Nadim Bashir – 6 Rules Of Communication In AFamily

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The importance of communication in healthy relationships is discussed, with rules for managing these relationships including avoiding off limits, not discussing sensitive topics, and not sharing sensitive information. The speaker emphasizes the importance of timing, finding the right time, and being mindful of one's words. The importance of being respectful and being aware of others' actions is also emphasized.
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So part of the series I've been doing on Saturday mornings, I had a brother who came to me and he said that if you can probably talk about communication, and how husband or wife, we need to talk to each other, and I thought that I had to cover this. But somehow, when I was going through my notes, I realized I had not covered this, though I had covered it in some points here and there. But I want to dedicate a entire talk or entire morning talk on the subject of communication. And especially when it comes to a husband and wife how they should be talking to each other, first of all, is that communication is always very, very important. And what I've seen from my own personal observations,

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is that when there is unhealthy communication between a husband and wife, that is where the problems begin, because you have a husband and wife are living under the same roof, but they can talk to each other, and you're going to be spending majority of the time with each other, then there is no way that relationship can flourish down the road, a husband will go, often what we see is husband will go to work probably eight, nine hours a day, but then he has to come back home, the wife is without the husband for eight and for those eight, nine hours. So she's taking care of all her responsibilities, her domestic responsibilities, but when the husband and wife they do come back

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home, they have to face each other, they have to talk to each other. But if they don't know how to communicate with each other, then that is where the problems will begin. So there are so today Inshallah, in this brief talk, I want to share with you six important rules, six important rules that we need to keep in mind, when it comes to talking to each other. The very first thing is that when it comes to communication, there is a term called a non subjects. This non subject term means that there are some discussions and some topics that are considered as off limits. Like there are some discussions that a husband and wife have told each other, that we're not having this discussion

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period. I don't care what it is, we're not having this discussion at all, don't talk about anything else you want. But this topic is off limits. Now, when we talk about this, this idea of non subjects, there's a way to handle that. So we're talking about there, we're talking about topics that are sometimes really shouldn't remain just non subjects. These are topics that will create fights between a husband and wife, that will create arguments between a husband and wife. And often there are subjects and topics that cannot be reconciled or something that may have happened in the past that it cannot be revisited or there is no recourse to this. For example, when there is some

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ill behavior from one person or from the in laws towards one spouse, sometimes it is the wife's parents who have mistreated the husband or not shown him enough respect or sometimes it is the parents of the husband, who have not shown respect and love to to their daughter in law. Now, when these kinds of topics for example, come up, there may have been a situation there may have been an event that happened in the past and husband and wife whenever they talk to each other and this subject matter comes up, then they always are fighting with each other, your parents did something to me in the past. Now, if something has happened once again the past it cannot be undone, it has

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already happened. So that is why there are some things that yes, you can treat as non subjects. But there are some other things that should not be treated as non subjects. For example, when it comes to something related to the husband, something related to the wife. And sometimes you know, people are trying to hide from each other, especially when it comes to men. See the way as men how they handle issues is very different than how women handle issues. When it comes to men. Men don't like to discuss their problems publicly. If they have a problem going on with their marriage, for example. They don't like going and discussing with others they may discuss with their friends, but

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usually they will probably sit down by themselves and they'll try to process it. Men on one hand, they try to stay away even if they cry. Even if a man he becomes emotional. He makes sure that he's not emotional in front of others. He's emotional, probably in his car. He's probably emotional, you know, in his room all by himself. They make sure that they are not emotional in front of others. So the wait a man has been created by Allah subhanho wa Taala is in a way where they handle tragedy where the handle problems, depression, anxiety in a particular way. And women they handle these things in a very particular way. There are times where a man is going through a struggle in life,

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but he really but he feels that I don't want to share this with my wife. This is considered as a non

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subject. Now, if there is a discussion or a topic that a man feels, or a woman feels, I don't want to share with my spouse, because I don't want them to know what I'm going through. But it can affect your marriage down the road, that you need to discuss that. For example, when a man is going through struggles at work, he sees his signs on the wall, he's being already told, given hints at work. And especially, you know, when you're talking about corporate America, and when you talk about bigger, you know, when people work in companies and so forth, they don't come and fire you on the spot, they will come and they will drop hints, you will see things happening in the company, and so forth. And

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you realize that you know what, sooner or later, my turn is about to come. And you're going through this anxiety as a man because you are a provider, because Allah has created men, as you know, as providers, we care for our families. Now, a lot of times the men will feel, I don't want to go and talk to my spouse about this or talk to my wife about this, because I don't want her to become overly concerned about it, not realizing that sitting down and harboring these kinds of thoughts and ideas in our mind and our heart, and not sharing it with others may be actually more detrimental. So that is why we have to really gauge there are some topics that we should share with each other. And

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there are some topics once again, if they're about the past, and it cannot be undone mean, I mean, they cannot be undone, then in that situation, they can remain as non subjects. But that is why it's very important that we always share with each other with husband and wife, there is no need to share. If you have committed a sin, for example, you don't need to share that a person who has committed a sin that's between you and Allah subhana with the IRA. But remember, there could be also ramifications and consequences to that also, you know, point is of this number one of this point number one is,

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you have to be very careful in what you share what you don't share. But always remember that if you share there are some things that if you share, it may actually help your marriage down the road. Number two is timing is everything. What does that mean? Timing is everything. First of all, is what to discuss when to discuss is something very important. You have to take time out every single day to talk to your wife, to talk to your husband, it's something that is very common, it's needed. And you cannot take that time of the day when things are busy. You cannot sit there and talk to your spouse or talk to your wife. When in the morning. For example, when everyone everything is chaotic

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inside the house, especially when you have younger children. You're trying to get to lunchboxes you're trying to get them into the car, you don't you want to make sure they don't get targeting and so forth. And at that time you feel like you know what, there is a particular issue, I want to talk to my wife about that particular issue at that particular time. You're choosing the right time, buddy. Simple as that. So that's why you have to find the right time. When it came to the swasta Allahu alayhi wa sallam, there was a time of day where he would sit down with his wife, and he would talk to her and what time was that of the day, it was usually the latter part of the day. So in the

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morning, if you say the 24 hour life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we learned that every single point of the day he had something to do so after fajr, for example, you will sit with the Sahaba of the Allahu unknown. What did you see the anyone see a dream anything of that type. If he saw a dream, he would always explain it and so forth, then usually he would go he would go home, and he would you spend a little time at home. But at that time, he's trying to take care of his errands. He's trying to take care of his responsibilities. After that, during the daytime, he was there for his community. And for sort of the heart, he would entertain the emissaries, even during

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the midday time he will take a nap. But after lunch, he would entertain the guests who would come from out of town because they always wanted to come and visit us on Sunday. So he would then entertain them at first at the bar. After our son he will go and visit all his wives. After Monday, he will sit down with that wife whose night and whose turn it was and he will talk to them and so forth and spending quality time with them. And then after Isha he would generally go to sleep, he will not stay up after shot for long. The point is that he would he had a dedicated time of the day where he was spend quality time with his wife. Now, if that means that you spend that time of the

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day with your wife, or with your spouse, at the end of the day when the kids are asleep and everything has sort of calmed down. My recommendation is that will be the best time. But once again, you know each other fix a time of the day where you can talk to each other. How was your day? How was my day? What's going on with the kids? What's tomorrow? What's the plan and what's the schedule for tomorrow. A husband and wife should always be in sync with each other

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Number three, I've said this before, I'm going to say this again, I'm not going to elaborate on this point too much. If there's something that you're expecting from your spouse or your from your significant other, do not expect them to read your mind. express it. You know what Allah he you know how many times I've come across this? Where people are telling each other, you should know what's in my mind, you should be able to read what's in my mind? How I mean, it's not possible, how can you how can you know, especially this is, this is something you find many times from women, okay? They told their husbands, you should know what's in my mind.

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There's no way I can read your mind, okay? If there's anything that is in your heart, or there's something that you're expecting from your spouse, you have to clearly express it. And that goes for both husband and wife express to each other, tell each other when you sit down. As I said earlier, in point number two, when you sit down and talk to each other, discuss these kinds of things that look, this is what I expect. And she can say, this is what I expected and so forth. But you have to express things clearly mentioned them, do not expect anyone to be a mind reader in the family. Number four,

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it is very important that when we talk to each other, we give the chance to the other to express themselves. I had a husband or wife who came to my office. And it was a long story, I'm not gonna share the entire story with you. But the point is that I realized after a while, that whenever the PERT, whenever one would talk, the other one will interrupt them, you have to let people talk, you have to let them get through their concerns. And that also means that you have to get to the point also. So there are some people whenever they're talking to each other, they're giving a lecture, okay? They're giving a full lecture in Alhamdulillah. No, but the point is that it's a full lecture,

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okay. And so usually, by the time they get to the end of their lecture or their talk, then the husband and wife are already sorry, you know, they're already emotionally disconnected. So that is why it's important that when we talk to each other, let the other get through their point. But it also means that the person who's making the point, they have to get through the point quickly and do not take too much time. What this does is that it actually helps you understand the other person, but if a person have a husband and wife, they always interrupt the other. When they're talking and they're discussing things, then we'll law he there is no way that that that's marriage can survive.

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Because in order for a marriage to survive, you have to talk to each other. But if a person is talking and every single time they're talking, they're being interrupted, then how do they get their point across? So that is why Subhan Allah Allah says in the Quran to wala who remember Tony Omaha, Allah subhanho wa Taala took you out from the rooms of your mother Latta Allah Munna, che, you did not know anything. What Your Honor, now pay attention here. Allah Subhan Allah is saying what your Allah Allah Khan was sama will have a surah will have either Allah Subhana Allah is saying that I have created the ears for you, I have given you the ability to see. And I've given the ability to

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comprehend and think. So when a person takes in information, they take in information either by seeing something by listening to something, and Allah, Allah subhana wa Tala, he says that then when all this information goes into the heart, based on the status of the heart, if the heart is healthy, or the heart is corrupt, then they take that information and then they they you know, they make some meat, they it creates a meaning out of it. But pay attention Allah subhanaw taala never used the word he never used anything regarding the mouth. Why? Because it's important that when we talk to each other, listening to others is something very, very important. And so that's why it's, it's I

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will say once again, that when when others talk, give them a chance to make their point, do not interrupt each other than then inshallah communication will be able to be healthy within a marriage. Rule number five.

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If the time ever comes that you have to, you know, correct each other or you need to accept your fault, and you have to be willing to accept your faults. There are times when Yes, you have to accept your faults. You cannot bring ego into the picture then, and there are times when you have to correct someone else, and you correct them in the appropriate way. You Don't be disrespectful when you correct others, you don't correct others. There is no you know, you don't correct others when others are there. Even if a husband and wife need to correct each other. Do it in the most respectful way. Don't do it where you're putting down each other and especially in front of others.

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So this is why it's normal. You know, number five is very important that

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When we correct each other, we're willing to accept the correction. If I need to apologize, I have to apologize. But it also means that you always choose the right time to correct each other. And lastly, which is something very important that we find from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam rule number six is that we have to always be very respectful. And we have to always be very positive. So instead of saying, you know, you don't do this, you don't do this, you don't do this. Rather, the language should be is rather do this, rather do this, always try to put a positive twist on the sentences or the statements that we're making to our significant others. We always find those

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feminists Allah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam, that he would never use profanity, he would never yell in his family and so forth, he will never raise voices in a family. So that's why it's very important that we always if I need to discuss something with someone, yes, I get it. I'm not saying I, you know, I don't want to be impractical here. Yes, there are times where we're going to raise our voices. And yes, we will get upset. And if that happens, no problem move on. But we can't make it a constant practice in our families. There are some families where there's so much yelling and screaming going on within the household, that the kids they are raised in this way, then when they

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become parents, they're always yelling and screaming. So the house, on the other hand, I've seen families where there is no yelling and screaming there is, you know, there's a very calm atmosphere inside the house. Those kids when they when they grow up, then when they treat their children, or when they are communicating with others, they expect others to be very calm with them. And if a person raises their voices from them, they can't usually stand it. So that is why what we learned from Ross wa sallam is that he was always respectful. And I've talked about this before, but I'll say this, again, even husband and wife, when it comes to your kids in front of your kids, you should

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never ever disrespect each other. I've had many, I've had many men who came to me. And they have told me that now that they have started to become singers, or starting to that, you know, they're starting to hit their 50s and 60s and 70s. Now the wife comes in is being verbally very abusive, and so forth. So usually in the beginning of the marriage, it was probably the husband who was being very, very abusive, verbally abusive. And now, and then later in the marriage, the wife has certainly become verbally abusive, and so forth. But the point is that somewhere there is a lot of verbal abuse that is taking place. And this has an impact on the children. At the end of the day,

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husband and wife need to be on the same page, and they're on the same team. That means that if a wife sees that her children are disrespecting their father, then the mother needs to step in and say that this is unacceptable. And if the father sees that the children are stepping in, because he's probably not, you know, there's something going on. And he sees the children disrespecting the wife or I mean his his wife, then the father needs to step in and tell the children that this is unacceptable. Often the reason why that the reason why children become disrespectful to their parents, is because they see that one is being disrespectful towards the other. So it sort of gives

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them the green light that if my father can be verbally abusive to my mother, or my mother can be verbally abusive to my father, than it gives me the green light I can do the same thing too. And that is not true. So that is why even if you have to fit, you know correct each other, you do it behind closed doors, not in front of the kids in front of the kids, husband and wife should always talk to each other with dignity and respect and show love and affection towards each other. So these are six things that inshallah we keep in mind I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to bring peace and harmony and Rama within our homes. May Allah subhanaw taala make our make our homes a place of My

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