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The upcoming video covers the importance of being happy and avoiding sadness in Islam. The speaker emphasizes the use of the word "people" in Islam, and the importance of showing mercy during isolation. They also mention a church called "urance of love" and a woman named Zach. Additionally, the video discusses the importance of not feeling sad and being caring for family members.

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I said I'm only gonna handle over two candles Anam three from all that good stuff and we'll begin shortly insha Allah labs where you're from and all that good stuff

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salaams where you from and all that good stuff

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The Shining

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we've hit 100 People in before the top of the hour but today we started late, but it is possible we can still do it. Maria caballo alakina Sudan from the kingdom. Patricia likoma Salam sila Han Chicago Alec Messina will stuffing oligomer Sudan

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Sudan from Barcelona Alec Muslim, Barcelona Hello keep you guys safe Zaid in New Castle Alec Muslim so late Hi Nigeria Alaikum salaam How are Nigeria tuning in everyday just like love Emerson I'm sold off front of the computer

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alright, we hit the top of the hour and we hit our numbers so let's just call it even today. Let's get started.

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Take One i said I'm gonna make one I'm gonna delay but I catch Oh Good Morning Vietnam.

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Today inshallah Tada. We're talking about don't be sad, which is actually a really interesting topic. So to start off, let's look at the seal of the prophets of Allah, the cinnamon, the Hijra. So the Prophet said Alana is sent and you know, the command was allowed the mussels were living in Medina, they were sorry, in Mecca, they were persecuted. And then permission was granted for the Muslims to migrate to Medina. So the Muslims left. And the last person to leave pretty much except people who were

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unable to leave was the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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And there was a plot to kill the Prophet said a lot a sentiment he left in the middle of the night, I won't go into detail and a lot of you might know the story already. But the strategy of the prophets of Allah de Saddam was to go to a cave that was actually pretty near to the Kava. In fact, if you're at the camera, you can walk to that cave, it might take about an hour to walk to that cave, which is not very long. So you'll see that as everybody kind of like raced out of Mecca to chase the Prophet sallallahu Sallam private satellites and went in a different direction and actually was very close to them. And they were going to hide out in that cave for some time, until

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you kind of like the, the Mushrikeen the heat of the chase calm down. And, and then they would proceed on their way and take a different route. So here's the interesting thing. When they were in that cave,

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we're in that cave, the Quraysh in Mecca, were searching for the prophets that allowed him to kill him.

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They actually climbed up to that cave. And I know there's a famous story of a spider's web on the cave, which they say isn't true. It's not authentic. So they basically came to the cave, and the prophets of Allah Islam and Abu Bakar were just there inside the cave.

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And if he looked if they just looked down, so basically their eye gaze is upwards, but if they look downwards, they would have seen the province of allies and they would have seen it well Bukka of your lawn. So Abubaker said this to the prophets of Allah de Sena. And the point the key of tonight's reminder, is the first words that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said to Abu Bakr,

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he said, Let ASAN don't be sad. In the Lucha Marina, Allah is with us. Well

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last panel Tada revealed in the Quran then if Nene in Houma if you know Vaughn he hit me up on his lawn he been Zen including saw Hindi Nila doesn't know Manana. In that verse, Allah subhana wa Tada it's a testimonial for a bucket of the alarm when the Prophet sighs and of course, when they were in the cave, India put on the Sahibi when he said to his companion, let doesn't don't be sad in Allah hermana

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so what's interesting about this out of all the things the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam could have said to Abu Bakar on the line, he said to him, don't be sad. So today's reminder, inshallah Tada is yes, sadness is a natural human reaction is the natural arguments that are my uncle's, my uncle just joined a

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welcome you Atlanta was

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my real uncle, my blood uncle.

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So being sad is a natural human reaction. And that's understood, but you'll find that a slam and the guidance is to, it's not encouraged emotion. It's not like hey, you're sad, let's wallow in sadness. Let's, you know, encourage the sadness. Let's intensify the sadness. Let's, you know, there's nothing you know, so and so. So that's not what's encouraged in Islam. I'm going to show you guys in sha Allah data today that the encouragement is for somebody to move away from sadness and be happy and I'm reminded even remember when we were talking about in one of the reminders about Khadija Ravi, Allah, Allah and the prophets of Allah, they sent him said, I feared for my for myself.

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And then the Prophet SAW and then he just said, Kela, Allah, color observe, she said to him knee, and that that word of shade is inside because she said, give glad tidings or rather appreciate it you could say it be happy, be you know, have Glad Tidings Be glad be happy, like because Allah Allah, Allah, Allah will never allow you to be disgraced. And so the Quran Islam our deen guides us to move away from sadness and move to work towards happiness. So let me give you examples of this. And this is this is 16 127 Allah subhanaw taala says, what's been one hour Sobotka in been, while at Zen Ali him while at Aquafina point miam guru on Allah subhanaw taala says and be patient on

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Muhammad said Allah Islam and your patient is not through a lot and do not grieve over them Don't be sad over them while at Zenn la him and another verse Allah subhanaw taala says

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well Allah after he doesn't want to Ilona in common to meaning so do not weaken and do not want to attack us no and don't grieve and don't be sad, while attacking no one has no one to let alone in control, meaning Allah Subhana Allah says in another verse, Polina beukeboom in her journey, I love this verse. This is when Adam and Hawa were coming were expelled from paradise they were expelled from paradise and when they were expelled Allah subhanaw taala says to them go down from it all of you the IMA yeah dn nuk mini who then

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Debbie Yahoo Di Bella home for now laying him whatnot homie afternoon Allah subhanaw taala says and when my guidance comes to you the in May at 10 Neko mini who then fermented Yahoo day that whoever follows this guidance for the whole finale him there's no fear upon them what our home yes at noon and they won't grieve and they won't be sad. So you'll see I'm giving you all these verses to show you that Islam guides a person towards not being sad if you look at

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if you look at the application of this and our communities and I've said this before that there's a lot of hellfire punishment Hellfire punishment doomsday kind of talk in our community but I you know, if you look in the Quran there's so much above shared Glad Tidings don't be sad. Don't grieve, don't be sad. Don't grieve paradise Jana, reward for believers, but we don't hear that side of the equation when we're following Allah subhanaw taala and we're worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. And then we go to hear reminders. And somebody thinks that Oh, everybody's going to be so motivated if I remind them of punishment, that you're going to be punished for, for stuff that you didn't even

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Do just talking about male less puntata per day. So application of this

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I'm delighted and had to throw the alarm who said that I've never seen anybody smiling more than the profits of a lot of them. This is a reminder for me, reminder for all of you know that the prophets that Allah they sent him smiled more than anybody else. He was always signs, smiling His disposition so Allah Allah Cena was not to move towards sadness, but to move away from it. And here are some of the sayings of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam um regarding the virtue of smiling, the prophets of Allah is seldom said

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let's talk the one nominal model fisheye. Don't be little, any sort of good thing, any anything, don't be little lit, even to meet your brother with a cheerful countenance. So that means that if you meet somebody, I know in Canada, we do this, that, Oh, you meet somebody or it's just kind of like not in a good mood, but you meet somebody in the street and you're like, Hey, good day, what's up? That's actually a characteristic of a believer is to, to meet somebody with a cheerful countenance. Sometimes you go to communities, maybe like in the US, there's a lot of communities like that, even in Canada, Toronto, whatnot, where people are just like kind of frowning.

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There was a brother that was from New Jersey, may Allah keep everybody safe. And he visited Toronto and he said, Wow, you Canadians are so kind and I'm like, Look, Toronto is the, the meanest part of Canada.

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They're the New Yorkers of Canada. And if you think that's polite, and kind, then you know, wait till you see, let me give you an example of a Canadian Canadian culture just because it's it is kind of like this cheerful countenance. I was once in, like New Brunswick and New Brunswick. It's like North Canada. And I was at a restaurant and at this restaurant, I asked the waitress if we needed change, sorry, if it was paid parking, or if it was free parking. And the waitress said it was paid parking, and I didn't have change in my pockets. And she said, Don't worry, I'll give you change. And I was about to get up to pay the parking and then she said to me, don't worry, I'll go and pay

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your parking for you.

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So cheerful countenance this is actually characteristic of a believer that we should meet each other with a cheerful countenance and if you knew your isolation in your home, it's very easy to fall into frowning and I'm tired, I'm dehydrated because I am dehydrated, not drinking enough.

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And this is my right hand.

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But this is sadaqa it's a charity so a charity is like you put in the effort to meet somebody with a cheerful countenance another example of this

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the Prophet said a line in the CENTUM said every act of kindness is charity. And part of that part of that charity is to offer your brother a cheerful face and pour some of your your bucket into his water vessel.

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So part of that charity every act of kindness is charity and meaning that meaning your brother with a cheerful face is charity and that's your brother somebody outside of your family and today here with your family is to you know, you have to have mercy with your if you have little children in the house and brothers and sisters and uncles and aunts or whoever's in the family with you to put in that extra sadaqa that extra charity to smile at them to have a

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nice face and this is your sadaqa and and it also not only are you giving sadaqa to this person, but you but the payback for you. Is it Ward's away sadness, it Ward's away sadness because it's interesting, your face and your smile. If you ask the question, what came first the smile or the happiness behind it? And people say oh, if you're happy then you will smile.

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But it could be the opposite. When you smile, you become happy. So actually your physical body then sends a message so your physical so when you put this countenance you're giving charity sadaqa to somebody else, the charity comes back to you and you start to feel happy on the inside and you're feeling in a better mood and so on. So the action for today is this do tons of charity with your family and smile and show beautiful countenance and be merciful with your family during this isolation inshallah Tada and to push away sadness as Allah subhanaw taala guides us in the Quran lead times and don't be

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Sad Zach welcome everybody for tuning in great session today see you tomorrow in sha Allah Tala visionair Ramadan

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is ready

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I said I'm on a commitment to love it