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AI: Summary © The importance of learning from the culture of the region and finding the right people to teach is emphasized, along with the need for a culture of development and development for the upcoming fall season. The importance of finding one's own success in learning from the culture is emphasized, as it is not just a source of wealth, but also a source of success. The importance of learning from the "age mentality," which is not just a matter of social media posts, but also a fact about the culture of the people is emphasized. The importance of learning from experiences and learning from parents is also emphasized. The conversation touches on the " pest apocalypse" of young people with crazy ideas and weaknesses, as well as the importance of removing a candidate's name from the election board and avoiding wasting time.
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We up to page 87. Yes, page 87 biographies of scholars of Hadith scholars of deceit, the correct biographies of the famous scholars of the seed shallow we're going to, in this lesson, just really focus on the aroma of the seed. And a shade from North amine goes on to mention Ali ignobly toilet among the forefront

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as well as ignoramus road, then he goes into mentioned in the Ibis, and then he goes on to mention some of the tiberian like, Mujahid and cortada injured in specific. So inshallah, from the objectives of this lesson, we're going to look at just two main things. Number one, the depth of knowledge among the Sahaba in general, and the fourth one, in specific when it comes to knowledge of the seed.

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And then we're going to mention, why don't you find that many integrations from the forefront FL when it comes to defeat? To be honest, I haven't come across a single narration from aboubaker. so different than when it comes to topsheet? I'm sure there are but I personally haven't come across any. So why don't we find them in iterations of the feed from the forefront? In fact, why don't we find many iterations from the fourth and the fifth period in other narration so in other subjects, we're going to see why very important lessons to derive. But the bulk of the lesson will be regarding IE if nobody told him Why, because he is someone who we haven't really spoken about in the

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college, and also is not one who's considered usually not mentioned a lot intercede, but to vertical law. When it came to knowledge of seed, he was one of the many. He had such an Depth of Knowledge when it came to the seed ignore best said himself, and how broad bartholdi mineral Quran said, what I have learned from Ireland, from Ireland, and we thought, let's give you an idea how deep the knowledge of it even if we thought it was when it came to defeat, but the bulk of the lesson is going to be about him, as we said for those reasons. And we're not going to really touch upon the majority of numbers in the table because we already took that if you recall last year, if you

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remember, those lessons are online. So we're going to really focus on it also because it goes on to mention the Noel's have been referred, especially today, with people with similar ideologies emerging in this thought some of their traits, so we can recognize them and not fall into their deviated ways. So to begin, he goes on to mention that

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already from the book.

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He says Rahim Allah, many companions will will known for being proficient in the scientific of seed. So as a whole, all the Sahaba had a very general good understanding of the sea. Remember that as a whole, all of them were the amount you could say, of tafsir very well grounded.

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And a CLT mentioned Rahim Allah, that among these being more grounded in tafsir, were the four whenever rashidun and madeon, Abu Bakr, Omar, Osman and Ali. Now, why are there many narrations pertaining to these great men in particular, the first three, two main reasons the ship goes on to mention.

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Number one, we said that as a whole, all the Sahaba had a very good understanding of the seed. Why? Because they witnessed the revelation. They were there, when the ayat were being revealed to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, if they had any questions, any issues about the Quran or otherwise, that go to him, he was the base, the profile that he's about to slam. So therefore, because they witnessed the revelation, they witnessed the events surrounding the way they were familiar with those as those familiar with the circumstances of the Quran, you see, so they all had a very general understanding. So therefore, what does it teach us? That these great Sahaba especially the elders,

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who are they going to teach the fellow Sahaba who already are lemma? So there wasn't really an opportunity for our banker amarnath man in particular for them to teach as the first main reason because you could say number one, all of the Sahaba you could say, especially the elite ones, the Sahaba were already well grounded in the knowledge of Islam in particular the Quran. That's the first main reason why you don't have that many relations from these elder Sahaba. As for I live in a Vitaly beautified moderations, why? Because he was younger, and therefore, by the time he became older, then there was a new generation, but saburo therefore, there's more opportunity for him to

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teach therefore, you have more generation premium. So you see why that's the first main reason not many opportunities for this grateful effort. So they had the deepest of knowledge, even though and have the they didn't have you don't find many narrations

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In fact, even had if you don't find many generations from them, number one is Abu hurayrah number two in normal, so and so you don't find the likes of Abu Bakar In fact, in the top 10, Raiders of Huddersfield

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and Armada, and highly ranked nine and 10, respectively, right towards the end. So Panama

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second main reason why would I find men in racing from the Fall fall apart but in particular, the first three is due to their role as being one

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halifa So, they will qualify therefore, that took up the time that was more demanding for them. So due to that very important role being the halifa no time to teach so teaches you Shabaab that do take up the role that there are many do the most in take up the position that Islam needs you the most in what the oma can benefit you the most. So with me, for example,

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I'm a graphic designer, I'm also a teacher, what's more better, what's more beneficial for the oma for me to do graphic design full time or teach full time teach, obviously, so. So therefore, if you have some particular traits or attributes that you can in a skills that you can benefit the Ummah with, then then go with that as opposed to doing something else.

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Because the qualified enough time, and that's why we work Roadrunner when he was in other halifa he was seen in the marketplace where I'm on buying and selling, I'm not freaked out, what are you doing? The halifa is after unliving is coming coming Habibi will pay you will give you a relative wage. And then you'll seen again in the marketplace, it was what do you What's happening? Because I need more money? Because Why not? Because it was spendthrift I was. It was very generous. So he's give out money, give out food. He said they needed more. So don't worry, we'll pay you a little demo grade we'll pay you don't worry. And that shows you another very important lesson Shabaab. If you're

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dedicated to a cause, and this is actually a rule of whoever is dedicated to a cause. That cause should fund them. If you're dedicated to the masjid, cleaning the masjid full time, that should fund you. So you should be funded. If you're dedicated to teaching Islam full time. You should be funded full time, sir. Doesn't mean that you're taking a price for knowledge scholars for dollars, bro. Look at these guys. No, no, no, you're not getting paid for knowledge because knowledge is invaluable. What are you getting paid for

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the time, that's why you're getting paid for so you got time for the dean you got time to research and study and give it to the woman that's a very crucial role. That's a very crucial point that the person is getting paid the chef's getting paid not for the code and he can't put a price on the plan. can't put a price on gold. Actually you can you can't put a price on this. solid enough to human

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you can't put a price of something invaluable is

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in the marketplace.

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So the next time she comes to you and says you don't have many integrations for mobicred then have no knowledge of the builder. What are you gonna say?

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Hello. so badly checked on his drink?

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Forgot they were recording.

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Please edit that last point.

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I forgot nothing here.

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No, you say so does alley. So does alley not administration from him either. But we said two main reasons why these four qualified didn't have that many iterations in other sciences. Number one.

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Correct. Not that many opportunities to teach as opposed to later on. Number two are busy nighttime nighttime.

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So that's really what the first page goes on to mention. And then the chef begins by mentioning the scholars of Tafseer. Among them Ali Vitali can eat

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olive oil we know he is a cousin of Rasulullah. And he's also the son in law of Rasulullah saw the son in law because he was married to faulty marrow delana, the daughter of the Messenger of Allah.

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He was the first of the prophets relatives to believe in him. No doubt about it. However, obok is also related to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam as well. So you could even argue that point. And when it comes to the first believers, we know how Dida was the first woman Yes. And she was also the first believer. So one point Islam was made up for 50% male 50% female so panela half of the deen was a female, and they say Islam subdues the status of the female. So Allahu Akbar, she was half the owner of the Ummah was a woman.

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So, so the first woman was Khadija, the first man. Here you have difference of opinion. You can say among the First Men was our worker, but also what have I been offered? True, he believed, but some other animals said because he didn't come out openly in the beginning of the whole island, but to get out of the stlr you say among the First Men was abubaker. No doubt. What about Ali? Where do we fit him in?

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first child Yes, if you're going to include him first child first from the Prophet, direct family. However, some of the other methods you don't even have to include Ali as among the first because there's already a

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Muslim, because it was a child at the time it was around 10 as a as we're going to see 10 years of age, when the Prophet received why, therefore 10 hadn't reached puberty wasn't responsible, and every newborn is born into fitrah Islam until the parents make them otherwise, so you will never care for it to begin with. So we didn't even have to include among the first who was already a Muslim Allahu Akbar. That's even more praise. Finally, there's never a disbeliever wish list carefully to begin with.

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Because could Lumo do they knew that every newborn is born on the fifth row hamdulillah.

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So the shakers on dimension in North America mahalo. Holly is famously known by his name I Lee. Of course, the son of Abu Dhabi was the Prophet uncle. And he also had the nicknames of Abu Hassan and Abu Musab, you can even add haidara, which means a lion. Hayden on the line as you're going to see what

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about Hassan, the father of Hassan literally rodilla and Houma and Abu Rob, why Abu Rob wants to rob first and foremost, the soil that seems like a piano Yeah, seems like an insult the father the companion of soil.

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literally say that to someone today. They'll be insulted to show father the item on the list. Oh, what was it called the father of the son?

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Correct. The messenger gave him this nickname. How did it happen? He was married earlier Dylan was married to 14 as we said. And there was once a bit of a TIFF between them both, you know a marital issue, as all married couples have bit of an argument. So and this is showing you something very important that if among the best of couples early and Fatima would have issues have an argument, Surely it's going to happen to everyone else. As we said Remember, the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Sure, as some people think we found a wish to marry that woman man Mashallah know the grass is greener when you water it? So instead of looking at everyone else, thinking they've got

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the best marriage and you don't How about you water your own name in the grass meaning high energy and marriage.

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So they had a bit of an argument so what did I do? What do I do? Get out of here? I own this place on the monster of the house on the monster my domain need to kick her out. Go to your parents you know go to Mohammed Allison's I'm known as a cheeky came out because it happened today. The women like the husband's out. No, he decided to leave

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other mothers why to cool off. It's very important that also the wife allows the man to have his personal space. When things are getting heated. leave the house. Yeah, but when you leave you don't go to the shed and come back with an axe. Sure. He leaves leave and then you come back, come down, come down. because believe it or not one sister said this.

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Anyway, when I went to the shed

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hope she was joking.

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So she was just she was and we

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hope she was

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I pray now I pray she was. Notice I went from she was joking. I'm pretty sure she was I think she was

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I pray she was joking. And when he goes and where does he go? Where does he go after that? You know, goes to the club or the Parvez sometimes when married couples have a fight. The husband goes into kids how long Why? Because going through hard times. It goes and cheats on his wife old trick. No. Teacher, listen, out the below. It happens. Well, no, you hit the agenda. Because I had a bit of an argument you guys and you know kitana don't disrespect me in the future. What are you doing? anyway? What are the results of the one I go to the house of Allah Masjid. Among the best places to go, so it goes to the masjid and you know might go there to pray of God and he lies down and sooner or

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later if you lie down you fall asleep say falls asleep. So what happens the Prophet alayhi salatu salam decides to visually Look at his humbleness. The profile is too slim or there is the father in law doesn't say like many Arab father lost right.

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To me as they come kiss my feet now forwarded to my daughter. Why are you here also the Adhikari from his or her parents.

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father in law or not, this is the humbleness of Rasul Allah. So he goes over Tally. He steps over his ego, although he has none to begin with. He goes to Allah humbling is showing you how humble he was Elisa to Sam, he finds alley sleeping in the masjid now the message is back then like tonight, didn't have nice carpet and so forth. The carpet back then was literally soil dirt, dust. So it was lying in it, it was covered in alleys pillow literally was dust. So because it was covered in the profile, he sought to slam What does he say? omala

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nose nose these these these slang words

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Like it's like get up you you know? No No. He says called me about to rob it gives him a nice nickname. And he breaks the ice Have a look at his wisdom he says something to break the ice because I lay now Roger, I'm always thinking if this is the Minister of law, if I've upset his daughter, means I'm gonna upset him. No one likes a daughter to be upset. I could incur the Wrath of Allah upon me, so don't be scared. But the soul or the soldier salami Look at his amazing words, words of wisdom to break the ice and say look, no problem. He has a joke with him. You're covered in dust and up a companion of dust I father of dust, literally beautiful words. Yeah, he says call me Alberto.

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So Alejandro said I never forgot those words. And that was the most beloved name to me. Why

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he loved about Rob more than I Lee which means hi one from Allah. And Allah yaku allien literally, he loves more than the name Ali and he loves it more than haidara which means he loves dirt more than that. Because Rasulullah gave him the name that's how much they love the messenger Rasulullah Sara I love it. If Rasulullah did I want to do if that was the standard it's my way as well as the difference between us and the Sahaba today you know that for some people the way of the West is better. The way of the 21st century is better you got to get with the times bro the way of the Prophet Allah is what Sam was the way the standard for stop

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welcoming Salam

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that was his name was Rob So power just with the name Shabaab you can give lessons, the rules just on the names of these

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you know, what about us? Give a hotel and what how you know how you got your name?

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What kind of stories do we have

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compared our stories to these stories? You know, what you did today, Brian? I went to Westfield and ice cream.

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That's great man.

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And so much excitement.

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The excitement in the day of average companion.

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Actually, literally did I went to Westfield And

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literally, so I'm just like this.

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He was born Raja lon, who 10 years before the mission of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, this is on page 88 now, and he was raised in his kid, he witnessed all of the expeditions and battles. He witnessed all of them except one, the Battle of taboo. Why? Because he was instructed by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was instructed by him to stay behind and look after his family and his family, which is also the province family. So he didn't miss out because he wanted to lag behind or take a day off work. No, rather because he had a very important duty and that was his family, showing us how important the family is an excellent, crucial role. He missed out on Jihad vcv learn,

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you know the virtues of jihad. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam, when he was asked about the best deeds, he said, Pray all the time, then beautiful is towards your parents, and then Jihad among the best deeds. But if you're if you remember, or if you can realize that Hadith goes on to mention parents second, so families crucial. Family is crucial. We know the virtues of jihad are standing in the ranks of jihad just standing in the ranks before the fight is better than 60 years of a better

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understanding in the ranks. So you know the virtues of jihad yet he stayed back for that showing us how important the family is.

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And that's why if you remember Ibrahim Ali Salaam, when he was told we're gonna make you the Imam of one of my cousin Ahmed mustard, the North Sydney when I make you the Imam of all the Muslims, not more than a nurse all of mankind the whole world. The first question on his mind, what was it was my salary?

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Woman 380? What about my family? The first question What about my offspring? my kids, my future kids, what about them?

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So when the Prophet left him,

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he was upset. I want to go fight fibula, the profile he's about to slim said, Mr. Kuhn. I'm in Navy man jilla T. Harun Mimosa, then you want Aren't you pleased that you are to me in the same position as heroin was to Musashi Salaam, except however, I have to mention this exception, otherwise the Shia will think ah, see, the prophet said he's like how do in other words, he's a prophet after the messenger, but the Prophet added to so no one can play with these words Illa and the hula and beyond body except there's no prophet after me. So when it comes to quote, this Hadith, you mentioned the first part. Continue, continue. Continue, please.

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So that's when you you get them right where you want them

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and also says he was the flagbearer during most of these battles flagbearer What's that?

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noms crucial flag bearer holding up the flag holding up the banner now

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A person may think flagbearer wasn't even fighting man, I was a beloved flag bearer, as you said that he is one of the most important roles in the Jihad back then we may not understand that today with modern warfare, but back then the flag at a crucial among them meant that the flag is up. Your arm is still in the fight. It was the rallying point. As long as the flag is up, the banner is up, it means my arm is still fighting. Once it falls, it means that we are being defeated, everyone's running away, it's time for me also to run before my neck gets chopped. Surely that's what it means. In other words, everyone has abandoned me. So as long as it's up, in other words, the whole arm is

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relying upon you. That's a huge role. Now, when you're holding the flag, by the way, these flags smaller, big,

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huge, large. So how you gonna hold it with one hand like that? A lot people like recently waving the Turkish flag

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or the light level of longest. But if you do that, I think you ISIS. So what can you do? Bobby, it's better to wave the light level off like you. Even though they say ISIS has this flag, even though even though a group that they don't like has a particular flag, that doesn't mean we stopped using it. So because La la la mahamudra sama wasn't invented 2014 when when did they say I started?

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Anyway, whatever. That wasn't invented with anyone except the messenger it sort of similar. So

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I was looking at one particular while asking me for no, no. The point is that we we still don't know what they expect us now to wipe out. Allah Allah. Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah because any ISIS is, you know, has this flag I was a biller know what these are, this is part of our Deen, and we're not gonna back away

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from him. So these flags were huge. So therefore, hang on, hold it. Two hands, if you're holding it with two hands. What does that mean? How fine, you can't even defend yourself properly. That means the flag bearer, he's going into that battle thinking I'm gonna die today, I'm putting my life on the line. How courageous one must be to be the flagbearer. As you can see, it's not a not an easy task. Sometimes we read it. I was a flag bearer. That's interesting.

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No, it's a huge role. You think about the whole army is dependent on you. And it means you can die at any moment.

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That's why it's hi Dada Madiba, it was called haidara. The line isn't sure anyone, but one a lot. So before we fade, and that's why if you recall, and Sierra, he took the bed of rasulillah It took his bed salatu salam.

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Now you could get stabbed any moment. And we know what's scarier? Like he's under the blanket. He doesn't know what's coming next.

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But yeah, trust because the Prophet told him that he was going to come to you remember, we took the story on them. I said, because he took the profits bad What happened?

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What happened? What did we say? I'll just mention Solomon, the reward is equivalent with the deed. So because of that deed, he took the profits bed was a reward, a lot placed in Charlie's bed righteous offspring a lesson 1% see that. So you get what you deserve, you get what you put in, you reap what you sow,

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you get to him, right.

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So that was Ollie Rolando bow.

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And the ship goes on to mention.

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There have been many virtues in the Reddit about Ali, with which others have not been described. As you can see, these are particular traits that Ali had others didn't. And he says what I also wanted to focus on here among the particular attributes of Ali was that he showed enmity and hatred, and rightly so towards those who tried to either undermine his status, like the Nawaz IP, or those who try to over exaggerate his status, like not all of them. So who are the no Elsa and who are the alpha? Firstly, these were two deviant groups and you have some of the characteristics of course today in fact, the groups of effort today still present. The navassa were those who showed extreme

00:24:04 --> 00:24:46

enmity 200 bytes while that offered showed the exact opposite extreme level over exaggeration of 100 right you see, that's the difference between what no acid and sometimes you hear in English the now seabees Yeah, now CBS versus English too, but it's really no else it came from the Arabic word Masada and nasaga in Arabic means to erect something something that's erected or to be set up and that's why in Arabic grammar you have monsoon, yeah, the monsoon is the factor on top or sometimes the leaf monsoon nasaga so to erect something to set it up. So whoever know alsip they set themselves up, they set themselves up they bridged up to it easy. They bridge up to him, Allah Come

00:24:46 --> 00:24:57

on, look at the arrogance. So they showed enmity to adult bait, and in particular, Ollie rodano mysterious extremes and levels amongst them. Some of them allow sip.

00:24:59 --> 00:24:59


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They call the alley, a facet, which is a rebellious evil do.

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Other set he's a cafe is a pasta is left Islam out of the villa. So there's various extremes among them. Just like the Shia, you have various levels and extremes among them. And we shouldn't label every single person who strives to share it to share them with the same brush. So that's who they know us about. And among the nowhere sub came to Hawaii, although they had similar traits you could say, because what did the average do, they also tried to undermine it. They also tried to undermine it, were they called humic acid, as well.

00:25:39 --> 00:26:16

And that's why the whole age mentality, my dear brothers has no limits. They set themselves up against IE, I guess. Wow. Yeah. I guess Earth man, and they killed him. They killed us, man. Oh, wow. Come on, these rebels. So that's the whole Baraka. And my dear brothers, among the trait of the whole adage is that they don't really take people of knowledge, seriously, and they don't study under, or LMR. And they are the least of people to take, or an MRI study. And that's one of the major signs among many major signs, remember that, that they are the least people to take from the people of knowledge? What's the proof?

00:26:17 --> 00:26:40

When the man who are among him the whole adage came, approach the Messenger of Allah, what did he say to him when he was it was what you know, distributing the war booty isn't yada, yada be just a messenger of Allah. In other words, you're not being fair. You're ripping us off. Miller. He took the ultimate scholar of this Omar the messenger himself and he said you're not being just another generation. He said it tequila a few Allah.

00:26:41 --> 00:26:43

here Allah, Allah, Allah.

00:26:44 --> 00:27:16

Allah Rasul Allah said, why not? Why Huck, may you be destroyed? If I'm not just who is going to be Mr. Another racist in Hollywood when it happens, both of them and I'm not surprised that one of the top of his head rather than in order to kill the blow, the prophet said, No, leave him from among his progeny will come people who know gages, so much better that your worship, you're about your salon, so your movie seemed as insignificant competitors, apparel, and we're going to see what happened in the term of alley rodano. So

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they don't really take from the people of knowledge. And you hear this from some people who are going to say this was a hottie g we have to be careful also, it's because we learn a trade and anyone who has a trade your layer of high energy right now is you find another extreme, because just because a person has trade on the toilet, or trade or a particular sector, we should be careful in labeling that person under that particular category. Because let's just say with the pharmacy, there are traits of ninja. So if a person has one of the traits among them, when he speaks he lies that's a trait of hypocrisy. So every time a person lies is a hypocrite is going to fire his left Islam you

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have to take each other again. No. So therefore, just because a person has a trait of a particular sect or group that doesn't mean that they deserve that as a label. So that's another extreme that we have to be mindful of. Because today that word is thrown around a lot this cosmology. Now I've heard recently, I haven't mustered up the courage, so everyone's ufology these days if, you know, they're not coconut Muslim, unfortunately.

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So but it's very important to learn who only the Prophet himself described, the prophet himself described.

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So, another Hadith the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said the average they have

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heard the sound less than

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literally translated small teeth. What does that mean?

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young age, and the added sufa

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they've got for these crazy ideas. Young, ignorant youth who have crazy ideas that don't take from the people of knowledge. Sound familiar? Sound familiar? What do we see today? all over social media, Facebook, YouTube, young, ignorant news, radical ideas, extreme ideas that are random and the sooner don't even speak about that don't even talk like this. And they say these scholars for dollars have gotten out of their mouth don't we hear that today? A lot like a lot of these are some of these dangerous traits of the huidige so it's coming up that's why I wanted to focus on this today

00:29:15 --> 00:29:17

was super hot and

00:29:18 --> 00:29:22

super hot. I love the word super hot fools like Sophie.

00:29:24 --> 00:29:25

Then use IDs

00:29:26 --> 00:29:28

and stupid ideas literally like

00:29:29 --> 00:29:47

also from a particular circle chair. He said if sister or sisters if you're married to any Saudi, then your marriage is bottle. It's invalid because every Saudi is is a disbeliever apostate because he's following the apostate leader.

00:29:48 --> 00:29:52

Every Saudi is like effort basically every time you know someone in Saudi is like effort, bro.

00:29:53 --> 00:29:57

Yeah, now every single one of them so it's chain reactions. Like we're not gonna say this is what they did.

00:29:58 --> 00:29:59

So this is among some of the attributes

00:30:01 --> 00:30:12

So that I take people's knowledge seriously. And in the term of alley, they also call the McAfee. Yeah. Can you call it rodano? Careful, they call him a disbeliever. And they had issues with him.

00:30:13 --> 00:30:53

And so in my best rather than humor, I'll have a little bite of the skull of this Omer. He wants to go and debate them. So I told him, No, don't go leave them I fee for your life. Because if they make fun of me, what are they gonna say about you? They're gonna make the cute on you. And if you've left Islam to them, you're an apostate. What happens next? You executed? So here's a fee for your life. You guys, don't worry, I'll speak to them. He goes to them. Listen to what if not a bass rather, and Homer says is that I've entered I entered upon these people. And I saw them to be engaged in a lot of worship, to the extent that their foreheads were damaged, literally that why are they for them is

00:30:54 --> 00:31:11

so much sujood. He looked rough and tough in the appearance. Looks like these people were just all about a bather, who had never seen the lights, and this is my bass talking. A person is already has a head already. I've never seen the likes of these people. And then what is the first thing he says to them?

00:31:13 --> 00:31:20

He says, other people, oh, my brother's he says I've come from the companions of the Messenger of Allah.

00:31:21 --> 00:31:40

They are more knowledgeable than you in regards to the Quran and the book of Allah and Islam because they witnessed the revelation and they are the companions of Rasul Allah yet I see none of them amongst you all the Solway young ignorant so for her fools who don't even take from the elders don't take from the scholars

00:31:42 --> 00:31:59

because those traits so what he said I don't see any of those so how about amongst you if you're on hot water with you? Like Well, that's what you find 10 another another, you know, have another claim you know, the youth the tournament the youth, the youth, the youth? All the machines are set out all the elders are over the hill, get them out.

00:32:01 --> 00:32:07

We take yes the zeal of the youth but the experience from the elders we take birth like was set out okay, totally.

00:32:18 --> 00:32:20

Problem. So I'm not best at

00:32:21 --> 00:33:00

addressing these people. The whole adage What are your issues with aluminium foil? So we got three issues. Number one, he took men as arbitrators, as judges other than Allah, this is good for why. In Ilfracombe, Allah Allah, so Allah is a Kaffir because it took many judges in Ilfracombe, in Delhi law, that was the main slogan, what do we hit today, one of the time in youth. And in Hong Kong llll. That's the only thing that can quote, that's the only thing they can talk about. And anyone who votes now, anyone who just votes, you know, you go to the you know, and you vote, you're a gaffer as well. So the new slogan now, among some of them, is stay Muslim, don't vote.

00:33:01 --> 00:33:11

What does it mean, stay Muslim? Don't vote. If you vote, you're a gaffer. Yes, I don't agree with voting. Better not to avoid it. But don't go to the extreme that if you vote, you're a gaffer, then half the Muslim woman.

00:33:13 --> 00:33:32

Because as we know, some other other Muslim and the sooner, I said in total if there's Muslim, and so forth. Now, I personally don't agree with it. But it's another issue altogether. But we don't go to the extreme of saying if you vote, you're a gaffer. That's an extreme anyway, this is among the claims of the CO editor. So that is a careful reason. Okay. What's your second issue with him? They said.

00:33:34 --> 00:34:07

Number two, he fought Muslims in America to Jamal and many for Malia and Ayesha as well was also involved. He fought Muslims. So if he fought Muslims, if they were believers, why is he fighting shouldn't be fighting believers. And if they were disbelievers, who we fought, why didn't he take them as captives, prisoners of war and the war booty? Okay, what's your third issue with Ali? They said that we don't believe him to be immutable meaning therefore he should remove his name. I mean Romanian because he's not the Emir of the believers, because he's a caffeine

00:34:08 --> 00:34:13

and if he's not a mere minion by default, I mean, this is a miracle caffeine.

00:34:14 --> 00:34:58

Can you believe that? seawater sulak hold them suffer how they have foolish, ridiculous stupid ideas upon them. So I said, Okay, now if not best is going to speak you're done with them. These are three issues is that as for IE rodano, taking arbitrators, people to judge other than Allah you claim enough to go forward. He had a meeting with Maria rajala and hoonah. And they decided to get someone from his side and apart someone from his party to come and judge between them to stop the bloodshed of the Muslims. And Allah azza wa jal has instructed us to do so. When it comes to marital issues between husband and wife, Allah azza wa jal said, Take hackerman Minelli, waha commandment Allah

00:34:58 --> 00:35:00

Allah saw this even when they

00:35:00 --> 00:35:42

marital disputes. Take a judge from his family and her family. Meaning take a person to judge Allah is telling us he said so which is more beloved to you to judge between Muslims to stop the spilling of blood to stop bloodshed is that more beloved or when it comes to the private parts of women? What's more important to judge between the private parts of men and women married or to stop bloodshed amongst Muslims also important that said, okay, we accept they accepted well hamdulillah they they accepted this delay from if not best, he commits them in the US for your second point. What do you say it was Shabaab before Muslims, he said, if they believe is they shouldn't fight. He

00:35:42 --> 00:36:11

said Allah says and sort of project out hoogenraad will employ satanic men and Minato if to pose from the meaning fight fastly, Robaina Houma, then reconcile. In other words, Allah said, these are they fighting, and they both believe, as a local two parties from the believers fighting? And he said, If as for your claim, then if the disbelievers Why didn't you take the spoils of war because he didn't, he didn't take them as prisoners of war. And this was the spoils of war from them.

00:36:12 --> 00:36:18

He said, which one of you imbeciles Which one of you so for her, is going to take our issue as a prisoner of war?

00:36:20 --> 00:36:56

And if you claim she's a disbeliever, you've left Islam. And if you take Ayesha as a captive, you've left Islam. Which one? Are you going to choose? Which one? Well actually, that's knowledge for you because I chose the mother of the believers, not to say she's a disbeliever older, but let's go for so. So he convinced me not knowledge, knowledge, he came in and said, okay, we accept. As for the third, he has to remove his name, and he didn't want minion. And he was willing to do so to avoid fitna. So as Allison did when he stepped down from his post to give it tomorrow. As for this issue, if you removed immediate minion for his name, they said automatically means you are middle caffeine.

00:36:56 --> 00:37:19

And this is also another tray from the editor. What they do, though, say you said this, and I'll actually imply things on your behalf, which means you meant this, that also leads to this, which means you meant that and that led to this, which means you're a gaffer. That's what happens today. Well, no, and I've seen it. You know, the Turkish president said, I've seen no willpower, like the power of humans. In a recent quote, clear statement of Kufa, bro is like efford.

00:37:20 --> 00:37:58

What's wrong with what he said? Enough? I said, bro, I've never seen anyone more merciful than you. yamaka Amica for now, because he's the I said he's the most merciful not a lot of man. They say what they do they take your word. And you know, they basically put words in your mouth. I said if he's not I mean, I mean, I mean this, I mean caffeine by default. He said, none of you were there when the profile is for to select a suitable height a via the treated for the via he removed from his name Muhammad Rasulullah. He moved the title Rasulullah for Musleh for, of course, the betterment of the oma not because it wasn't also the law. But of course, as we said Tomas Lucha that didn't the

00:37:58 --> 00:38:17

greatest status from being the Messenger of Allah, like was Ollie, like was Ollie here remove the title, I made him a million does that mean he's a middle cat villain. This is allowed and he convinced them with that point also, and was mentioned that he was successful in convincing 2000 right then in there from the holidays, and they turned back to the proper way but also nojima 2000.

00:38:18 --> 00:38:37

Another main difference is that the whole adage at least back then, was based on the help you give them and no listen. As for today, someone who has, as we said a trait of them doesn't mean they are have to also be just person who might talk like them will have similar traits, the lead Nananana this isn't the lelou they wouldn't want to accept that I want to listen.

00:38:38 --> 00:38:52

So as we can see very important lessons we can learn from Ali Rolando and him going against the Noel's IP and the average. And as for the role effort, I think we all know who they are. Please follow in Arabic means to reject the rejecters. They are those who of course,

00:38:53 --> 00:39:00

they went to extremes in their so called love for him, describing him with superior characteristics which they innovated, dear he's free from all of them.

00:39:01 --> 00:39:42

As for his bravery, we've already discussed that. And as for his intellect, and sound knowledge, it was reported that he Ollie Raja used to say, asked me asked me and asked me about the book of Allah. For Allah there is no except I know whether it was revealed by day or night by generation. There is an eye in the Quran except I know whether it was revealed by day or by night or by summer or by winter, or whether the Prophet was traveling or residing at how much knowledge he had with the book of Allah. And some of us we barely struggled to recite some areas in Jerusalem. Yeah, the Sahaba every I guess asked me, I'll tell you, there was a sign as a matter of pride. But Matter of fact,

00:39:42 --> 00:39:55

matter of fact, especially when the fitten broke up. And if not obverse, the scholar of deceit said if anything reliable comes to us from Allah do not reject it. And if not best, also added whatever I've learned from Tafseer I learned from Ali even if you thought

00:39:56 --> 00:40:00

we know who is not best is when it comes to defeat Now that doesn't mean you only learn from it.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:09

alley because other generations indicate hidden from Mr. O'Donnell, but it means he's showing his status and the amount of knowledge and the depth of knowledge that Ali had intimacy.

00:40:10 --> 00:40:22

So that was our lead now. We'll stop there for Quran as we said, his name is rude, and in our best have already discussed last year goes on to mention some of the tabulation of the seed who were known for the seed

00:40:24 --> 00:40:28

like Mujahid and Katahdin, but something that we didn't mention about cortada

00:40:30 --> 00:40:32

was that he was born blind

00:40:33 --> 00:40:57

for shakers intervention on page 98. But there there was born blind. So he was born without bustle, but he had basilar. He may not have eyesight, but he had insight inside of the heart. And that's why he said himself. He said himself about himself. I never want any I never once had anyone say a hadith narrated to me, and may say, repeat what you said never. Why, because I memorize the estimate.

00:40:58 --> 00:41:22

That's how cortada was when it came to memorizing, because he had no eyesight as we said he was he was deprived of eyesight and a person who loses a sense what happens to the other senses, they shrink, they become strengthened, lessened. And actually, you've experienced this as a student I used to teach and you fall by the name of my mod. In fact, he was on a on the one path network recently, with him memorize the whole Quran, he's blind, memorize the vibro. I taught him and he for

00:41:24 --> 00:41:41

this boy was unbelievable. He's the ACE math, and this was a very intelligent class, very nice to teach you force. And, you know, they usually split them into, you know, like rank of intellect and so forth in the top class of you four, and he aced it to Barack Obama. And

00:41:42 --> 00:41:49

when it came to his hearing, because he didn't have eyesight, to radicalize, hearing was impeccable.

00:41:50 --> 00:42:10

When I would be outside with the teacher discussing something, you know what happens when a teacher walks out of the classroom? This guy turns into a monkey in the squat industry thought he was climbing the wall. So it's chaos. So when a teacher when a teacher walks out this chaos in the room despite the chaos in the room, when I'd come into the class, he said, Sir, why did you say this? Why do you say that? You heard the whole conversation.

00:42:12 --> 00:42:39

How did you hear that? He's, he's a lot of gifted this this child will learn and that's why memorize the Quran is too young, though. That's what happened to portada a lot took one blessing really reserved for later, but he gave him something else. And that's why they said you really find anyone who surpasses patata he said someone who equates to him same level. He said La La maybe maybe, but so passes him really. That was portada Rolando

00:42:40 --> 00:42:41

Juanita baronage mine so product

00:42:43 --> 00:42:47

and Mr. Furukawa So, next week is crucial.

00:42:48 --> 00:42:54

The IR which are mokum and which are motor shabby, try not to miss that one. But very important, especially with today. You have

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