Making Dua When You Have Everything

Muhammad Alshareef


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AI: Summary © The speaker describes a woman who is praying for her loved one and is shaking and crying. She wonders what happened to her person. The speaker emphasizes the importance of praying for oneself and making assumptions about others.
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Let's suppose you entered a masjid or entered a home.

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And you saw somebody standing up and praying.

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Now this person is praying, and they're crying. They're crying really badly. And you're waiting for a very long time. They haven't gone into core or their inner core, they're inserted up. And they're in that position for a very, very long time. And they're crying, and they're shaking.

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And you start to even feel sorry, what has happened to this person? What do you think? If you saw somebody like picture that you saw somebody crying and shaking? What do you think happened to them that would make them cry like that? Give me some comments.

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What do you think would happen picture? You see somebody doing that?

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loss, loss of a loved one, someone died? Grief, heartbroken.

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Pain, regret, very big sin. Okay, what if I told you

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what if I told you, this person had everything?

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This person had everything.

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Allah gave him everything. He gave him all his past sins forgiven, and anything he would do in the future, forgiven. And so I just saw him praying like this. And she said to him, why are you praying so intensely when ALLAH has forgiven all your past sins, or anything that you would do in the future? And the prophets that Elijah said, um, said, a fella Hakuna Abdon Shakira, shouldn't I be a thankful servant of Allah.

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So this prayer, I the reason that I asked you guys like that kind of a DUA, what the initial thought is that it comes from loss, that it comes from, you know, heartbroken or some pain. But in this case, we see the example of the prophets of Allah is that it is coming from Shaka. It is coming from thankful to this to Allah Spano, Donna. And Allah has given him everything, and this is how he responds. And so there's so many lessons from this. But the key lesson that I want you to get from it is this is how you make dua even when you have everything. Even when you think oh, well, I have a nice job, have a nice career. I have a nice family. I have good health. Why should I be making so

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even you need to be up all night praying to Allah subhanaw taala asking for dunya and robbing attina for dunya Hassan, Hassan or Canada dinar