Muhammad Alshareef – Desert Rose – Part 3

Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a story of a man named Al Qaeda who was called the "soothsayer" by the Proiteres and claimed to be a prophet. The man eventually became a doctor and faced accusations of fraud and bribery. The story also describes a man named Tim who was sent to Mecca by the Prophet salallContin for guidance and bribery.
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So began the name calling.

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And amongst the name calling, there's actually a lot of names that the prophets of Allah and Islam was accused with. And as the Quran gathered together, they said, What should we call them and all of these names at a certain point they had accused him of the first one was Al Qaeda, the soothsayer,

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basically like a fortune teller.

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And so they called him again and they were going around telling people that he's a cat hit. They called the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a Shire,

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a poet, someone who just comprise some lines of poetry. And now he's presenting it to the people claiming that he's a prophet. They call the prophets of Allah, Allah wa Salam

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A magician.

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And in fact, this was one of the out of the different names that they had used against the prophets of the lion center. This was the one that they focused on most. Because when people would convert stem and people would come back and listen to the prophets of Allah they sent him they would say that they've they've fallen under a spell.

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And they've done that he's divided the families just like a magician divides the family.

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They told they,

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they claimed that the prophets of the lesson, obviously witchcraft, is a totally different science. It's about blowing on knots. It's like voodoo, and all of those things, the black magic that you hear, and everyone knew that the Prophet saw the lights, and it had nothing to do with that. In fact, at one point, there was the story of a man whom, when he came to Mecca, to you know,

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you know, to grant give his respects to the kava, they had told him that there's this man named Muhammad, who's a complete, you know, he's mentally ill, He's a magician, he'll throw like witchcraft on you. He's possessed by devils.

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And so he's in this man. He said, and this is actually inside a muscle. He said, I was so afraid, and that I would go around the cabinet and he would say something to me, just whispered behind my back or something like that. And I would fall under the spell. He said, so much so that I wanted to take like cotton and stuff my ears while I circumambulated the capital while I was doing tov. And so this man, he saw the profits of the lights, and I'm sitting in the courtyard reading Quran.

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And so every time he passed by, this man was actually a doctor. And he was from a big tribe. He said,

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he started feeling pity from solani Center. And every time he went by, and he saw him, he said, You know what, I've heard the statements of all the soothsayers. I've heard I've dealt with people have been possessed people have been, you know, afflicted by devils and gins.

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And so he said, I'm going to help.

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He finished like his toe off, and then he went to the prophets of Allah and He sent him and he said to him, I'm a doctor. I hear you're sick. I hear you like mentally you, you know you're possessed by gins. And I want to help you.

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The province that a lot has said and responded to him by saying in that hamdulillah now,

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when a stain or when a study may delay the whole mortared one minute, Lil fella had yella while I shall do Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Sharika by shadow Anam Hamid Abdul hora. So

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this man and said Tim, he said,

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can you say that again?

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The private sector license he said it again. In the 100 Allah verily All praise belongs to Allah. We praise Him we seek His help. Whoever Allah guides, there's no one that can misguide them. And whoever Allah allows to go astray, nobody can guide them right. I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and I bear witness that I'm the Messenger of Allah.

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This man,

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he said, a shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah shadow anemometer. So he said, I swear by Allah, that I've heard the statements of the magicians, those possessed by devils, the jinns. The crazy, said, I swear by Allah, this is not the words of those who are possessed. And so began the name calling of the Prophet salallahu Salam, and you're getting a little glimpse that nobody came to Mecca, except that they heard and of the backbiting and slander that was against the prophets of Allah when he was sent

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