Judge Yourself Before Allah Judges You

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The speaker discusses the importance of self-quarification in Islam, citing the experience of Jesus' son as an example. They emphasize that everyone should seek comfort in their own actions and not bl fellow. The speaker also mentions the use of software tools to prompt people to feel sorry for themselves.

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We're about to get the whole Brothers and Sisters in Islam

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thought came to my mind which I'd like to share with you in sha Allah. This is beautiful Hadith of the Prophet peace be upon him, which says, And if mama had given nefs or carifta, and your Toliara laziness, what is a sin? A sin is what you feel on the inside yourself. And you would hate that people knew that about you. So really, it's about self judging. Every person knows, by way of feeling instinctively, whether they're really doing the right thing or wrong. Obviously, you need a little bit of knowledge. But in general, we kind of have that feeling. And I think you all know what I'm talking about. So I'm not going to sit here judging you or telling you, we all know and I don't

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think any of us is free of sin, are not free of sin, you're not free of sin. So I think it's enough for us to busy ourselves with what we're doing wrong because at the end of the day, Allah is going to judge us now. If you start having self awareness about your own self, then it means that this is truly a healthy thing you really do want the best for yourself and you really you know, appreciate the way Allah has created you and who you are. And this is why I love to have data sit in the corner and just to give you that comfort for those who are aware of themselves and they face their own sins. He says cool yeah he they're the livina a software Allah enforcing laptop Nepal,

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in Allah has put me in a wall of over Rahim, say, oh Mohamed Salah Lila was telling them, Oh, you who have fallen into deep despair, meaning you feel that guilt, and you blame yourself overly Like you burden yourself with blaming yourself, you know, Allah is reaching out to those who really

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feel that they're there as if they're really bad and they give up on themselves. So a lot of my data says, Don't give up. Don't give up hope. In the Mercy of Allah. Allah says, I guarantee you in brackets that he is a continuous Forgiver continuous in his mercy. So seek that my brothers and sisters, and don't ever give up on yourself. Ever. Salam? aleikum wa