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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah.

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We're on lesson 10 from Quranic sciences. And we're discussing verses of abrogation and NASA one month.

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And the objectives for this lesson are as follows.

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Firstly, we're going to look at the importance

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that the pious predecessors gave to this topic.

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Then we're going to look at a definition,

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both from

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number one a linguistic perspective.

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And then Sharia technical perspective shodai definition.

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Then we're going to look at common misnomers, common misconceptions.

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And then from there, we're going to follow basically the order of the book, how it came about why it's important. How do we know it? How can we identify the subject and there's too many subheadings I'm not going to mention all of them and run them on the board. However, those basically are

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the main headings, and then we're going to continue from the booklet, inshallah.

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Once I wrote the law on who passed by, I call the who's equality, a judge?

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And he asked this judge, and this judge was giving a fatawa, issuing rulings and so forth. That's what he does. So I asked him, Have you studied an SF woman? So those ads that have been abrogated and canceled? They said, No, he said he lacked what I lacked. You have perished and you've caused others to perish. I Li is talking to a scholar of his time, he's talking to Ireland as a sheaf of called the and he's saying you haven't studied this topic, and you're speaking about Islam issuing whatever, you have parents and you've perished, others Allahu Akbar. And that's what half of the Bible said, there's no science, there's no no knowledge obligatory, more obligatory on a ILM, on a

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scholar or a student of knowledge more than this topic, that's how important it is. That was a quote by a shave half of

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it no Abdul Jabbar one of the pious predecessors of the pastor, as you can see sisters, very, very important topic to study, those that are abrogating and those that have been abrogated. What is that? In summary? Basically, Allah azza wa jal out of his infinite wisdom will cancel out previous rulings. Why do to the strip to strengthen the Sahaba? Or because now they're at a level where they can handle a particular outcome and so forth. We're going to look at the reason then wisdoms in a moment. However, this is something that was done in the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and of course, it can't be done after his death. Otherwise, everyone would just cancel it if they think

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I'm not necessary, but this is actually mentioned in certain Bakara Am I going to quote the evidences shortly be vanilla. So as you can see such a very, very crucial and important topic. And that quote by Isley is actually at the bottom of the first page, but I included the quote by and half it ignored the bottom regarding there's no science more obligatory on a student of knowledge than this topic than this topic. So we're talking about a student of knowledge, not talking about the layman, talking about students such as yourselves beaten in law.

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So let's look at the definition. And as usual, we discuss things from a linguistic perspective and shaarei perspective, and there's always a link between the two. As for the linguistic definition,

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it goes on to mention those in your notes. However, just remember these three words, number one, removal

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in Arabic, that is Allah.

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Allah will remove something.

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Secondly, replacement

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and an Arabic disturb did.

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So NASA in Arabic, can mean is Allah and NASA in Arabic can mean up then?

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Correct. It can mean to make a copy Nusra is a copy.

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And oh can also mean

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to move.

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If I said instantly had him alamat cop, take these copy, take these notes and basically move them into your book. That's what I'm basically telling you. So to move on.

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Copy, you can have actually in a job meaning nothing.

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So there are ads that are meant to have meaning that they have been removed or replaced or changed and Aladdin is the one that does

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it all white.

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And as it says there

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the Arabic words Nazism and so a birth derived from the same root word NASA, which carries meaning such as to abolish, replace, withdraw, abrogate, etc.

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And NASA is the abrogating.

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It's the Duma, it's the one doing the canceling, you could say, the canceler.

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So and I will come later on. And what we'll do, it'll cancel out what came before and what is canceled is called abrogated, Mansu.

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cancelled, in other words,

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and as it says, There, NASA is the active and if you're not active, or

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inactive, so mazzocchi is inactive, doesn't do anything. It's passive, it just sits there, and it gets canceled out. So if you're not understanding those technical terms, active particle and passive particle doesn't matter. As long as you know is nasioc means the cancela and mansukh means cancelled.

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So that's the linguistic definition as for the Stila, the technical shadow, a definition it says there,

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fifth paragraph on the first page.

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In technical language, these terms refer to certain parts of the Quranic revelation, which has been abrogated or replaced by others. Allah azza wa jal does what he wants. If he wants to cancel something, he wants to replace it, it's up to him. Naturally, the abrogated passage is the one called matzo ball, the abrogating is called Nassif as we've taken.

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And this is something as we said, that is referred to in the Quran. Don't think later scholars came in and said, Oh, this is cancelled? No. Rather Allah is the one who abrogates and after the death of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Can anyone abrogate anything? No. Impossible. And as we said is preferred isn't suited Baccarat. So we just said, manna coming in. See Hana t behind him in

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the ayah whatever verse I've abrogated, or cause to be forgotten, I'll bring better than or equal to it. So Allah is the one who cancels abrogates as he pleases, and his nanny As we can see, as we I'm sure you know, with alcohol, intoxicants, as it says there how it came about.

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When the message of Islam was presented to the Arabs is something new and different to their way of life. Allah azza wa jal introduced it in stages. Why? Because for everything to come at once, it'll be extremely difficult for the to the Muslims and the Arab to implement overnight for example, revert, right the person just accepted Islam is today. You say you have to stop smoking, you have to stop drugs, you have to divorce your wife, you have to stop going clubbing you have to stop going to the pub, you have to do this. We have to circumcise you tonight and you're going to kill the guy. So rather stages stages Take it easy, especially when a person just came out of jail. He is telling us

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to do everything overnight. So that's that's very difficult for someone so Allah azza wa jal took that into consideration. Melon, melon Shea and fish A and B pi b. So with alcohol amarula top said the Arab love two things. They were obsessed with two things or were they

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correct women in alcohol? Like many livers today, still obsessed with it? All right, along with Stan, our beloved women and alcohol. So when a lot of Joel wanted to ban alcohol, he did it in stages, because I said that if the first thing revealed was labor of Xena labor of women, labor, alcohol, what would the people say? We'll never leave, never leave it. As many people do today, of course, when they when you actually explain what's in the Sharia. And as soon as it's too much, I can't handle it. So take it easy. start with the basics. Start with that which is most important. I don't hate and then assala and then soccer and then cm exactly as the five pillars of revenue go bit

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by bit, bit by bit.

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And what's amazing is that in the early 1900s, America tried to ban alcohol in the country. Do you know this? Yeah, around 1920 Yeah, there you go early 1900s. They tried to ban alcohol. Were they successful? No way. People love that. They will never leave it right to come and burn it just like that in one hit impossible. So what ended up happening was people started to do backyard brewing underground.

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And of course, it became clear bootlegging was, of course illegal. It became, of course a major problem for America and people were getting sick. They were dying, because as you know, backyard brewing is extremely unhealthy. very unhealthy. So a lot of them was that people were dying and in a 1000s of people thrown in jail, you know, all of these fines and so forth. So became actually Yanni went out of control. It was chaotic was out of control. They realized, look, we have to live this band, they couldn't do it. When Allah azza wa jal revealed the A at vegetable leave of alcohol completely. The Sahaba immediate, immediate obedience, they left off the consummation of

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intoxicants. And so the Sahaba would know right after that, that the the streets were like rivers of wine flowing in the streets. Why? Because the Sahaba as we said, immediate obedience, they immediately started to pour out the alcohol from the barrels and so forth. Other Sahaba said, We're about to drink some alcohol when we heard someone recite this ayah. And they threw the cup from the hand, not one more sip through it, and others had put it had already taken some in, they spat it out of their mouths and others had already drunk. So what they did was induced vomiting. That's how much he meant and what they had. But it came in stages.

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Alcohol wasn't forbidden early stage.

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wasn't as expensive. No, not all of them are Poorna many Sahaba were rich a work with man Abdullah madam Now many of them Ohm Habiba. She was the daughter of Sofia very rich so they could afford

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exactly, even in America, even in Egypt, very poor country. But why they want to enslave the people, they want to keep them oppressed. So they actually make these things cheaper and accessible. So in Egypt, for example, cigarettes was everywhere. Alcohol was also accessible and was cheap, you know, cheap booze, basically. And they can do that. Why? Because that again, they just want to keep the people

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oppressed. And as you said, revenues, and keep the money coming in, they don't really care about the welfare of the humans no longer stand over civilians.

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So as it says there the last sentence of that paragraph, how it came about three verses, which finally led to the prohibition of intoxicating substances were revealed in stages. So the first verse insert the insert, and the second verse in Bukhara, and then the fifth in Alma either well, as it was, it says fetched anymore, completely, avoid alcohol.

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Now, before we go into the next part, which is why it's important, we'll look at common misconceptions. This is among the most important parts of today's lesson to lend me an attentive a

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common misconception, so we've taken a definition let's go on to this part. Now.

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This topic only deals with this topic of abrogating or abrogated, I only deal with issues of gam rulings, prohibitions and commands that is it. That is it, they do not enter the fields of after either or stories of the past or news, or character, or foundations of the religion. No, no, no. Rather this topic of abrogated a at only enter and concerned with the field of

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do's and don'ts that is it. Because if they were to enter into other fields, as some people believe, like the orientalists, then of course now that's subjecting the Quran to doubts, lies, contradictions, but no, if Allah has said something, for example, of the Prophet, then whatever, whatever the way it came, it can never be changed, significant abrogated or cancelled out.

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Allah gave us cover news about Hellfire or paradise that can never be canceled because it's true, it is like that. But whereas commands and prohibitions, you can change that over time. For example, you may tell your child who's five years old, I don't want you going out at night. You prohibit them, as they get older, they 15 now not five, they're 15 you can now let you go. So you change your mind. And it's understood why because now your child is stronger. It's logical. Likewise with the eyes of Allah first prohibited something later on, he allowed it.

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For example, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I used to forbid you from visiting the graves, however now visible Why did he prevent them from visiting graves in the beginning?

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Because they just came out of Jay Hillier and Ninja helia those days of ignorance they would worship idols stones and grave worshipping or they used to worship graves. Therefore, he did not want to of course, put them in a situation of fitna, so it was forbidden in the early stage. And later when they got stronger, that man was engraved in the hearts they were allowed. So as you can see, it's only to do with them. So I'll write that for you.

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abrogated versus well yet

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a loan officer looking to ensure yes

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perhaps perhaps now

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Unless Unless crying nom nom

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so abrogated is occurred

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for rulings

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in other words do's and don'ts

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and not in the following

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correct news

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So, either one is says Allah azza wa jal is above the Throne other is is always everywhere that cancelled out no

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one is his allies I had another Ace is no he's not no foundations and pillars. masala is a pillar of the deen and then later on is not a pillar anymore. You don't have those you don't have those abrogating as news for example about Jenna paradise for laying the brothers love reciting those eight letter on an A comm saying no no more for your brothers. That's enough. Right there we'll take it No, no, no, you don't have anything abrogated when it comes to about Jen, Jen, Johanna, etc. So they have judgment.

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Or the Hellfire

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basically doesn't exist anymore because the fire went out. So you don't have any of that. So as I said, the Kufa the moustache, Rico and orientalist, they, they like to take these particular topics and cast doubt in the hearts of the believers. But when you actually look at it, that NASA human Zoo abrogating abrogated verses only deal with subject of provisions and commands that is it, nothing else. And the number of abrogated is some random acid The only basically amounts up to 20 that is it. Some say 15. So it's not as if you have every single sword on every single area. He's abrogating what abrogated

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stories of the prophets

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you don't have a swear says Musa Valley Scylla was thrown into the world later on abrogated Noah was actually his brother Binyamin. No, you don't have that either. On ham dealer, you know, any book, any book you find there's mistakes in it, except the Quran, what hamdulillah that's why I remember Jeffrey once he wrote a book, and he revised it 40 times. At the completion of the 14th revision, he still found mistakes. And then he said hello, I give up yet but Allah and your team make it happen and lucky to have a lot of reviews refused to perfect any book, but his book

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a chef,

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I want to always design that I tell you, I was designing the calendar once and we revised that 50 times. We still found mistakes. And then I said in the end we said Look, just send it to print with mistakes. Too bad. We can't. We can't perfect this book. It says any 12 months 12 pages literally we could not perfect the calendar. So we had to send the print with mistakes along Stan.

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Also, character, you don't have it yet dealing with a HELOC that are abrogated. One is is

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beautiful towards your neighbors. And then later on it's canceled not treated like garbage. You don't have that. That's a very very important point. That Himachal that many people unfortunately have any doubts about and most of the time it's the orientalist. That's the first misconception.

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Second misconception is that they believe these abrogated as well from the beginning of the prophets revelation. No, it's only met the need for an what's maddening? polen

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not Medina This was last week's topic

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Many people believe madonie Quran

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revealed in Medina No.

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After his you know that's how we define it because sister there are some sewer that weren't revealed in Mecca or Medina. So where do we place them? Rather Mecca Quran before Hydra Medina Quran after hegira. So therefore, this topic of abrogated Ayad is actually only regarding or the if that have been abrogated is only if that were Macedonia, Macedonia, and not from the get go. And that's logical because it was from the beginning, then it wouldn't really make sense. And like I said, it'll actually cast aspersions and doubts regarding the book of Allah we did.

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We have to also bear in mind that sometimes if you read the books or the works of the seller, in Arabic, they will say how the hell am and suha this is abrogated. And what they mean by mazzucco is the linguistic definition, not shared a definition that's very important. That's why a person shouldn't seek knowledge on their own. When people make YouTube and their book they shave then they're going to have more mistakes than that which is correct. For example,

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where allows with a sales velocity in insanity, host mankind are in loss. Then lol, Edina m&r I'm going to solve it whatever. So we'll have to what was it? Those four qualities? They said these are Mansu sorry, these are naseeha

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to mankind have been lost. That's mansukh abrogated what they meant here abrogated, not literally in the literal sense that no no, everyone's now not a loser anymore. Everyone's a winner. what they meant was that these is in Amarillo, except those who believe, is this not? Is this not exceptions. It doesn't mean abrogation here in the shadow definition. Also, in the beginning, where the Muslims were being persecuted, what is the lies of that commandment with

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some certainty, and later on after the Hydra Jihad? So you find in the books of the metal, say, the earth of Sabah, Armand suha, not literally, literally. In other words, you never be patient anymore. what they meant was in a historic sense, because now the Muslims are in power. So that that concept still remains that basically, if you are in a position of weakness, you have to be patient. And if you are in a position of strength, you fight. So a lot of brothers, unfortunately, especially those who are really into jihad, they when they read things, these quotes from their LMR, or they'll read the translation, they'll think that you never be patient anymore. Even if you're in the West, even

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if you're in a position of weakness, you still have to fight. No, that concept of being patient will always be there. And the concept of fighting will always be there. It really depends which what position you're in. And that depends, of course on which is you follow. So as you can see, this is a topic that requires a lot of study.

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So let's continue from the book.

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Why is this important? Of course, it's important to know which is abrogated. Otherwise, you give rulings that are incorrect, as it says there with a little drama. What happened.

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You can remember the judge what was he doing?

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fatawa. Correct.

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And did he study this topic? No. So what did he say about him?

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Correct. Select your favorite and select in Arabic When you add the Elif at the beginning of a verb usually not all the time. Usually it means to apply on someone else, which is now an off topic, but you might find this interesting. So a three letter verb like alima What's that mean? alima he knows right here. If you had an Elif at the beginning, Elif Hamza, our lemma, it means that he knows he made someone else know meaning he taught you get it. So halakha you said he said the dialect you have perished. And then he said, I like to put the thumbs at the beginning to mean you have caused others to perish. You see, so matter to die, no matter to kill someone else. So that's basically an

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Arabic journey. inshallah in next term, we actually have a course on this. For those who are interested, we'll keep you posted. continue on with the book. Let's go to the next page. How do we know how do we know if I add Armand sofa? There's only one way forward is that

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correct? Hadith Sahaba narrations? In other words, evidence? That's very important. How do we know it right next to you can just write via authentic narrations destroyed that? That's a summary of that paragraph.

00:24:40--> 00:24:55

In other words, it's not based on hearsay or guesswork or HD out of the scholars. No, no, it has to be based on the narrations of the Sahaba during the time because they witnessed the revolution. They know what was mazzucco which is woman's over

00:25:07--> 00:25:19

Yes, that's not with this topic, though. He just he thought it was from the sooner but not actually from Yeah, the plan, but he actually changed his mind later on. And he met with the head he met with Horace Mann, yes.

00:25:21--> 00:25:53

Because you can understand, you know, the Sahaba, one with rasuna, loss of wasallam, every single moment of the day, right, just as I'm not sure why, and then every single moment, so sometimes the brother will say, Actually, I wanted this or saying other neither? Well, I'm not with him every single moment, to to hear it. So it's understandable that episode, didn't actually believe Initially, the source will follow conservativeness with part of the Quran. And of course, later on, he was told and all the Sahaba went against him, and he Alhamdulillah he repented, and his most half included it later on in the number of men, and it was he met on the issue.

00:25:57--> 00:25:59

So the narrations of the Sahaba.

00:26:01--> 00:26:05

Basically, these three ways, either a report from the prophet or companies directly,

00:26:06--> 00:26:13

or number two, this age man amongst us Harbor, but the Prophet didn't say, but rather, his mouth among them afterwards.

00:26:15--> 00:26:16


00:26:18--> 00:26:54

via the history of the revelation, for example, in the beginning, the prophet said, the copper and the cup, meaning the one who performs hijab, and the one who is gets the hijama done for them, they break their fast. So if you're fasting, then don't perform hijama on someone else, and don't get it done for you. However, later on, you find that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had this done on him while he was in a state of Islam. Therefore, they said, based on this historical fact there that was abrogated, however, there's difference of opinion on this issue anyway. However, avoid it just to be on the safe side, if you're fasting, don't get cupping, done. And don't do it to someone else,

00:26:54--> 00:26:57

either. Otherwise, you'll break your fast break your fast.

00:26:59--> 00:27:24

And sometimes the solo would say something don't do this, but he will do it. What that indicates is that it's no, it's not actually a prohibition where it's how long, rather, it's designed that you don't do it designed. And sometimes you tell your child don't do this, not because that if they do it, they've went against you, and they've committed major sin, but you prefer that they don't do it. You prefer. So give me an example. He says I'm the kid that you prefer and do.

00:27:26--> 00:28:00

Yeah, that's right. So it's not as if it's how long? Don't go outside with the issues, right, for example. So I don't know if it's how long, but you're just saying that meaning don't, as in? I prefer not to. So sometimes it'll solo will say don't do it. And really, he doesn't actually mean it. How long to prohibition rather, it's macro. And how do we know? You go back to the scholars, that's the other ones. And that's why it's very important, very important to take knowledge from their element. And don't listen to those imbeciles who say, there is no more element in our time. And that's it and those who are really mad, they're in caves and not know about them. nodal sola

00:28:00--> 00:28:25

talked about a 34 to Matsuura, that they are clean, Vahidi in they are parent, you know them such they'll always be relevant every time and every age to say that we don't have a map that is lying against us Allah because he said that the scholars are the inheritors of the prophets. Therefore, if there's no scholar, you're saying there's a lot left nothing to be inherited.

00:28:27--> 00:28:42

rosabella you're saying there's no scholars, you're saying no Summa left nothing to be inherited? And what do people inherit from the skulls from the prophets? knowledge? So if you're saying there's no scholar you're saying also left no, no knowledge behind and that's a lie on the Prophet solo awesome. So they'll always be scholars with Al Hamdulillah.

00:28:44--> 00:28:51

As for the top Cygnus, there's for either Quran abrogates Quran or current abrogates.

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So now, all the student abrogates plan, or the student abrogates sooner, so I'm not going to go into every single example I see confused faces in front of me already. But could I can abrogate something from the Quran as we've taken with alcohol, right? That verse on alcohol, for example, la Taku Salatu was from tsuchiura dynapro approach prayer while you were drunk, that was later abrogated by but then he will avoid it completely. So plan abrogates something from the Quran, or the Quran or abrogates something from the sooner or the sooner abrogate the Quran. However, that example was actually wrong. It says soon abrogates Quran talks about the change of Qibla let's actually put an

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abrogating code and we're actually there's an I have a law that says for one law, we do have come shutaura face kabe so that's actually from the Quran. So three, that example is actually not supposed to be under one but just cross out that example. put an arrow saying that is an example for point number one, look at an abrogate code and I'm not sure what I put so number gets planned for that one.

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And number four, the sooner aggregators

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For example, in the beginning, the profits and loss of lamb would forbid the Sahaba. Sorry, in the beginning, the prophet commanded that the Sahaba perform widow after eating something that was cooked, touched by fire. There's a Hadith, if you ate something that was touched by fire cooked by the fire, you should perform odo afterwards that was later abrogated by the professor muscle. Another example of the student abrogating the pseudonym was visiting the graves. So in the beginning it was forbidden and then there was allowed afterwards.

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Now when we say is abrogated or canceled this three ways you can look at it as this is there three kinds of nuts, three ways. Sometimes the verse is abrogated, and the ruling, so you no longer recite it. You won't find that a in the Quran rule today. And the ruling is also abrogated. So you don't apply it. That's the first time. Another way is that the legal ruling, the ruling is abrogated only, but we still recite the ayah.

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Which is what's an example of it? The alcohol, the i O Allah azza wa jal says, Yeah, you are you who believe don't approach prayer, well, first, don't approach prayer while drunk, isn't it And apparently, it is. So that is still recited but is the ruling applied?

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So therefore, a person who resists a thinking, don't approach the prayer while drunk, okay, it's not if I'm not praying, then I can drink that and understand that this is actually abrogated, but the re citation is not abrogated, in other words still in the Quran. So the first was, the verse is not recited and the legal rulings abrogated. Whereas the second example is the ruling is abrogated only but the reverse is still recited. And the third way is that the verse is no longer recited. However, the legal ruling is applied, the legal ruling is applied. An example of that would be the stoning of the adulterer on the adulterous

00:31:58--> 00:32:40

if someone's married, or formerly married, and they commit Xena, and to some extent they're stoned, and stoned. Now you won't find that as an A in the Quran. It was in a clan, Ursula, of course, tremendous hobbit This is no longer to be recited. But you find it in the sooner so the ruling stays. Some people say no, I can't find this in the Quran. Therefore, I'm not going to apply it. No, the ruling is in the sun. So you don't want to recite that verse about stoning, the adultery and the adulterous however, do we apply it? Yes, in Islamic State? Of course. You must. What's the purpose of that? A lot of jasmine is testing the believers with the adherence to the sooner

00:32:41--> 00:33:05

you're going to follow the sooner or not. Some people say sorry, no kurama following it wrong. Allow us to look also you're going to follow this because that is not in the Quran. merata It's found in the Sudan, you have many people like this. brothers who asked me growing the beard is not obligatory because not in the Sunnah. Not in the clan. No. Sisters will ask How come? I have to hack them? I can't pluck my eyebrows that's not in.

00:33:07--> 00:33:17

One of these hobbyists was asked to sexually, she was asked find me something in the Quran, where it says you're not allowed to have tattoos or you know, a lot of black eyebrows for women.

00:33:18--> 00:33:23

Of course, even men, of course, we're not going to act implied. But unfortunately, some men actually

00:33:24--> 00:33:27

don't do that. Anyway. They're called snags.

00:33:28--> 00:33:30

Yes, sensitive New Age guys.

00:33:31--> 00:33:57

They apply makeup and how they will Anyway, those men are cursed doesn't mean acoust. So she said find me something in the kurama says that women can't pluck and you can't have headers. She said, it's in the Quran. She said, Well, why am I takamura pseudo woman, a hacker man who Finto whatever the messenger gives you take and what do we do from avoid? That's an ironworker. In other words, go to the sooner go to the sooner

00:33:58--> 00:34:15

so that was from her wisdom, her wisdom and it reminds me of another story once a non Muslim approached a scholar and he said you're an claims that it's what the answer for everything to be at and liquid tonight. He said show me in the Quran where it says and teaches you how to bake bread.

00:34:17--> 00:34:18

Can anyone tell him?

00:34:19--> 00:34:43

He said okay, here you go. He takes him to a baker. And he asked the baker, how do you bake bread? This is a bit of flour and we and water and this and that. There you go. You have read? He said the ego this answer he said no mate, I wanted something from the Quran. He said what Allah told us in the Quran, first Allah Allah decree in quantum let alone ask the people of knowledge if you don't know. So that was

00:34:45--> 00:35:00

so for both Allah Vika for he was utterly defeated. And that also reminds me of once a man a Jewish man. He said something similar to Abraham palani. During his time he had there was a great scholar and he was willing

00:35:00--> 00:35:43

See, and he when he would go to work, he would always go in a precision right precision of caravans and horses and camels right big display. And a Jewish man happened to see him one day and he was working with oil and so forth. And those who used to work with Taran oil would always wear bad rugged in a clothing and he looked in a poor state. So he stopped this great scholar and he said, Your Prophet said that this world is a prison for the believer, and a paradise for the disbeliever. However, look at you, as it looks like you're living in a prison as a believer, and look at me as I'm going, I'm living in paradise. How would you answer? He said, what I'm experiencing is a prison

00:35:43--> 00:36:16

compared to paradise and what you're experiencing is paradise compared to hellfire. Allahu Akbar, what an answer. So the Jewish man said, a shadow Allah, Allah, Allah, I want this paradise of yours. Allahu Akbar. So it teaches you that when you have knowledge will hamdulillah it comes between a barrier between you and doubts, you end up if you having doubts signal. If you having doubts, ask a shave, having doubts speak to the students of knowledge or whatever it may be. But when people don't have knowledge, you find them they complain, they go to the people know, just

00:36:17--> 00:36:28

having these bad thoughts. You don't find them doing that. Refer the machine saying, Look, I've got doubts, please help me. Rather people go to the machine when they have done so if you've worked out seek knowledge.

00:36:31--> 00:36:31


00:36:33--> 00:37:10

toxin replacement, it says when a law is canceled, it was replaced by another law or not replaced at all sometimes. And in the cases when it was replaced, the new law may be less difficult, or similarly difficult, or more difficult, depending as for the case of less difficult. So something came to abrogate something of the past and it became easier. An example would be with fasting. Fasting in the beginning was extremely difficult, and then later became easier to what we have today. Another example would be Pamela in the early stages of the dour was Pamela obligatory on the believers it was you had to pray not prince had to

00:37:11--> 00:37:14

later on it was abrogated. No, you don't have to Why?

00:37:15--> 00:37:39

To strengthen the believers, because the Sahaba were the core, they were the core group. And if they're weak in the beginning, everything that is built on top of them later on would also be weak. Think of it like the foundation of a house, you need the foundation strong. So the Mr. Lane was obligatory in the early stage, later on, it became easier. So that's an example of becoming less difficult over time. As for similar difficulty,

00:37:40--> 00:37:51

we've mentioned some of them like it's not really difficult are over the changing of the Qibla instead of facing a face there, so it's not harder, it's not easier. And as for more difficult,

00:37:52--> 00:38:28

then as we've quoted the example of alcohol so in the beginning wasn't totally prohibited, but then later on, it became difficult way you have to completely abstain, completely abstain, because it's difficult on the knifes on the soul, and the wisdom behind it the meaning of course we can we've already highlighted some to strengthen the believers also to make things easier. And so people can of course accept Islam. Otherwise, if all the laws came down the middle it would be too difficult. So you know, step by step. So this as you go to primary school in high school, then college and university like was allowed to, we just wanted things to be in stages to get the believers to of

00:38:28--> 00:38:52

course the high levels of humanity reached, does that come along, and then for your 20 listening, we have finished our hamdulillah with that is the conclusion of term. two notes, however, next week with the latest revision of what's going to be in the exam. And then the week after is the final week, which is the exam itself. Located on panicle lahoma. We have digna shadow Allah in England, Mr. Furukawa