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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of raising hands during Islamic events, including the annual general public holiday and a recent video about praying for a Lost Planet. They also mention a video about a car and a motorcycle, and encourage people to raise their hands to receive acceptance.
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Isn't to make up by raising hand whether after congregational prayer or after halaqa or Islamic gathering of knowledge.

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Raising hand while making is one of the reasons for your dog to be accepted and in the be salasar lambin report reported about 100 times that's in the visa some of them raised his hands while I was making them as a suti and no euro Himalayan other scholars mentioned so no doubt that when you raise your hand it's more likely to be accepted and in the visa Salim said that I lost my data will be shy to bring to let your hand goes back empty if you raise them up to our last panel with the odd

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two generally speaking yes raising hands and an all time it is acceptable except certain times for the Imam when he given COPPA but the Luma and make their app except in the case of really praying for the rain, the water bar for the men with the women making that you're allowed even though the Sahaba never reported that they did but if you do it sometimes it's okay what about after Salah if you're going to make the door app that is was reported in the sun after the summer like istockphoto last Afro la la mente ceramic design raising your hand that's considered to be the because in Ibiza, salaam did this there are all his life and he never raised his hand during this draw. But if you're

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going to finish these cards after you finish them, you want to raise your hand and you make dua there is nothing wrong with that as an emetic Rahim Allah said, and Adnan Mubarak said and there is a collections of these narrations by

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Hassan Han in a book called OFAC he added ariola features that have led me with

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Alfredo so here we say we distinguish between the car and the dura that came into Sonata masala and general the art that you might do later on. As after halaqaat Islamic gathering, it is okay to raise your hand and to pray for a Lost Planet Allah to accept you that sometimes if you want to be closer to the suddenly you do this sometimes and sometimes you don't. And I ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept or there are are some of us in the mountains up in the mountains.

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers

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