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Friday Khutbah


AI: Summary © The great and small royal decrees from above give riders the option to show excellence and being beautiful towards their parents. They also discuss the importance of observeing relationships between Allah and their parents, socialization of Islam among people, and the importance of finding one's relationship with one's parents as a foundation for one's success in Islam. The speakers stress the importance of finding one's relationship with their parents as a foundation for one's success in Islam, finding one's relationship with their parents as a foundation for one's success in Islam, and learning to handle tough situations. They also stress the importance of humility and gratitude in achieving success in life, showing gratitude towards parents and individuals, and humility towards the creator.
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In Alhamdulillah

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Allah tala mysuru Dam fusina amin sejahtera Melina Mejia de la bufala Mobile Allah,

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Allah, Allah, wa Wai shadow

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Illa Illa Allah who the hula shriek Allah wa shadow Mohammedan Abu hora sudo

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Johan su tipo de como la de la kakum enough soon wahida Allah Caminha, Xhosa or the Thurman humeri jerilyn Cassio

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de la la vida de Luna v one or ham in LA LA ku merkiva

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Johan la Vina mano de la haka to party while at the moon 11 to Muslim moon.

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You have Lavina menos de la

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de la kulu colas de de de la comme la como la comme de Nova con

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la hora, Sula, hufa defensa, frozen of Lima, from samama modify nos da Cunha de kita, la, la la la la, la la la la dia de Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a short while.

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To her wakulla modesetting beta wakulla be dottin, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Tim phenol adjani La Jolla, camino Neri from above. All praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon his servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as to follows my dear respected brothers in Islam. Today we want to speak about a royal decree, a decree and an order and an a commandment that came from above. It came from Allah subhanho wa Taala, from the master from the kings of all kings, and this royal decree. This commandment was mentioned many times in the Quran, and the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and

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this is the commandment of Allah said Ellen Whaley. They in the commandment of showing excellence and being beautiful and showing goodness towards one's parents. And neglecting this commandment, neglecting this decree, neglecting this order of Allah subhanho wa Taala is a major sin. It is a sin that can feel the skills of a person sins upon sins, the size of mountains, until he dooms him and destroys him in this life before the next as colossal Allahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned, my brothers in Islam. from among the most famous passages in the Quran, is the passage that is known as a Messiah, the 10 commandments, and these 10 Commandments were originally given to Musa alayhis salam,

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as they were revealed in October.

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And these 10 Commandments were so huge and big of a deal that Allah subhanho wa Taala also revealed them total solar loss on alone while he was alone. And they became a part of the Quran in which we read until the last day. They were mentioned in brief in Surah 10 and I am and then Allah subhanho wa Taala. He mentioned them in extra detail in Surah Al Salam. And this is the passage in Romans suparna, who Allah begins it by saying wakaba buka Allah tabuteau illa? Yeah, well, Bill Wiley, the center, this passage is known as

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the 10 commandments. And this is the passage that mentions many different types of relationships that a person is involved in a lot of soil in this passage, he speaks about relationship, regarding himself, our relationship with Allah. Our relationship with our parents is mentioned in this passage, our relationship with relatives with people, our relationship with the poor and the orphan and the needy, our relationship with people in business, and so on. This entire passage mentions different relationships were supposed to have. And why am I saying this? Because it is important to observe. And the very first lesson we're going to learn is that we observe the ordered arrangement

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in how Allah subhanho wa Taala arrange these relationships for large social, he began by mentioning our relationship with him first, and then our relationship with our parents. In other words, the second strongest relationship a person is supposed to have is with his parents, Allah azzawajal begins the passage, and he says, wakaba bukanlah taboo. Illa will be lonely they need Santa and your Lord he decreed, he commanded and he ordered that none shall be worshipped but him that is the first relationship that you're supposed to observe and look after your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala and that no one is worried.

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But him and then he said, and we also commended him below validating Cernan excellence towards his parents, that you shall be the very best towards your parents. The air began with the word war Cabo wakaba it comes from the word Cabo to decrease something. Jani alcova is a royal decree, huge metal, that a lot of soldiers didn't even say what bucur aleteia Budo Illa. Yeah, he said what it is Aqaba is a kind of decree that is handed down and laid down by a judge. And there is no argument after the case is sealed and the case is closed. The word wakaba is huge. Already before we enter the passage, a lot of socialists saying Don't you dare, don't you dare argue, after these rules are going to come

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down and what I tell you to do, and what kind of relationships you're supposed to maintain and keep connected and keep together. That's the word we'll cover. So panela as though

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as though the parents have complained to Allah subhanho wa Taala they standing outside the doors and the courts of Allah subhanho wa Taala and a lot of social has responded to the complaint and he sent down these laws and he sent down the verdict normal argument after it and let Abu Illa Yeah, that you shall not enslave yourself to none but him will be loyally dainius and and, and being the very best to your parents. Now. My brothers in Islam. These two matters are always mentioned in the Quran right after each other. You find in sola tillbaka Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, What is his name ether Kobani sala de la buena Illa ma le the near Santa, these two that is always mentioned to

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worship Allah and then to be the very best to your parents. A lot of socialization Surah Nisa wobbu la weather to Sri cohesion will be Lally the near Santa once again. In Surah Al Anam Allah socially cesspool

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bukem la Kamala to Shinjuku. And what Bill Wally the near Santa, lot of socialism sort of in the levina call buena la fool Mr. como una de Mola Houma saloon. This is an island where a lot of socialist teaching us to worship Him. And then the after it was sinal insanity rally the center, we can under the person to be the very best to use parents. Even in the stories of prophets. You find in the story of Isa Allah His salam, as soon as he speaks the first words he says, He says in me Abdullah, Attorney Al Kitab, which Allah Nina BIA, then he says, He says after this, what oh, Sonny just saw that he was seconded, madam to hire, that a lot of soldiers commanded me to establish the

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prayer and give this account. What's that? That is the worship of Allah, then straight after what? liberty and he commanded and enjoined upon me that I shall be the very best to my mother because he had no father. Look, man alehissalaam when he gave advice to your son, he said to me, I've been a lead to shriek biller, do not associate partners with Allah. In other words, worship Allah alone. The street after that is Allah subhanho wa Taala seeing what was sinal insanity well today, how Allah to Allah one that we can ended enjoyed upon the person, that he shall be the very best to use parents. And then a lot of social explains who the mother is in your life. Now my brothers in Islam,

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with all of these examples I gave you, it begs the question, why are these two things always mentioned right after each other, worshipping Allah, and being the very best to your parents, and

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they mentioned certain things. Number one, they say that Allah is the Creator. He brought you into existence, and your parents are the direct reason for your existence. Without your parents after the permission of Allah, you wouldn't have existed. Therefore they mentioned right next to each other. Number two, Allah he's the one who initially bestows his blessings upon you, even though you didn't do any good before to deserve any blessings, and the parents, they are the ones who show your blessings and show excellence towards you. Even though you haven't done any goodness to them before to deserve a large number three, Allah subhanho wa Taala is merciful towards you, and you are in

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desperate need of him. subhanho wa Taala and the same case goes with the parents. They are merciful towards you from the very beginning and you are in desperate need of them, otherwise you will perish. Number four, Allah subhanho wa Taala continues his goodness towards you. As you grow up, he continues his goodness towards you. And he doesn't expect any payment from you in return. And the parents the same matter. They continue their goodness towards you as you

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You grew up, and they do not expect any repayment from you for support Allah. This is one of the reasons for why Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned these two things right next to each other. When Mr. Milan mentioned one Mo, and this is an important one so that we can figure out what kind of relationship we're supposed to have. And why do our relationship with our parents suffer and the lack of love, he said that a lot of social mentioned that we worship Him alone. And then he mentioned that we be the very best our parents right next to each other, because one leads to another

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that if your relationship with a lover is good, then automatically and naturally, your relationship with your parents is going to be the very best. So this is how you measure that if your relationship with your parents is faulty, it's bad, it's neglectful, it's ruined. That definitely means there's something between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala. Rush and rectify your relationship with Allah, and natural consequence of that, that you will find yourself humble towards your parents, and being the very best towards your parents. My brothers in Islam will be lonely, they need certain goodness to the parents, while learning. The second strongest relationship you're supposed to have in this

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life is to your parents after Allah subhanahu wa Tada. Who would disagree to that, who would dare to disagree to this, when you are only a sperm cell in your mother's womb. That's how you began a sperm. So in your mother's womb, you were eating from her flesh and sucking from her blood. And as she ate everything, you're the one that was being nourished by everything that she ate. And Jani when your bones began to develop the mother, and she is taking anything that contained calcium in it, as your bones were developing, calcium stops going to the mother, and it redirect straight to you so that your bones can form and grow strong. How dare someone say that, but there is 123 with my

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parents that don't agree with and as a result, these are the issues that are occurring. So Pamela, after you set in your mother's lap, and after you set in your father's lap for ease and ease, where are you going to leave? What are you going to go? What are these problems that you come up with? And my parents are this and but they don't understand. So how the law in these IR theories guidance in how we're supposed to deal with our parents, let's listen, a man from Yemen, and then from Yemen came to Mecca to perform tawaf and he was carrying his mother on his back. You can imagine in the heat in the desert, going seven times around the Kaaba, having his mother on his back, he saw the

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normal of the Allahu anhu. And he said to him, yep, no

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need to do a fatal haka. He said, Oh, please. Do you think that I have paid her back for the goodness that she's done with this kind of load on carrying on my back? further than normal of the Allahu anhu. He said to him, Well,

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this entire carrying of her from Yemen, all the way to Makkah, and then power seven times around, the governor did not even repay one contract. You had one kind of contraction she had when she was carrying you. So how to love what Bill Wiley they need Cerner

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what Bill Wiley Dini. Cernan means especially when it comes to the parents, you better be the very best than the law of social said what Bill Wiley, they said and, and originally in Arabic, we were expecting what son and Bill were leading us expecting that in Arabic, but Allah azza wa jal converts them. And he says what Bill Wiley they in first and then he said, and second. what that implies in Arabic is exclusivity, or its specialized is something in other words, when we want to translate what Bill Wiley dainius and it will mean, and especially when it comes to the parents, you better be the very best, you know what that means. In other words, you can be the very best to your boss, you

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can be the very best to your friends. You can be the very best co worker, you can be the very best to your children, and the very best to your wife, but a lot of social he says that's good, but especially when it comes to the parents. That's where the very best of Nana's is supposed to be seen. Bill Wiley Dini. sannan, San Juan Allah, my brothers in Islam.

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This is why the hammer home Allah they said, anything. Listen to this carefully. anything short of the very best to the parents is a sin. Allah repeated. anything short of the very best towards the parents is a crime is a sin that a person owns a sin for and you'll be accountable for it on the Day of Judgment. Listen to the story that also de la Sol Allahu Allah. Allah mentions he says

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embedding yourself in. There were three men that were trapped in a cave. The story is long that I'm just going to focus on the first person so we can learn.

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He said three people were trapped in a cave. They entered a cave, and he closed up. So that means there is no communication. They don't have any mobile phones. No one knows where they are. They are stuck in certain depth. They will die soon. If no one comes and sees them. There is no WhatsApp. There's no video course they can make done cut out of this lonely life. No one knows about their existence and their whereabouts. So they asked each other What are we supposed to do? So one of them said, Let's make dua to Allah through our righteous good deeds, that perhaps Allah open it as a result, good ID. So the first person makes it and he says Allahumma

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in who can only abolishing Hanukkah beyond Bian Welcome to La La Houma. mela, he said Allah, he when he took a corner, listen to this. It will teach you what it means to be good to the parents. He said all along.

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I had to old age parents. His parents were really old in age, his mother and father, YALI, they're very close to the grave.

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Allah, He began his way out like this, as though he's saying, I acknowledge that there are two doors of the paradise open right before me, the door of the Paradise is only 1.5 meters away from you. It is under the feet of the mother and the father. This is where it is.

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mentioned, he realizes the greatness of having old parents, young, it's a disaster and a calamity. If you don't have old parents, this is how a mama would see all parents as an opportunity to be granted the paradise and granted mountains and mountains of good deeds. He said all along, I had two old parents. And I did not feed anyone in my family, nor my wife or my children, nor my slaves before them. I didn't feed anyone. He's making a very clear message this person. He's making a very clear message. He's saying I did not feed anyone from my family before them. In other words, his message is to say that no one comes before my father and mother. No one at all. Look, my brothers in

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Islam. You might love your children and your wife more than your parents. But you need to make that clear message to your parents that no one comes before them. This is what he's doing. When he said no one will drink milk before my parents.

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And he said was superior to

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the hormone. He went into his parents. They were sleeping and he's holding the bowl of milk and his children are crying at his foot. Now, you know Subhan Allah, Allah, Allah azza wa jal placed in the parents, that as soon as their children are crying, or they're hungry, the emergency alarm rings in your mind, and you will go out of your way to do anything to look after him. Look at this man. He's saying that his children are crying at his feet. And he's still carrying the ball of milk. And he's not going to give them anything, because no one will drink before his parents spout alarm. Yeah, he gives them half the milk, nothing. Make it a clean message that no one comes before the parents. He

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could have given him half the milk. But he's not doing that. Then he said,

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he said, so I stood at the head, carrying the bowl of milk. Wake him up. I don't want to wake them up. Because if I wake them up, maybe I disturb them. And as a result, they won't be able to sleep after that. You sit down. You've been working all day. I don't want to sit. I'm going to remain standing right here to give a clean message. This is the kind of goodness he had towards his parents.

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You have sleeves. Make one of your sleeves standard the head and go sleep no. None of my sleeves will stand. I will do it. It's an honor for me. It's an opportunity for me. I will stand at their head. And he stood there waiting them to wake up until Virgil. Once and Fisher came in. They woke up for soccer. And I gave them their hubback their milk and they began to drink from it. My brothers in Islam Yanis hanamaki is not only spent in solid, this is a form of clear Malaysia

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as an adult Salafi Allahu anhu he said that his mother asked for water once he went to her and she found her sleeping. So he stood there until sonetel fisher of sunlight and fish it and then he gave her the water

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To drink, and some of the righteous of the past, they would say, I spent the entire night at the foot of my mother and a PR service. And my brother spent the entire night in Salatu Lail praying. And he said, and I wouldn't for a second prefer his night over my night. So Pamela dishpan in the cave, he made this slide. And he said,

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if I did that, for your sake, if that righteous deed was done for your sake, my love and my obedience or my goodness towards my parents, if it was done for your sake, then move this boulder and open it up. And Allah subhanahu wa tada opened up the cave a little bit. And they saw the sky. They saw relief. My brothers in Islam, Jani. So Pamela, when, when Thailand when when boys in the Thailand cave got trapped, the entire world came to the rescue. 7 billion people on the face of this earth came to the rescue. And they didn't know how to do it until after a few days went by. Here we're learning that power build rule. While it ain't goodness to the parents has such a power that

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it would move a boulder. It would move difficulties in your life. To the point where you'll see light, you'll see the sky, you'll see relief. So Pamela, how many boulders exists in our life, that would be opened up if you were to kiss the forehead of your parents, and how many boulders exist in your life that would open up if you were to serve them, clean their clothes, and shine their shoes. In other words, when a person has difficulties in life,

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perhaps most of the times, it's because of your relationship with your parents. This is the first one that this person made. And relief came to Panama. When I recall on this moment. And in this Limbo, a friend of mine who flew Panama so you can understand. A friend of mine once he told me a story. He said

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that he had a soccer game to go to, you know as youth as young men house once you have a soccer game or a sport you want to go they care about the world. So he wanted to go to the soccer game. And his father stopped him. And he said to him, wait, you cannot leave until you rake the leaves beside the fence. Go to the fence, rake the leaves. Once you're done, you can go to your soccer game. He got frustrated and upset Danny and I got a game please don't do it later. He said now anyway, of small argument Fine, fine, my dad, I'm going to go rake the leaves. So he went and he began to rake the leaves. And as he's raking the leaves, he said I saw something shining. Besides the fence. He

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approached it. And he happened to be his key. Also para la. He said we thought that key, I wouldn't have been able to turn on this car and go to the soccer game. So Panama, something as small as that. We need to understand excellence towards the parents. Obedience towards the parents is going to reveal relief difficulties in your life. A lot of so shall he says what Bill while he said the word sannan. It came with it. And when

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they said this, then when it implies in every aspect of life they're supposed to be in your words. They're supposed to be excellence in your behavior. They're supposed to be excellence in your actions. They're supposed to be excellence in your patients. They're supposed to be excellence towards your parents. anything short of the very best in any aspect of life is going to be a sin. In my ablon nine the kebab, Kibera, Houma, Oklahoma, Fela top Allahumma of Allah azza wa jal, he says, If either one of them or both of them were to read old age at your place, then do not say to them, Jani. Why? Because when parents grow at old age, their demands and requests become more and more. So

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as a result, the possibility of coming out of you is going to increase more and more.

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He says, Do not say to them off at that moment. My brothers in Islam the word off is a word. Your parents could have said towards you a million times when you were growing up. When they were feeding you when they were changing your clothes, when they were changing your nappies. When you were in your mother's womb, when they spent time and effort and money upon you, every moment they could have set off against you. But they decided not to say it. So Allah subhanho wa Taala teaches you don't you dare say it towards them. When not once they said it towards you, fanatic Allahumma often when

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they said if there was a word less than off, Allah would have forbid us from seeing it. But it's nothing less than all of

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that imagine the one that swears that his parents imagine the one that swears at his parents.

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Imagine the one that hits his parents. Imagine the one that raises his voice and his parents a law he's telling you don't say off, and you're acting in this manner. What kind of punishment Oh, it's such a person, fanatic, Allahumma vallotton Haruna and do not disappoint them. Do not upset them.

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Do not annoy them

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Do not be a river of insult in their faces. You're not an error that comes from the word na. Na is a flowing river. There are some people that would stand before their parents and keep on talking back talking back talking that until their parents before them would just decide to walk away. A lot of social says do not be a river of insult before them. You know a river, when it flows strong after a flood. What happens? It doesn't leave anything in its path, except it destroys it. A lot of socially saying Don't be that person before your parents. When I talk to him, I often wonder

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why? Why can I say off to my parents? And why can I upset them? Why? Why? Because this is considered validation. It's considered rebellion against the parents, and for such is a bad and a major sin in the vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says, I don't like vanilla hoomin himself and one other three types of people. A lot of soldiers will not accept the single beat from them. Nothing of the obliga tracks, nothing of the voluntary acts, and he mentioned the first one and

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the one who is disciplined, disrespectful towards his parents. Whenever you sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says in a hadith

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don't lay on buruma who lay him Yeoman Kava, three types of people. Allah will not look at them on the Day of Judgment, meaning they do not own a loss mercy on the Day of Judgment. And he mentioned number one, Allah led to one who's disrespectful and rebellious towards his parents. When Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the same Hadith, certain layer kulula agenda, they do not enter the paradise three types of people. And he said Allah once again, and this repetition implies severity and danger towards this major sin. When

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rebellion against the parents is from the minor signs of the hour. And the VESA lamola yo salami says in the hadith of Allah, Allahu anhu, that if 15 things were to happen in this ummah, Allah punishment will come down. And he mentioned and for among these 15, he said, Well, upper lusatia, who, when the man begins to obey his wife, and as a result,

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he begins to become rebellious towards his mother. Because of his obedience to His wife, he preferred his wife over his mother. As a result, he rebelled against his mother. The fourth one, he said, well done Ruby. So the T, and the one who shows excellence towards his friend was for who

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he says was alpha. And he was dried to his father, he neglected and turned away from his father. He can show goodness to everyone, but his mother and father that is meant to serve from the minus signs if these were to happen, a lot of social promised that his punishment would come down very soon, my brothers in Islam, how many Muslims around the world today are standing outside the courts, with their case prepared against their mother and father, because of a home because of a house because of somebody because of some stupid worldly thing is standing outside the courts? Taking the parents stood Subhanallah for my brothers in Islam, let's understand

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what they need sanan rebellion against the parents is a crime. And let me just mention on this point, that what about if a person actually complains from very tough parents? How do you deal with tough parents? There is there are parents that are tough that you can you cannot even live with them? How do you deal with him? Or him or her mama, they said,

00:29:17--> 00:29:31

a sabudana they're human in our family, for people that have very bad parents, and wish to do good to their parents, and said that the greatest goodness they could do is being patient,

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before they difficulties and they insults and their hardness and their toughness, exercise patience, before their toughness, and this is the greatest of Bill. So if they scream at you, or they swear at you, or whatever it is, you remain patient, and your patience will be counted as your excellence towards them. The whatever in the case where and we have this a lot our youth would say unfortunately my parents did not accept

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Then I made a tober and I begin to pray at the masjid and, and hamdulillah now I have a bead, this is this is a problem as well, this is a problem, they go back and they say Alhamdulillah they go to their parents, and they say Finally, I found the righteous man and Allahu Akbar, my mother, you should have seen this person. We read together any fasts, there is any praise the knights and and they are expecting from your mother to clap for you. Instead, she says it's a masiva. This is a disaster. When you go back home and you say I heard a lesson today, Allahu Akbar, well, I was a killer. What do you expect from your parents, too? So some parents would be annoyed by this? isn't

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how, as a young youth, trying to establish his team correctly in the home? How do you behave with your parents, when they are unaccepting of this kind of attitude and behavior? You need to understand my brothers in Islam, that you're supposed to be smart. Number one, be smart.

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Don't tell them about the things that I went to the machine. I heard this. And I heard that and I made friends with it. But don't say this stuff. They don't want to hear it. Don't say it. Be smart and wise. Number two, don't be confronting. Can you walk into the house, my sister, you need to

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walk into my Dad, you're supposed to stop shaving your beard. When my mother wants this kind of clothing around. Don't be like that. That's unacceptable. Don't accept that. Of course your parents are going to rebel against you. Be smart, be wise. And the first thing you change of yourself in the house is your manners. That's the first thing you're supposed to change. You come back to the home

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and you clean the clothes, do something extraordinary you've never done before.

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Because people generally love good manners from anyone, whether it was from a Kaffir whether it was from someone else, generally people have good manners. Imagine it came from you as a child. You go on date to your parents, and you say father, today I want to call my Auntie's and my uncles from overseas, and

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watch this Deen that you follow where you hang out with these things that you've learned from. It'll give a good impression. And realize and understand that perhaps you are the one who has established the dean in his life. And perhaps you're the only member in the family that such remember that you're the shining beam in the house, you're going to be the source of guidance to everyone misguided in the family. And just like a shining bulb is very sensitive. Be very careful. A light bulb just with a flick, it'll crack. Don't break yourself. Be that shining source of light. Change your manners first, do things that you've never done in the house, clean your clothes, shine your

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parents shoes, pay the bills, do something change your character. As a result, you're accepted. And then your change is accepted. When the vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said is stuck. You stuck on become very famous, powerful Hadith. Authentic is the key when you first change you bring the goodness upon yourself. You stuck on become people around you change people around you with adopt the good character and the obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala if you were to do it first these are the ayat and the guidance that a lot of social teaches us What about a book Allah tabula? Yeah, well, Bill Wiley, they need a certain image my cover how to Houma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma. Why Latin

00:33:25--> 00:33:55

Houma. wakulla Houma Colin Karima speak noble words, soft words compassionate kind words, Wofford lahoma Janelle has really made a law and law of the wings of humility to them out of mercy, lower the wings, you know, wings for birds and the birds they fly with their wings. In other words, a lot of socially saying, that is acknowledging that you might have power over your parents. You can fly above them, you can slam the door in their face, you can hang up in their face, you can do it. But Allah is saying the

00:33:56--> 00:34:34

law of the wings of humility, out of mercy just like they showed you mercy, lower them. Zhanna Hassan Managua. What does that mean? mean serve them. When you go when as married people, when you go back to your parents, don't wait for them to bring the food out and to serve you. You go and serve them. When you get to the house after your marriage. You go in there with your kids and you wait expect to her mother to put the food and to bring the tea and to bring you do that. Once you lower the wings out of humility. Humble yourself, humiliate yourself before your parents. You bring them this kind of stuff you serve them.

00:34:37--> 00:34:43

And on top of all this, once you've served them, don't think that was too much. At the end the losses will

00:34:45--> 00:34:59

come out of burning sahira with all of this kind of goodness. add on top of it for them as well. doesn't stop. Goodness to the parents doesn't have a limit. It doesn't have a limit. It's open. The door is open just like the doors of the paradise.

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

Open. There is no limit for anything. That's good do it. Welcome Rob Bell hamama say Allah, bestow Your mercy upon them, just like they showed me mercy when I was young. Walker Rob Bell, who McNamara Baroness O'Hara, finally my brothers in Islam and hammer home Allah, they said that Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions in the Quran, and it's called Lee Valley Valley, they show gratitude to me and to your parents show gratitude to Allah and to your parents. How do you achieve that, especially for those who their parents have died? People whose parents have died, they assume that the door of goodness to their parents has closed, it's come to an end wrong. Actually, the most sincere kind of

00:35:42--> 00:36:24

goodness to the parents happens after their death. Because now it's since he maybe you should goodness towards your parents during their life. You wanted to hear good vibe from them, some kind words, some appreciation, but after the death, no one has you got to love. And no one sees you about a law. And your parents after their death are in most need of your goodness towards them, that you remember them in a dryer, that you remember him in a photo that you remember him in a prayer. Don't forget the mother, that so long as she carried you, and looked after you and prepared your meal, and put it before you every day, that later on when you grow and she is dead. Every time meal and a food

00:36:24--> 00:37:06

is placed before you is supposed to motivate you to get up and go feed and often go feed the needy to feed someone, Paul, and don't forget the father, who looked after you, and perhaps left your fortune in this life. And if not, he left your good reputation. Don't forget this stuff. So you remember him as he's in the darkness of the grief. And the grief is tight. As he's in it. You remember him he knows what you make. And this is counted towards them. Goodness towards them. How many do I a person did towards his parents? Allah subhanho wa Taala opened up the grief and illuminated for them just because of the drama of a righteous son. for newbies Allahu alayhi wa

00:37:06--> 00:37:19

sallam. As a homeowner they mentioned that a lot of supervision wants us to show gratitude to him and to her parents. How do we do this? And Ola hammer home in LA they said, Man sala de la Vallee De

00:37:20--> 00:37:48

La Hoya Chicago Leo LED. Anyone who prays has shown gratitude to Allah, and anyone who makes it to his parents has shown gratitude towards his parents. For after every salette you make for your parents are Bill fieldly while you led or bilham who may come out of bed in Sahara. With that being a toddler you have achieved gratitude to Allah and showing gratitude to your parents or loved one alum of Hulu

00:37:50--> 00:38:09

Hulu in Hulu Rahim hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah Milena Viva La Heather solo Salim ohama como la la Haileybury hos kilberry Muhammad Ali Abdullah so Hey Bill, how do I ship Africa? Morocco Allahu taala the marimba Fibonacci within the Malaika to Musa

00:38:10--> 00:38:44

why you have become a mineral oil in Allah home Allah eketahuna so Luna Allah maybe you have Lavina Amano solo Allah He was Sallam Otis Lima Hello masala Allah Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah tala Ibrahim Allah eligible on Hema in naka hamidou Majeed barik ala Muhammad wa ala Muhammad Allah Ibrahim ohana La Bella Hema in naka hamidah Majid aloha Marina Chaka Khan was una de la, Arenal Bella, Bella, Bella, Bella, Bella, Bella Bella Taco Bell Mina in Atlanta semi Ana De La Nina cantata about the law in the law.

00:38:46--> 00:38:48

What about when how and in fact Shay

00:38:49--> 00:38:49

la la,

00:38:51--> 00:38:55

la la, la la skokomish guru who had any I mean, he is it kumana the Corolla jaquar

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