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Amen rush audio presents Lazy Boy a hooked up by Mohammed Al Sharif in that Hamlet Illa Meadow so Hannah wanna start no wanna stop fiddle? When are the villa him in terrarium fusina on and say at Dr. Molina May Allah tala Farah mobile Allah woman your little fella had Yella or shadow Allah Allah illallah wa hola Sherry Kela or shadow Ana Mohammed Abu hora sudo Amanda sequin FCB taco La Jolla Del Taco de Marana Allahu taala v Delica Kitab al Karim for Carlota Allah Yeah, you have levena Amano choco la puttaparthi wala de Mouton. illa Anta Muslim moon Wakata Allah. Yeah yohanna suta Pura vida como la de la Kaku minasi wahida wahala caminhadas o jaha Oba salmon humeri Jan and Kathy

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are on one. Water Polo holiday it is a lo and behold our ham in Nala hurricane Alejandro FIBA them.

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Dear brothers and sisters at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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An incident happened in which a man slept the entire night until he missed fecha.

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Now, this is an incident that may be very common today, but it wasn't common at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He missed fetcher. And so they came and spoke to the prophets of Allah while he was tell him about this incident.

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And I'm dilemna Misra, along with Tyler on who and Roger and Carl rasulillah in a fallen and nnamani Salatin, Barry had

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a man came and said to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Yasuda law the very rarely a person slept last night until the morning until the dawn came and they missed Federer in brackets they had missed veget the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam replied that Shay upon Bell, a few Nay, that this person, a devil has urinated in his ears. Dear brothers and sisters.

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In the books of Heidi, if you go to any book and you will find a chapter called Bab str the mineral castle, the chapter of seeking a loss protection from laziness to seeking the protection of a loss of panel data from laziness, caisson, or laziness and procrastination is a disease and you're hearing University you know what procrastination would do to you in your studies. It's a disease that afflicts the mind, where the person starts saying things and speaking to themselves in a certain way. And then in a flicks after the mind, it afflicts the heart. And that heart also moves on to the body. And I'll just give you this glimpse, Mashallah, when I walked in here, there was

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about 10 people. And as soon as there then was given, maybe about 100 people came in. But immediately after that, why couldn't have Why couldn't it have been five minutes before. And what we're going to see today in sha Allah is that this technique of laziness is a technique of shaitaan. And we will learn in sha Allah tala How To combat this evening lamb.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to frequently make the DA Allah humma. And it's the other Allahumma inni, our obika miniloc z, we'll cancel that, oh, Allah, I seek your protection, protecting me from Ijust, which is inability to do something when someone says I can't do that the prophets of the law they sent him would say, Oh, the villa from that kind of speech. Well, castle, and I seek your protection, all law protect me from being lazy, from being lazy.

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This society is built on laziness from its core. And I'll tell you why. Because it's a society that's based on the idea that we have to rest on Sundays. And they say why do you have to rest on Sundays in some of you might know, the back in the day all the stores would close on Sunday. Why? Because when they used to say that a law got lazy on Sunday, when they're a builder, he did all his work all week long. He built the heavens in the earth. And then on Sunday, he got tired and you rested. And that's why on Sunday, we rest and we watch football games all Sunday long. This is why we do what they say. It's a society based on that and Allah azza wa jal testifies, let fudo sinner

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to know that there is no drowsiness and no sleep that comes to a loss of Hannah wattana. It's a society that wants everything fast. You

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Have the fast food joints, you have the meals, you have the, the microwave meals, if they say cook this for half an hour, you would never buy that meal again, half an hour that's too long to cook a meal, you want the five minute meals. And if they told you to take it out and stir it, you'd get all sad about that, that you actually have to take it out after two minutes and stir it and put it back. It's a society that's trying to have the perfect body in 10 minutes or less for only three days a week, a society that's built on this, but we what we don't realize is laziness is the root of much of the major sins. And I'll give you this example. Why does a person take alcohol and drugs? Because

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they're lazy to change their situation? They don't want to actively change it. So they take a drug that will immediately change it. Why do people do black magic? When people and even though you're like my friends, don't do black magic, believe me ask your parents. They know people who do black magic. Why are they doing the black magic because they're too lazy to go out and get married? Or they're too lazy to influence people. So they try going to devils to try to influence people? Why do people take ryba mortgages? And why do they deal with interest? Because they're too lazy to get a proper job and work and pay properly for something that they have to buy everything with that which

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Allah subhanaw taala made forbidden? Why do people backed by people backed by because they're too lazy to go and tell the person the truth? They'll say to you instead, you tell so and so that what he did was wrong? Why can't you say it? I'm too lazy to do it. And these are all major sins, the brothers and sister gambling, when they gamble, why is the person buying a lottery ticket, every time I go to a store, the person in front of me is buying something and pulling out a lottery ticket. Why? Because they're too lazy to get a job and work and try to make those million dollars, they want to get it instantly, they want to pay $1. And their chances of getting that are one in 2

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million, their chances of getting a job are much greater than them working with that lottery ticket. And so like a poison, it corrupts all good, all good things. Because no matter what beautiful and amazing thing that you want to do for yourself, and do for the dean and do for a loss of panel data, regardless of your intention, if you don't have the energy to do it. And if you have the disease of laziness coupled with your desire, then your desire will go nowhere. And you will stay there sitting on the fence. The brothers and sisters, there's causes for this laziness, it goes back into the root of the heart this disease of laziness, a disease of the heart. Number one, the person who's

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afflicted with laziness doesn't know and doesn't

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understand their need to accumulate good deeds. Just like we understand a person may need to accumulate money, but a person may not understand how to accumulate good deeds. For example, you will see one brother who might go around saying Salaam to everybody, and you'll say to them, why are you doing this? He would say and reply because I'm collecting good deeds. And very few people are like this, that understand that this life is about collecting deeds and preparing for the journey to the hereafter. As Alonzo just says, what does that mean? Why do enough

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to prepare your provisions that pack your suitcases. For the best provision, the best thing to pack your suitcase with is the taqwa of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is the commandment of Allah. Secondly, people you know how they have this thing where people say, I'm calling you holier than thou or something like that. The problem is people think too highly of themselves. They glorify themselves to such a high level, that when the commandments of Allah subhanaw taala come to them, they reply by saying, but my heart is clean. Why do I have to do that? Look, I'm good to my neighbors. Look, I do my homework. I'm a good person. And they glorify themselves to such a high

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level, that it justifies laziness in their eyes, a bad and that can't be a loss upon with Allah says, Fela to zanku full circle, do not claim piety to yourselves. If anybody says I'm good say that this, Allah commands you to not talk like that. Because as Elijah says, who will be many delko that Allah knows best of who is the true person who has righteousness, we don't know you will do the actions and unless dogen knows if you are true and sincere in what you're doing or not. And the person afflicted with this disease of laziness doesn't understand the goldmine of opportunity awaiting them. You have a goldmine. For example, here at the university, you have 1000s of people

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around you just waiting to hear the call of Islam. It's a goldmine. You're watching

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Walking around everywhere you go, you're living amongst people who are just like sponges ready to hear you open your mouth and say I am a Muslim, La ilaha illAllah. And they're gonna say, How can I become Muslim? They're waiting for it. And it's one brother when I was overseas, he said to me, You people in North America are so

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you have such an enormous opportunity. He said, because if you just teach one person certain Fatiha, someone becomes Muslim, I don't know certain factor, can you teach me how to pray? Yeah, to father, I'd love to teach him. So it's unfair to have their whole life, they will read it till the day they die, and you will get the reward for it. You can do that in Muslim countries, in a lot of places. There's other ways to get reward in the Muslim countries. But here that goldmine, a person doesn't recognize it, and then that leads to laziness.

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The brothers and sisters, some of you might be dozing off, some of you might be paying attention. But let me tell you this, why this concerns you? Because if you have energy, and you start worshipping Allah subhanaw taala, you're not going to benefit me. You're going to benefit no one except yourself. This is your life. This is your soul. You're only going to live once on earth. And you're going to go to the hereafter with this suitcase of good deeds. The person who understands this early in life, who gets on the bandwagon of the worship of Allah Spano Tata early on accumulates, everything becomes the pioneer of pushing Islam to everyone. And so they come on the

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Day of Resurrection. And they see these mountains of deeds that they never imagined that they would have had. And it will be said to them that this is because you weren't lazy. Back in the day when other people were lazy. You recognize the opportunity and you kick started the worship of Allah Spano Tata for everyone else. And we know as well that if you choose not to heed these words, and you choose instead to yawn, and get tired and get lazy and turn your back on the worship of Allah subhanaw taala Let me remind you of the son of Allah and His creation, and that is that anything in nature that does not contribute will be destroyed. Let me tell you again, if there's a weed, for

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example, what do you do? If it's not contributing, you take it out. If your nails get too long, and there's no purpose to your nail anymore, you cut it, you throw it in the trash, you get rid of it, and as a community and as individuals, if we are not contributing, and we're not energetic and producing, then by the nature of a loss upon Antonis creation, is that those things will be taken away, as Alonzo Jett says, Kevin, Nika

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will have power

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to fire

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SFM Casa

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Casa de la who will answer

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says that in this way that Allah subhanaw taala gives forth the parable of the truth and falsehood in Vanity Fair, Emma Zevon faith, how would you find that vanity is like the foam the dirt on the ocean, that it just goes away. There's no benefit to it. What am I an found nurse. But the things that do bring benefit things that weren't done with laziness, they were done with full energy and they bring benefit to the creation of Allah subhanaw taala for them to feel that it will remain steadfast in the land even after your after you go it will continue to reap benefit to the people.

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The brothers and sisters this also concerns you because when anyone turns their back in laziness to Allah subhanho wa Taala don't think that Allah is paying attention to that person. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said who zoom in on our Manama to the point he said, Do those deeds that you are able to perform For verily for la de la yes mo la hotus. Mo that Allah will not get tired of your a Bader until you get tired. And so I want to give you this phenomenon of people who make dough. And in their day, they don't know what they're saying. And they're yawning and they're confused and they're looking who's coming into the door. A lot not paying attention to that person

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just like they're not paying attention to their dog. And that dog is a dog that's not answered by Allah subhana wa Tada. The dog that is answered by Eliza Jen is the dog where a person's heart and energy is put into that dog. And Allah subhanaw taala will listen if you can take your dog to that level on a consistent basis, you will see your life changing dramatically.

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You brothers and sisters when I was younger, we once went to the man's house during Ramadan. There is a new man who had come from overseas to lead the total way

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prayers. And at a young age, you know, when you're young and your parents are waking you up for failure and so on, I'm tired, I'm lazy and all of those things. And then we went to the Imams place to take him to take him to the masjid to pick them up and take them to the masjid when we went there, and this is like one of the Rama bond nights and I was complaining about being tired and I'm sure the Muslim community a lot. were complaining about being tired. I noticed that his neighbors had an all night party going on. It was federa time five o'clock in the morning, the lights were still blaring, the music was still booming, there were people sitting outside still talking and

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drinking their alcohol. And I noticed that they had spent the entire night awake in Korea Malaysia quote unquote, pm lane, but not to Allah subhanaw taala to the shape upon and I said to myself, that if this is the Catherine who has the energy and the ability to spend the entire night and pleasing shape on and then pleasing their nests How can the servant of a lots of panel data not have the energy and the ability to worship a large jet because they are humans just like us. And as part of the alumni who said ooh Billahi min Jalla dill fasciae was the trophy which means that I seek Allah's protection from the time when the festive will have all energy, he will open up planet

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Hollywood's everywhere and he will run every and there will be bars and everything going around from the time when the the festive. The disobedient person will have so much energy and enthusiasm and the righteous will be lazy. When that happens, then there's an imbalance on earth. And you're waiting for corruption and destruction on the community in such a time

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do your brothers and sisters I wanted to tell you about the blessedness of what having energy and enthusiasm and worshiping Allah will do for you. Number one, is that that extra energy will win you the pleasure of Allah subhana wa Tada. As Mussolini Sallam was told to come to the mountain for the 40 days when he came. Mussolini's Sam did not walk slowly. He did not come 10 minutes late.

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He went running to the mountain and he said and Allah recorded his words because it was so pleasing to Allah. Eliza just said about musala a synonym for en

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la cara pilita rumba that I came hastily to you, Oh Allah, so that you would be pleased with me. Lita, LA, you know when you hear a name of the companion, you say Robbie Alomar and who this is how you get that same statement for yourself, so that you do things hastily insha Allah. Secondly, is that having energy is the characteristic of men, the person who believes in Eliza Jen, being lazy is the characteristic of the monastic whether you have the Villa alonza that says, the monastic the hypocrite, the person who has cooked for in their heart, and they're just outwardly claiming to be Muslim. Allah subhanaw taala says about them. What either camo

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camo kusa, Casa Bella, the if they get up for Salah, they get up with laziness. This is basically the phenomenon of give me 10 more minutes, give me 10 more minutes, give me 10 minutes Oh, I missed. Oh, oh, I'll just pray after fetchit give me 10 more minutes give me 10 or whenever that happens, be truthful, the person should be truth for themselves and say and just feel it right there. Be honest, that you are now feeling or that person is feeling a characteristic of nofap a characteristic of the hypocrisy when they reach for that snooze button and they go leisurely to salaah they're feeling what it feels like to be in the state of New foul weather. Yeah, the villa near las pinata protect

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us when a person uses excuses of the elements to not do what Allah subhanaw taala commands. And it's beautiful here in Canada when a person says it's so cold, we can do any good actions because it's so cold, or someone else in a hot country will say it's so hot, we can do any good actions. Allah subhanaw taala describes the Mona feel clean when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told them to go told the believers to go to the Battle of taboo and it was in the summer it's a seven hour journey by car today from Medina to to boo and they were walking that distance. And it takes like a month journey to get up into that area. The Moana Philippine said Allah subhanaw taala said that they encourage

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people not to go with the prophets of Allah and they sent him saying what Paul?

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Fierro fill her. They said do not go out in the heat. It's too hot. Let's wait to winter and then we'll go and follow the

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province of Milan incentive Allah subhanaw taala says could the reply to Johanna eyeshadow How long can we

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say that the fire of hell is much hotter? If they only understood and as Josie Rahim Allah tada said, what I'm out of fear or you've been nasty I even cannot so Claudine Arlington me, he said, I've never seen a flaw more sadder to me in a community than to see people who stop working, even though they have the ability to continue. A colo Callie has stuff for lolly welcome Melissa in Muslim enormous demand for stealth zero in a hula photo Rahim.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala mela Ana de Ababa or shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah. Allah wa shadow ana Muhammadan Abu hora solo ameba, the brothers and sisters, this disease of laziness harms all of us. One of the ways that it harms a person this procrastination or laziness is that for example, if you were to tell someone to come to Islam, and they were very encouraged, you might have a classmate like this, you will find that shaytan gets them right at the moment when they're about to say Shahada. The he will say no, but you got to read the Quran first. And they'll say, Oh, I love Islam, but give me another year, I will read the Quran, or someone will then say,

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Well, I need to do this. And I need to do that first. So they delay coming back to Allah subhanaw taala. And a year later, they might not have that enthusiasm. They might never come across Muslims again, and therefore shaytaan pushes them away. Similarly, people in their Toba people in repentance to Allah, people say let me wait till I paid off my mortgage. Let me wait till I finish these horrible student loans. Let me wait till I do this. Let me wait till I do that and then I will repent to a larger agenda. But it doesn't work like that. Because in that time, the heart will consistently get weaker and weaker and weaker. until the point where the person thinks they're going

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to do Toba their heart may have sealed by then, and then they will not listen to the reminders of Allah subhanaw taala in that last time, and is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that it will be an early Phaeton and copper laden movement. He said race to do good deeds before a time and a fitna comes a test that's going to sweep over you like the darkest of the darkest nights. And you've had fitness happened to I know firsthand what's going on with the educated Sonic educational scene, you have scholars that are picked out you might know them or you might not know them, but they're going out in the dozens, and the ones that are not coming to our countries are also in the

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dozens, the knowledge is being picked away from us. And so you have a chance to attend a hell of a tennis diamond class, you have to race now, before you won't have the chance and then the fitna will come, and it will just be with what with with whatever knowledge you have with you. Some of you will have enough knowledge to protect you in that time of fitness. And some of you will not, and the fitna will sweep through you, when you have the villa, it might eventually lead the person to hellfire. And so the person races without laziness to do the good action. And I give you this analogy of let's say in Australia, where they have sharks, they have this whistle, this bell that

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rings when a shark is sited, if you're lazy and your head is in the water, and you're trying, you're playing one of those games, where you're trying to say how long you can hold your breath under the water or something like that. And then

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you raise your head up out of the water and you notice that there's nobody in the water except you. And you realize that everybody's at the shore and their talent, and they're shouting at you telling you to come on. You're the only one in the water and a shark has been spotted. And you're like a good like 10 minutes from from the beach. How would you try to get to the beach? Do you think you would make it a lot and you'd make it that's exactly what laziness does to you. Exactly. You will be in the water when everybody has gotten out and the shark is in the water without any doubt 100% the shark is there in the shaytaan at Acoma do one photography, the hardware, the shade pot is your

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enemy. So treat him like an enemy, that bell has been wrong. People have gotten out of the water, and you may still be there if you're holding on to that laziness, but it's in law after today in sha Allah Allah, you will let go of that laziness. I will let go of that laziness and we will work and a renewed energy of coming back and worshipping Allah subhana wa Tada. So let me give you some techniques in the end here. Let me give you some techniques to combat this laziness number one, from the fifth of our

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Dean is that when a person yawns when a person yawns, they should cover their mouth. prophets have a long way to send them said that the person should cover their mouth and you must fight the Aeon, I don't care what your medical classes are telling you about. You need oxygen and all that. No, you need to cover your mouth, and you need to fight that breath that's coming out. And if you're about to start going, Oh, like that, that's from the shape on. So you cover your mouth, you fight it and you don't make noise when you yawn. You don't make noise as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us number two, the one third, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us that when we

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eat we eat once they're actually only a few bites, you just you know how you take from the snack machine, that's about good. All you need, just get an apple instead of buying those cookies or something like that. That's all you need to sustain you. But if you're going to eat a meal, then one third should be the food, one third water and one third, so that you can breathe. What people don't realize is that when they fill their stomach, that is like one of the

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most trickiest tricks of shavonne because when you eat too much, you will start yawning and you will get lazy and tired. And then tonight, when it's subtle with time or something like that, you'll go you know, I'm feeling kind of tired, you know that if star was pretty good, but the person ate too much. And now they don't have the strength to worship Allah Subhana donie know what's gonna happen, they're going to sleep through Teto we're, they're gonna wake up when everybody comes back from title we're, then they're going to spend the night awake, and then three hours before fetcher, then they're going to go to sleep and then they're going to miss bed. All because of that meal that

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shaytaan and use panel they might not even have said Bismillah before they start it. And so you start by saying Bismillah

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you want to spend your time with energetic people. Allah subhanaw taala commands us Eliza just says what's good enough second levena don't

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wanna shake you read on.

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Alexa subhanho wa Taala says, What's been enough second, be patient with those people who call on their Lord, in the evenings in the mornings and in the evening. So when you see a person going for Salah consistently worshipping Allah subhanaw taala consistently, always remembering Allah subhanaw taala you tell them hey brother, a sister, how would you like to go out for lunch, I want to spend some time with you, and you will feed off of their energy. If you have lazy people surrounding you get away from them, or give them down and just holla you know, inshallah, tada, tell them to come to these clippers or something like that. Encourage them, but you don't want to because the people

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you're around, you will become like them. Whenever you have a biller. You want to pick the right people. As the Prophet said ally said I'm used to do he used to seek protection in a lot from the shape pawn with regards to laziness. And so similarly, we do the same. If you ever reach for that snooze button, I call it the shaytaan button. Whenever you reach for the shaytaan button, just go just pull your hand back and say are the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. And believe me just saying that you have the strength to wake up for fudger it's all in your mind. You're not tired? No, it's not the exam. No, it's not that it's nothing except shaytaan whispering at that moment telling

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you that the night is long, you've got another 10 minutes just say with a bit luminous, shapeless energy and specifically as a province of the lightning send em todos. I will do Billahi min, a large z will castle as the province of the licen. And specifically said I seek your protection from inability and laziness. And in conclusion in sha Allah tada the last point is truthfulness. The thing that will set you free, the thing that will protect you is being honest with yourself and being honest with Allah subhana wa tada whenever Allah subhanaw taala commands you to do something that's fun, whether that's praying your five prayers, or whatever that is, when Allah subhanaw taala

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commands you something, it's not possible for you to have any excuse. It's not possible. Because even if you have an excuse Islam has the backup. If you can stand up and pray sit down, you can sit down, lie down, there's no excuse. If a last minute automated farm is doable, as a last minute it says law you can live Allahu nevsun illa saw that a lot doesn't place a burden on a person more than they can bear you can do it. And people have done it in the past people continue to do it, you can do it too. And so honesty when kept even Malik for the long line who came to the profits of the line he said him after those people who went out in the battle to boot we said about the heat the moon

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after clean came and made excuses and he said that had had been anyone except the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he would have made excuses it would have saved him but he said I will not lie. And he told the truth of prophesies enemies said I never had more energy more ability than this time, and I just didn't go and the Prophet salallahu

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SLM, said, em, Heather, for persada. He said, As for this person, he has told the truth and kept even medical of the alohar. And who was recorded in the Quran that Allah subhanaw taala forgave him. And we want the same for us the truthfulness and I'm just going to give you this last point on how to word the truthfulness. If you miss ledger, and I'm talking specifically about federal law. If you miss federal, and shaytaan, that urination happening is really gross and all of that, and you slept through it. Don't ever make an excuse. Don't ever say that someone was bothering me last night. Don't say that. I was tired. Don't say anything. This is the truth. The truth is

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that the accumulation of my sins led me to this. The accumulation of my sins, led me to miss fetcher. And this is not who I am. I am the slave of Allah and Allah tomorrow Bismillah I will show you what I'm going to do for your sake. And so the next day you say Oh, the villa ministry autonomy and do stuff far for what happened, no excuses and come back again and again and again to Allah subhana wa tada until you reach those higher levels of energy. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to bless you with that energy and I pray and hope inshallah Tada. You can make the same drop from me.

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In the LA Houma, La Jolla, saloon, r&b Yeah, you Latina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Otis Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed canossa Lita, Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim or Burdick, Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed Kamara, Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Anika hamidah Majid Allah, Knoxville hyena omega Tina wacha He didn't even know sahid in our Kadena was a kid you know in Santa Allahu him and I hate Omen Natha Islam momento feta mean photo for an email in a la jolla neurobiologically will send you a photo or enhan in fact, you will moon kariobangi Yeah, it will come la la quinta de Kuru Kuru la Vimeo Kuru come watch guru holla near me has it come whether they could Allahu Akbar Allah grown up

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in a sauna