What to do when your duas become robotic

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how dogs become robotic and how they can be tired of making decisions. They suggest refreshing after six months and getting new doors on the tongue. The speaker also mentions a study on making a star every month for four months and how it has happened in the past.
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What is the US become robotic during those six months? So?

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So I'll tell you, I'll tell you what will happen. Will the dogs become robotic? I think before the dogs become robotic, what will happen is you will lose interest in your dogs. That's why I say make the dogs for six months, probably by around four months, five months, you will already start to like be tired of those dogs, it doesn't mean that you don't care about them, you do care about it's just, it's just getting tiring. And that's why I say refresh after six months. So if it becomes robotic, it's okay. Let it go. I don't mean like, let the dog but you don't have to keep saying it. After six months, refresh and get some new doors on your tongue. So you can keep enjoying making dua from the

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heart. And here's the good news. Those doors that you were making, that you're now tired of making.

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They still get manifested. So it could be like eight months later, you forgotten about it. And boom, it happens. All I want to study at MIT. And you're saying making the star every month for like four months now you're tired MIT study at MIT. And then eight months later, all of a sudden, hey, there's a program at MIT would you like to apply? Wow, I used to make the offer this you know, three months ago, and it's happened now. So no problem there.