If God Knows The Future, Why Arent People Already in Paradise

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If God knows the future, why aren't people already in paradise and McGraw presents q&a with Solomon honey, the way that we usually approach this question is by ensuring that the one who's asking recognizes that there is a difference between Allah subhanaw taala has knowledge of the future, and your freewill, your ability to choose, you have the ability right now to stop watching this video, you have that choice, you have the ability maybe to stand or to sit or do anything else, you have choice and you recognize that because you make choices every day, Allah subhanaw taala wants you to be a witness to those choices yourself. Because if somebody started off in paradise, they're

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probably not going to complain. But if somebody started off in the hellfire, they're going to say, I don't remember doing all that. So the question then is like, how do you reconcile the idea between Alright, so I have to make choices but Allah knows what my choices are. So what's the point?

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The point is that Allah subhanaw taala gave you freewill and that's your test we were created for the test. Let the whole apple moto what Hialeah blue icon the One who created death and life in order to test you. So giving us free will the ability to choose is that test therefore we also know that we're not forced to do anything alone knowing what you're going to do is a separate matter. That's because Allah subhanaw taala is alive when he does not force you to make the decisions that you're making today. And you know this because right now you can do whatever you want, right you choose to believe or disbelieve to work towards paradise or the hellfire.

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