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Women’s Seminar at the Islamic Center of Cleveland – Part 2 of 2

June 18th, 2017 – Ramadan 2017


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You get it? It's not because you're awesome. I know you're awesome. Everybody's awesome. But it's not because you're awesome that you're doing these deeds, it's because Allah has gifted you. And if you do not, if you're not show Shakur, if you're not show thankfulness and gratitude for these gifts, they can and will be taken away. Everyone goes through this, where they're up here, they're arrogant, looked down on others, and they always end up down here. And then they end up doing what they used to mock others for doing. It's like, it's like clockwork, it just happens. That's how it works. Now, here's the problem is that when you're up when you are able to practice and you are able

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to really put in that work in a bad day in worship, and you feel like you're in a bad high shaitan will try to make you pleased with yourself and look down on others. Now, what's the cure to that the cure is the realization that it's a gift that you should actually be showing thankfulness, not arrogance, don't be pleased with yourself. Allah gave you that gift, and he can take it away. It's not because you're any better than anyone else. Is everyone getting that? And realize that this other person that you're looking down on, had you been in their situation, walk their shoes had their experiences, you could have been worse than them? Had it not been for the protection and

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guidance of a law, you could be worse than them. And we always have to realize that you guys get it. So the arrogance becomes the door. Now what happens? And it's all in this question. So Pamela, that whole cycle. Now what happens is when that temporary Hi, I told you, it's spiritual steroids, it's temporary. It naturally goes up and down Allah and His Messenger tells us this event goes up and down. The prophets I send them was approached by a walk through the line, and another companion saying, We're hypocrites, we've become hypocrites. And the prophets I sent him said, Why are you saying this? And they said, because when we're with you, we our event is so high, it's as if we can

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see Jenna and gehouden of hell and heaven with our eyes. But when we go to our families, it's not the same. And the prophets, I said it, look how he replies. He said, If you have the same, amen, all the time as when you're with me, the angels would shake hands with you in the streets. Y'all wouldn't be human, you'd be angels. This isn't the design. And the prophets, I said, teaches important lesson that the man rises and falls, rises and falls, if you have the expectation that you were put on this earth to be an angel, then yes, you're gonna be disappointed, because you weren't put on this earth to be an angel. You were put on this earth to be human. But you were put on this

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earth to rise and fall and every time you fall, you get back up, that's what you were put on this earth to do is that you have to keep getting back up, to have to just keep doing it. And you just have to keep going. And you have to keep making that utran that Toba that returned to Allah. That's your role. Your role is not to just be flawless and to be at this constant high and floating around. Yeah, you don't even walk you just float. Okay, that's not the that's not the design of dunya. And that's definitely not the design of being human. Okay, so the idea is that from when you're on top, that's how a lot that's how shaitan tries to trick you. And the antidote for that is that is the

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realization that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who gifted you and protected you can to give things. Now what happens when that peak because the steroids have naturally wore off, and now you start to go down because the steroids aren't there anymore. Naturally, demand rises and fall. And now what happens this is a critical point is when your high is starting to go down. This is where people lose hope. This is where despair comes in. I told you shaitan comes from different doors, depending where you're at. Yeah. When your height comes to arrogance and judgmental, being judgmental of others, looking down on others being ungrateful the gifts of a lot. But when you are

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down, he'll come through the door of despair. He'll come through that door saying Luke catch you. Yeah, you used to do this, and that you were up there. And you were you were practicing, and you were awesome. You were the king and Well, now, you're such a failure. You aren't even able to do these things anymore. You might as well just give up. It's to make you feel so bad about yourself that you give up. You see, that's also a trick. It's just the door of shaitan. It's a trick. Here's the reality, you were never perfect. And you were never meant to be perfect. Even when you were up high. You weren't perfect. You weren't perfect. And so what happens is that when you start to get

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lower, don't lose hope. The answer is, let me let me summarize it. When you're up high. Don't be ungrateful. Don't be arrogant, and don't be judgmental. And when you're low, don't lose hope. Don't despair. That's really how you keep that balance. And so what ends up happening if you have that balance, is that with the ups and downs of events, you don't crash and burn. Because you don't you don't you don't when you get low, you keep going up

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striving and then eventually you'll come back up there to stand. But if you lose hope when you start getting down, it doesn't look like this, it looks like this. You get it. So you'll actually start to crash. One of the first things shaitan will try to make you do when you're going down is to loosen that the the salon is to let go of the salon. You know what, look at you, you are such a hypocrite. You do this and this and this and commit this sin and commit that sin and now you're gonna go and pray. Pretend you're old, holy. You're such a hypocrite. You're to face some familiar. And the idea here is just don't pray. He wants you to lose that oxygen so that you'll just die spiritually. You

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get it keep going even if you're committing this sin and this sin and that's it Keep breathing. You build me You have to keep breathing. Because it's that oxygen it's that salon it's going to enable you to stop committing that sin. Eventually inshallah by the grace of Allah. Okay. When you call me Hi, that was stopped for a while you and I come in Nova Rahim subhanak Allah we have that a Chateau de la land, a sufferer to break the cycle of Santa Monica.