Have You Lost Your Spiritual Taste Buds Too?

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim you often hear people raving about fine dining, visit this restaurant in this country, you must go to this particular Bistro. The view is stunning. The food is tasty. The presentation is awesome. You will really enjoy it. It's sumptious it's scrumptious, great, wonderful. Enjoy indulge, honestly my brother and honestly my sister, we have lost our taste buds for the Quran. When you look at the Quran than every other taste and beauty pails before it, there is a verse which conveys the meaning that's beautiful, then there is a commentary to that, that's phenomenal. Then there's a backdrop which enhances the dynamics of that verse, then you have a

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linguistic deduction, which just takes it to another level. Then you have the variation of the Quran, which brings in a different dimension. Then you have the correlation of the versus the rupt Vayner IR, my word it just continues, and the beauty never ends. Today I want to share with you a little deduction from the eloquence and Bulaga from one letter, not word one letter of the Quran, Chapter 18 verse 19, Allah subhanaw taala speaks about those youth who were revived after sleeping for three centuries. They started asking themselves but now only attesa lubaina home How long did we sleep? So few from amongst them said levithan a young man or a boy Yo, I think we slept for half a

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day or one day whereas the reality is they slept for three centuries. When another group from amongst them said Rob bukem Alam ob Mallaby stone Allah knows best how long we slept further I flew further I do now appoint assigned delegate someone to go and purchase some food for us. The word far just one letter in Arabic comes for the anti malware so to denote sequence without interval. So this letter is giving us a strong message that Allah Allah Turkey, the fish, Elvira buruli, stop investigating something which is not important. Why is it then discuss how long we slept, focus on what is important? What are two men who would borrow the urine and do that which is necessary. And

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that's my message to you, my brother and my sister. You want to learn Arabic to understand the Quran. Don't ask him and ask her how long it took you and how long it took you and I want to memorize the Quran how many years it took you to become a half is do the actual thing and start today. The devil has no problem with our good intentions as long as it is for tomorrow.