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And then hamdulillah Medusa kind of on a stain on his stuff and are all the learning and surely unforeseen elements see as Dr. Medina de la huhtala Fela mobile la la mejor de la Chateau La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika or shadow Anna Muhammad Abdul or a pseudo

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sequel in a series of coma as the Wizard of Oz I'm Alanna Masada be delicacy Caribbean carrying a katana. Yeah, you are living in a sub la Ducati well as Emerson Illa into Simone localizada Yeah, you Hannah sakala Bakula. de cada Kaku minasi wahida ohada caminhada. OSM in Houma. regering Cassie Romani was taco wala de Luna de Waal of Han, in a la cocina de como Kiva, some amadon.

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See brothers and sisters.

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When Medusa, the person who murdered Roma, probably a long time, when he planned his scheme or decided that he was going to murder Armand, he decided to choose the time, the best time where the people's concentration would be focused away. And he decided to choose the time of salon. And the salon where the people's concentration would be the strongest was in the ledger and when it was dark. And so he chose that time

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in a mess to the neverwet, he had chosen a pillar to the side of the, of the place of the Imam praise where all of the alohar, who was coming the police of the Muslim in was coming for federal prayer to leave the congregation.

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And he stayed there all night, waiting in the darkness. And he had to stay there during the night because the people would then fill in the first row, the second row and fill in the rows from there as a long line who would recite and it's narrated, that are not about the long line who would choose long sewers in the federal prayer so that the people and the Muslims of Medina could come and be able to join in the Salah. So he would read very long surah in the first record.

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And as the Salah started armato the alohar who began to recite,

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I will not learn the Medusa came out from the corner. And they say also that the fact that someone was walking in front of them wasn't something strange for them because very often the masjid would fill up and people would have to go by the Imam and pray beside the Imam. I will not learn Medusa one time or the lion who was a dagger that was poisoned, stood right in front of Rama rhodiola horn Hill and slit open his stomach during the Salah.

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Now there's some very important points that happened after that. Amaro the alarm was screamed from the pain. But notice and the narrations that we remember that Armando the lion is the person that died that actually seven Sahaba died in that same incident, because when he turned around, the front row was so packed together, that there was no way he could escape except through the Muslims. And so he began stabbing left and right, killing another Muslim after a Muslim as he tried to make his way out until they had thrown a cloth over him already a long line who didn't shut down the salon. He didn't stop the salon. He continued leading the prayer. And as some people may say that bleeding

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breaks your will do we have here the example of our model Viola Horan, who was bleeding profusely, but continued to salon and continue to pray. Some people thought that that pause that he that he had made a mistake in his re citation. But he hadn't. He had completed his Salah, and by that time a bola and Medusa, someone had thrown a cloth over him. And that knowing that he was captured, he took the same dagger and killed himself and committed suicide and are more about the alohar and who later passed away after that, because of those wounds. The importance of Salah cannot be overstated in Islam. If you see the ad talking about the Pillars of Islam, the things by which Islam stands, and

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by which if they're broken, the Islam collapses on that person. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said booney al Islam Allah hunts, Shahada en la ilaha illAllah that there's no God, that there's no God but Allah and Nero sort of learn that I'm the Messenger of Allah, what you call Allah, what you harness the solar to establish the solar coming immediately after that, so he'd have a person

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and you'll see that in the most majestic circumstances, there's a loss of Hano Masada speak about the salaah. For when all the scam all the rulings were revealed on Earth to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, Allah chose that

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Sora chose the Mirage the ascension of the Prophet solomani and sent him to the heavens when he came closest to a loss of tunnel a dawn and at that point, a loss of tunnels automated the solar farms and compulsive upon the Muslims and reading the Quran and sort of follow her when Allah Subhana Medina speaks to Mussolini's salon

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and speaks directly to Moosa and these are the words of a loss of Han Rosada to to Moosa wanna don't want to confess Lima you in any no la hula. In LA NSR Bodine blue Genie, what else name is swana 10 easy carry lots of $100 telling Moosa that there is no god but me. And these are the words that Allah said to Moosa five would mean so worship me what Optimus Allah deliberately and established the prayer for my remembrance.

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And you're seeing now when Allah subhana wa tada describes the believers, such as in Surah minoo, you will see consistently that one of the greatest characteristics of the believers because you see many groups, people trying to increase the demand of their followers and many workers, people, Muslim activists working to increase the amount of their people look at the movements and how Allah subhanaw taala describes them. As la Halima me know that the believers are successful the moon and Allah subhanaw taala doesn't just leave you there that you go and figure out what a man is. Allah subhanaw taala then describes the characteristics one after the other. I levena home feed Salatin,

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him harsh

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on those who concentrate in their salon, those in their salon. Those who concentrate and you'll notice here that is not a question whether they do salon or not to be a moment in the person has to do their salon, but Allah subhanaw taala says one step more than that, it is those that concentrate in their salon.

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And the importance of the solar comes in Hadith after Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, a woman named dawn who Yeoman piano of Salah, the first question that the person will be asked on the Day of Judgment is the follow and Subhanallah some people maybe in the university, you try to get a cheat sheet or if there's the day before the exam, if you could get the questions that are going to be asked, you would go and prepare for that. here Allah subhanaw taala is telling you the question that's going to be and you know the question and you know you're going to be tested a loss of heart The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that the first question question number one, you pull

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down the paper and it says question number one, how was your solo? For encana higher on that is it good that everything after that should good you should pass your your complete exam on the Day of Judgment. And if it's bad, then everything after that should be bad.

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And in reality, when a person has the for sure, and increases his awareness of Allah subhanaw taala during the Salah when they leave the surah as some of the other men of the past have said that they'll enter salah and they feel sadness that the salon is going to come to end soon. Whereas when a person hasn't reached that level, they're concerned that the salon hoping that the salon will end soon. But these are people who have understood the Sala having the sadness in their hearts that they're in the third or the fourth and their connection and their discussion with Allah subhana wa tada and their prayer to Allah is going to complete. And so when the person comes to that lofty

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position of his nearness to Allah subhanaw taala in the sola, after he completes the Salah, he feels ashamed and shy, to go back to the low position that he may have done the synonymy. And he may have done before, that's the law. And that's the kind of spirit that the salon increases in a person as they go from the the law officer to number two, Allah subhanaw taala says, in no smaller than one in fact,

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he was

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the barely the salaah forbids a person from the fascia and the Mancha.

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But you'll see in our community of saline, and this is something that remains with the community that's so long, there's so many bid out that may come in, but the one thing that remains consistent is the salaah amongst the Muslims. And if you go to other religions, and you see that the way they worship, you go from one church to the next. And you will never find two people worshipping in the same way or two churches worshiping the same way. But when you see the Muslims you can go from here to any country in the world and people will be performing the salon.

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But in that community of saline, you have some hazy actions.

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needs to be corrected. For example, some of us don't concentrate on what we're saying during the summer, some speed when they pray, some wander with their gaze during the salaah. The number of Raka you see by the third Raka that many of the people in the in the gym I don't know if it's the third Raka or the fourth, and for some, the dounia hugs their heart, they may concentrate more on what the the groceries than what they're saying in the salon. And sometimes before the event even says a lot of the person's already speeding into that next position, beating the HMM

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and if you compare this to those who came before us or be in hate him for him or her lozada they said from his consistent lowering of his gaze in salah and outside of Salah people used to think he was blind. People used to think he was blind. He was a student of Abdullah and the Messiah was about the Aloha line. And when he would walk without diluting the mustard or he would come up the loving the sewage servant would say to him, your blind friend is coming. Your blind friend is coming and when he would hear this arrabiata him Allah he would smile. He wasn't blind, but it was his concentration and thinking of a loss of heart holds on

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in Bukhari and Muslim, Abu huraira de la sala and who narrates that a man came into the masjid and he prayed to God, and then after praying into rajas, he came to the prophet SAW the law and he was sent him instead of said Imani, the prophets of the law they said instead, while equals Salaam, Elijah for Salif, inoculum, Atlanta. He said, Go back and pray for you have not prayed. So the man went back, he prayed to God, and he came back to the Prophet said to them while he was still on, it is just a soliciting mechanism to slowly go back and pray for you having prayed, the man went back and he came back a third time soleimani Kalani from Ceylon the Prophet sallallahu SNM said that a

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Jaffa Felisa in mecanum to slowly go back and pray for you having prayed and this hadith is known as animal see salata. The person who didn't know how to pray, is the person that didn't know how to pray. And in every book a fifth, it talks about Futaba sola this Heidi has to be there and Subhanallah just because of the mistake of this one person you'll see the entire oma learns how to make Salah from the way the prophets that a lot a centum explained it. He said to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, he said, let us innovate Aha, he said I do not i'm not capable of doing anything better than this sulla violin, so teaching and the prophets of Allah Aeneas and INSEAD

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either in Uppsala second, he said if you stand up for Salah, then say, Allahu Akbar, then recite Socratic method Surah documentum Quran then restate what comes easy to have the client so Mirka Narayan then you go into the cooler until you become firm in your core some some chrome or some Teddy or standard in polymer until you stand up firm and you're standing so messages then go down for says de until you are firm in your says the men come up and down and then do that in your entire salon.

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And so like today, we want to take just a few moments and go back and try to correct our Salah just like this person was taught how to correct their salon.

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Why do we come to the masjid and why do we come to perform the salon with the congregation, the person comes to the masjid to come closer to Allah subhana wa tada but you'll see that initial intention of coming and being with the with the brothers and being able to perform the Salah with some saline, that person might lose it with his wandering heart or a wandering gaze or his speed. And so the person is he's coming all the way for the Salah that he has to make sure that he's taking full advantage of that salaah and making sure he's doing his best to come closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala because verily the province of a lot is that I'm told us that a person will perform his

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salah and not all of it is written for him. Meaning that a person will perform salah and actually what he his actual salon was only one 10th of what he did. Or one one fourth or one third or one half of the province of Milan he was sent him said

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in the lab or in radula luminous Allah He said barely a man will leave a salon and nothing and only a 10th of that Salah is written for him for only a nine or only an eighth and Orlean six are only a fifth or only a fourth or only a third. And this is all dealing with the concentration that a person puts into his salon.

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It's not even evidencia phocoena Hello Giada he says that I've never prayed a Salah to Allah subhana wa tada except that after the Salah, I've asked for

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from Allah subhanaw taala for my shortcomings in that soda.

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We learned from the sin that someone who shortchanges his Salah is a thief. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the evil is thief is the person who steals from their salon. And the people the companions asked him on messenger of Allah, how does someone steal from their salah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, lay your sin for kuwahara well as to Judah with a puja that the person doesn't prefer a little cooler, and doesn't perfect his to do and doesn't perfect his concentration in the salon.

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And because of the speed that a person may

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apply to salon, it may become as if he's acting like an animal during the summer, you see many Hadith that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would forbid someone acting like an animal during this loss, such as you may know in the session, that a person was forbidden to put their hands down on the ground. Because it may be imitating a dog in the way of dogs, or the way a person goes down not to imitate like a camel. And the Prophet said a lot isn't and speaking of the speed that a person may apply, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam forbade that a person should pack in salaah, like a crow should tech like a crow, you'll see a crow maybe there's a piece of bread on the ground, who walked

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up to the breath and tech pick it up and then back up. And that's how a person when they apply their speed, they may go up and down in their Salah pecking and not fully concentrating and perfecting the real core. And there's

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gonna be a lot more on how he wants to do it on the on the member and he addressed the people speaking about this exact issue. And then he said that barely unanswerable old in Islam, and not perfected and completed a single record to a loss of hundreds. And they asked him how is that? Oh, I made a mean. And then he said that he doesn't perfect. Its concentration, nor does he perfect his humbleness in that regard. And nor does he perfect. His focus on a loss of a gem

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in one's mind Morrow, Phil kirksey talking mahalo tala, he was standing with two students, some of his senior students, and one of the students they were arguing of who would lead the prayer.

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And so the students said usually the issue prayer and he said finally that Okay, I'll leave the issue of prayer on condition that you lead the

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on condition that you lead the federal prayer, and when models will come here And mahalo Darling, you heard this. He said, SubhanAllah. If you think that you're going to be alive to fetch a prayer, that you haven't perfected yourself, if you think that you're going to be alive to fetch a prayer, you haven't perfected yourself. A portal Holly has stuff for LA Hollywood, I can only say that Muslim enormously not the stuff you're all in the hall of a photo

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam RM and Ana de vida, robot outclasses. Even Muhammad Rahim, Allah tala. He was the nephew of eyeshadow, viola horn. He said that when he was young, and every time he would go out to the marketplace, he would always stop by at his Auntie's house. I said, I'll be alone. And he would ask, she needed something from the market. And he would go and get it for him. So he says that one day, he came at the time of Doha, which is the time between fetcher and though her time, around 10 o'clock, or something similar to that. He came in around it at that time, and he found out a shuttle the Aloha on her insula. He found her insula, and he says that I sat there

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listening to her as she recited over and over again, Potala the words of Allah subhanaw taala are in

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poverty Lucy Lena was feeling

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well upon on this demo that I showed on the Longhorn, who was reciting the verse part of seeing a four time in Queen Alina mush. 15 these are the people of gentleman saying that aforetime were in the past days, in those days that we used to live on Earth, that we were afraid with our families that we left our lived lives in fear that Allah subhanaw taala may not accept this from us. cnms 15 summon Allah Hi, Nina. So Allah subhanaw taala placed his favor upon us were upon the sun and saved us from the torment of the Hellfire shuttle the Alon would recite this over and over and over again, invoking Allah subhanho wa Taala and crying as a possum

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Fahim Hello is sitting there, her nephew listening to her silences. And she kept reciting it over and over and over again that finally he said, let me go to the marketplace because I don't know if she's going to finish now. So he went to the marketplace, did his work in the marketplace. And came hours later. That guy is sort of the Aloha and he says, When I came back to visit her, she was there again, in the same prayer prayer place, reciting the same verse, invoking to Allah soprano, Asana, and crying for the Allahu taala. On

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how do we concentrate in Salah. This is something that many people ask. And the sun has many, many ways that teaches us how to concentrate in our solar. And so from that we learned from the sun, that we should come early for the Salah, and prepare ourselves to concentrate.

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We see from the center that when the sun gives the event that the person should repeat what I've been saying. So from the very beginning, the person should be listening to the event and paying attention from the moment that the Select time comes in.

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And we should also we realize or receive from the center, that when the event has finished, the person should make a draw after that supplication after the event. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Dr. Watson, Dana as anyone to combat our natural dangers as a farmer, meaning the DA, or a person's prayer isn't refused between the event and a farmer. And so for a person to be able to make during that time, he's most likely in the masjid waiting he heard the event. He's now early for Salah waiting for the prom trying to take advantage of that time to make.

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And the province of Milan is also taught us to do our will do properly to prepare properly for sulla. And not just a speedy will do and the pharmacist a lot is also taught us that if you wouldn't want to put a hardship on the oma, he would have commanded them to use a miswak for every will do or in another narration for every salon. So we see here that the person using miswak doing we'll do properly repeating what has been says coming early sissala. All in preparation By that time, the first one would probably be right behind the Imam and get a very important spot in a very important time where he can prepare himself to concentrate.

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We should aim in our salon to get the entire reward that a person shouldn't be happy with one 10th of their salon, but they should go for the full reward of this salon.

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Even as a whole lotta he says I saw hadn't even Service Institute. He said I saw the demon savage Institute. And he said if you saw him Institute, you would think that he was dead because of his concentration in that situ, you would think that he had frozen, he'd become frozen in that situation.

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Certainly, we should contemplate the gas and the car that are being recited in the salon. And you should think about every area that you're reciting. And it's it's sad and disheartening that you'll see many people if you ask them, What are you studying in the university, most people are studying computers, or that's the thing to go into. And I'm sure there's people studying other things. But the people if you ask them about cobalt eight plus plus they have manuals, this big manual after manuals, they understand the language of pluses and minuses. But when it comes to the Quran, Alhamdulillah here on Bilal, and he Lenny, they may live their life 30 years, 40 years, 50 or 60

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years, and they still don't understand what sorts of fetta means, even though they may read it how many times maybe 17 times in a day, but though pleased with themselves, but they let it go that they don't understand what these risks are meaning when a person comes up semi Allah who demon hamidah on the first thing gets up from record, he may live his entire life and never know what semi alone even hamidah means. And all it takes is just a question, brother, what's the semi anonymous and the person knows the answer may take a click on the internet to find the translation of these things and learn about their salad that they're doing every day. But the person just becomes negligent of this

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and lets life slip away and just let the river pass them by Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran as

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the owner

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Won't they contemplate the Quran for the Quran wasn't meant as some ritual that a person just recite without understanding, but it's meant for the person's contemplation and to live the Quran. And in another verse, Allah subhanaw taala says, He said when then who la can move around rock that a book that we reveal down to you Movado can bless it, and indeed many people are reading it for blessing in the Quran is more badass, but it doesn't end there.

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Allah subhanaw taala then teaches us why he sent down this and bless his book. He's born

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in a camo, raccoon, Leah de veau.

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So that it's vs would be contemplated. Allah subhanaw taala says why this blessing book was revealed down so that it's versus would be contemplated and implemented.

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We should pray in congregation, we see this is a very serious matter coming in the sun, and you'll see something like the province of the loudest and I'm like we just said about the miswak that not to put a burden on the on the Ummah, that he would have commanded them, to use the miswak is at every silver. On the other side, when the Prophet said a lot is and and puts an order and he is the merciful salani who is sending them. Allah subhanaw taala describes them as a mercy to humanity. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that I wish that I could get someone else to lead the prayer. I wish that I could get someone so that he could do a mission. He said, then I would go to those houses of

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those people who do not come to pray in congregation, do not come to the masjid for Salah, and then I would burn down the houses upon them.

00:26:12--> 00:26:28

Compare this to the verse of the talk about the mercy of the prophets and Eliasson, if he was going to do something such as this, and how serious is the matter? Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, and this is for the men, for the men coming to the congregation, one of the most

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established the prayer

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and give this a can pay does occur. And then Allah subhanaw taala says, will go

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in and do core to the the bowing with those who do balance with those who do the poor. And Allah subhanaw taala already said establish the salah pay visit. And how should you do that Salah you should do to cool with those people who do to core meaning in the masjid, praying with the congregation for Allah subhanaw taala didn't command us to pray by ourselves, but we should pray in the congregation.

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And we shouldn't miss. We learned from the Senate that we shouldn't miss our national solar, the sun has to come before the service and after they're like the fortress for the person. Some people will pray there for DACA and then just go away with that. But when those soon if a person just held tightly to send the prayers, you can imagine that you would never lose his father. If a person was so dedicated to send them before sin after he would never lose the father it would be protected in between but when a person drops those sinner prayers and these are called cinema things the prophet SAW life and never gave up send them a letter that is you know that there's emphasis that he never

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missed these even if he was traveling he would never miss his with this law is with the suddenness and if he if he was traveling he would never miss the two cars such as this.

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We should not speed up our salah and we should pay attention to what we're doing in the solar given mahalo Tada. He says I saw so Fianna Saudi rocking Mahalo to Allah as the Kava and after Muslim, he got up to pray to God. And he says, well, la he by the time the event came for Russia to the NFL, he hadn't finished his first record in those two records. And he had prayed from overpressure just concentrating on that one record.

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We should remember that Allah subhanaw taala responds to us and Allah subhanaw taala will continue to listen to us so long is our heart is focused on love. If our heart turns away from Allah subhanaw taala Allah has no need to further pay attention to that person's Doha. If the person's heart is away, as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam showed us in a Hadith, and also the other Hadith is where the prophets of Allah as Adam said, when the person stands up for prayer, or sorry, in Hades could see when the Prophet said a lot is and instead, that Allah subhanaw taala said, for some salam to veiny obey not being a saint for the abdomen, that I divided the Salah,

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into two parts, and for between me and my slave thinks my slave is what he asked for. And then as the Hadith continues, that when the slave says 100, Allah horrible Allah and Allah subhanaw taala says, hamadani that my slave has praised me. If a person concentrates, if you go back to this Hadith, and concentrate on what Allah subhanaw taala saying back to you, you'll pay attention to what you're saying. And so it's it says,

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we should pray with a barrier, a sutra, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam taught us that if you pray that you should put a sutra and draw near to it, meaning that when a person tries crossing in front of you, there should be something in front such as a chair, or maybe you're praying behind someone and then if someone tries passing the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that he should fight them or put your hand out like this, so that when the person is crossing that he doesn't disrupt your

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Salah, some people may pray at the back of the messenger with a complete open area. And you can imagine how away that is from concentration as opposed to someone who draws close to finds himself a sutra and prays and make sure no one goes in front of him.

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We should seek refuge from the shaytaan when we go for our our salon,

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as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there's a devil, or by the name of hunza, that comes to the people during their Salah, to distract them from the Salah. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that if he comes to you, you should turn to your left side with your head and fit thrice with dry spiddal such as this.

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Such as that, too. And say, I will be learning in shape energy, I seek refuge in a law from

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shaytani OutKast, and this is when a person has whispers this is what they should do is taught to us by the prophets of Allah honey and Sunnah.

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And in conclusion, when we get up for Salah we should pray as if it's our last prayer as a robot and listening back in Allah tala. He said if you want your prayer, and this is taken from the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu as and when he said SaLuSa Lattimore death for solace Allah moda pray as if it's your farewell prayer, I will look at and listen to rocky mahalo Tada. He says, If you want your Salah to benefit you, if you want us to have benefit in this life and the hereafter, so cool. Then c'est la sala de vida, that I'll never be able to pray another prayer after this. In Allahu Allah because Oh, you're so lunarlon Maybe, yeah, he was living in Salalah he recently moved to Lima

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Bhansali alum from

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Malaysia they brought him on he will him about a guy named Mohammed he wanted

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to he wanted to give a human to machine Lovenox you know when they use you know, we're sure he's you know, a lot even what's odd now Wikipedia now was clearly known Center, a lot of freedom in Islam. And so a feat of human necessity for a man in Allah his mortal velocity with

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