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AI: Summary © The title " explored" in the Quran is related to the definition of the main theme and the significance of "lands" in religion. The speakers discuss the meaning of "lands" and the use of "lands" in religion, citing modern day of "lands" as oppression and Payment." They also talk about the importance of freedom in democracy and liberation, as well as the significance of "robe" in the Bible and how it can be used to split the code into three categories. The speakers emphasize the need to be aware of the meaning of "the head" in one's worship and avoid confusion.
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Okay insha Allah tala. In each lesson

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I'm going to write the objectives on the top left hand side of the board.

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Therefore, you know what we are studying for this lesson, where we are going and what we've covered and it's a bit more clearer. So inshallah Allah in this lesson for introduction to Quranic sciences, we're going to look at the main theme of the Quran

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And number two, we're going to look at

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the definition

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of why.

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What is why we're going to look at that in sha Allah tala and clear up any misconceptions that many people have. Firstly, as for the theme of the Quran, if someone asked you define for me the main theme of the Quran, in one phrase, what would it be?

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If you look at the first area revealed to the Prophet Mohammed Abdullah Salim Bismillah bigger Rob is the name introduced to the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salim tells the first name introduced to him. It was also the first name introduced to more Sally Sue them in the anara book, before our creation, Allah asked us LS to bureau become Am I not your Rob

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and you find the first day of unfair to her is Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen rub again, you find Rob coming so many times and the first command in the Quran. If you read from an Fatiha onwards, Allah Allah says 20 is inserted bacara yohannes or abodo Rob back home in slave yourselves in worship to you, Rob. And the first question in the grave is man, Rob book, who is your Rob? So panela so we find the name Rob, coming first, first, first, first on so many occasions. So it came first. Now let's go to the end of the Quran, sort of the NASS How does it begin?

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Allow to be Robin. So Rob. So what is this name? Rob? What does it entail? What does it signify? This name blob when you hear it, it indicates a relationship. Just like when you hear the name, teacher. When you hear the word teacher, you think student, when you hear the word, employer, you think, employee when you hear the name or the word Father, you think, son, so it's a type of relationship. So Rob, is, as we said, Master good. Mashallah.

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We translating Rob to be master. For many reasons. If you recall, when we took Hadith jabril, one of the signs of the depth judgment is, the slave girl will give birth to her master, and tell you that Mr. Rob better, she's not going to give birth to her Lord. So Rob is best translated as master. Even one of the definitions of Robin Arabic is say it what he said, Master, master. So we're going to translate it as master not Lord. Lord is correct. However, it's more correct to say Master, because as we said, there's a relationship. And the relationship that we have with Master is master and slave. That's right. So Allah is the master, and we are the slaves. We are bad. That's the meaning

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of abt in Arabic.

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The slave not servant. Because the word servant came from service. Service is that full time or part time service, part time, when you go to get service at 1am. In the shops, there's no service there. So it's part time. Also, even when you do go for service, you're waiting in line service thinks sometimes. So service is part time. We're not part time Muslims, we are full time Muslims, the slave is full time.

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A slave can't go to his master and say, Look, I'm going away for the weekend, with the wife and kids, you take care of the cows and the farming and you know, no, he has to do everything. And he has to listen to his master all times. The Master says, you have to milk the cow when I am has to do so. He has to bring in the cattle at 4am he has to do so he can't disobey his master. That's the slave first we are slaves of Allah. We are full time we're not Ramadan, Muslims are not part time. So as you can see, Rob is best translated as master for many reasons, those and more. And among them is that when the seller would make, some of them would say yes, ie the sad sad meaning my master was

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told that it was said to them Do not say sad. We said to them don't say your say they say yeah, Robbie. So as you can see, Rob and say a synonymous and say it means Master Master. And that's the meaning of Rob and as we said, it comes at a curse so many times in the Qur'an. And it's first on our list. If you look at the first aid revealed, Rob is included to indicate from the beginning of the Quran, as we said, in Fatiha, Robbie's mentioned and then the last pseudorabies mentioned to indicate from the beginning of the Quran to the end of the Quran. Allah is the rub and we are the ibid

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We are not serving slaves. So that's the theme of the Quran, that Allah is the rub. And I'm the ad, if we just understand that we have understood the theme of the Quran, and that is Islam, because the slave has to obey the master, he has to submit, he can't say no, I don't want to do that. So in, in a nutshell, that is Islam. And that's more encompassing. Why? Because many people can accept Allah being an almighty, even the Godfather, they can accept God being merciful. They can accept being in a God being powerful, but you won't find them accepting a lot of being locked up, and then being nagged. Why, because it means they have to obey.

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And many people, many Muslims might accept a loving that upgrade, here's the rub. But most people will fail and accepting them being that ABD because they are the subordinate, and he has to listen to them. And that's the difference between the slave and the free person. What's the difference between a free person and a slave, the free person does what they want. But the Muslim, Muslim doesn't do what they want. We do an allowance, therefore, we are bound by the superior laws of the Sharia. We are in slave to our merciful Master, and we are shackled by the change of this dunya. That's what you say the next time a non Muslim says you are slaves. I'll say I'll take that as a

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I'm a slave to the Most Merciful. That's right.

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Like I said, Tell them I'll take that as a compliment. Because I'm a slave to my merciful masa. And I'm bound by the laws of the Sharia, and I'm shackled by the chains of this dunya. And you know, it's ironic that your slavery to Allah now will grant new freedom in the hereafter in gender, whereas their freedom in this world to grant them captivity and slavery in the hereafter in hell.

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That's right, that everyone's a slave. At the end of the day, you know, democracy will take your questions in a moment.

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Democracy is the modern day Chapo shaitan. He doesn't want you shaitan doesn't want you to be a slave of Allah. He wants you to be a slave of the dollar slave of humans. Democracy is nothing but hypocrisy. Because there's no such thing as absolute freedom. You're not free to do what you want. You're not free to run red lights, you're not free to not wear a seatbelt. You're not free to steal and kill and rape and slander, you're not free to do those things. You don't even free to choose what country you're born in. You don't even free to choose what color hair you had, or color eyes you have. So what freedom is there? So when they say in a democracy and liberation and freedom

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doesn't exist?

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Let's try it does see the West the western slavery is oppression and torture. Look what happens to the slaves of the early 1800s in Australia.

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Exactly. No islamically slavery, the slave had rights. They ate from what the master ate that were closed from what the master wore. So the slave in Islam has rust. And if you wish to listen to tuxedo suits, and Fatiha, where we talked about this concept, in Allah began Al Fatiha with Robin Allah mean that you are the slave and he is not up. And a person might get worried when they hear that. But what's the next ayah?

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah man, the Most Merciful. In other words, it's not your ordinary relationship. It's not a relationship of oppression. It's a relationship of mercy. So next time they say that you say no, this is not your ordinary relationship. It's not a relationship that you can identify with, like the slavery of the early 1800s. And in American history, where they massacred the Indians and so forth. No, it's not what we mean. slavery in Islam is a different concept.

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Yet your ultimate master now? That's right. Because there are many, there are many masters.

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There are many monsters even in you know, even the father of the home is called Rob will bait Robert bait as we said, Rob, is master not Lord because Robert Beatty is the master of the home not the Lord of the home. So that's the main theme of the Quran. And as we said, it's summarized from and fed up until saltiness.

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Due to time we'll stop there. We didn't I think if we go into wacky now, it'll take us a good 15 minutes and we're going to go into the time of the Hadith lesson. So inshallah tala what we'll do, we'll take any questions if you had sister.

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Sometimes you find load because it's a common translation. The word Rob in Arabic has many definitions, among them and Harlock creator

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them Elmo deathbed the Sustainer among them a say it the master among them. And when I'm the one who bestows blessings, I am the one who looks after everything. And so you see the word the ROB has many meanings and definitions, but we're limited in English. So if you say Lord, you're living up to other meanings, if you say, Master, you're leaving at other meanings as well. If we say, creator, you're also leaving at meaning. So the word Rob has many meanings among them, Lord, sustainer, creator, maintainer, and master.

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But we're talking about the theme.

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Of course, Rob does entail a lot being the Creator. And that's why when you study to hate to hate the rubia robbia, that Allah is the Lord, the Sustainer the maintainer.

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And that's really that's why all of those subjects that you're taking go hand in hand, they go hand in hand, a person shouldn't just study Quran and neglect after either. And a person shouldn't just study off days and neglect. You have to study it all. You have to study though.

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You had a question system? Sorry, we couldn't take it earlier. But we want to try and stick to the program. Michelle? Yes.

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If you look at every a and n

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in either discusses one of three categories, creator,

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Allah, or deals with the creation that can include Heaven, Hell, relations of old or

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with yourself. Yeah, so rulings, that's right. rulings, regulations with yourself about prayer about fasting about Hajj.

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Every Ayah can fit of the Quran can fit into one of these three categories, for example, all have a low or had that's an area where does that fit in?

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One, credit growth. What about economics, the way you're going to Stein?

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creation and also rulings that you only worship Allah you only make dua to him, you don't make drugs to the dead? Let's go for. So as you can see every area from the Quran, what about the ayah talks about paradise? Where would you put that creation? Because even the paradise has created

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some LMS with the IRS in another way. They said yes creator.

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They said reminder.

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Vic, reminders, Hellfire paradise death, the earliest nations, and rulings.

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So you find there is a difference of opinion among scholars how to split the idea. But they both correct. It's not something that is if the left about opposing differences. That's why sort of the left loss on holo ahead is equivalent to how much of the problem

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a third, because as we said, you can split every area of the code into one of three categories. And because certainly the class is only dealing with the Creator, it's one third one out of three. But that's the HD head of the scholars.

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If someone asks you, why does sorting the class equal one third of the Quran, your first response is because of the solicitor.

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And that's something that many people fail to do in terms of answering questions, especially when non Muslims ask, why do you do that? First reason I do that because my Lord told me so. We said, I'm the slave. He's the master. He said, I'm going to do it.

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that's right. That's why you always go back to

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that we were created an F in a load credit us we have to listen to true.

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So then, therefore any answer you were going to give them anyway. They weren't going to accept because their problem is not even believing in a god. So that's why the first thing you call people to is authority if they're Christian or Jew, in a Jewish and they believe already that in a lie exists Alhamdulillah therefore, then if you say that answer then you can go on to other things, but if they aren't right denial of existence, then of course, that's when you start.

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You feel something that is all powerful, of course.

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Say you fear you fear a spider you fear a copywriter, you don't feel creator.

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They've made a spider a creature and he literally hire then allow the biller that's the mind of the robot. We say to them, it's not only fee it's fee of his punishment, hoping His mercy and the love of Allah all three. So tell them it's not about just fee. Ignorance by him said the believer worships

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Allah based on three fundamental principles in his worship,

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fee of his punishment, hope and his mercy and love of Allah, and he gave the parable of a bird.

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Okay, on one wing, you have the fear of his punishment, and the other one hope in his mercy. And the head is the love of Allah. And a bird, a bird uses both wings to flap simultaneously. If one is injured, one wing is injured will fly. There weren't, in fact, even when you clip and when I was purchasing a bird recently for my for my daughter at the pet store, I said to them that I want to take out the bird from the cage so he can, you know, yeah, like no hang around us and coming ashore, then my daughter can play with the bird. And so I asked her, how do you do that? She said, you clip the wings. I said, Do you clip both? She said no, she has only one side. Because if you could both,

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it'll still be able to fly. equal length service upon locational claims wisdom, he said both have to be the same. So it's not just one more than the other. So she said you could one side so it's lopsided. Therefore if you are only worshipping Allah based on fee you are lopsided. If you're only worshipping Allah based on Hope you are lopsided. And that's the parable of the Jews and Christians. The Jews only have feel most of it is based on fear and the Christians hope it's all about you know, or maybe even love. But you need all three. You're going to take that into hate with Amazon.

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So the believer has fear of Allah, hope of Allah, hoping Allah and love of Allah all three need to be necessary when you're worshiping