Emotional Reminder On Najashi

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The transcript describes a scene where a woman died while on a commute. She tells a story about a man who was called Elijah and a woman named Brooke. The woman died because she was not given enough money, but the man had justice and courage.

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When Anna Jen she died.

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This is the point in the Sierra

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that the news of his death

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was brought to the prophets that alliance.

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By God

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Gibreel told the prophets in a learning center, then then Jack, she died didn't just you have money? Of course he did. He was the king of the country.

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But he had justice. He had courage, and he stood up for the truth. Gibreel brings the news to the prophets that Elijah and the prophets of Elias announced to the Muslims it's recorded, he said said a lot SLM methylome Roger Ansara

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he didn't say in the Jash died today. In fact, doesn't say that in the Hadith. He said today, a righteous man has died.

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Kuhmo for Salalah he said stand up all the competitors couple bucks. Man. Behind them they all stood up