Muhammad Al Bizry – Hadeeth – Classification of Hadeeth Pt 2

Muhammad Al Bizry
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala CD mursaleen. Mohammed involved early he was so happy as mine. This is week seven for Hadith Shabaab and

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we are taking classification of Hadith. And this is called in the books on masala, Salman Hadith. And this is part two of this series. So therefore it's crucial that you try to attend every lesson from here on in because they're all connected. Last week we started off same with Hadith, basically how the Hadith have been classified, how they've been labeled. So last week, we looked at and had this one Maqbool accepted Hadith. And that splits off into two. What is an accepted Hadith last week we talked number one, so he authentic and we took it conditions, which we're going to revise now inshallah, and the other type of accepted Hadith we're going to take today and how this will happen.

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Excellent. So those are both accepted. So therefore, it's crucial, as we said, My dear brothers to try to attend and if you missed, then at least listen to the recording, so you can understand what all of this means, because you will find that the lessons actually connect. So today's lesson is based on what we took last week.

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So first and foremost, we last week we talked Alhaji Sohail so let's let's revise that. We said a hadith which is Sahih

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commonly transmitted was authentic needs to have five conditions.

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Were they very quickly?

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Excellent. Number one, a nice to have a connected chain Senate. I've already taken what the word salad means in previous lessons. Excellent. Number two.

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Excellent, this center this chain of narrators must be made up of trustworthy narrators.

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And that word in Arabic was

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they must have Adela Yes, Adela know what $1 refers to more integrity. It's not just about trustworthiness, but they need to be decent, not committing major sins. Now, the rate is going up. The reading should not just be trustworthy. But then writers must also have

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accuracy. Excellent, which is called an Arabic.

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booked, booked. And we said let's have two types. Yes. Whether

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the heart and soundness of writing good. So there must be accurate. Fourth.

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Excellent. The Hadith method must be free from shadows, excellent irregularities.

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explain these very quickly in a moment. And we said that must be free from hidden defects. Excellent.

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So we said to connect the chain, that's number one, the first condition and that's the three parts where they get the chain. Every operator

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must have met each other and must be present. Yeah, it can't be missing. Once you have one missing. Then it breaks up that chain which we're going to look at in sha Allah tala next week, which is ahaadeeth wife. So depending on what's missing, then it can actually make it on it depending on a missing chain. It actually makes the Hadith week which we're going to take next week with Neela. And

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there must be known good so it's one thing having people who underrating and they're all there and they all met each other but they have to be known. That was connected senate good and then trustworthy. Narrator is the word that Adela was using that is a four things four paths. Canada Muslim, and

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that's what trustworthy narrators is. Yes, they have to have integrity. But what does that mean? That there are four things

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Muslim, an afterlife and sanity good ballyvaughan puberty beautiful. And now Salomon, middle Fisk, Salomon municipale. She's a woman as well for so they must be righteous. In other words, they have to be free from committing fisken for so major sin, so they can't be lawyers can be committing major sins or innovators. Good. So those four things must be present. Good, he said, has to be Muslim, saying reach puberty and free from committing major sins. accuracy, we said that's of two types are the accurate in memorization, or writing and one of them is accepted. So as long as I have one of those two, it's fine.

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And then free from shadows irregularities, meaning other ahaadeeth which are authentic, they must conform to it. So if you have a series, a collection of a hadith on top of it that are authentic, it has to conform with it can be different, if it's different, and it's referred to as shell irregular, not normal. And that's why that word is used for homosexuals because these people are not normal. They go against the norm of not just society, but they go against the

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norm of the laws of the universe, and we said can't have any Ll

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and Allah is a hidden defect something that a scholar, if he has mastered this site will go in deep and he will extract these hidden defects. And we mentioned one of them, what was it pick? Remember additonal medini.

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Correct. He stated he found the hidden defect that Allison basri did not actually meet. I leave never thought of good well done. He said at best he saw him as a child at best. So therefore all of the added to Sophie used to justify the bidder from the durations of hustle and bustle and I'll leave those narrations here. Then, they are all considered a hadith more or less, basically deficient defects from madrone and Ella from the word Allah so these are all considered more alella or maluna. a hadith which has a defect is called Hadith Malou Omar al either one is fine, and I'll give you another one another hidden defect and by the way, when we say hidden defects, anything can

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be hidden defect in the mutton or in the chain in the Senate or the mutton no problem.

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Anything could be hidden difficult therefore it's a very big topic and we're not going to discuss it but anything can basically fall under this category of May

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Allah and hidden defects so

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it depends no depending on what the defect is, it may not be fabricated maybe life

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and there's a difference between life and fabricated, fabricated. Jani no awesome whatsoever. This car made up whereas a Heidi switches life, no, it could have been his generation. But a fabricated hobby is not even an aeration at all. It's just made up of we're going to take the next week inshallah. So another example of a hidden defect would be what I remember Buhari highlighted once and it shows you that he was a master of this science. Basically, there was one narrator, who once after sitting in a class, taking from a shave, taking from his scholar, he went outside and the wind blew all of his notes away. So he managed to gather all of them while hamdulillah. However, he

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didn't put them in the right order, basically, page one and two, for example, let's just say he basically switched them everything looked fine. But just one, just two pages were mixed up. One should have been first he put that second and vice versa. That was it. And Foster and I met later on, they commented on. They commented on this fact that this particular reader mixed up his notes one day and alcohol he was able to pinpoint exactly which had it and which Senate, which method and which sanity mixed up. He found it there and Matt recorded this incident. However, no one was able to find that way. Exactly. So he was the one who felt that this is it. And he connected it to the

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story. This was the narrator who this happened to a lot of what I showed you before he was a master genius, to say the least. So those are the five conditions. Now why did I mention that? Because this revision is crucial. For today's lesson Alhaji Hassan, basically Alhaji Toad Hasson is built upon these five conditions. So we've taken what we took last week what happened in that? What is an added hazard by definition, the word hazard in Arabic means something which is good, sound fair. And that's why you have the word, Hasina. What's the Hasina as opposed to will say yeah,

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a good day. Yes. A Sega is a bad date and a hassle is a good date. So has that mean something good, something fair something sound and that's why you can name your children hasn't no problem. And also you can name your child and her saying that came from hasn't really understand is the smaller version of hassle. It's called Yeah, it does lead. So it's like Hasson Jr. and more him that's what the word has said means linguistically something good. That's where you get the word good deed has an as for a quote As for islamically according to most Allah Al Hadith is that which meets the conditions of Sahaba except for one

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number three.

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That is what al

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Hadith al Hassan is.

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So islamically

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and Hadith lesson

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is exactly like so here, except for the accuracy that is

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now Originally, the random a classified ahadith s, so he didn't die if that was it.

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It was mentioned that element mahtomedi was the first to classify a hadith as Hassan. He was the first to use this terminology.

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So the scholars said the word the term Hadith has been false.

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Between wait.

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So he had life. In other words, authentic and inauthentic.

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Imam activity was the first to classify a hadith as huson.

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So I'll repeat that, in the first two generations. And the first generations in the early generations, the scholars of Hadith would classify the generations as either. So here, or if that was it, was either authentically narrated from the profiling sort of slam or not. However, later on, the resume came up with a new category, and that is hazard. And as mentioned earlier, multimedia was the first to use this term, and to classify a hazardous hazard. Why? It just shows you, because there was a need due to maybe perhaps, the accuracy of an array data wasn't as precise it was inferior. And that's referred to as having full dopt. And I showed you the precision of the realm of

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Because when you're comparing two scholars, like an intimate Bahati and someone else, there's no way you can say they're on the same level true. So al Buhari would be for example, if he's narrating so here, as opposed to maybe I shave in his time or a student of knowledge, who wasn't as precise then you have to differentiate. Now they both narrating Yeah, there must narrating something acceptable. However, there's a big difference between alcohol is accuracy, and someone else's, and that shows you the precision of the realm of Hadith. Now give you another example just to make the point clearer. You have a chez Abdulaziz apocrypha, who is Allahu Akbar is precision and memory today is

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amazing. Just listen to him. One of the prison day scholars today in in Yanni Saudi, amazing. This listen to him the way he's memorized the Mattoon and the senate as well. compare him to someone like a chef that we have in Sydney, the shape of the local mustard, there's no comparison, like comparison. Now they're both reliable. Yeah, trustworthy. They both have Adela, but and they may both be accurate, but whose accuracy is more precise, more refined, no doubt the scholar, the scholar. Another example would be for example, a chef and Halle Berry Another example would be a chef on advantage compared to maybe also another shift that was around in his time maybe the shape

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of his local mustard or the chef that you know today. So although they're both trustworthy, they're both made a rate with silica and they're not people who commit for salt and so forth. But in terms of accuracy, big difference.

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So, as we said in the beginning, it was either so he held life however, I remember tell me they came up with this other category falls in between so he can dive and because of falls in between, the scholars at times found it hard to pinpoint what is an executive finishing.

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Therefore, you find various definitions and opinions from the relevant what exactly is Al Hadith al Hassan, however, it's been mentioned in the huddle nailed when he said al Hadi is also here is that which becomes often he said al Hadith or Hassan is that which falls between sohei and life, and they need to find as follows. Who am a docile, a senator who basically loudly bobbitt Dr. neurotech. Meanwhile, he should do

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what he knows about the definition.

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Exact Same, same definition of sorry, except he said, Dr. Viraat,

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the DOP, the accuracy isn't perfect. It's not as precise as so here. That's really the only difference. I'll just summarize the whole lesson for you. And even harder to summarize the whole lesson for us right there. So this

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is exactly like a diesel. So he admits those five conditions all of them. However, it has accuracy, but it's not as accurate. It's lesser in accuracy, it's inferior in accuracy, and the word that is used for that to describe that concept in masala Hadid is hafi for

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urato whole thing for you No problem.

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Yeah, so no matter how these were referred this inferior, lesser accuracy as hafi for

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this is something that older elements will use.

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For example, and Chef Mr. falada we one of the Presidents scholars of Egypt, he said they'll have eaten Hasson who will who will have the society

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he said exactly the same However, when I can offer them to him. That is it has less accuracy.

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So you want me to write the definition? Sure.

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matassa lacinato

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monopoly largely borbet

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however, dope Don lyrata

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mean hadisha losing.

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So, the only added thing here is this pot doctrine Viola term.

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So if you understood that that is, that is what will happen is by definition, that which falls between

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so he handle life.

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And the difference between Hassan and Sophie is condition number three from the five conditions that we took last week and that we revised today.

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Yeah, 100%. Remember last week, we said, which we're gonna get into in the moment, the ruling, we said in the beginning, there's Hadith and Maqbool. What's MK Boone

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accepted, there's two types or were they.

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So he and Hassan say last week, I introduced you to MK bowl, it's accepted. In other words, this is accepted. So that's why I mentioned that last week

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to get you ready. That's why we said all the lessons continue, and they rely on each other. Therefore, this lesson is built upon what we discussed last week.

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So what's the ruling? The ruling is that it is accepted. As we said last week, how do you thermocouple it's accepted and valid for Islamic rulings, regardless of the topic, regardless of the subject, whether it's after either tafsir Hadees first, so it's exactly like so, here we accepted, yes.

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And what else is referred to as hazard This is extra information, it was mentioned and had this will happen. The word hazard would also be used if an arranger was known to make the occasional mistake here and there. There was a man who was considered part of the Senate, this person, he was known to make an occasional mistake here and there. However, he was still considered upright, trustworthy, he had Adela integrity.

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And when he would make a mistake, the meaning will still remain, say we don't make a mistake is something that would change the meaning. So if there was an individual in the chain, he would make the occasional mistake here and there. However, he got the meaning correct, then, and he was still apprised or trustworthy and integrity, then this person was referred to as Sato, or lab savvy. If you hear the terms who was auto or lab savvy is Okay, no problem at all. You say lab so when a person gets sick here, don't worry. So the trustworthy then it referred to that he was had Adela but he was just had less accuracy. And he was known to make the occasional mistake, occasional. But a

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person who makes a lot of mistakes, we're going to get into that next week, and that can bring the Hadith even lower to life.

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Now, even if there was only one person in the whole chain, the whole connected Senate that was considered Sadako. Naseby, it was enough to bring the whole Hades down from so hate the hazard. In other words, it's dependent upon the weakest link, weakest link, and it shows you the accuracy of the random of Hades. If you had 10 Raiders, for example, one of them was considered so dope whenever I said he, in other words, it wasn't as accurate. Or I want to say yes, only one out of the 10 yellow rubber under the carpet, sweep it under the carpet. It's alright classifiers. So hey, no heavy element, we're precise. The weakest link was what the hole saw here. Or integrity of the

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Hadeeth was dependent upon the weakest link, not the strongest link. Today, people look at the strongest thing if it came from so and so then it's authentic. Don't worry, I heard it from so and so. But where did he hear from? What did he hear from what did he hear from right? It goes back. So if there's a weak link in that whole chain of whatever story that comes to you, no matter how juicy it is, whether you find that on Facebook or Twitter or the news, have you been one weak link and bring the whole howdy if the whole news under are basically under dispute and basically discredited? So look at the precision and taqwa of Allah shows you just the weakest thing was enough to bring a

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hole down.

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So that's the definition. What about the ruling

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the ruling of a hadith which is classified as hussen it is accepted. As we said last week, Hadith, accepted Hadith is to two types are the Sahaba acid. So it's accepted. And it's valid for establishing Islamic rulings no matter what the topic is, whether it's in the topic of or subject of Tafseer or after either author or Hadith. Whatever the

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subject is it's a hadith. The Hadith is Coronavirus, Hassan and we accept it. It's valid for establishing common rulings. And the scholar said in this respect, it is no different from the Sahaba, the authentic hadith, because I'm happy to say one Hadith. They both represent valid instructions authentically transmitted from the Messenger of Allah, and shouldn't be, Shouldn't he be obeyed? Yes. So if it is traced back authentically to him, hello, us, you obey the law. So therefore you follow on and you follow this hadith. The scholar said, it's not to be rejected Unless Unless it's abrogated or superseded by a hadith which is so high, or that's the only exception. So

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you might have a hadith which is so high which abrogates it then of course, that's the only time where it becomes invalid if it's abrogated by Hadith which is okay,

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so that's the ruling.

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What about the books?

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Now, there aren't any books that just have all the ahaadeeth which are considered acid in them? No, but rather, you have plenty of books that have a hadith that are considered hassane and So here

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for example, named me one

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we've taken many books before

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not so high

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Okay, also the hain good that you mentioned this, this isn't considered a source book.

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A lot of people sometimes will say as a source

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real sort of hate or a lot of I know we're not considered the source book and someone asked you where did you get this hadith from? You wouldn't say Riyadh Salah hate, because if you go to your son hain What's he gonna say? He took it from Bukhari Muslim for example. So therefore, that's not to say the textbook Allah although a lot of people consider that that's a common misconception. Next time a person puts a hadith on Facebook or whatever, and spreads, it spreads a photo around on WhatsApp or Instagram. Or also Hey, no, that's not considered as evidence or really a source book because Where did he get it from? So naming a book that has a hadith which are so high and hassling

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Come on, we spent two weeks on the heart of it the most near the minimum achromat good. So yes, plenty of Hadith which are so high and that which is considered as a beautiful, what else?

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The water available? Malik. Excellent. There's your answer for

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Come on. Sorry. We took many.

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Yeah, the fitten occurred in the tablet in as is Mohammed mysterion. Said. So after that, after that, then, and he's taking For example, mallacoota from who didn't take from us a hobby, NASA remember? Malika Neff?

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So Neff and reading from him, Mr. Carlos different. But Malik now follows. Because at times Allah Malik didn't meet a Sahabi at times he did.

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Actually no Anima Malik did not meet any of us. No, he did not Abu hanifa did. You see so now? Anima Malik. Holla. That's it you need was a chain

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100%. So it could be considered hacer?

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What else? The sooner and the books of sunon? Sooner until maybe we say that enemy was the first to give it the name? Hasn't? You forgot that one? I would I would. A NASA, NASA, NASA. What else? sunon imager, right? All the books of sunon have both so he has it in them. Whereas the books of the car like Sahih al Bukhari and Muslim are only considered sorry, there's no a hadith or what is it?

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called A League of Their Own. So that's why remember, we took those lessons or we just discussed the compilations the Messiah need and the sooner why. So when I get to this lesson, and I mentioned it after go repeat this whole thing, or after Yeah, you know what I'm talking about? That's very important.

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And it was mentioned in sunon abita would

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remember Buddha would clearly identified and labeled those narrations which were considered so he and life therefore those that did not have any reference, those were considered Hassan in his estimation. So if you were to read sunon albida would you find he he mentioned and he labels this hadith Asahi? old life so that which he didn't mention anything? And his estimation, his judgment, it was

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Finally, let's discuss what is it?

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You might hear this term so highly highly.

00:24:47 --> 00:24:56

Now the word white in Arabic What does it mean? If you asked me a question? I said, it's a lady. Ask someone else right another way It means another

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is used to refer to a hadith which is considered so here now due to

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other narrations, other cooperating evidences, other Hadith, what do they do? They bumped it up to the level of Sahaba In other words, it wasn't originally authentic, it wasn't really classified. So here it became Sahaja to have the narrations so if it wasn't so hey, what's the level beneath it?

00:25:26 --> 00:25:35

It was considered hussen. So, really, every So, highly highly he was originally hussen So, it was Hassan

00:25:38 --> 00:25:48

and then maybe other generations on that topic, that are considered so here, what happened a bump that up from Hasson to Swahili lady,

00:25:49 --> 00:26:01

like when a person gets in steroids, injected with steroids, right, they get more powerful. So, likewise, this hadith became more authentic, for lack of better terms of parables is

00:26:03 --> 00:26:07

now full due to now

00:26:08 --> 00:26:17

they have to live Umbra. I went for example, to Mecca for Umrah because of the became so high because of another lab now.

00:26:19 --> 00:26:29

You can actually refer to this lamb as lamb Allah Allah in Arabic. The Lamb of course the word Allah can has another meaning in Arabic. A reason to cause salmonella.

00:26:32 --> 00:26:40

Sure, so by definition, so Haley right he is a hadith that has been elevated to the status of Sahih

00:26:44 --> 00:26:50

Hadith that has been elevated to the status of Sahaba due to other supporting durations.

00:26:51 --> 00:26:54

So in reality, so he knew it he was

00:26:56 --> 00:26:59

hassen. So it was formally that

00:27:00 --> 00:27:11

but due to other lady right, other supporting durations it bumped it up to say, hey, so when you read Sahil your ad, he wasn't originally saw here. But rather it was hassled.

00:27:12 --> 00:27:42

It's like he wasn't always a chef. He was a student. So like an old man wasn't always old. He was young. So at one stage, so he live it he was hustling, but due to other supportive narrations, then it became so I leave it here. So if you read so he then it so he made the five conditions in of itself that need anything else to support it. But when you read something, leave it No. It mean, it means that it was originally hasn't. But now became so hey, do two other supporting evidences, narrations and

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100%. Better coffee. So really, if you're going to put a flowchart, you would start by saying, I'll have the thermocouple and then it's either sorry, oh, hazard. And then if you want to really start you can say Howdy. So yeah, that's number one. And then number two is Swahili righty, so here, Lee lady. And then number three is Hassan.

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etc. That's what we're going to stop here. I'm not going to mention others because I'm going to confuse you. So really, we've taken so here, Swahili lady here. Next week, we're going to look at life and can buy be bumped up, the show can show can do to other supporting generations. So then if it bumps up, the hustle is a code hazard no of hustling. Really. It became hustling due to other hazards you see. So it's like a continuous chain. That's why all these lessons are crucial that you attend and if you miss them, then

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I'll be upset. Then listen to the recordings. Listen to the recordings that come along with the brothers so panicle have a shadow and learn in a structural component to winning


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