Marriage Talk What Happens When You Ignore These

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I'm gonna take you guys out there a little bit to explore an idea that sometimes couples usually feel uncomfortable exploring.

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If a partner continuously expresses a bid for connection and different ways, you know, small asks and small tasks saying, can you get this for me? Or are you able to do this for me? If you're making a constant bid for connection, or your partner's making a constant bid for connection, and you're not responding, instead, you're actually shutting down your partner and saying, Oh, I'm too busy, I can't do it. Now, why don't you do it yourself? Do you really need me for this, over the course of your marriage, a repeated rejection of those bits to connect with the partner are going to lead to detachment. So here's two of the risks that you can lead to Risk Number one, is that your partner is

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no longer going to need you for this. I'm not going to need you, I'm not going to ask any more because I know what to expect. Or the more dangerous of the to your partner is going to find somebody else who's able to accept their bids and respond to their bids, either or are very unhealthy for communication patterns in marriages. So start noticing those bids. Start noticing those small reaches that your partner is making those small attempts is trying to connect with you or saying something to you that hey, honey, I need you. I need you to be in my life and I need you to help me I need you to take care of things for me. Because in those slight moments of attachment,

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we're actually expressing to our partner, that they're valued. They're important, and they're needed.