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The Prophet’s Ancestors

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You define the numbers start to drop as the weeks go in. And that's normal and expected.

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We said in the beginning of the course.

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It's not the knowledge that's hard. It's everything that surrounds it. commitments, work, travel, you feeling tired, you're not comfortable. But it's all those things that make seeking knowledge difficult is the other obstacle is not knowledge. Knowledge you find is easy. It's not hard. If you're just a bit of hard work, you understand everything. It's everything that comes with it. So be patient, my brothers, together which you love, you got to first be patient with that which you hate. Nothing valuable comes cheap. And if you find you can't commit after a few weeks or a few months, then don't leave at all as some people have done. I can't commit to five hours Hold on, I'll leave

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everything now Habibi. Scholars would say man i aedra kulu la you truck julu he can do with older liberal, he can do five hours, no worries, no one's gonna force you to do three hours. You can do three hours, do one hour. The point is don't leave it. It's better to do something small and continuous than to do a lot and drop out. Professor lottosend and said math I love math Allah wa Kapha hydro mimica thora Well, now which is a little bit you can handle this better than doing a lot that you cannot do a little bit but be consistent and you'll be successful in shallow Donna

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while early he was so happy woman when we said in sha Allah tala from these lessons, that we're going to start writing the objectives of them. That way we ensure we meet them and we can stay on track. So today inshallah Tada. We're going to finish off discussing the history

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have the story

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of his smile.

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We're going to look at

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the origin of kurush.

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Then we're going to look at the Grand fathers, the grandfathers and ancestors of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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Whenever he was the mot he, Muhammad ibn

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Abdullah good. The first Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam right is the son of

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Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah Abu Abdulmutallab

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good al Hashimi

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Qureshi good, ol Hashimi

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al Qureshi.

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So those are his ancestors. Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah muttalib al Hashimi al Qureshi. We're gonna take those today. Quick revision of last lesson we said hydrolase salam was out in the desert with her son is married, and one of the meanings of Arab was desert, barren land,

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trailers, waterless she became worried. So she went up to a mount a hill, what was that hill called? sofa. She fell, no one in the distance she ran back down, she went up another mount called miroir. Back and forth, how many times seven, and fast she left behind the great legacy that we have today and hudge the size is seven times bainer or suffer while Marwa. And upon the seventh time, she lost hope. All of a sudden she hears this noise coming out of nowhere. She looks around doesn't see anything. She looks down. And what does she see?

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water coming from the feet of his smile beneath his feet. Water is gushing upon seeing this water. She surprised. So what does she begin doing?

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starts collecting and she starts saying zum zum zum zum zum zum zum zum and that's where the word Zamzam originated from. We said thumbs up the well of Zamzam was called thumbs and because of two reasons, what was the first

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zum zum means together good. Allah the JAMA Manoir de la the zum zum zum zum a literally means together and we said was called zoom for another reason.

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Lika prathima good because it's abundant amount of water.

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So the well of Zamzam was called that because of those two reasons.

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And there was a tribe nearby oh they called Durham

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Durham originally originated from where Liam and good Mashallah

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many years before that, the kingdom of Sabbath Have you ever heard of Sabbath? As I saw it on the Franco Saba this kingdom these people built the first dam in the world and because of that they had colonies agriculture. Great

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civilization and that will confer and they became arrogant. Because life was so easy that all this water they had their first dam in the whole world. They always had a round supply of water. They became arrogant they said, I will make things difficult upon us. Okay, I will so Allah demolished that dam

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and of course the goes all the agriculture, the civilization that lost everything. So, the Arab tribes began to mass migrate from Yemen, some went to below the schirm others went to Lebanon. Others went to LA LA. Others went to

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and Durham went where

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hijas another name for Mecca? Yes, they went to Mecca that was called El hijas before became known as Mecca what we have today so that we need the area one day they see what in the sky

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birds and these birds only come when this water as we know although it was desert was like a ghost town. There's nothing there. But what attracts wildlife so these birds started to come they were curious what's going on. They sent two men to investigate. They come back they said yes, there's water there. This tribe of Judah home tribe of warriors, they go there. And what's amazing, they don't just push hedge alehissalaam to the silence a liquid taking over and just killer. What do they do? They asked permission to stakes upon Allah. They asked permission to stay subpanel Allah Allah is protecting her. What's amazing is your answer. What did she say? No. There's no you can't unless

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I control the water. I have full access to the will of someone and they agreed upon a law miracle. She was powerless. She had no army, no weapons, nothing they could have easily just pushed her to the side and taken everything but they didn't Allahu Akbar. Allah is protecting his mind, a prophet of Allah and of course, his future the senate Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So Judah home now stay and Elijah's with has on his mind and they will have Zamzam now when he grows up and he learns what language Arabic And he marries from them. Thus he marries into the other job. And of course, he speaks Arabic, he's considered an Arab, and he has kids and so forth.

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Now, don't homestays in Elijah's For how long? 2000 years.

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And what happened? Oh, by the way, just a step before that. We said his father Abraham would go back and visit him many times and in the neck dimensions four times. And on the fourth visit, Abraham builds the Kaaba with his son upon the fourth visit, they build the cover together with your father Abraham will provide a middle Beatty white smile, Abraham and his son building the cabin, showing us the importance of getting your children involved. Get him in on the act. Don't just say to your son, do do do it. Don't don't don't know. get them involved practical parenting. So they build it. Therefore, real leadership in Elijah's are splitting into two, what were they

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correct, religious and political, who had religious leadership

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is mine? Why is a prophet of Allah.

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He built the Kaaba. He has some some religious leadership stayed with this main, while political stays with her. I sent to him let's get involved. So you can also refresh your memory. So that's how we'll split. That's how leadership was split in Elijah's. Now, we said they stay there for 2000 years. After 2008 they became corrupt, tyrannical. So Allah sent a tribe as punishment on them was a tribe called

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alhuda. Good.

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Allah sent upon them Hosea, they came in and kicked out Georgia home, they kicked them out, literally with force a very powerful.

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So now and Hosea is controlling what political matters in ages.

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Now the problem was out there, barbaric worries, etc. And by that time, after 2000 years, the descendants of Ishmael what happened spread all over Arabia, they went everywhere. But there was one tribe from the dissenter, this man that stayed in and hedges over that tribe code.

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So now, from the descendants of Ishmael, the tribe of Christ, they remained in Elijah's.

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And why were they called coloration? That's where we left off last week. Anyone do the homework

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Quraysh was called correct for two reasons.

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Number one, the carwash has the brother said trading

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business people.

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Even today in Egypt, the crutches the pound

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the calf, your belly, the parachute, the cough

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The Pound trading approach is to trade merchants business people, and they will quote Quraysh from

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it came from kritische What's the Cush the shark?

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No it's actually the shark the shark the beast of the ocean maybe if you read beast of the ocean you may think well actually the shark the fish is a shark that will called Quraysh after kritische by the way Quraysh it's got yeah it was reading it. Yeah, obviously it is a letter in Arabic that if you insert it into a word, what does it do?

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You saw that it shrinks it literally makes it smaller. For example, you have the word or Mr. You put Yeah, it does lead in there becomes all made small armor is are made.

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And our brothers named Mr. He called the son are made smaller man.

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Also by lead seeker of knowledge small seeker.

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The way ye lib see the leader, also kita what's the keytab?

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Book small book? Kota? Yep, see, the leader makes it smaller. In other words, a small book a booklet. So this is a shark, a small shark

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the small shark really.

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And just while they caught off to the shark, because just as a shark gobbles up all the fish around it Quraysh were a strong tribal though that was small, as we said, small shark Oh, that was smaller, more powerful, that was strong, that would gobble up any tribe that come try to come near them, that would gobble up any tribe that tried to take over them. Therefore, what happened Quraysh were led by the leader to say ignore Caleb, who was able to mobilize an army and drive out Hosea from an ages. So now they became kicked out as well. So Pinilla although it's a small tribe, that were very powerful, very strong. That's what they were called kurush panela. So they were able to drive out

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Hosea. So now finally, finally, after so many years, over 2000 years, what happens.

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religious and political leadership fall in the hands of the descendants of Ishmael. At first they are Quraysh. So the descendants of Ishmael Finally, they have religious leadership and political leadership and hamdulillah. So that's the story of corruption. That's what I start with. I'll Hijaz which we're going to now touch upon.

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So we said your home state in Arabia for 2000 years, but by that time, the descendants of Ishmael were after 2000 years, you can imagine. They spread all over Arabia, but one tribe who was from the descendants of Ishmael stayed, and Elijah's they will crush but because they had to face Hosea, they only had religious leadership, but we said palatial powerful what the shark thus they were able to mobilize an army and kick him out. That handler was Aragon, Durham again.

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Now let's focus on courage. Courage had a leader

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by the name of posse,

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even Caleb,

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what's Caleb, Ben?

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Dogs clue of Caleb? Anything, what would you want to be called the dog back then what you did really, you earn a nickname for and the dog back then was considered an honorable animal because it was loyal. That's what they say the dog is the man's best friend. Its loyal. Therefore, the scholar said, if you see a dog in your dream, it's not necessarily a bad thing. It can mean shaitan it can mean a Jin,

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the friendly dog, it's a good thing. The friendly dog in your dream. It's a good thing. Boy, it's part of law. Allah mentioned the dog four times when he's talking about us horrible calf, because it's a loyal animal. So we'll say even though Caleb is the new leader of Al hijas unit of Mecca, controls everything. And he controlled many things. He controlled la Jabba the guardianship of the Kaaba, he controlled and lever in other lever, the flag of war, the banner of war, because he had the authority to declare war. He also controlled

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a sci fi one Nevada and that's what we're going to discuss now.

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one Nevada

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is control over the provisions, food and water of the pilgrims.

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So he had control over many things. But what concerns us is this. He had control over feeding and giving drink and provisions to the who the pilgrims and Hajaj and

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was a very honorable thing back then. They used to love looking after the Hajaj Why? You're looking after the guests of Allah. But he loved that that was an honor for them. And you find that oh back then had very good traits. For example, they used to honor their guests really well.

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They used to be very loyal to their tribe is to keep trusts truthful etc. They didn't like to be called a liar, but upon law many of them today exact opposite. Allah protect us. So they used to find this an honor unlike today now, bro, you take care of the food you take care of the drink. They still love doing it. They loved it. Now, why is that important? Because when he died crusade no killer passed away.

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Those different responsibilities passed down to his

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children or our ancestors children.

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Now his grandchild by the name of armor, um, was his grandchild.

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What did he take over? He ended up inheriting this

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a sci fi when the father so because he inherited it, he started to take care of the pilgrims and Hajj time. But he did something different in his time.

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The way they used to provide food for the pilgrims was which type of food by the way? Soup very easy to make it can feed masses was very easy and very cheap as well. It can feed many stomachs. But what he did during his time

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he started to crush bread and put it in the soup for them. Meal upgrade, free of charge. Now when you go to McDonald's and said would you like to upgrade your fries? We get them upgrade for free. He began to cross bred and that in Arabic is called Hush

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To crush something in Arabic is called Hashem. And because he was always doing that crushing bread in the soup he got the nickname of Hashem looking at the timeline.

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He was nicknamed Hashem the crusher bed. We said in the Arab if you do something repetitively, you become known by it. That's what I'm going to upset. Therefore my brother, be careful what you do constantly.

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You joke around a lot you'll be called the Joker. You clown around you've called the clown. You seek knowledge a lot you be called a student you worship Allah Allah you be called ibid a worshiper, so therefore be careful what you do constantly, especially in public.

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So he got the nickname of Hashem. As you can see in the timeline Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah McCauley, Bell, Hashimi al Qureshi. So we've taken Qureshi now up to Hashem, Hashem. So he was the great grandfather of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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I'm going to By the way, he because it was called that Hashem

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and he used to do trade and business. He went to Palestine one day to do some business. And so Pamela was the founder of Allah, Temecula codevilla that he does in Palestine. He was married to a woman from El Medina. And before or when he died, she was pregnant at the time, and he's dead.

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So it was a father of a law that he does in Palestine, but his wife was pregnant at the time, and she was were Almudena Almudena. So she delivers. Of course, her husband had died. She delivers a boy,

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this boy, they named him

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shava. shava means old men. Think Why in the world would you name a newborn old man? It's a baby girl, old man. Because when he was born, he had one why he had a bit of white hair, it's upon Allah. And why in Arabic white hair is called sheep. Allah Allah says, for gay for the owner in photo tomio major Allah will Danna Shiva. How would you protect yourself if you disbelieve on the day that will turn the hair of a toad gray? This is there just one more brother. This day is so terrifying that it'll turn the hair of a child gray. This child is sinless. What does that child done? What does that tell us to be afraid of? If the child's hair will turn gray imagine you and I what happened to

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our hair? it'll fall off. The Deaf doesn't mean is so terrifying. As we said it turns the hair of a child why in grace upon Allah must be terrifying and horrific day and it is. So they called the son of Sheba.

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Old man

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because of his why he

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told about nicknames in Arabia.

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Right You have Hashem shaybah keylab all these nicknames. patola

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now what happens? Where was he at the time?

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El Medina. One day a man enters and Medina by the name of what

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he enters.

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Medina Who is he? He's the brother of

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his dad is the brother of shapers dad, in other words, is the uncle of Sheba. So he's Hashem is Rama.

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So he goes to Medina why to collect this child? He goes to the mother, he says, Look after taking back to Mecca, why I'm not letting go with you. He's got great ancestors great heritage, yes to learn about them as a second responsibility went on and on and on. And he was successful in convincing his mother and his maternal side to let him go. So now Abdulmutallab, he takes shame away.

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He takes shaver,

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the son of Hashem to Mecca.

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During that time, slavery was rapid, it was common.

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And usually a slave is bought young, why is cheap, and you can do your dirty work at a very low price. And by the way, slaves in Islam have rights have rights. So when you hear slavery in Islam, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came, they had rights. They ate what you ate, there were clothes from what you wore, etc. So as we said slavery was common back then. And usually they were young. And shaver was eight years old at the time.

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And we said he's never been to Mecca. Where was he raised? And Medina. So when and muttalib walks into Mecca with his child, what are the people think? It is slave, but was he slave? No, it was his nephew. So they called shaver because I thought he was a slave of Alibaba, they call him, Abdulmutallab, the slave of mo polyps upon Allah. That's where he earned the name. So shaybah becomes

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so he's taken back to Mecca, and he becomes

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or he is named, or became known as

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the slave of Allah.

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So now we can go back to the timeline, Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah polyp,

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so we are here.

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Good question. We said what's the difference between Kenya and lockup?

00:22:10--> 00:22:15

Kenya is when you hear a boom. There's not a boom here. So it's a lockup.

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So back to the timeline. We have Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah event. Abdulmutallab Saab, the motala. B's, the prophets, grandfather, so we're going back Prophet's grandfather,

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Abdulmutallab, the grandfather of the promise of insulin. Now things start to get interesting. We're only going to mention two things and we get to Abdullah and we're done for tonight.

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Two important events that happened to

00:22:42--> 00:22:46

the grandfather of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Abdulmutallab.

00:22:51--> 00:23:04

So you don't need to know every single detail for the quiz. Just the most important things like Zamzam, he does. Not every single name Hashem it came from Ameren. Nanana not gonna have to know that.

00:23:05--> 00:23:12

But now who is Abdulmutallab? You know who he is, is the grandfather of Prophet sallallahu sallam, and this event? Now this event,

00:23:13--> 00:23:39

but every single detail now, the word shavette came from Shiva, he mentioned the area that we met. No, no, we're not gonna go into real detail. It's not a Master's here, just a diploma. masters are asking about all that. Give me the air in Arabic, English translated word for word. Maybe if you want to do masters, we'll do that in the future. Sharla for those who are serious, now, Abu Musab is the grandfather of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, two important events. The first is he sees a dream.

00:23:40--> 00:23:45

By the way, before we mentioned this dream, we said Zamzam was filled up by her

00:23:46--> 00:24:32

daughter home if you remember, last week, we talked about doing home before they got kicked out of Hijaz. What did they do? They filled up the well of Zamzam sub panel so losers, were getting kicked out your luck. Fill it up, let's go. They filled that up with dirt and they erased its marks. So, Zamzam has been lost for approximately 300 years now. lost forever, or so they thought. Abdulmutallab sees a dream one evening, in the stream, someone's speaking to him. This voice he doesn't know who it is, says to him, for tayyiba Digg, Baba, Baba means pure from him. He says, What is fiber? What is pure? What's this thing? No response. second night, has a dream. He's the same

00:24:32--> 00:24:59

voice that tells him or for Barbara, dig the precious. He says what is Barbara? What is the precious? No response? third night. He has the same voice in his dream saying or for Zamzam. Dig Zamzam. He says what is um, Sam. This time he receives a response. It tells him zum zum Latif, now what led to them does bill Hodges

00:25:00--> 00:25:24

album, Beynon, fancy with them. And polyethylenimine and the Nakata horrible, awesome exhaust to give them these code words, it says Zamzam will never cease to dry up, it will provide water for the grand pilgrim. It lies between the dung, the filth and the blood. It's near the anthill, and the nest of the crow with the white leg.

00:25:25--> 00:26:09

While these words, he's confused, he doesn't know how to decode all of these symbols. He wakes up confused that day, as he's performing tawaf around the Kaaba, he looks down, and what does he say? Dang, and blood, dung and blood. There was a camel that was slaughtered. So there was a bit of bang there and there's a bit of blood. It looks a little bit further, he sees a crow with a white leg. He looks on, he sees a colony of ants. What's going on? This must be the dream. It told me the exams and this is it. So he starts to dig and he calls his son over and his son so panela, his only son at the time, was called had had it in Arabic literally means a cultivator. The one who digs is over you

00:26:09--> 00:26:10

come help me dig

00:26:11--> 00:26:43

deep. His son was called How did the digger say call the mailman his only son at the time. Let's start digging. Let's start digging and digging and digging and starts to grab some people's attention. So they come over there. What are you doing? Some people started to protest. This is a holy site, you can start digging, he might just start digging into the car. But people started to protest. He's ignoring them just kept digging. After a while the people got tired of it. They left him he's digging and digging and digging. All of a sudden the heat is shallow and his cry alone. They rushed over he had uncovered the rim of the will of Zamzam. panela The dream is telling him dig

00:26:43--> 00:27:21

he did he does say he finds himself the latest of Mecca coming a great role belongs to us now we'll have water away from the descendants of Ishmael of the metallics and there's no I don't think so. I had the dream. I dug it belongs to me. They're gonna How dare you we are the descendants of is made with the latest of Mecca this holy place it belongs to all of us. That know belongs to me. Back and forth, back and forth. They persisted he insisted one person came in between them. Look, we have to find the solution because what was going to break out. So let's all go to the witch of battle. Sad. There was a witch there. The witch battle sad. This woman claimed to have knowledge of the unseen

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she's to communicate with him a shave, literally the shell thing. That was a mistake. People have moulage used to communicate with the shell Dean. And they said, You know what, let's go to her this witch. Okay, let's go see what she's gonna say. They go to her. She's not there. She had relocated to Syria, Panama. What are they going to do? They go right, let's go to Syria.

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On the way to Syria, they run out of water. Part of this story gets better and better. This is getting worse and worse. They run out of water and they'll too far into the journey of the Congo back and they're gonna die. In other words, that's it run out of water. We're doomed. We're dead anyway done for. So the Muslim says, look, we're gonna die. Let's at least have an honorable death. Everyone dig a grave and just lie in that way whenever the person dies, or the person next to him just puts the soil on top. Therefore, at least we'll be buried. It's better than all of us just being out laid in the open with our dead corpses rotting away. Okay, because they're all lying in

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their graves waiting for death.

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Waiting, waiting, waiting. something clicked it. Because this isn't right. men like us. Send us a voicemail. The custodians of the garbage. We can't die like this. What a dishonorable way to die. He gets up because everyone else lets go. Go away. Let's go search for water. We can't die like this. Okay, let's do something. They're all spread out and search for water that I find anything except Abdulmutallab. He finds water panela he finds warrants upon Allah. So they said, If Allah saved us by you, if Allah saved you in the middle of the desert with no water, this is surely a sign and an indication that there's something special about you. We give up our claim for the will of Zamzam

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belongs to you. Let's all go back to Panama. They all fill up some water they will head back to Mecca, with now Abdullah matale being the owner of moto zum zum zum zum hamdulillah. Now it's in his possession.

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That's the first incident. We said he uncovered the will of Zamzam second main incident is

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when the leaders of koresh were pressuring him to give up his claim for the will of Him. He felt very weak. Why? Because he only had one

00:29:37--> 00:29:59

son had it the digger literally, it felt weak. So at that time of weakness, he made a drop. He said, yo Allah, if you blessed me with 10 boys, then I was slow to one of them for your sake. See, back then, in the tribal society, it was all about the number of boys you had. Just like today the number of hobbies you got, right if you're more hobbies you have the most wrong you are

00:30:00--> 00:30:34

received from Bankstown and Liverpool. So the more boys you are, the more honorable, stronger you were. So that's how they saw it. The more men I had the more sons the more cousins, uncles and fathers than the more stronger our tribe was, the more respect we had. That's why they didn't see much importance. And girls, they used to bury them alive out of the blue. But Islam came to change all of that. Islam gave women their rights. And there are many things women have in Islam that men don't have, for example, a surah is named after the women. So number four, sort of the Nisa, you don't have sort of the original chapter of the men. So women have many rights. And that's why one of

00:30:34--> 00:31:13

the scholars said, LEM, arakelyan, toddla. I haven't seen the virtues. And I haven't seen the likeness of the virtues found in the female. He said, as a young girl, she's avail for her father from the fire. As a wife, she completes half of her husband's religion. And as a mother, she's a means of a child's entry into paradise. panela that's the woman in Alyssa that's the female. So he made this drop. It felt very weak and pressured and that's why when the sons of the prophets of Allah Selim died, one of the people say, What did Mohammed is cut off? Don't worry, he's got no sons. No one's gonna live on his name. But little did they know everyone forget them. And everyone

00:31:13--> 00:31:18

remember Mohammed Ali Salim Now, of course it'll go through was revealed when the Prophet sons died.

00:31:19--> 00:31:29

So Allah blessed him with six daughters, and asking for 10 sons, he had six daughters. But it also had 10 sons. Allah blessed him with 10 sons. So what do you have to do?

00:31:30--> 00:31:53

slaughter one sacrifice one. So he goes to this big, fat, ugly IRA called huben. Let's say you have all these oils around the car, but he goes to it too. Of course it is the horror. So he goes over to this idol. And he used to have these arrows. They used to think they were divine, you cast a lot and you throw arrows and whatever it points to that you answer. So he lined up his children.

00:31:54--> 00:32:03

And he took out these arrows, he started to cast them and throw them. It points to one of the youngest ones, Abdullah and who's Abdullah.

00:32:04--> 00:32:46

The father of the prophet SAW some of them now he has to slaughter him as the slices Nick literally. He does it again, just to make sure points to Abdullah third time points to Abdullah. So now he's going to take him to the slaughterhouse. This is the father of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who comes along Abu biolab, one of the oldest sons of Abdulmutallab, one of the eldest sons, because none of you can't do this. If you do this, then the Arab would take this as soon after you they're going to take this as a custom if you start slaughtering your son now you are respected person of Mecca. If you do this, people are gonna follow suit as a tradition. And we're already very our

00:32:46--> 00:32:53

daughters alive we're gonna start killing our sons as well. We're gonna be left with no one does not have to do what I took an oath. And then the maternal side started to argue, you know, women of course,

00:32:54--> 00:33:39

went crazy, right? They went nuts. So everyone was complaining, you can't do this. Look, I took an oath. I took a pledge to have to do this. Alright, let's go to the witch again. Which a better side panel. Okay, I'm glad she's back from Syria. They went to her to look, what are we going to do? She goes, I need to consult my Shelton this evening. Give phone call, speed dial. I need to speak to them. And come to me tomorrow. Okay. Because the next day they have an answer. Yes. She said, What's your blood money? When a person is up for manslaughter? When a person is killed? What do you do? What's the blood money? They said 10. camels should okay. You put 10 camels on one side, you put

00:33:39--> 00:34:17

Abdullah on the other, and then you cast your luck, you throw your errors. If the arrows point to the camels, you slaughter the camels. If they point to the law, don't slaughter him, put another 10 camels and the throw again and you keep doing that until they point to the camels. Okay, so he got the camel synovium Abdullah through the lots who appointed Abdullah put another 10 throw the lots that appointed Abdullah another 10 do it again. It kept pointing to Abdullah three times four times so 10 times so now you have 100 camels on one side Abdullah on the other. Then he through his lat through the arrow pointed to

00:34:18--> 00:34:55

the camels fast slow time slow to the camels but he's now want to make sure throws them again points to the camels throws him a third time points to the camera because this is it. So he slaughtered the 100 camels and that was the most anyone ever slaughtered at that time. There was so much meat and food left over they just give it all out and it was still food leftovers upon Allah or because of that famous story of the sacrifice of profits or loss of limbs father that is Abdullah and thoughts the Prophet Muhammad Ali Salim will often be called the son of the two sacrificed ones who are the two sacrificed ones The first being

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

Abdullah and his smile good up the lightest man.

00:35:00--> 00:35:10

This man was gonna get slaughtered by and sacrificed by his father Ibrahim. So Mohammed sallallahu Sallam is the son of the two sacrificed ones on the hook. But therefore,

00:35:11--> 00:35:15

Abdullah was spared. And of course he soon marries when he grows up.

00:35:16--> 00:35:40

He married who is the mother of the Prophet Solomon? Amina. He married her. And then of course they live happily ever after Allahu Alem but we know Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam was born. The greatest man, greatest leader, greatest human being to ever walk the planet alayhi salatu salam inshallah Allah will pick up from there next week. Does that come low Hayden, panic aloha Mohammed ik shadow Illa inland as the federal government