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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam aleikum, which is a greeting of peace, peace beyond to you. Thank you. You can find us here every week. Thank you for tuning in. If you don't catch us on the local cable station here in Chicago, you can see all of our shows at the deen, show calm. We're here trying to help you develop a better understanding on the world's fastest growing way of life, the way of life of all the messengers of God, the way of surrender and submission to the One God worshipping Him alone and not his creation. Now we come back we're going to be trying to answer and clear up the fog

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helping you understand Islam a little better by answering your common questions that you might have on this beautiful way of life. We come back here on the deen show you don't want to go nowhere

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is His Messenger

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Jesus was his messenger

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No, I did that maybe it's maybe it's just a break the ice. A salaam aleikum? Wa Alaykum

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peace be unto you, peace be unto you as well. How are you? I'm doing fine. And humbly this greeting that we just said to each other? Was this a greeting of all the messages of God? It was indeed, it was indeed. And in fact, this is something that cannot be denied historically, as well. It's it's well documented that even priests and rabbis would greet one another with the greetings of peace. In fact,

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to this day, I believe priests greet each other with paxville biscom in Latin, which basically means peace be unto you. So it's well known. It's something that all the prophets of God used to be one other, in fact, beautiful story we have in our tradition, that when God created Adam, yeah, and he told Adam to go to the angels, he told Adam when you when you come to them, then say a salam wa Alaykum to them, say peace be unto you, and hear what they say back. And so when he said that, to them, the angel said, well, aleikum wa salam. So in fact, the very first conversation that took place, embodied May peace be unto you. That's a beautiful greeting. It is it isn't, I think is

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better than Hey, what's up? and How you doing? How you doing? It breaks the ice. It doesn't it does. Yeah, it shows you that you care about the person that you're genuinely concerned about. And it shows you you're not going to harm him. You want good for him, for him for yourself. And you're praying to God to lessen as well. Yeah. And this is one of the common questions that we're going to be answering today. Why do you guys say Salaam Alaikum? And we just answered that. So moving on to the next because there's a lot of common questions that people are interested. And this is the fastest growing way of life. And people understand that we don't wish a black box in the desert. We

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don't pray to Mohammed, Mohammed is the last and final messenger peace be upon him and all the messages got, including Jesus Christ, who was one of the mightiest messengers of God. But besides that, there's some other questions. We're going to try to go through these. They asked what I'm here for. They asked us why don't we drink alcohol? Why don't we drink alcohol? Well, the simple answer is because God told us that's the simplest answer, which is a foolproof answer. We believe that God knows best. And whatever he tells us, we do it now. Does that mean we have blind faith? Yes and no. Yes. Because we believe that whatever God says we need to do it. But no, in that we first rationally

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come to the conclusion that this is a true God who has sent us this book. That is something we need to think about. So we don't expect people to just accept Islam because we tell them to, we want people to critically think and challenge themselves and think about the fact is this a true religion or not? Is this a true prophet or not? Is this a true book of God or not? Once they answer yes to all of these questions that's rational. They look at the life of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, we look at the teachings of the Quran. They look at overall what this religion says. And then they rationally intellectually understand this to be the truth. They say, yes, this is the religion

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once they accept now you can't really question each and everything. Why do you pray five times instead of six? Yeah, why is this allowed? And that not? Well, I mean, there are always answers, but the simplest answer like I said, foolproof, God knows best we said, so. Now that's the first answer. And that's the best answer. There are also of course, other answers as well. And the Quran tells us that the Quran very clearly says about alcoholic drinks and by the way, it's not just alcohol in our teams, drugs, anything that intoxicates the mind that makes a person marijuana, everything from marijuana, coke crashy everything is out anyways any of these things are severely prohibited in our

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religion because I've heard somebody some people actually say that it doesn't say now you can these are these are these are Muslims trying to justify things or they're no scholar says there's no reputable legal authority says this. And of course God says so in the Quran right quite clearly that there is some benefit in alcohol. Yeah, nobody denies this. Those that drink it. I mean, you know

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There's some benefit in alcohol. But God says the evil is much more than the benefit, the harm is more than the good. And so the harm that's caused by alcohol is much more. And I think any government in the world, especially our Western governments know this very well, the number of accidents, number of homicides, the number of crimes that occur under the influence, right are much more than than the other crimes. And this is something that is well known from experience as well living in any land where people drink public and openly look at what happens when people get drunk and look at the amount of, of crimes that are committed in the name of let's say, drugs, trying to

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get drugs, right, trying to you people will will literally sell their own kids in order to get those drugs. We see this in front of us. So God says in the Quran, there might be some benefit, you might get high, but the harm is greater than and we see. We see that all around the murder rate. Exactly. Yeah. Most of the people are are under the influence. Yeah, exactly. You mentioned the government didn't the government tried to ban alcohol at one point it did. And it goes to show you that man made laws are always going to be you know, trying to be fine tuned and tinkered with. And that's why we believe as Muslims that the law of God is perfect because it doesn't need to be changed and

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tinkered with. Yeah, Another common question is, why do you put these women behind the veil? Why do you have them covered? Once again, there's the easy response. And then there's a more complicated one, the easy response, of course, God says, so that's it. I mean, once we say that they really can't, you know, there's nothing that can be said, it's quite clear the Quran very explicitly commands and it's not just women, by the way, is this a common misconception? How can women have to cover men have to cover but to a lesser extent, yeah, right. Men can go around naked, men have to cover between the navel to the knee, they can't just go around, you know, wearing tight shorts, even

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as a Muslim, there's a sense of modesty. So there's restrictions not just on women, there's restrictions on men as well. And that's many people just overlook that, and they've jumped to the women's side. Now, there's no doubt that women have more coverings on them. And I think that even in Western society, you know, you go to the beach, women are wearing two piece and men are wearing one piece for me, even even where there's not that much modesty, but still more is covered for the woman or the for the man. And that's the way God created men and women that the body of the woman is far more attractive to the man than vice versa. Therefore, God in His wisdom, and this is the second

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point. The first point is God says so that's why the second point, it's obvious that the body of a woman is far more abused and misused. If you look at modern media, if you look at advertising, if you look at the point industry, right? What is it is only its filth is taking advantage of men's animal instincts and desires at the expense of women's chastity and honor. And so our religion has come and said, No, you can't do that. You can't do that at all. You can't take advantage of a woman and expose her like that, you know denigrated to this level, we believe that these types of things are, are far more this is this is denigrating women, this is taking advantage of women. And so our

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religion has come and said, No, women have to have modesty and soda men. Now, of course, in the privacy of their houses, couples can do as they please, that's the only time it's allowed. You're allowed to see your spouse and to enjoy your spouse. That's what marriage is for, within the confines of marriage. outside of marriage. All of this needs to be minimized and avoided, and of the ways we minimize it is that we ask men and women to dress modestly, and modesty is different between the genders. But for the women modesty is defined as covering of the hair at least and wearing loose clothing. And of course, the you know, the finer details vary from culture to time and place. But

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overall, the primary condition is loose clothing, and the body covered including the hair, and that's why they wear a headscarf over their heads. Now, this is interesting, because if you come at it from just as you said, the creator said so we're not making her the man's not making her but the creator told him to do and she is submitting to exhibit injunctions of the Creator as demand is as well. Yeah, exactly. And you also have, you have certain restaurants, that you just can't come in without shoes, or you can't come out with a shirt, no shoes, no shirt, no service. It says you can't go into the courthouse. Any way that you want. Once upon a time you couldn't even wear your cap in

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front of the judge. Isn't that so? These are manmade injunctions? Exactly. Have a follow. Exactly. But the creator knows best how much needs to be now now let me you know we live in America. Yeah. In America and the majority of states nudity is a punishable offense. Yeah. The state imposes a restriction on clothing. Right? You cannot walk the streets of Chicago or you know, I don't know the laws of Illinois, but I'd assume you know, you can't. Yeah, you know, I mean, most states you cannot walk the streets naked, you will be punished, jailed, fine. So the fact of the matter is that society is restricting what you wear, our religion has a permanent restriction. What you can do

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today, you couldn't do 10 years ago, which you could attend us you couldn't do 100 years ago, 100 years ago, no respectable woman would leave her house without her hair covered in this country. This is in America. Every woman would have her hair covered with the bondage she wear loose clothing. She wouldn't wear a miniskirt or anything like that. This is 100 years ago. These are our own great grandmother's wherever we are from the earth. So we see

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Evolution of morals in manmade society. We believe that our great grandmother's and us and our generation were the same human beings, we believe what was good for them should be good for us. We eat the same food, we drink the same water, we breathe the same air, we're still the same human beings, even if they've gone to the moon and back, hard morality should remain the same. Yeah. And so I think it makes a lot of sense, when our religion tells us, these are restrictions that are eternal, they don't change from time to place, there's not that it's not an amendment that you know, is cancelled, because it's not enforceable. And it doesn't work that way. It's, that's I think it I

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think it makes a logical sense. And they should talk to these women, the women who have submitted to the Creator, and they have chosen to not be slaves to the fashion to society to a man but to the Creator, that they're truly free, isn't it? Exactly. I mean, I encourage you, if you see a lady wearing a scarf, or Muslim lady, with all respect, obviously not intimidation, just ask her politely, or is anybody forcing you to do this? Or do you want to do this on your own? In fact, I mean, I'm a bit of a cleric. As you know, I'm involved with giving lectures and speeches and seminars, I'll tell you, the main problem that I hear is that these women, their parents are trying

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to force them not to wear the scarf. That's the problem. That's the problem that, you know, the parents are so scared, it's not that they hate the religion. It's just, they're scared that Americans, the broad society is going to harm them. They're scared that somebody's going to go and you know, push her or shove her or, you know, worse than this. So they don't want their daughters to wear the scarf. Is this a legitimate excuse not not to wear the hat? If there's a genuine fear, then yes, but I would say by and large, I mean, we are all Americans here, I'd say by and large, we are a tolerant society. And maybe there might be a few comments here and there. But by and large, I mean,

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there's not a threat to life and live. Now that's the case right now. But there are places in the world where sometimes, you know, being identified is whatever, it's always sometimes the Jews were harassed. Sometimes, you know, the African Americans were harassed, sometimes the Mexican, you know, there are places where if you're a Muslim, it might be dangerous to show that. And so obviously, in such a circumstance, there's laxity but I would say by and large, in North America, we are enjoying great amounts of freedom. And we need to we need to make sure that people know our faith, and we're proud to be who we are, and also be proud to be ethnically and culturally and nationally who we are

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as well. There's no, there's no contradiction being an American, white person or a black person, or Muslim, are all they're all compatible together. Now, these are some of the common questions which we can encourage you to go to the deen, where we actually have a site on the site for new Muslims. And we address these questions even more extensively. We are moving on along to the next common question with my good friend Shaykh yasir Qadhi, people ask, they say, Well, you know, how is it that the crater allows a man in Islam to have more than one wife? How is this? How can this be something they envision now, the man with a harem of women, we'll be right back. No speech is better

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than to do that. Let's call people to Allah and to do the word no speech is better. No, nothing is better than that. Is it true that if one person and Allah giving you the ability to guide someone through the last permission, the creator's permission that is better than everything in this world, but in the whole world, and everything that's in it in another generation is better than the best of wealth? But if we really felt that, Eddie, would we not be giving out giving? And this is something that we encourage all the MSA, all the dour organizations, the machines to get this, we want to print more we give these to the non listeners for free for free for free. We want our brothers in

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And how do we explain how do you go into this? Well?

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Well, Edie, this is definitely a question that a lot of Muslims get asked, and it raises a lot of eyebrows. And there's a lot of stereotypes attached to it. And there's no doubt that culturally speaking, it's it is problematic for many people to to understand and envision. But it's true that our religion has allowed a man to marry more than one woman. And but it's not just our religion. I mean, this is a well known fact that many cultures in many societies, and in fact, to this day, there are many countries where this is legal, not necessarily Muslim countries. I was in South Africa last week, and their president has, I think, three wives. And and this is and this is the

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president of South Africa, which is a very modern western country. You said why is that girlfriends? Oh, no, no, yeah, that's the whole point. Because, as we know, have had girlfriends, I think is most presidents world.

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Yes. Yeah. So what our religion does, and this is it's really logical is that if, you know it's possible and capable and everybody's is, you know, is fine with it, then it is permissible for a man to take on more than one woman with certain conditions. This is what our religion has said. And once again, it's not a necessary requirement is just an option. And contrary to popular opinion, the vast majority of Muslims have one wife and that's the way things are and they're all over the Muslim world. You know, I would say

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In my head, maybe 90 95%, all over the Muslim world, the vast majority, basically one, one wife, or husband, everything's fine. Now our religion does allow for a husband to take on more than one wife. But we're the only religion that has so many conditions attached to it. Now, in other societies and cultures, there are no conditions, take as many as you want, and treat them as you will, in our religion, If any man you know, if it's legal for him to do so, if he chooses to take on another wife, there are many strings and conditions attached of them as equality of them is the fact that, you know, he was giving them, you know, similar amounts of time of them is that is that he must be

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capable of taking care of them, you know, he can't just take on a mistress or girlfriend and then just say, you know, you're my wife is that he's got to take care of them. All of these are understood that the husband is going to take care of all of his wives and all of his children equally. And that's a condition that I think is once again, a very logical condition. This is something that today in today's society, what is normal Today was a normal yesterday, things that are constantly changing according to maybe the people's desires. But if we look back a little bit, this was something that was normal, wasn't it? Yes. For most societies and cultures around the

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world, it was indeed normal, even as every Christian and Juno's, even in biblical times, the average person had more than one wife. And that's because of the circumstances situations that they that they went through. I mean, most of the prophets of God in the Bible had more than one wife. And so I mean, again, like I said, if a person finds this, you know, culturally, he doesn't want to do it. Sure. Go ahead, Jim. It's not necessary to not at all, you're not any better Muslim, if you have two wives or not, your your Islam is not affected, you don't have to, it's not even necessarily encouraged or discouraged. It's a neutral thing if you want to, and there's a legitimate, you know,

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reason and cause and you are justified in making sure you're going to take care of them all equally, it's an option that is available, if circumstances are appropriate. If a person doesn't want to, then that's completely permissible as well. Now, if we even go rationally, because we're trying to solve problems of the world, who would know best how to solve these problem, the crater that happens in a way? Exactly? You know, if you just think about it, you know, there's an excess of women there are there some say the Census Bureau that you have 10 million single mothers out there, you have nearly 700,000 women who lose their husbands each years men in jail, some are leaning towards other

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men was called homosexuality. And now how do you solve this? You have orphans, 12 million orphans, women out there without husbands? So what's the solution to this? How is it that we solve this problem? Yeah, exactly. This is the whole point is that if you want to talk about justifications, we can go on and on and on, and show that this is something that biologically psychologically, there are a lot of positives. Now, of course, there are some negatives as well, nobody's denying that there are there are nothing is 100%. Perfect in any situation in scenario, there's no doubt that there's some issues involved as well, you know, but taking another wife, but what we would argue is

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that, theoretically speaking, this would provide far more solutions, and be better for society. This is what our religion would say is that this is something that would bring about far greater good than any negatives that might possibly come about because of that. And as you said, the statistics are quite clear, I think every country really is facing this problem. And men by nature, they, they abused women much more sexually, they just go and have a relationship, then move on to another one. Our religion prohibits that and says, if you want to have a relationship, you better take care of the consequences. You better take care of her as a human being, love her treat her with respect and

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dignity, publicly, and now she's your wife, and the kids are your kids. So there's a lot of psychological factors, that does make a lot of sense. And in fact, I mean,

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I'm just saying this not really to the religion politically speaking, in now with the legality of homosexuality, pretty much, you know, legality, meaning in terms of modern American laws is becoming more and more common and legal in many states, from Connecticut and Connecticut, they've already passed the bill, the next wave is quite clearly going to be polygamy, it is. Yes, I have, I have read a number of articles that are out there's an article out on the law and society Journal of last month or something where the anonymous I mean, nothing to do with Islam is basically saying, look, if you're going to remove restrictions, you need to remove all restrictions. And therefore, if a

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person wants to marry more than one person, and they're all agreeing and happy with it, what if the government's allowing two men to get married? Right? why shouldn't it allow a man to get married? That doesn't make any doesn't make any sense at all? For the truth seeker, the one who's humble and he wants to do what the creator told even if he's not now at that stage, but you know, he's just using a good old common sense. He's not being someone who's just looking for trouble. This makes sense. Now, there's some people that are pointing the finger but they don't understand is for pointing back at them. It's so you, you'll see televangelists, people who are out there. You know,

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they'll try to make fun of the Muslim, but then you'll switch the channel and you hear people like the Jimmy Swaggart, and the more Jimmy Baker's and etc, etc. And the list we can bring

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them, and they'll fill this whole paper and page and beyond prostitutes, they're caught with several of them. This is hypocritical, is it? It is it is. And it's a very major problem. And of course, I mean, we're not denying that this doesn't occur in our own religion as well. Of course, there are Muslims who also fall into these things. You know, we've had, we've had cases in our culture, we have cases and other cultures. But the thing that we're arguing for at least our religion provides a very good solution. Yeah, that's what we're arguing for. Nobody's perfect. You know, you know, Christian priests have. The Roman Catholic Church has a major scandal. Now, of course, you can point

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fingers at every culture, I'm sure Jewish rabbis, I'm sure Muslim moms would also maybe there's some molestations going on as well. But the fact of the matter is that Jews and Muslims have an alternative. You can't expect a human being to dedicate himself to God and not have any desires. We would say, this isn't an unnatural state of affairs where you tell this man do not get married, you're not allowed to get married, we would say it's inevitable that there's going to be a preponderance of promiscuity and molestation amongst those people. Now, pointing fingers, like you said, it's easy to do. The point is we have a solution. Yeah. And that solution does make a lot of

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sense. And, I mean, it's only a matter of time. Like I said, there are already many people arguing the case and as you know, certain factions of the Mormon Church, not the mainstream church. But there's a faction of the Mormon church that very publicly engages in, in polygyny, which is one man marry more than one husband. By the way, polygamy is too broad because polygamy means pleasure. Me. Yeah, it's polygyny is the more precise one, polygamy means plurality of spouses. So you can have one man with many ways you can have one woman with many husbands. Yeah, our religion, and also this version of the Mormon religion. That only allows polygyny, which is one man with more than one

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woman. Now, of course, the Mormons allow unlimited wives, we have the restriction that's a maximum of four. So the point is, there's a wave now starting here in America to to legalize polygyny. And I only think it's a matter of time. I mean, Muslims aren't really involved with this way, by the way yet, but it's only a matter of time before we get on board as

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I don't have a comment about whether we should or not because it's happening anyway. Yeah, there are people who are arguing that the paper that I read, it was written by somebody who's actually a secularist has nothing to do with a religion. But he's simply saying, look, if a person wants to take care of another woman and her children and you know, be responsible, it's better for society to legalize it. That's a very common sense, you know, person, you said something, take care of her, her her children, or her herself does give her her rights, because now I think it's easier on that man, let's say who wants to have a little mistress on the side, give her some money here, go buy some

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clothes, and I'll give you a call when I need you. Exactly at then it might be a thrill for her. But in the law in the long run, it's harmful. She's actually they use the good words like girlfriend and mistress. But it's kind of like a concubine, isn't it? It is. It isn't shirtless. Yeah, she has no benefits, no stability. And she knows she's going to be dropped as soon as you know, he's fulfilled with her and moves on to a younger girl or something. Whereas in a marriage is a lot more stability and it's public. And of course, even if a marriage ends in a divorce is to respectable institution, we're okay didn't work out a divorce happened, you know, it's not a girlfriend on the side that you

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just changing. There's an element of respect and dignity with a marriage, even if it ends in failure, not all marriages work out. So the point is that it legitimizes a human need and relationship. And it makes something which is very beautiful, it makes it legitimate and pure, whereas promiscuity and and, and prostitution makes something that's very beautiful. It makes it ugly, and cheap. That's the difference. This is amazing. Because this is for me, and I'm sure for any truth seeker and the Muslim, this is something that is just another proof that this is the true from the crater. It covers every aspect of life. Exactly. It gives you an option when you need it.

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And if you don't need it, then you don't need to take the option because I mean, the three candidates that were running for president, I mean, if they would have done this, if it was allowed, they would have to go on behind the woman's back and commit something that is most preposterous, is commit infidelity. Exactly. This is something that we are running away from, we don't want girlfriends, we'd want wise, because we care for them, take care of them, give them their rights, not treat them like a concubine, or a woman who's just here, fly by night. That's the whole point is it gives you respect and legitimacy. They did a survey. I was listening to one individual who was

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talking about they had surveyed some of these women that were the second or maybe the third fourth, it doesn't have like a limit. You could be like the 10th. Mistress, they said, if you had a

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if you could be a second wife to take that role on or continue just being like this, you know, sidekick? What would you do? Almost all of them. So they they take Exactly. And the point is, it's all voluntary. I mean, nobody's forcing on any woman. If a woman wants to be in a relationship that where she's a second or third wife, then legally speaking, we need to really redefine if we're going to allow to men to be together. Why can't we allow, you know, two women who want to be married to the same husband again, it's all it's up to the woman and there's nobody forcing it on her if she wants to, and he's willing to

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take on the responsibility then. Really, it does make a lot of sense to argue for it legally. Yeah. Okay, so with that said, we're going to just couple a cover a couple more points. There's a lot more common questions that we don't have time to answer here today on the show, you can visit the deen go under the non Muslim section, we have a whole list of array of questions that are commonly asked. Tell us in general, some of these questions about pork some of these questions about the veil, we covered some of the questions about do Muslims worship the black box in the desert? And Other questions? How can you just give a general summary to someone who is seeking the truth but

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they might come across these smaller issues? Yeah, well, let me let me summarize for the Muslim and non Muslim or the Muslim has asked about these issues. I think if he's if a Muslim is asked about the legal commandments of Islam, the best thing to say simply well, because God said so that's why we do it. If you start trying to rationalize, you're going to just say, Well, why this? Why that? How about if you sanitize pork? Why can't you eat it, then? You know, if we just make sure there's no germs and pork, you know, you're always gonna have you know, issues, you just say, look, God said so. So if it's a legal issue, the move back to the theology God said, So and I believe this is from

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God. Now why do I believe is from God, you move into theology, you move into belief, and the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad. So I said that, if a non Muslim is interested, well, then again, my response to him would be similar. And that is, the mind you Shay, of legal rulings sometimes will be beyond our understanding. Like I said, why would we pray five times a day? Why is our charity 2.5% and not 10%? Or 6%? I don't have necessarily proper responses for that. So instead of thinking about the menu, Shea, rather look at the broader picture, and think, is this a religion from God or not? And also think, should a religion that is truly from God, tell you how to live your life or not?

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Because that's a big difference in Christianity and Islam. Right? By and large, Christians don't really have what we call law, they don't have a Sharia. Okay, so I think this is a logical question to ask yourself, if God exists, and he does. If God says prophets, and he does if God reveals books, and he does, should he not tell me how to live my life? Doesn't that make sense? And therefore God should have a divine code which is, which can be fine tuned for each society, but there's got to be general code. That's exactly what our show is. It's a general code, and we can fine tune it to each and every society. That's exactly what our jury is. Sure that means Sharia means the legal system is

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the way legal system Well, yeah, I mean, it actually means the way to God, which and its technical meaning is the legal system that we believe in. Thank you very much for being with us again. Oh, my God Almighty, the creator Allah reward you mean to you as well? Thank you. And if you'd like to get more information on these common questions, and even for the Muslims, you should know how to answer these basic questions, go to the deen Look under new Muslims and look under common questions asked, and you have some good responses. And hopefully, you might even have a colleague or friend who will come to the realization that yes, there is a creator. It's something that is in your

00:28:03--> 00:28:32

very nature. And you know what, you're ready to submit to that one God, you ready to do what he wants you to do? Because he knows best. And you know what, you're going to die one day, and you want to go back to the Creator, within pleased with you. And the best way to do that is to do what he wants you to do. So come back here every week for a new show. And until next time, a Salaam Alaikum peace be unto you. From a science major. When you look at the Bible says the earth has four corners.

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This wrong the heavens if any Christian can point out a single unequivocal statement. A single unambiguous statement with GVF gap is based on who says say that I am God or we should worship me I'm rubbish or Christianity.

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eats comb. It's lay everybody asleep.

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I arrived and asked a lot of thinking me. Oh la, you see, oh, la you know, all the sins I do. I turn to you to forgive my sins.

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No one runs away. Oh, guy me.