Zaid Shakir – Islam Suffices As A Blessing

Zaid Shakir
AI: Summary © The importance of studying the names of individuals and the natural in shaping one's behavior is emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the need to be mindful of our actions and use character traits to identify individuals and their impact on our lives. The importance of protecting individuals from evil behavior and sharing common experiences for peace and knowledge is also emphasized. The conversation then transitions to discussing the use of words like "will" and "will face" in relation to the meaning of "will" and "will" in English.
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nettleham delila una una Stop.

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Stop una to LA he went over here in schoharie and fusina women see at

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the low

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no walk away

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with a shadow and see Donna Mohammed Abu arasu

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Taco lady haba taco man so wahida hola Carmen has Olga

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Mariana and Kathy are on one is

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what taco law handed he tells

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me he was out in la cumbre de

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La Nina Amma taco De La Hoya pulu Colin said to you that you're local.

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We all know kung fu 183 in La Habra Sula, hufa falcoda faza fosun alvina

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Alhaji Tiki turbo la hora de Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are shorter or lower on a deathbed to have your Kundalini that attended our Bala Baku vaca Bala Latin finol Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah.

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Talia Nolan had no wall Alhamdulillah lady and Santa Ana agua de ke Tebow.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen All praises to to Lord the Lord of all the words or praises due to Allah who has guided us to this path and we would not have been able to guide ourselves and not a lot chosen to guide us. All praise is due to law who is revealed the scripture onto the servant and it's made no crookedness there and, and hamdulillah

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Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed us abundantly. He's blessed us with Islam. If we left this world, we had nothing

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of possession.

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No house, no car,

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no yacht. No scooter, no bicycle, no shoes, little food, that water. But we love this land in our hearts, then we've been blessed in this world in mid rhodiola.

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Amongst the sayings attributed to him is the following.

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in dunya, testimonia method from the blessings of this world, Islam suffices as a blessing.

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fee cat is damn near Latin. Islam suffices you as a blessing.

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Sometimes we

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frequently talk about law, we talk about gender, we talk about heaven, we talk about *.

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And some people speaking of believers

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find these things difficult to internalize. Because we're in a materialistic society. And rather we acknowledge it or fail to acknowledge it. We're constantly receiving a message, a subtle message sometimes in an overt message at other times, that the only thing that exists is that which can be perceived through our senses.

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Or that can be empirically verified, because there are realities, such as microwaves, microwave,

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Magneto electronic beams, that we can perceive with our senses, but we can verify empirically. But other than that, there is no reality. And of course, we know there's reality Far, far greater than all of them. Because this reality that endures, and is reality. In the case of Allah subhanho wa Taala, who's whose reality preseason is absolutely necessary for all other reality.

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In any case, one of the ways that we can make the reality of the loss of Hannah metalla more real in our lives, and begin to internalize the meaning is by studying his names and attributes, just as a person whose name we don't know.

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That person we might see them in passing, but

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They don't have any impact on our heart.

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We don't know their name, we don't know any of their characteristics. Because we don't know their name, because we don't know any of their characteristics. For us to say that we love that person, there's no foundation or basis. But once we know the name of that person, and we know the characteristics of that person, and this a kind person, a very generous person, a very courageous person, a very charitable person, then the love for that person. And the reality of that person over and beyond this, something that we someone we just passed on the street begins to grow inside of our hearts. This is the case with the loss of Hannah what time so we should study the names of a loss of

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Hannah Montana. And as we study the names of a law, we've come to know a loss of autonomy. And it's not just a case of you should love a law, you should know you should try to tend to modify and what does that mean if there's no foundation to bring that reality into our hearts?

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So last ramen,

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Rahim, Allah is merciful.

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And we should, we should begin to look for the mercy of Allah.

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And as we see a manifested throughout everything, not just in our lives, everything in this creation,

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then their reality begins to impress itself upon us, and the greatest mercy of laws given us.

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And so in short, our rational autonomy minds reminds us of the greatness of this mercy, that discord, envy,

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a entrance into the world of the speech of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's eternal.

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Whereas we are, our existence was after that after the fact and reality of the core end.

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And our existence is contingent. And so law reminds us first of the internality of Procore n. And then He created us to take benefit from the Quran, alright, men and women for an Allah insana, Allah,

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Allah, The Merciful, rather his creative, he has taught an animal and then his creative, the human being, to benefit

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from that teaching.

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And then he's taught us and the greatest anyone who studies

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if you go to an Arabic University in the in the Muslim world,

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the greatest foundation of your mastery of the language reveal core as

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you began to study rhetoric, your fundamental foundational texts will be the core en

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elicos the core.

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So these are all connected, and then we should try to be merciful ourselves. So we should try to adorn ourselves with the character traits of a lot to the extent humanly possible.

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And as we do that, the reality of our ramen grows within us. It grows within us through our familiarizing ourselves with the mercy of Allah and our hearts and it grows through us through our through our emulation of that character, that trade to the extent humanly possible. Our mercy won't be perfect or absolute, like the mercy of Allah, but it will become more and more real to us. So laws are a Rahim and many

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he's the sub

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he his is the the dominion of the heavens and the earth.

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And there's how do we manifest that hardware darn ourselves. And with that particular trait, Allah has given us all some Dominion via our family

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being in a particular realm.

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And this idea is reinforced in the Quran. And someone might say that sounds strange, but a lot of timelines us in the Quran, hula hula, you can book 14 mocha mentorship at 10 00 10 00 Pm the mentorship allows the possessive all the many he extends that to whomsoever He pleases in a limited way, and he was brought up for whomsoever He pleases. And so in any realm that we occupy, and there are laws entrusted with us and the laws given

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a limited amount of Dominion in that realm we should try to be just

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because a lot Tyler execute his his dominion with justice.

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And so we should try to be

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the first person a lot mentioned lunches are the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentions who will be shaded in the shade of the throne of Allah on the day there will be no shade except that shade setback from your fellow hula hoop is Brittany Yama, lavender in

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Adjust V

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and a lot reminds us You're a very high Ron COVID-19 howdy cookie related by a bizarre by the profits of the

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female Johann Robbie isagen and the hookah call, you're a very hard one to

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watch out.

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for that.

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On my surface, I've made repression forbidden from myself enough forbidden in amongst you, therefore don't oppress one another. So we should try to be

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and many in the limited realms are occupied with justice

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and imitating this quality of a lot Hello.

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adorn yourself with the character traits of a lion. This is how we internalize these meanings, AR Rahman AR Rahim and netiquette and produce the sanctified. So Allah sanctified will never be sanctified or holy in the sense that Allah Almighty God is. But we should extol his sanctity.

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And this strengthens our hearts. We shouldn't make light of the loss of Hannah Montana. And we shouldn't make Knights of the of the great symbols of a law.

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We should exalt them as were order.

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You have them shot in the hand and

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whoever magnifies of hopes extols the sanctities of Allah. This is from the piety of the hearts and this is something that brings piety to the hearts and people make light of God, make light of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam make, please come forward to people in the back trying to squeeze in my made the life of the prophets. And you see some people claiming to be Muslims doing this. What happens the hearts become void of any true deep, impressionable faith, the faith that makes an impression on the heart, and then it impacts the actions of the lives as we're told.

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As related from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam movia

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les said Dr.

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Malhotra he was

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the dean here meaning faith is not a whim or offense your wish rather it's that which takes root in the heart and then is testified to by the actions. And so people will make light of the signs of a law then the top levels from their heart and their religion if they even have any. After that process. It becomes very, very superficial. And not d

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R Rahman r Rahim in medical produce as salaam alaikum, salaam

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Salah sometimes those of us who converted to Islam, unlike myself, and we think we're clever. One of the first things we read is learn rather as the greedy they tell you Brother, you meet another Muslim you say As salam aleikum, you say what does that mean? That means peace unto you which part is peace as soon as peace and so we start learning the names of Allah we get to SLM are a man I don't know though all right him don't know that. And many don't know that. I don't know that. SLM I know that's the piece allows the piece no as long as the one free from any defects or imperfections. This is the basic meaning of Ceylon sua gentleness called Dharma salon, the abode of salon where

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because why the imperfections that exist in the world don't exist in general. And the world where you die in Paradise, there is no death. In the world we get sick. These are the imperfections that afflict us and gender. We don't get sick. paradise we don't get sick. Here we pass place there in Paradise, we won't pass

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We'll eat and we'll have a fragrant burger. It won't be like the Ramadan, post iftaar garlic

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will be a very fragrant, sweet burger. And that's it. There'll be no waste. These are the perfections of genda. So a lot SLM is the one who's free from any, any defense. And from that comes peace. So when we say salaam aleikum, we're just saying, I'm not going to render you defective in any way, I'm not going to lesson you in any way, I'm not going to harm you in any way. I'm not going to lower your status in any way,

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the definition of a Muslim

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so we could give a technical, theological definition but the best definition is the definition given given by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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and Muslim men saneamento Simona melissani who are the Muslim is the one the other Muslims are safe from their tongue in hand. And Muslim men Solomon was born and

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the Muslim is one the other Muslims are safe from their tongue in their hand.

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And so the lesson I'm not going to lower your status, I'm not going to harm you in any way. And so a state of peace will exist exists between us because of that, we should always remember that because now the temptation is to harm people with our tones, a very, very easy because it's you, you you you meet some people you know, you couldn't harm them with your hand.

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But an anonymity of your bedroom or your basement or your dungeon. When you're all alone, and safe and isolated with your keyboard.

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yellow teeth, style, let your fingers do the walking not through the Yellow Pages across your keyboard and start unleashing of all sorts of objectives.

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And Muslim and Solomon Muslim moon in the sand he will yet

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and movement and movement. So you will we don't say a loss to believer.

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Allah is the one who extends belief to others,

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allows them to extend his belief. to others. Allah is the one who gives safety and security to others. So it's related to SLM that together for reason SLM and movement, the one

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I mentioned in Surah,

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the electroporation

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fell jambu, rock the head and bait and lead the hammer home into another home and home. And he's made them safe from fear. And so how do we internalize this meaning we do everything in our power to make others to grant safety and security to them and to ensure that they feel safe around us. And so we do everything in our power to extend safety to them. This is the movement

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we mentioned the the the SLM and they're being together and Muslim and Solomon must be more than men discerning who God the Muslim has one or the other Muslims are saved from their tongue in hand, some person right here most of them realize that what about me? So right after that, and movement SLM and movement, and moving them in Solomon, natural Dawa. The Muslim is one the people, the generality of people are saved from any evil from them. And so, we try to internalize those meanings and the internalization of the meanings makes the reality of the one who is named with those qualities, more rules and more DD in the very depths of our hearts. So the time doesn't permit to go beyond this.

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sneak in one more, which is, it might be the next one in one ramen or human Mexican produce SLM and more movement,

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glasses and checkbox want to skip Aziz al Jabbar

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to catabasis categorizations of the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala. You say the names of, of mercy and beauty. So I smell German, and the names of majesty smell in July. And some of the names combine those two meanings. One of those is Jafar it hasn't had any quality and it hasn't dramatic quality. They Jelena Jelena quality is Jabbar the compeller one who compels

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imposes HIS WILL on his creation

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mean you will not desire anything unless your desires consistent with what Allah has desired for you.

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But the genetic quality of Jabbar as from the meaning we say, an Arabic job or podcast that amended the break,

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amended the break. So a cast is called Shapira from this meeting, and so we should try to be people that men breaks and men have men have wounds, wounded hearts, and wounded souls and broken hearts and broken souls. We should try and endeavor to mend those and to bring healing to those. So this is a beautiful geometric aspect of this name and Japan.

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Meaning your common stock photo

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala CD mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad wa ala he was on me he was sitting in Europe in Long

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Island lady, young

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lady in Amman Sadhguru somebody he was sending Mutasa de la hos and he was an American. So he didn't know Habibi, no karate unit.

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And he was offering you a certain pitch demon kathira Alhamdulillah. Allah has blessed us abundantly we should never ever, ever, ever, ever felt to give thanks even for the slightest blessing, even for what we might deem to be a small blessing, which is oxymoronic, a small blessing, all blessings are large. All blessings are great. And we should thank Almighty God for every blessing, even those we perceive to be small.

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Because those small blessings in our perception which come from our Lord, and therefore from the greatness of our Lord, they are great

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as they say,

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and Colleen min and Kathy are calling

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upon Akali Milica to caffeine a little from a lot is a lot

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more caffeine than in a minute de Cali and a lot from a little as a liberal. So what we might perceive to be a small blessing of the infinite banking and the infinite waste of Allah subhana wa tada is great. And we should magnify it and give thanks for it and sharp appreciation for a lot more feelings in me. No one wants me to you know alumina

Imam Zaid Shakir provides integral advice on how to internalize the reality and meaning of Allah in our lives.

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