Those Who Have More Than You #shorts

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Look at those who have more than you, in their Salah have more than you in the Quran, who have more than you in their charity, who have more than you in their good character in their HELOC and you want to look up to them and reach for those stars. And the beautiful thing is, you know when you see in the seat of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they were companions that did things next level. companions that did things next level Abubakar, the Alana Amato, the Alana, and a Bedouin came to the prophets of Allah he said and he said,

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you know, when's the Day of Judgment? The promise I sent him said, What have you prepared for it? And this Bedouin said, I haven't prepared a lot of salons a cat but I have but I love Allah and His messenger. And so the Prophet said, Elias and M said you will be with whom you love. So and I saw the Allah and who says that we love this hadith the most is one of our favorites. Because the prophets of Allah Islam said, you will be with whom you love