that small of a line? So the character, sir, do this, this will lie he doesn't matter what you do, I will still protect him. And what did he say? He says, Look at him, Elijah given back their gifts upon Allah. And that is another lesson that we can learn from and the gesture of the law and from there charlo will continue next time is Aquila Halo Salaam Alaikum

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warahmatullahi wabarakatuh