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Hadeeth 14 – Part 2


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The speaker discusses the use of the Hadith statement, which refers to a person who killed others and took their lives. They explain that the statement is not comprehensive and may have negative consequences. The transcript discusses the history of Islam, including the use of symbolism to point out issues, and highlights the importance of honoring individuals and their families. The segment also touches on the concept of "has been apocalyps" and the importance of avoiding harm during COVID-19.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Shafi mursaleen Mohammed in WA the early he will be continuing with Hadith 14 from an amendment. And remember now without obeying and nowhere.

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We started this hadith last week. And as we said, due to the importance of this Hadith, and the sacredness of Muslims blood and honor, we're going to take it over two weeks, especially because this hadith deals with the taking of another Muslims life. And that's not an easy thing. Unfortunately, today, what we find is many Muslims overseas, killing other believers and taking the lives of other Muslims in a very easy and lacks manner. And this is something that the Muslim has to be fearful of. And this is one of the traits of the whole adage, where the magnetic field on Muslims based on major sins based on things which are good for and the end up killing them further along,

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Stan. So we're going to do a quick revision of the exception of fables, anyone who is the same as any. And

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also, we're going then we're going to take the new content, and that is what about if I particles and other intentionally? What about for posting because another unintentionally? What's the hook, what's the ruling? And then we're going to look at article Lydian ie the apostate when he leaves Islam. And we're going to look at the issue of when do we give someone the excuse? who falls into q4? Do we ever give someone an excuse if they fall into q4? Yes.

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So this is something also that there are many misconceptions regarding so we're going to highlight that today. And is there repentance for the apostate? We're going to look at that as well in Charlottetown. In

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the proper alley sorts of slum settler, you're held not held meetings not allowed. ly held the memory muslimin elaborate not allowed to shed the blood of another Muslim except in three situations. The first was a fable zoning and we said by definition, who is a fables any usually the theme is translated as someone who is married? However, that's not completely correct. That's not comprehensive. Because a person can get married, fallen to Xena and it doesn't classify under a fables any. So islamically What is a theme? It's the one who got married in a halal way and consummated that marriage. That's the theme. So you got married in a halal way. In other words, if a

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person got married to someone they're not supposed to, meaning they got married to a Muslim. That's not allowed. And they had they consummated the marriage, then they came in at dinner, they're not killed or executed, of course with established proofs. What about if a person got married in a halal way? And they didn't consummate the marriage? They're not considered the same whatever if they consummated the marriage in a hold on wait like he entered from the backside or while she had to Menzies that is also not allowed so therefore, that's not the theme. So by definition, who is the theme? Remember this those two things men water in rotten

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men what men water in rotten? What and Helen been again. So he's the one who consummate the marriage in a halal way in a permissible marriage. So that's those are the two conditions of the theme. One who's considered theme so it's not really married. So rather the theme

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is the one who

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gets married

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in a miserable way,

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and multi attend. What on Helen Feeney Gahan, Shara ofis, a virgin sorry,

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the one who gets married islamically and then the one who consummated marriage in a permissive way. So if they then commit Zina, even if they've got the voids, and they did this 20 years ago, they're not in Islamic State after the proofs are established. Either the full witnesses who see them are private part into the female private part. They see they have to see not video or photos and or hearsay or I heard something or I thought I heard something or I thought I saw something for witnesses or a confession. And how many times would have to confess once is enough, when would you get them to repeat. If there's if you didn't hear them correctly, and what did you say? Did you

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really confess, and it wasn't clear, then I would repeat it but one confession is enough, because that's the ultimate proof for a person to confess and get back to testify against themselves to confess that's the ultimate proof because even those who are guilty of Xena

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They still don't confess. So for a person to confess and the innocent is impossible, what would you do that what would you get yourself killed? In other words, and if they're not married, or they never been married to they never consummated the marriage in a halal way, then therefore that person is lashed and not to be stoned. And the way we said the stoning and we gave the wisdom behind that. Why standing, because the Prophet said, so. That's why, but the LMS spoke about wisdoms, and that is because the whole body walking meeting Xena is enjoying in the harem is enjoying those lusts and fulfilling desires, the whole body is involved. Therefore, the whole bodies don't. It's upon us for

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stealing. When a person steals, they still with the hand, so the hand is cut. So you see how it's just that we determine the recompense according to the date itself. So that was last week, and we looked at proofs, and we said, What does homosexuality fall under a fade was any other killed? Yes, in fact, our LMS said it was so the homosexual and we're talking about the gay men, the gay men, if they are caught four witnesses exactly the same way or a confession, then they are to be killed in some extent, of course.

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And the only two conditions are they both of them are after laying in bed, leveling the age of puberty, and they are not considered insane. So whether they're married or not, the community is committing this disgusting act, then the heart is execution.

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He knows it's gonna be very hard for him to get caught. That way he'll keep on doing

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well, he's going to face the consequences sooner or later,

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either now or later. And some of the some of the some of the consequences of Xena now, adulterer is STDs and other types of diseases. So yeah, as you can see, sometimes there are consequences in the dunya before they get caught, and at first and eventually get punished for that. If Allah wills in the hereafter. So don't get caught. These war keeps on complaining about it.

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He does, then look at the noise. Yeah.

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Yeah, me Yeah, long enough to be four witnesses, unless he's taken to a court of law and he testifies, or he confesses.

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As for lesbianism, that is considered Xena. And if caught with established proofs, then they aren't executed in Islamic State. This is the opinion of the 40 minutes. Rather, this dazi this punishment in a way that the ruler or judge will decide in a way that will deter others from falling into the same thing to deter other lesbians basically. So when they hear, oh, I don't want that happened to me, I better stop. So when they hear of that, so that's what we'll do, it'll determine. So but let's visit, there's been as a matter of considered

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something where they executed for this is according to the 40 memes, although

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then we looked at who carries out the head punishment. It's the rulers, the judges, the Amir's someone who is in charge. And it's not helpful for anyone to do it. But then all the all the one who is appointed by the halifa, appointed by the ruler, in fact, the person who carries out the head punishment on their own is without permission, without Islamic permission, and that person is a sinner that fall into sin. Otherwise, they'll be folded. There'll be chaos, they'll be anarchy, everyone will carry out the hard punishment on their own. And people will start carrying this out based on the evidence or not even examining evidence, or without knowledge, they might even do it

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correctly. And they can just get other people killed just because they don't like them.

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It might be a bit tight here, it's a tight squeeze.

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is another chair

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for the lucky

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Because a couple of brothers are leaving in an hour anyway.

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So it's not to be carried out by anyone. So we looked at that last week. Now let's look at murder enough to be knifes when a person kills another in Islamic State.

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What's the hook up?

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Straight execution? Yes, no. Because if it's unintentional No, let's look at unintentional manner.

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Sometimes that happens

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who killed another accidentally

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most masala syrup?

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Yeah, and it could happen in Carson accidentally. So most of them so we're talking about here. unintentional murder that person is not to be executed. However, there is there is a process that needs to be followed. This is based on a 92 of Swords sorted Lisa.

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Just check a 92 for me

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So what are the consequences of a person who calls another unintentionally,

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they have to fulfill two things.

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Both of them are required both.

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Number one,

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you have to pay the blood money, the dear.

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Sorry, I

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have to pay the blood money. The Blood Money is 100 camels as you remember from Sierra, the profile is sorts of Saddam's father was about to be sacrificed. And then of course, the sort of Abdulmutallab and he didn't and the results, status 100 camels. And that was a tradition that stayed, as Apollo told us that Be careful of the trends you initiate. Be careful of the hashtags you initiate today, right on Facebook, social media, the trends you start, they could become viral, and people can start doing them. So if you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge alone, Stan, what a waste of time, effort, money and water, ice bucket challenge. So the person who started that he gets all

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the sins of everyone who kept on doing it, it lasted for a few good months at least, and the filth of Charlie, Charlie magic, if you remember. So those who start those bad trends, they get all the sins of those who fall into and committed. So because that was a suddenness upon a law, they ended up staying and because it doesn't go against the Sharia estate part of the Sharia. So Islam didn't come to remove everything from the people. So those good trends and those good habits, those good custom state. So the pay the blood money, and equals 100. The Blood Money was 100 camels. Today, that equals to 100,000. reals. 100,000. rails.

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Australian, that's around 36 grand.

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But it's accidental. So it's not here to break your bank. It's accidental. So the city recognizes that. Now, although I'm if this can change, although I've looked into it.

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But 100,000 miles, you could say, if 36 Grand proximately. Also, if you go on xc.com currency converter, maybe someone can check that as well. Chavez does like a locator. But I'm pretty sure that's what it comes what it comes to.

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Because the real compared to the Australian dollar is Danny, it's three to one or something like that.

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Something like that.

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So if a person kills someone unintentionally, they have to pay this and have to do something else. As the ISS in sort of the Nisa, free slave, I said, Now, today, we don't have slaves. So it's too fast two consecutive months, two straight months.

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So if a person kills another,

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if a person kills another unintentionally, then they have to do those two things. Both are required not one or the other. They have to do both.

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Oh, yes. sodoku

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unless the family considers a solder clock, the family of the deceased they forgive that person of the blood money, but they still have to fast. So the family of the deceased may say look, we don't want the blood money. They consider ourselves as the ISS but they still have to fast but generally speaking, unintentional murder both have to be filled.

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That's what the unintentional murder has to do. Now let's look at intentional murder.

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If a person kills another intentionally, then the family of the deceased

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have a choice of one of three. What are they?

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family of the deceased have three options. Correct eye for an eye enough some enough's. They can either have the murderer killed.

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blood money they can ask for the blood money.

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they can forgive the killer so Pamela, and who did this recently?

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A chef Mohamed Salah hamana gent when his son was killed, forgave the murders while across these, the one of is the one who runs the supervisor slam QA son was killed.

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Yeah, maybe a year ago now.

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Forget, that takes a lot.

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So though that's the one that kills another intentionally

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And of course, as we said, the one who carries out the head is the ruler or the one appointed by the ruler

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saucepot. Killing the killer can only be in cases of deliberate killing, as we've highlighted according to scholarly consensus on the issue, although Allah may have agreed to this, as if no Kodama said in both neither scholars are unanimously agreed that the source is not required except in the case of deliberate killing. And we do not know of any difference of opinion with regard in this matter.

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Let's look and finally,

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of course, that attack equally Dini The one who leaves his religion. First and foremost, let's define apostasy. Let's define it. How does a person leave Islam? Well, if you recall, a man

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has three parts three elements. The man starts in the heart, then statement on the tongue and then action on the limbs. So all three need to be necessary. However, go for can occur with one of those three. In other words, the person can leave Islam via the actions of the heart they disbelieve in a lot. A person can leave Islam via statements of the tongue cursing Allah, cursing rasulillah slandering Ayesha by accusing her of Zina, for example. That's all for now. How? For many reasons number one of dawn fear the lawsuit. They are now insulting the prophets honor because insulting his wife, and that goes for debate as well. That applies to debate. The profile is absurd in authentic

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hadith of lit for you, two things are thought by lane. In fact, the Hadith says syrup to feed them a soccer lane of left for you to heavy things, too. Heavy, important matters. In other words, duck fly lane from 15. He said I'll put an keytab law and my family debate. In other words, don't insult them and the one who does so that's Jani, that constitutes schofer now. So when the Shah accuse us of not having respect for debate, if that's not respect, I don't know what is widely considered. We have respect but the proper respect and the proper love.

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No worries.

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Yesterday, I think we've got room we've got plenty room because it's three to a table. Yeah, please run. So yeah, so we're not only this is something that we have respect for debate and there's another authentic hadith similar left for you to matters, the Quran and the Sunnah. And sometimes they just focus on the first part, the first narration that we mentioned. Now, just because the Prophet Allah said or left for you to matters, it doesn't mean less for you only these two matters, what he's trying to draw our attention to how important these things are. The Quran and the Sunnah. And of course, aggravate honoring the household of the profile is a term because honoring his

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households honoring him and his wives is was a part of debate. True, your wife would have she lived next door in the garage where she live, she lives in your house, right? So your wives, if you have plural, that is right. Your wives are part of your household. So therefore the wives of the profile is a part of his household, but I failed to recognize that. So therefore Sandra nyesha is actually is insulting the messenger and therefore this constitutes Kufa but also constitutes COVID. Another way, accusing her of Xena in particular, they are belying denying the eye of the Quran where Allah azza wa jal declared innocent or declared innocent of Zina, therefore by saying she's a zania. This

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is Cooper. So we said gopher can be done apostasy can be.

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A person can apostate via belief in the heart, or via statement on the tongue via actions, by actions and this is clearly a person who deliberately prostates to cross for example, you know, slaughter is for other than the sake of Allah and things like this, that all you you're learning in our feeder, I'm sure you've taken many examples of that.

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Or desecrating the most half. For example, this is not the akufo or the biller. However, remember this very important rule that I wish to highlight today. And that is not every person who commits an act of COVID is a gift. It is a golden principle when it comes to our feeder, and tech field. Not everyone who falls into q4 is a gaffer. Now, there are some people that deny this among them the whole adage and people of today who are ignorant, they say no, no, no, there's no excuse for covered. Yeah, that's true. There's no excuse for cover wouldn't justify cover. But we give an excuse at times, at times we say because not all the time you give that excuse for the person who

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curses Allah, that is it. They've lived them whether they're ignorant with a new ruling or not person who curses the messenger This is covered whether they knew the ruling or not, or whether they were joking or not. Yes, at times, there are deeds that if a person does them, intentionally or unintentionally, they've left Islam, but there are many deeds, that if a person does, then we have to look at the excuses, and replace and we use this principle, not every person who commits an act of God is a Kaffir. And what are those four excuses we give a General Ignorance or write them on the boyfriend when

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General Ignorance and hotta mistake

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will incorrect explanation or alacra which is coercion or being forced.

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So remember this golden principle of

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the Golden principle of hatha yoga.

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And you probably learned this with sugar was half if you haven't already have you, you will when you get to the end of the course when you deal with issues of tech feed.

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So at times there are excuses and what were they Shabaab?

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gehele. Which means

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ignorance Good.

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Let's explain that ignorance person could be ignorant. There's an authentic hadith that shows us this, the Hadith of the man who told these kids when I die, take my body and burn it. And then take the ashes of my body and disperse them scatter them in the ocean and the land.

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Why am I the father? Why do you want us to do this? He said, because if Allah will bring you back together, if Allah will bring you back together, What's he saying? He's denying a loss abilities and capabilities, saying hello and be able to bring me back. That's good for if Allah brings me back together, he'll punish me in a way that he's never punished anyone before.

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Allah azza wa jal as the profile ceramic form does. Allah azza wa jal resurrect him and say, What made you do that? He'll say

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Fairview shatta Kaleb so I love the game. So Alo forgive him. So he didn't know he was ignorant of this fact ignorant therefore because of ignorance he was excused

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so there's an authentic hadith and even though they may comment on this hadith and it says it shows us that a lot of trouble Jehan that excusing someone due to ignorance at times is applicable at times as applicable.

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Another excuse

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on hot which means

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mistake on hot

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he makes a mistake. Now we know prostrating to graves not allowed

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What if a person prostrate is making such there? And he didn't know there was a grave there?

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So immediately we say macaroni look at this blog look at this carefully look at is making is making process frustrating to a grave.

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Later inshallah I'm teaching teacher What time did she finish

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organize another delivery.

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So I personally prostrates to a grave. Now that's not allowed. But what if you didn't know there was a great there's a great start for logic. No, I thought it was a rock. I was just making using as my sutra Okay, it's a tombstone. For example, he didn't know you know, make the cute on him. He didn't know it was a mistake versus facing nibbler praying is that his work is pretty similar praying, but he didn't know because his bosses Christian, he put the cross there on top of the door or a horseshoe, bro, you're frustrated to a horseshoe? What a gift for you. Amen.

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Take it easy. He didn't know it was a mistake. For example. Another excuse What was it?

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that will that will.

00:23:51--> 00:24:02

So here a scholar, a scholar, for example, could have knowledge he's not ignorant, could have knowledge, but he gives incorrect with incorrect explanation.

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In other words, he makes a mistake.

00:24:12--> 00:24:28

And this would happen to many of the LMS of the past among them. lmnop Rahim Allah He made it real imbaba suffered some incorrect explanation when it came to a lot of attributes and if no hazardous colony as well. Now we don't do some ignorant brothers they say let's take all their books and burn them I was a bit

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stuck for a long time they made mistakes. And if you were to listen to the ultimate speak about the mistakes among them, even if they mean others, they would say when mentioning these mistakes, they'll say look at the Oklahoma law. They made mistakes may Allah have mercy on them so they gave them excuse and they even made draft for them. That's how that's our position. So at times a person who makes incorrect that will at times depending on of course what they said and they are the position because they are the flag bearers of and the sooner we'll jump out of the box of any member know any hazardous colony.

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They weren't intending to go against the rules and principles of our listener, they are our listener. So at times, of course, we look at the situation and therefore, we, they gave incorrect explanation of these, as I said this, I don't mean this it means that they're not literal, but it means metaphoric, for example.

00:25:19--> 00:25:26

And another excuse at times is a claw, which is coercion, they are forced,

00:25:29--> 00:25:30

a person may be forced

00:25:32--> 00:26:10

to commit coup for and this would happen in even in the term of the profile celeb. Some of us have ever forced to say words of gopher because they were being tortured among them. Since Maria said, he was put under pressure he was forced to say words of Cooper to blatantly disbelieve in Allah and His messenger. And he said that under pressure, he came to the profile of sorts of them upset. And he told him what happened. The Prophet asked him salatu salam was your heart filled with him? And he said, Yes, he said, if they do that, again, they say the same thing. So because they were forced, they were forced to say those things, but they didn't believe them. Then they excused so to that

00:26:10--> 00:26:51

person can put a gun to your head outside in the street, say, disbelieve in Islam say, otherwise, I blow your brains out. You started this belief in Islam, but your heart is filled with a man. Now what about being patient and taking the bullet you can if you want, and that's martyrdom inshallah. And when do you determine? It depends on the situation depends on the situation, if you being firm and steadfast is going to give victory to the dean and people are going to look towards you as a role model. People are going to take your example and therefore at times, yes, it's better to not given like at the moment, Mr. Mohammed Rahim, Allah when he was tortured to say the Quran was

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created. Others like yeah, if no mine and other other man his time, they basically Vittoria like package the truth in a way to make the person who's questioning them think of something else. So they were told, say the Quran is created. We don't believe that, of course, say the Quran is graded. So they'll take the most often they'll say, this is created, they'll hold it, but meaning the papers created. That's what they intend. Let's go DoDEA. So they could have done that. But because alima mahama knew of the ramifications and the consequences, if he was to say that, because he's a coder, he's a role model with Ireland. Therefore, he didn't crack on the pressure. And it was better for

00:27:28--> 00:27:28

him not to.

00:27:30--> 00:27:38

But for a person who if you, if you're, if you take the bull or not, it's not going to be any difference. And therefore your person is allowed in that situation.

00:27:40--> 00:27:41

So that's the first thing.

00:27:43--> 00:27:50

Let's the pasta person we said can leave Islam via one of three ways, the tongue, or the heart or actions on the limbs.

00:27:54--> 00:28:09

By the way, accusing ash of Xena person, this is confirmed and this is consensus of the animal consensus agreement. And just to give you some names if you want firepower alima Malik Abner Kodama le Mama, no, we have been playing in the case here, just to name a few.

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So, we looked at what constitutes before. Secondly, we looked at not every person who falls into COVID is a gaffer.

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However, as we said, Sometimes there are deeds that these excuses aren't given. And we've already highlighted them. And thirdly, is there repentance? Is there repentance? Meaning are they asked to repent, and plus the hat is lifted or not, this is a huge massala. And to get into it, it's going to open up a lot of doors, and a lot of questions, which I believe it's not really going to be we don't have the time for but if you go on to Islam QA, you type in apostate and repentance, you'll find a really detailed photo on this. And just to summarize it, apostasy is not on the same level. There's different levels of Apostasy, there's ordinary apostasy, then there's extreme apostasy, extreme. For

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a person may leave Islam due to a doubts. They have doubts about something. And after you clear it up, they asked to repent.

00:29:13--> 00:29:38

Others, others like a person who's fighting Islam, that's it. That's Cooper, Mo had a fighter is not like a person who leaves Islam and doesn't want to fight Islam. Right. So there's different levels. There's extreme apostasy. So the one who's fighting Islam, the one who's at war with the Muslims, killing Muslims, that's an extreme apostasy. So at times they are asked to repeat at times they are not at times they are asked at times, you know, for example,

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the slander via these two opinions that they are they used to tab and other opinion letters that they asked her pet others not asterisk Turpin. So at times even there's some issues that there are a difference of opinion.

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And sometimes the Sahaba would take matters in their own hands, and I was allowed, for example, cursing the messenger insulting the messenger

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That's something that hollow says you don't ask them to repent. There's no repentance for that person because they've cursed the messenger but if they repent, then there are pins between them and Allah but it does not prevent the head from taking place. That was one of my said. So sometimes the repentance will stop the head. Sometimes it doesn't. It's a big issue big masala. But generally speaking, generally speaking, no one performs the produce carries out fixed punishments, but the ruler not allowed, especially in the West, it'll create more harm than good. And this is a rule that we apply that sometimes if it's going to create more harm than good even though what you're doing is

00:30:35--> 00:30:38

correct, you refrain because this is a pie that

00:30:40--> 00:30:41

what is the spider

00:30:42--> 00:30:45

web facet? macadam? eligibile masala.

00:30:46--> 00:30:57

Removal of harm takes a priority over retaining good. Darvill Mufasa macadam it's macadam it's a priority dot facet macadam Allah Jellybean Masada

00:30:59--> 00:31:01

This is another rule of

00:31:03--> 00:31:08

removal of harm, avoiding harm takes priority over attaining good.

00:31:09--> 00:31:48

But sometimes a matter is good, but you avoid it. Why, even though attending is good, you should avoid it because of the greater harms. And this is why the Hadoop did not apply during Jihad on the battlefield. So let's just say one of the Mujahideen is is an alcoholic and he's caught drinking, then you wouldn't ask him the head is not carried out. Because there's a greater harm What is it could affect to the other side? Sure. And then he gives the secrets of the Mujahideen to the enemy. He's running away from the heart, therefore he defects. I don't want to get lost, I don't want to get my neck sliced, and I don't want this. So therefore he defects. So it's not allowed to carry the

00:31:48--> 00:31:55

produce. As I remember hottub said they don't have to carry the photo during Jihad on the Muslims on the on the Mujahideen, for example.

00:31:57--> 00:32:20

So as you can see, there's a lot of back and forth the brothers but I'll summarize this very important Hadith. And that is watch the tongue when it comes to tech feed was the tongue when it comes to tech feed? Yes, we know we know the correct opinion one who leaves the Select completely. There's no prayer in that person's life at all that constitutes coup for not talking about a person who prays every now and again. No, that's not

00:32:21--> 00:32:55

my person who does not pray at all, they only prayed for example, they only presume that that's good for a person who's got no daily prayers. That doesn't mean you go and say you're recovered and you go now take him and get his you know, head chopped off. No, but rather than we have to be careful, that's what your tongues with tech feed. And we're not saying we don't do tech feed there is direct feed in this day. However, with principles with a soul with knowledge, and it's not just for anyone. So we avoid the two extremes. One extreme magnetic field on the whole world. The other extreme whenever magnetic field on anyone. And what ends up happening is those brothers who are extreme in

00:32:55--> 00:32:57

the tech field, they're causing another extremism.

00:32:58--> 00:32:59

What is it?

00:33:00--> 00:33:33

Yeah, that basically saying there is no tech fee. So that's what ends up happening that one extreme gives birth to another. So now you get people saying these brothers are wrong, that there's no tech field in Islam, who are you to judge. So for example, you get other extremes coming up. So that that's what I wanted to highlight. And also, not every person who commits an act of COVID is necessarily a cafe, and also the ruling on who carries out the head punishment. It's the ruler or someone appointed by the ruler, and the issue of repentance. Sometimes they asked to repent, sometimes they give in three days sometimes, for example, so there's a big mess Anna has a lot. The

00:33:33--> 00:33:51

point is is a lot of occam to do with taking the Muslims but because it's not something which is hayan something which is easy, and that is to take another Muslims life. ask Allah azza wa jal to grant us beneficial knowledge and righteous actions in the satanic alarm old Hambrick showed when Mr. soroka wanted to bully