Lauren Booth – Allah’s Call Shakes Non Muslims

Lauren Booth
AI: Summary © The speaker describes a man who turned out to be a cult leader and became a cult leader. He describes a woman who had a strange sound during an event in Istanbul, and describes a woman who had a unique call to prayer. The speaker reflects on the event's impact on people, including people from all walks of life who were struck by the sound.
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In 2008, I was sitting in a cafe just like this one in Istanbul. And I was led to hosts who invited me to make a documentary about a man who turned out to be a cult leader. I didn't know it at the time. Medical Ethics, thank you, the chicken lair I should say.

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And I remember sitting in the cafe when the van went, not being Muslim, I wasn't drinking coffee at the time I was having wine and just enjoying the whole vibrancy of Istanbul as I thought of as a European city. And then the event went

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and something strange happened.

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I could have sworn

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that heard my name being called from the minarets

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and I listened again. And it was saying Lauren booth Lauren booth. What? And it seems to be coming from the minaret? No, that's impossible. Okay, because then you name it's called from the minaret is Allah and then his prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but something in that beautiful, incredible sound, hit my heart, and made it clear that I was somehow being called being cooled. I was terrified. I was really terrified. I wrote in my diary that night, am I being Am I getting the call? You've got to be kidding me. So when the guys came back, they sat down and I was a little bit shaky, because the whole thing had been after that it just got more and more beautiful. I mean, it's

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almost painful to listen to it. The beauty, the longing, the yearning, Jettas, unique call to prayer.

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What timing

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from every direction to six mosque in one square kilometer.

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Coding for 1400 years.

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Oh, it's beautiful.

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And it is the same word from the time of the Prophet

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closing shops, and everybody's going to pray

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it's such an incredible sight and sound that I find myself completely overcome

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I feel quite moved.

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All the the serial sound of it that isn't made anywhere else. I mean, you can hear sirens everywhere you go. Right. But you don't get to hear that beautiful aching sound of the call to prayer. So when the guys came back,

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I looked at them and I said, How have a funny? How did you get so quickly to your mask? Get your shoes off? Do the stuff I know that Muslims do like wash yourself, grab the mic off, whoever does the that sound and say Lauren booth. And they looked at me and said

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did you hear your name being called to go to the mosque? No, no, no. They knew and I knew the power of the event. And then when I was

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taken to them Istanbul the call to prayer the Muslim call to prayer starts at like five o'clock in the morning. So it's an extraordinary sound. Wow. So the first week it was like

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second week, it was kind of quite nice. But the third week I was totally captivated. Loved it.

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Stan, I thought maybe Islam was the answer. So, so many converts to Islam. I know I have a story about the event. And let's see it for what it is. It's not music. It's not it's not melody. It's a call. Thanks, Peter. Allah all praises to Him. May we take notice of that code is on Saudi playing. And I remember it was just so loud and opposite blue masks. There's another mass I know being between these two massive masks and the Azzam thing so loud. It sounded amazing. And I was just stopping in the street and just listening.

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I didn't say kondalilla because I wasn't Muslim at the time. But I was missing. I got back to the hostel. And I picked up English translation of the Quran that was in the hostel. And I started reading it. I guess everything went from there really? People from all walks of life can just hear it and be struck.

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so I want us to take a moment to really listen to it

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and to reflect about what's being said to us as human beings

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