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AI: Summary © The current virus has the potential to lead to a "hasn't been well" cycle, causing mental health challenges and the need for behavior and social norm building. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding physical harm to one's body and building up habits to avoid physical harm. The summit is a series of experiences and topics, including a garden tour and a master's emotions toolkit. The importance of community and community compassion is emphasized, as well as the need for people to use tools and experiences to manage their emotions. The summit is a series of experiences and topics, including a tour of a garden and a visit to a garden.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We'll get started in a few minutes. So if you're tuning in, say Suriname where you're from

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we'll begin shortly if you're tuning in later just fast forward

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this is my right hand, my right hand.

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semirara Wiley coma serum. So therefore aligment CERAM

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semi nomadic Maasai Mara and biloba cattle Abdullah bossy Atlantic Muslim

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Barry van bedrijven Wallach Mr. Graham. Yeah Joe Alec Muslim Nyla. UK I think Mr. Graham.

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I shall I think Mr. Graham

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shares yeah Wyrick Muslim

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Xena garlic mustard and Zaha Hadid mustn't worry We passed our five selections

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on the

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way to the top of the hour and then we'll begin the top of the hour

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obey the radical Madame Carol alicona Salam neurol in Malaysia What time is it in Malaysia right now?

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I assume it would be midnight so how are they going to Sudan

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my top favorite shields thank you thank you very

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handsome. I like Mr. Lamb on a fare hike Mr. Graham in the UK a smell I like Mr. Lamb Sharifah like Mr. Ram

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for tune in the Maldives I like mme.

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And yes I have changed the time today how are we We're doing good senator latika Mr. Ram finally got to join live welcome Chantal London Ontario attic Mr. Ram Shazia says it from now on I meant no will generally keep it at today's a special days today's a special day special session but other than this it'll be at the other time.

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shehnaaz in Mauritius Arctic masam vitamin Toronto Arctic Madame

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Sal Malik Mr. Ram

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Jenna thorough with Chaudhry Arctic Muslim

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Maryk biologic Mr. Tom 12am

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All right people

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let's go

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top of the hour and we will begin I mean at in Ireland Radek Muslim

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whilst I was hungry, then eat something

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Yes, we pass the 100 mark, we pass the 100 mark

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Amana in Kenya or the Kama Sutra?

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All right, we're gonna we'll get started

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Elio sabe Mola. Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh welcome to today's special session on thriving time to thrive. To get started, there's an analogy that I just love, like I saw it growing up and then I read about it, and then it's become like a model for me in my life. So after I finished from Medina University, I moved to Washington DC. They still live in Maryland, and some of you might be here from Maryland back in news

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alhaja Dar Salam days in Maryland. So Maryland is actually very swampy. It's a swamp type of atmosphere, it's very hot, very swampy. And, and so if you lay down concrete like in gras, sorry, in the, in the parking lots, the concrete will crack, the concrete will crack. And what you'll find is, if you leave concrete, out like that in a parking lot for years,

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plants will start to push through the concrete. And the plant you would imagine, like, how can a plant where did this plan come from? And

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where did the plan come from? And how was it able to crack concrete and come out. And so later on, I was reading a book, it was actually like a thriller book. And it was about a guy who was in this difficult situation. And then he said, this term as the first time I heard it,

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he said,

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Whatever the situation, Bloom, where planted, bloom where you're planted.

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So blue, more planted, what that means is that a, a seed, wherever it lands, or whatever situation it finds itself in. And now let's look at some situations that a seed finds itself a seed might find itself under concrete, a seed might find itself on the side of a rocky mountain, a seed might find itself, you know, I don't know, anywhere in the world, there's so many locations, that the seed it's a very difficult location for the sometimes the seeds land on other trees. No matter where the seed lands, the seed will always thrive to bloom, whether it's concrete or the side of a mountain, or anywhere it is, that seed will thrive. And it will bloom, whatever the situation it is. Now, there's

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a statement, and you may have heard this statement, people have said before, that, and it's kind of related to people who don't like their job or don't like their living conditions. They say, if you don't like where you are, then move, you're not a tree. If you don't like where you are, then move, get up and move. You're not a tree, you're not stuck to the ground.

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Which is really interesting right now, because we can't move we're in isolation, we're closed doors, we've got the concrete around us now. Correct. And so if you don't like your situation, get up and move, you're not a tree. So what the situation is now is, you know what we are trees, and we can't move, and we're in isolation. So let's go back. Let's go back to this thought and that a seed and a tree blooms, wherever it's planted. How can we bloom wherever we're planted. So I'm not talking about I'm not talking about, hey, you're in isolation, you're in a house, you're home, and you're closed, and the kids are home from school and, and businesses are shutting down, maybe your own

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businesses shut down? And or people losing jobs, how do you not only

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manage that, or have patience with it, but go to the next level, where you're actually blooming, where the situation makes you stronger, where you're actually thriving, and a lot of people's panela when I when I you know, look through history in the past 100 years, as we're looking at the world wars and the recessions that happen most when you hear success stories, it's people that bloom during these times. It's people that bloom during these times. And I started researching about that right now. Like what did they do to bloom. So now we're talking about in your homes or wherever you're self isolating, you have habits that normally a normal day's you know, kids go to school, and

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you're leaving the house, and you have certain habits throughout the day. And because of the self isolations these habits have disappeared. So the routine has just like collapsed because of habits. So that's number one thing that you need to focus on, is your habits have mostly been negated. And that's why

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and that's why when people are

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traveling, things go out of whack for them, because their habits and the routines have been shot. Now you're living in this isolation period, may Allah protect everybody, you're living this isolation period. And now your habits have also been shot. So the first thing you need to do to get back on track and start to thrive, is build up new habits. Just kind of like snap yourself out of what the situation is. Tell yourself it's time to thrive and you start building up new habits, what are the new habits that you're going to implement? The next thing that

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you know, we tell ourselves that we're going to wear, sorry, we're going to be patient. And we're going to handle and we're going to love everybody, whatnot. But we all know that our nerves start to get tighter and tighter and tighter until they snap, maybe yours have snapped a long time ago, and maybe others.

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A lot, and I hope you haven't snapped yet. But you try to be um, you try to be upbeat, but the nerves start snapping, whether it's closed or there's fear, or there's mental when it when it came to hedge. In the olden days, when people would travel for hedgehogs was very much a test of the physical in the past. So there would be long journeys, people could get sick, people could die on the journeys, there might be thieves in the middle of the desert somewhere when people would travel. But then as hard became easier and easier and easier in airplanes, and you can just come in, and you could just arrive into Mecca, and just get everything done and go I noticed as the years and had

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became easier and easier for people hedge became a mental game. And not a game but a mental test. So you could have the most luxurious tents in Mina nada. And you might compare it to, you know, like a five star resort. And then say, this is not luxurious enough, or this is not as good as my bed, even though you're in the most luxurious place in Mina. If your mental game is kind of like a little messed up, or you're focusing on the wrong things, then it becomes a source of pain. You might be waiting for a bus, they tell you, Hey, come at two o'clock, and then you've been waiting for six hours, or in a previous Facebook Live, I told you what if you're in the airport, come for the

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airplane, and you're waiting for 40 hours for zero. And these are tests that are happening to people around the world right now May Allah protect all those people are in that situation. And so the this, the test has become a mental test. So we have 100, law, shelter, we have food, we have drink, we have medications, we have people taking care of us. And yet we're still kind of our nerves are getting tighter, and we're kind of like breaking down. Because it's still a mental game. It's a mental issue and how do we thrive in that situation? How do we just like we go to the gym for our physical body? How do we go to a gym for our mental muscles, using the Quran and Sunnah in the

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guidance of Allah and His messenger? So Alana is and the other thing that we find ourselves in is concentration.

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I've been

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I read a lot of books Hamdulillah. But these past days, even though there's more time, I'm reading less, even though there's more time, I'm reading less. And I find myself in and I started asking other people, are you guys also reading less? And so and they said yes, as well. And so there's this issue of concentration. Again, it's habits habits is one thing, but the issue of focus may be you know, we're afraid or because, you know, our schedules have been kind of like, all these markers for our schedule have been broken down, our concentration is off, you may have started this telling yourself, you know what, if I was in isolation for two weeks, I'm going to finish this course, I'm

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going to read these books, I'm going to do this, I'm going to do that have these big lofty ideas of what you're going to get done. And then now it's maybe one week into it two weeks, whatever situation you're in, or wherever you are, and you're fat. And you might find yourself that you're not able to concentrate anymore, and you haven't been able to get what you set out to do. Again, it's all going back to the mental game. So the exciting thing about this is that

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the exciting thing about this is that knowing that it's a mental game also tells you that it's in your control hamdulillah these are things that are in your power. And we're doing this special Facebook Live to announce a new course that we're going to start it's not a new course. It's a summit. It's a summit and it's called the time to thrive summit. The beautiful thing about this summit that we were doing is we were actually planning this before the Coronavirus and we got all these experts together to deal with these. How do you thrive mentally and that was even before the Coronavirus

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and and hamdulillah here today. We're now because of the Coronavirus and we brought all these expert all these experts are already ready to go. We've changed the topic to deal directly for a Muslim in isolation what they're dealing with and how do you thrive in the situation that you're in. And so let me tell you about the speakers that we have ready for you inshallah Tada number one. We have sister Dahlia Mujahid who's going to be in the summit. She is going to be speaking about confidence and courage in times of love.

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Leadership so now in whether you're in business or in your family you have you've heard this statement you've heard people say it online now's the time to lead and then usually those statements are said to somebody else but we are all in situations where we need to lead where we need to whether it's leading our family or whether we have employees or businesses or whatever the situation or maybe in your schooling or in your massage it how do you lead with a strong heart and that's the topic that sister Dahlia Mujahid is going to be dealing with inshallah Tada. We've got just Yeah, hey, Brahim with us in this time to thrive summit Chica Hey, Brahim is going to be speaking about

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how the prophets of Allah they sent them taught us about mental well being that how do you win that game? That shift? Yeah, hey, Ibrahim. We have sister as ma'am are saying, who's going to be talking about? How do you worship Allah? How do you take your worship to the next level? Even though the masajid are closed? And as the masajid they're closed now? And maybe you're maybe not you haven't felt it? But when Ramadan comes along, may Allah protect us in sha Allah Tada, hopefully, the masajid will be open and things will be cleared by that, but maybe not. And so you have to prepare from now how am I going to take my bad? That's the next level. What if I'm worshiping Allah subhanaw

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taala in Ramadan alone at home or with family? And that's what the stress man is going to be talking about? How do you deal with worship with masajid closure? We have shift that would will lead who deals with community in care? And he's going to be talking about how with even though the community is distance, how do you have community compassion? How do you have community compassion, even with the social distancing? Now and its physical distancing? But how do you do that? Everybody says, oh, you know, what? Have a have a zoom call with some friends. But more than that, how do you build community and especially when we're talking about leadership and community, that's what Jeff

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Deadwood will lead is going to be talking about? We have sister Maryam Ali, who is going to be despite the circumstances, despite the circumstances, how do you thrive in your faith? How do you thrive in your Eman and circumstances? A lot of times people say oh, when there's good times, oh, it's really easy to worship Allah subhanaw taala. So, so.

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But what if the hard times come along? What if the big tests come along? How do you thrive in your connection with Allah subhana data, regardless of the circumstances, that's what you have. Maria Mahalia is going to be speaking about we have shift mica, he'll Smith and Chef Monica eel Smith is going to be talking about being emotionally resilient. And Chef Miguel Smith when he did the marriage event. If you guys heard about the marriage that led to Jana, mashallah one of our best speakers there. And here, he's coming to present on how to be emotionally resilient during these times. And one thing you know, before I tell you about some of the other speakers for this, discover

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you Summit, one of the beautiful things is that you may hear talks online,

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but they're not often done by Muslims. And they may talk about hey, we need to be you know, checking on our neighbors and bringing brigade but what about the Muslims? What about the experts in our community? What are they telling us? What is the Quran and Sunnah tells us? What is the guidance of Allah Subhana Allah and His messenger? What are the the experts from our own community?

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Teaching and that's what this summit is going to be about time to thrive. The other speakers that we got, we got Dr. Rania, our who's going to be speaking about healing trauma with faith, Healing Trauma with faith, may Allah Subhana Allah protect us, because even as we're isolated at home, maybe other trauma is being triggered during this time. I don't know what the situation is. But you know, what I'm talking about. traumas are being triggered by being in an enclosed space maybe with people you love or maybe people you don't love as much. Yeah, Healing Trauma with faith. Sister, McGraw Hill, Begala is going to be speaking about stress and burnout. So stress and burnout I think is the

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topic of the hour. We said we would go into this isolation we're all upbeat and everything good and then that stress starts building in maybe kids are home kids that normally are outside the house for many hours of the day are now in the home and you're burnt out you're not getting the sleep and the kids schedule is up and down. How do you deal with that? Sister McGraw Hill is going to be speaking about that. And finally our final speaker for the summit is going to be Muhammad machete yay everybody I need a clap for

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Chef Muhammad Sharif Masha Allah to Barak Allah is going to be

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speaking about the master your emotions toolkit, master your emotions toolkit. One thing that you might not know this discover you and the programs that we did that we do, I actually started it in 2005

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If so, we've been going on for 15 years. And one of the very first programs that I did was called master your emotions, then one of the very first programs that I did very first workshops, it was maybe like 2006, or something like that master your emotions. And this has been a topic that's been on my mind leaving my whole life like from a whole life. And I'm so excited to be sharing with you guys. The toolkits that I use myself, whenever my mind starts to go up and down and and starts doing wild things, what's the toolkit that I apply to master your motion so this is going to be the time to thrive summit inshallah Tada, I hope you'll see that we've got an amazing collection of speakers

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and we've got amazing topics that are going to be right on point with what you're dealing with right now. Right on point. These are the conversations that you're having in your mind. These are the issues that are happening in your homes and your isolations and we're and we're dealing with it right now inshallah Donna

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I want to end off with with a verse

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Allah subhana data says in the Quran

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Let me drink some water for people comment on my cough

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yes the link if you want to check it out and check all the speakers and check all the topics and if you'd like to register for it The link is discover you the letter you discover you and then dot online we don't own the we don't own It's discover you dot online just click that and some people are are posting the link here

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discover you dot online to register

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all right, Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, along with learning almost half the two themes and Aha, that was you know Sahab. First, you're gonna hone in on that at the minute. First of all, coin lab and Maggie team are here ina being on Baba note in good leakin no to in this verse, Allah subhanaw taala says, and remember it is God who sends forth the winds so that they raise a cloud where upon we drive towards it, drive it towards dead land, and thereby give life to the earth after it had been lifeless. Even thus shall resurrection be.

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I'm going to explain the translation even.

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Because usually when you read the translation, people don't understand what that English just said. So Allahu Livia are celeea so this verse is saying, Allah is the one who sends the winds. Allah lady Uppsala, Ria ha for to Theodore Sahaba. So the winds come, and then the winds push forth a cloud, okay? Allah sends the the wind and the wind pushes up a cloud for Ahsoka, now Huila, better demands and then Allah subhanaw taala drives those clouds to a land that is dead. In a better the meeting for Yanina B Hill out of the bottom otira. And after that, the rain comes down, and it resurrects the land after it had died.

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Candela can assure and similarly, this is how Allah subhanaw taala will resurrect us.

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there are two seasons that are two seasons where I noticed this one is cherry blossom season. And the other is just back to Maryland, Maryland, Maryland grass, the green grass, in Maryland, there'll be a hot day, you know, the grass is all green. It's all nice, everything's great in the summertime. And then there's a hot day in which all the you know, just so hard. You got to sit inside turn the AC is on full blast. And when you look outside the next day, all the land is dead. All the land is dead. It's just yellow and scorched, it's dead. That's the that's just a hot summer's day. And I'm like all this grass. It worked so hard to grow, and now it's dead and the cherry blossom season.

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What's really beautiful about the Japanese and how much they love cherry blossom and Hamdulillah I had the opportunity to be in Japan a few years ago. And when I was there I was

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when I was there in Japan I would like right before my trip

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What came to an end, the cherry blossom season started. And I got to experience the cherry blossoms they love the cherry. Well, you guys know cherry blossoms in Japan, how much they love it. There. what's so beautiful about the cherry blossom and why it's so revered in Japan. And that is because cherry blossoms they grow. And they're so beautiful. It's such beauty. And within one week or two weeks or hot summer day, we'll all the all the cherry blossoms will be dead, they will all die. And as the Japanese say that it reminds them, they appreciate the beauty. appreciate the beauty of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And it's also a reminder of how fleeting the dunya is that it's only beauty for a

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moment and then it passes.

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Now Allah subhana data says in this verse, that even when the land is dead, Allah subhanaw taala is the one who sends the rain

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and brings that Earth back to life. So even though we say the cherry blossoms are dead, we know a time will come where they will rise again. And even though we say the grass has died, the time will come, the rains will come and the grass will come back to life. And so as we're talking about this analogy of a tree and blossom, just because I said you know, bloom where you're where you're planted, doesn't mean that seed is not going to have a struggle, the seed that's on the side of a mountain, the seed that's under the concrete doesn't mean that there's not going to be a struggle, there will be a struggle, there might even be that you know,

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that lifeless, but just like Allah subhanaw taala can bring the rain for those plants in those trees and bring it back to life. So can Allah subhanaw taala bring us guidance to help us to thrive during these times in sha Allah Tana is that Allah heighten I encourage you to check it out discover you dot online and that'll be the whole summit inshallah Tada we are opening it up right now. If you'd like to register, please check it out. Every topic that we're doing is going to be directly applicable directly applicable to the situation that you have. We have this amazing lineup of speakers and professionals. Some of you may know and some of you may not know and the reason that we

00:27:20--> 00:27:40

have them is because we've been planning this before the Coronavirus happens a hamdulillah we're able to change the topic because a little bit so that it can directly help you with what you need at the moment right now inshallah Tada So the website is discover you dot online. A salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. See you there.