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Alhamdulillah hinomoto who wanna start you know who won a stone Pharaoh? When are all the winner human surely and fusina woman say they are Marina Maja Hello fellow mobile Nana. Woman you will follow her Deanna when a shadow under the law, the hula sharika wanna shadow Mohammed Abdullah who are solo amudha coolangatta balcatta Allah filco earning module for recording Hamid all the wilhemina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem II Are you had nurses in Nevada law who have further to run no kumala hire to dunya whether you're one Camilla hill or so the

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honorable Allah respected elders and brothers

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whilst addressing the assembly in the madrasa. I asked the students few questions.

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I asked them, Why do we eat?

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And they replied, Maura, because we get hungry.

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I asked, why do we drink water?

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And they said, we get thirsty. And so we drink water to quench our thirst.

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I asked why do we wear clothing?

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They said we need to cover our body and therefore we wear clothing.

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I asked them why do we go to madrasa? Why do we attend school? And they replied, to get an education.

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And then I pause for a moment.

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And I asked them, Why do you think we are in this world?

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And suddenly heads turn towards each other?

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And they searching for the answer. So I asked him, Isn't it ironic? We eat for a reason.

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We drink for a reason. We sleep for either reason. We go to school and Marisa for reason.

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Then what about life is no reason behind our creation is no reason behind our existence in this world.

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And this caused them to think.

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And then I explained to them by way of example, I said when a person is traveling for a short distance, he travels very light. When a person is undertaking a long, arduous journey, he makes elaborate preparations for the journey. He plans his journey adequately ways when to stop for break ways when to perform his Salah, and how he's going to continue with his journey. He is going to take along with him sufficient provision with him so that his journey is comfortable.

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So I said to the students, if we are traveling to Cape Town, we make enough preparations. And if a person is traveling overseas, the preparations are even more intense. And then I said to them, imagine if your journey is 5060 or 70 years long. How much of preparations are you going to make? And they said Mulana that requires a lot of preparation. I said, likewise, Allah has sent us in this world for a period of 40 5060 or 70 years. And it's a journey that we are making towards our Hara. And so our preparations have to be intense. Because it's not a ordinary journey. We're not traveling for few kilometers, we are traversing for a long period. And accordingly we need to pack so that we

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don't run out of provisions along the way.

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And I tried to change the mindset from the day we are not here in this world for no reason. There is a reason why Allah has sent us to this world, and that is to prepare for

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a lady called motor one hire Leah Blue accom eucom anomala. Allah puts it in simple words in a Quran. Allah says we created the system of life and death. so that we may test you that Which one of you prepares in this world for is about as

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simple as that. Preparation for our hero is paramount. Every person is to face Allah subhanho wa Taala and that's what I want to discuss today. Preparing for our era and leading a life of consciousness.

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The question arises, how does a person prepare for his abode?

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And the first step that he needs to take is to lead a life of consciousness, the Kabbalah and tandem for in the Commedia tune farlam what a total Robbie dunia for in Asahi. Yes. We're in New Jersey, the hyperbola we're in national

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berbahasa from the poet says that in this world even a healthy person eventually ends up sick

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or injured either habla and he understands that even veth which is fashionable today, that which is new today becomes outdated tomorrow. So handle

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or inertia bahara many understands that the youth of today will become the elderly of tomorrow, a

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woman loves the car and hadn't funny oh yes Lamb who is there that remains the one condition nobody.

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And then he goes on to say, a nurse at the band dinner, he was there humming. I've seen people toiling and finishing their life behind building empires in this world, whereas only that what he sends towards our hero is going to benefit him in his eyes close a lot. So the first step that he takes is, he leads a life of consciousness, he is conscious of the fact that he is in this world for a reason. There is an objective behind his creation in this world. That's the first step he takes.

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The second step

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he does whatever will help him in achieving his goal towards ophira. And priority number one is a loss of handle data. And that means performing solla on each prescribed time and as a law once it and Subhana Allah says in the Quran, free journal to him teacher or to obey or non Vickery labor economist follow. Listen to this ayah

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and I want you to reflect on this verse for a few moments. Allah says those people who are involved in business and trade,

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what is the quality

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lead to him pajara when the order comes, they give preference to the order for law over everything else.

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And their business, their profession, their deal, their meetings, they conferences, does not distract them from fulfilling the order of Allah subhanaw taala with the most thing says Haryana sada and when he says Haryana, alfalah, that eschewed businessmen, leaves whatever he is doing, and he responds to the call of Allah has praised him in the Quran, Allahu Akbar. Allah has praised him in a Quran Allah says that the business of this man does not distract him from fulfilling his obligation towards his creator. Allah praises them so highly. The question I need to ask myself that when the morphine signals how ya'll Fatah come towards success? How do I respond to that call?

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An evil person responds positively to the call of other than he has given preference to his Lord over everything else. He is telling a VA that you are more important than this business deal. Oh, well, you are more important than this conference. Oh Allah, you are more important than this workshop, our you are more important than this deal that I'm about to seal. You deserve preference above everything. And so a person comes to the machine, and he fulfills his obligation towards Allah subhanho wa Taala. That man is a winner.

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That man is successful. It's not easy to resist the temptation at that moment, when you are just about to wrap the deal, when you are just about to seal the deal. And then calls out hi yada, yada, it requires a lot of willpower. It requires a lot of strength and resolve from that person to say, brother, give me 10 to 15 minutes, I'll deal with you inshallah, shortly. And successful are those people. And I must acknowledge people here who are in the business field, who are involved in important meetings. But when the time of Salah comes, they excuse themselves, and they fulfill the order from law, Allah custom, you are successful. So they take all those measures which will help

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them come closer to ally achieve their goal. Salah is priority number one in their life.

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They fulfill the command of a law.

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And what I need to stress upon your brothers and sisters in Islam is that Islam is not averse to a person excelling in his dunya Islam is not averse to a person excelling in his dunya Allah wants you to excel.

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Allah wants you to do good in your

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Dunya Allah does not want you to be financially dependent on anyone. The narration is in Buhari Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said mercola hadn't Tom and cost to hire Amina yakushima nominee at

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the best food and men can put on the table is that food, which he goes out during the course of the day, he works hard. He toils under the burning sun. And at the end of the day, whatever he earns, he goes out and he puts the food on the table. Or was is that's the best food a man can eat.

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As opposed to a person going and knocking on peoples door. Give me something for the sake of Allah helped me out financially. Allah says the first person is better than the letter because he's working. So Allah one says to be financially independent. Our one says to be well off in terms of our dunya Islam is not opposed to the idea of a person excel in Estonia, where the problem lies, is where we give preference to the dunya when a lot comes into the picture, that's where the problem lies.

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The first Muslim man to build a Navy was wow God allowed on

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Islam was never averse to progress. Look at the Muslims contribution to the modern day world. If no rush which is known as ever rush in the English world, look at his contribution to the modern world.

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It no see leucaena and so many other people, Allahu Akbar, Islam was always an is always a progressive religion. The problem only comes when we give preference to dunya above a law when the command of a mark comes.

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Let's look at the example of seediness Raman le salatu salam who ruled over the entire world.

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And a beautiful law was the king of the entire world. And not only the mankind, his kingship, extended to the gym, and also extended to the animal kind. He was able to converse with every animal so Hannah law and the Quran says when is when a man or a

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woman says we have made the wind subservient to Sunni Manali salatu salam, he was able to cover the journey of one month, in one day.

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That's the kingdom he had. He could speak to birds. He could speak to the jinn he could traverse to any part of the world.

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But what is today Manali Salatu, salam, he said, Hi, I'm Robbie, Leah blue. And he asked me,

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he said, Allah has given me such a vast kingdom. But he's testing me whether I comply with his orders or not. So here's a man who rules the entire world.

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And he's gonna be awful.

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But the answer is, when the order of a lot comes, he is subservient to the order of a muscle panel Tada. And that's what we are saying that a man can progress in his dunya no problem. In fact, the Muslim organizations are running on your contribution, may Allah reward you tremendously. Many organizations are thriving because of the Muslim businessmen.

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What we are saying is that when the order of a mark comes, give preference to Allah above,

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and you'll be successful in this world, and in the year after.

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Another example

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was Murphy's Law Firm, the third halifa of Islam was extremely wealthy. Tunisia in itself is neutral. It's not positive, it's not negative. It depends how we use it. If the junior controls us, then we are on the losing end. And if we are in charge, then we are on the winning side. Say the ollie said it very beautifully. He said detachment from this world does not mean that you own nothing.

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Rather, detachment from this world means that nothing should own you was profound indeed.

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So saving our man was a wealthy man, extremely wealthy. He was known as us man well, honey, but look at his contribution towards the Muslim ummah. He purchased the wealth of rumor when the Muslims came to Medina for an exorbitant amount. He extended the muster of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with his own personal money.

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He would free a slave every Friday, he would generously spend on the Muslim Ummah, from his own personal wealth. You have an example of a Khalifa of Islam, who's extremely wealthy on one side, on the other side, he is also a humble servant of Allah subhanho wa Taala. His dunya did not consume him

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To the extent that he gave preference to the dunya over the command of Allah

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so Islam is not averse to a person excelling in his business we want you to do good. Amazing look at the Quran, Allah says, is really solid to me you will Joomla first of all inadequately lay with the rule payer, when the call of Juma is made, live everything live your businesses and come to the house of law. But the law says for either CUDA to solder to fantasy roofing out of the water whom in fact when, when the to masala is over, when you disperse from the mystery of verses, and now go out and seek the grace of Allah, he referred to Rosie as the grace and the mercy of Allah. Allah Himself is saying, once your duty towards allies finishing the masjid, go out and seek the dunya because you

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require it.

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So we need moderation in our life. For others. That's what I'm trying to emphasize here. lead a life of consciousness. Let not your dunya overpower you to such an extent that when the more than says Hi y'all and for now, it falls on deaf ears and you are not responding to the call of Allah save us all.

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So Excel, excel in your dunya do be the best thing whatever you are, in whichever profession you are, because you are contributing largely to the amount of pseudo loss and aloha they send them. But keep your accurate in front of you.

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an astute businessman will make an investment in his Ashura will tend to have some academic level. Allah says, Let every person think, what is he going to send forward with?

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Every person sitting here needs to reflect what am i sending for my hero? What investment Am I making in this world where pension funds so that when we retire, we can live off our heart earnings. We've got pension funds, there's another pension fund we need to work towards, and that is the era we need to make smart investments. And Allah speaks of this in the Quran, and Medina whom Allah Salatu him de imune those who are punctual of this honor, a man who leads a conscious life is conscious of the fact that Allah comes first when Latina fearmongering have Kamala Melissa in my room. Allah says, man who's got money understands, he is conscious of the fact that the poor and the

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needy have a right in his wealth of La La Vina, you saw the akuna bo Medina, those who are conscious of the fact that tomorrow they are going to stand in front of a law firm in other European mushfiq eu in Northern Europe, the moon, they understand that tomorrow they have to give accountability to allow when Latino family photo team happy Boone, Allah says those who lead a conscious life, lead a life of chastity and then of what goes on to enlist other factors of a person who's conscious and in the end of last seals of the deal by saying, Ola ecoffee Janaki mokra Moon these people will be in China and not just in Genova says they will be on a high pedestal. People will envy them, people

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will look at them in honor. People will hold them in high esteem only because of living a life that was conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Brothers, I am not here to snatch your dunya away from you. I am not here to tell you that close your businesses and come to the masjid for 24 hours. I am saying to you today that excel in your junior make progress in your junior in your careers. But keep your accurate in front of you.

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Keep your final abode in front of you and make a smart investment towards your

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deposit in the bank account. Allah has given everyone an equal opportunity in this world to prepare for the year after in terms of solder, in terms of charity, in terms of our relationship with people in terms of being hospitable in terms of being unkind. All these are avenues to invest in our era. And an astute businessman will keep the fingers in front of him. Today we invest in a schemes of this world and they'll promise you seven to 12% return if you're lucky 20% maximum.

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Allah is promising 10 times the reward Mangia up in hacer una follow who Ashura I'm 30 her whoever comes with comes with any good deed

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of losses I will multiply 10 times not seven to 12% returns on your investment.

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Wherever you invest today in your ophira Allah says 10 times I will give you the return.

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Mama to cut the moolah and fusi caminhar in 32, whoring the law of losses whatever investment you make in today, because small, because small losses I will give you its full return in this world, and in the year after also. So an astute businessman will not let the dunya consume him. And I ended up with the quotation of Milan a room Rama Talalay, and he says,

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a man who's living in this world requires this world is like that man was traveling by sea and he's using the ship.

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And in order for the ship to sail, he requires the water

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because that ship is not going to move on land. He requires the water said it's fine. As long as the water does not seep through, as long as the water does not enter the ship and that boat is safe.

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But the minute that water enters the ship, he's in trouble. He's in panic, he'll be doomed, he'll be drowned between destruction. He says likewise, living in this world, we require this world.

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We need this world.

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But the minute that world enters the heart,

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that is when the water enters the ship, and he's heading for destruction.

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But so long as that water remains out of the boat, and so long as that water remains out of the ship, he is safe, the ship is at safety and he will reach his destination. So long as the dunya does not enter that person's heart. So long as they so long as the junior does not control him. He will be successful. But the minute that dunya enters the heart, that's when he's looking for problems. May the Almighty Allah inspire us all. Marlena lol Bella