Surprise! Islam’s Monumental Contribution To #Shorts

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The speaker discusses the impact of Islam's contribution to mathematics and science, but notes that the legacy of Islam's contribution to business law is not well-known. They also mention that researching this topic helped them get off the schedule for a showcase.

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You are familiar with Islam's contribution to mathematics and science, algebra and Kimiya Svz and all of that stuff, right? So you've heard the legacy of Islam's contribution to these things, but what you have not heard of is lambs contribution to business law. Its lands historical contribution and the owner's contribution to business law from the Muslim businessman who went to Indonesia and and people became Muslim because of them and all the Ottoman Empires and all the trade that happened throughout that that was governed by Islamic law. And so that's why in researching this topic, and you know, getting getting ready for a show me the suit and our Friday chat and stuff like that, it

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actually kind of got me a little bit ticked off that we're playing so small in our Dean when we have this huge, monumental