What Makes You Superior In The Eyes Of Allah

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The famous flip of the province of a lifetime where there was 120,000 companions and they're coming from all tribes in the province of a lot as Adam said, oh people, your Lord is one Lord, and you all share the same father. So it doesn't matter what skin color anybody has, that our Lord is one more. And we all have the same father Adam and Hawa is the mother and father of every human being. Allah and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Indeed, there is no superiority of an Arab or a non Arab, or an non Arab over an Arab or of a white, over a black nor a black over a white, elaborate Taqwa. Except in Taqwa. And so this was the declaration that the prophets are the lightest, and I'm said

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that nobody has superiority over the other person, except with Aqua. And the interesting thing about TBWA is only Allah subhanaw taala knows who truly has Taqwa. And so therefore the superiority is only in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala